Ellen Page & Emmy Raver-Lampman are here! (Stars of the Umbrella Academy)

The stars of the new Netflix original series 'The Umbrella Academy' are here to talk all about the show! Ellen chats about her emotional appearance on 'The Late Show'.

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Glenn Palmer
Glenn Palmer:
Ellen pages character really does peel though quite a few layers ................... of the planet.
Jess Edits
Jess Edits:
These are my two favourite characters from the show
i love how they’re sitting the same way <3
Forgive Ellen's outfit, but she had to go rob Kevin McCallister's house right after this interview
night king
night king:
I like ellen paige and her character vanya but why is she dressed like she just robbed a house?
Halsey R
Halsey R:
Emmy is from Wicked Elphaba
Tuğkan Karakoç
Tuğkan Karakoç:
Ellen Page looks so tired.
arki ninja
arki ninja:
dominio do canada
dominio do canada:
hello from brazil