Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out About Workplace Allegations In Letter To Staff | TODAY

Warner Media has launched an internal investigation into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” amid reports alleging a toxic work environment. Now DeGeneres herself is speaking out about the situation in a letter to her staff. NBC’s Kathy Park reports for TODAY.
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Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out About Workplace Allegations In Letter To Staff | TODAY

100+ komento:

Lanell H
Lanell H:
She’s not sorry, just sorry she’s been exposed.
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
Shes the final boss of Karen!!
jose pascal
jose pascal:
I dont trust her at all, actually never did.
She is without make up. Not wearing make up during an apology it's a PR move.
Hold my Beer
Hold my Beer:
We all know she’s looking for ways to ruin the lives of everyone who spoke out against her
Maria Schick
Maria Schick:
She's definitely not sorry, she's just sorry she was caught
Lmao stop worshipping celebrities people. They care about money and nothing else. They’re elites and you’re a peasant in their eyes
K H:
She's not apologising for her own actions, she's insinuating that the toxic "workplace" was caused by other people who work on the team and she's "apologising" for that. She hasn't taken any responsibility.
This isn’t an apology when you say, “disappointed.” It’s a narcissistic way of saying, “sorry; not sorry.”

Ellen: doesn’t apply to me.
Ellen looks like a rich lesbian Karen.
A Malibu
A Malibu:
She did not right the letter, people like this have their publicists or lawyers cover their mistakes. Get these fakes out of Hollywood and the Pedophiles.
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly:
She’s not sorry at all. Hope her career is officially over.
Can we learn from this quarantine that most celebrities are honestly worse and more boring than normal people? I wish we would stop putting people on a pedestal, for our sake and theirs.
Again, she is not generous. I always noticed when she gave away money, it is sponsored by Shutterfly, Cheerios, Walmart, etc... not her personnel millions.
Dr Joe Joe 8872
Dr Joe Joe 8872:
Hellooo??!! Why is anyone surprised? Her humor is consistently passive aggressive towards people. People are confusing her financial generosity with innocence and “kindness”. Saw this coming years ago.
Celebs are defending her because she talks nice about them.
Jared Barton
Jared Barton:
"I'm sorry you all don't like how I treat you"

Lol what a cop out.
Snow Fox
Snow Fox:
She’s full of lies. She’s always been a hypocrite.
Prince Al Qutaa
Prince Al Qutaa:
I guess Ellen wasnt DeGeneres person we thought she was
Laura M
Laura M:
She didn’t apologize, she pointed fingers and blamed others. She is a horrible person.
It’s really funny she’s going to end up being “Me Too’d.”
Imran Becks
Imran Becks:
Her show always makes it look like it's a happy environment. With her dancing, the jokes etc... It was all lies.... Nothing but a front. Disgusting.
Yina Martin
Yina Martin:
She is a narcissist
" *Only sorry when you get caught* "

- Everyone
Summer Tea
Summer Tea:
That's not an apology. She acts like it was somebody else.
She did not even admit any personal wrong doing in her "apology". Just she learned that "something has changed"? WTF!
She is not sorry at all. Her ego is to big to sincerely apologize.
Mister Sarajevo
Mister Sarajevo:
Whatever. People are just simply done with her phoniness & aren't buying it anymore.

Just retire, Ellen.
Karthik Acharya
Karthik Acharya:
You can see her OBJECTIFYING and humiliating her staff on the show itself. Come on. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Nancy Morrison
Nancy Morrison:
I never watch her show. I can feel her fakeness through the tv camera.
Andrei Dmitriev
Andrei Dmitriev:
I don’t think she’s really sorry. She just needs keep getting money $$$
Yolanda Davis
Yolanda Davis:
This Pandemic has brought out a lot of Shady undercover
as$ people
ʟɪfᴇ ɪs ɢᴏᴏᴅ
ʟɪfᴇ ɪs ɢᴏᴏᴅ:
Ellen basically passed the buck and threw everyone but herself under the bus.
Ben Farester
Ben Farester:
She’s only sorry that the truth came out.
Jennifer kitty
Jennifer kitty:
She is sorry for getting caught. Smh 😑
Nash _
Nash _:
Doesn’t sound sincere. She didn’t add the ways she wishes to help and rectify her wrongs.
R Gray
R Gray:
Great . Couldn't have happened to a more deserving hag .
John Kerkalis
John Kerkalis:
Cancel her show. She thinks she's better than the crew who makes her show possible? 😔
The Rusty Cutlass
The Rusty Cutlass:
"Obviously something changed"

Yeah you started abusing your staff and didn't pay them when a pandemic struck
M J:
She comes off like a the nerdy guy who got bullied, then got rich and became a bigger bully
Losama Bin Ballin
Losama Bin Ballin:
Idek understand why anyone like her.. shes not even funny.
The Slayer
The Slayer:
She brain washes her audience with gifts and "kindly" gestures to make it seem she's a nice person. Smh....
Julianne Adam-Arcand
Julianne Adam-Arcand:
I really hope this means she WON'T be hosting the FRIENDS reunion.
The fact that she waited so long until it was completely unavoidable and didn’t address it immediately just says everything
Bama Belle
Bama Belle:
Say what you want about Kathy Griffin, but she called this one years ago. She's made several jokes in the past about how Ellen's staff acted around her, basically scared and obedient.
Isaac Choi
Isaac Choi:
She’s just trying to save her career and disgusting reputation now
John Goodfriend
John Goodfriend:
She's "disappointed to learn?" You're that separated from everything that goes on in your own workplace to JUST learn? Disgusting.
DJ Williams
DJ Williams:
The love of money is the root of all evil...
maddoxghost man
maddoxghost man:
Yeah right...Rumors run that she’s the worst of all of them..
Didn't all the staff and everyone interviewed say SHE was the problem? So she's lying and her apology means nothing.
Southern Gal
Southern Gal:
Ellen just needs to go on and cancel herself.
Mia Richards 4444
Mia Richards 4444:
I’m on the inside, Ellen herself is the worst of them!
that doesn’t sound like an apology or real sense of accountability in the first letter.
"Internal Probe". Translation, a white wash absolving her of any wrong doing.
Austin Macias
Austin Macias:
She’ll be fine. She’s on the left and as we all know when you’re on the left, you can say “sorry” and be back on your feet in no time.
Be Positive
Be Positive:
OH and can you Imagine what PORTIA goes through? LEAVE portia you dont have to put up with her (ALLEN) anymore.
Kimbo 74
Kimbo 74:
Celebrities are way overpaid and people need to stop worshipping them .
Smiley L
Smiley L:
It doesn't sound like she's apologizing for herself.
It sounds like she's deflecting the blame on her staff for the toxic work environment.

Shame on you Ellen.
The Law
The Law:
"When did Ellen become the moral compass of America? She's a bull! She's strapping on!" -Patrice O'Neal
eduarda almeida
eduarda almeida:
"im so sorry that people are exposing how nasty I am" lol
Maya Sayonara
Maya Sayonara:
Her child trafficking connection, and her being on the Epstein flight log... like all the other celebrities..
Mark Brown
Mark Brown:
She is just saying this because there is an internal probe. What a joke.
Maxim 2016
Maxim 2016:
Always thought she was overrated and unfunny!
People love building people up and tearing people down...
She's just spoiled after many years she's been favored just because she's a lesbian.
This isn't an apology this is just her realizing she's been caught
I'm sure ellen has always been aware of this. Shes just rich now and doesnt care. How quickly people forget when they were nobodys
Yvonne Luna
Yvonne Luna:
"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud."
Proverbs 16: 18- 19
Sandeep Harihar
Sandeep Harihar:
Very negative person
Met her in her show did not smile when said we love u

Just walked away

Not kind. Only kind on camera
Kelly Iovansci
Kelly Iovansci:
I always felt, her show looked too too happy, to be true.
You always have to watch out for the “nice” ones.
Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory:
There is a four letter word for ladies like her. Begins with a C and ends with a t! #gurlbye
Stacy Liddell
Stacy Liddell:
In the words of Timbaland & One Republic: "It's too late to apologise."
Monopoly Billionaire
Monopoly Billionaire:
But even if you do change...you're still fake
Tova Sherr
Tova Sherr:
Her relationship with Andy is the beginning of the red flags just saying ..
He’s like her slave and it’s hidden behind “humor”
Samuel Rummer
Samuel Rummer:
Ellen is out of the Hollywood satanic circle. No more adrenachrome.. She's terrified. I wonder when the master will say "times up" and have her "knocked off"??
She never wrote this, oh please what an utter disgrace, still no apology from her..
" disappointed to learn..." ummm 🤦‍♀️ seems obvious to me that if you are mean to your staff, happiness wouldn't be the feeling they have at the workplace.
Joe Egg
Joe Egg:
I find that the most righteous and most liberal celebrities are often also the most hypocritical.
Acting like you didn't know is a lie... GET OUT !!!
Ravi S
Ravi S:
The funny thing is her replacement, James corden is almost as bad as she is. Get ready for this to happen all over again in a few years.
One Unity
One Unity:
Its funny how this is shown in her name.

Ellen De-generous 😂
Portia wanted to leave her at one point. THERE WAS A REASON. A HUGE REASON. But Ellen makes the big dollars, so in the end she persuaded Portia to stay.
chris georgallis
chris georgallis:
Shes Done more Good then Bad.
I gave up when they said:
"BuzzFeed said...."
0:36 "thank you most of you" ☠️☠️☠️
Kwum aix
Kwum aix:
When you're a human being.... but coming off like a "Corp form letter non-apology that the lawyer wrote up"... that tells me you KNEW about everything wrong going on but ignored knowing you had the power..
HeYsToBiT !
HeYsToBiT !:
Why would u like this DISLIKE this video she not sorry but sorry that she got caught
Desert Rose
Desert Rose:
Never been a fan of Ellen's. I never thought she was sincere.
Ivy King
Ivy King:
When she said: this will not happen again,
She was right in a certain way.
"I'm so sorry that I did this, I never meant for this to happen" - me when I got caught stealing, because I'm sorry that I got caught, not cuz I was sorry I was stealing; also literally Ellen
Ellen is just like everyone else in Hollywood, phoney!!!
Sammy C
Sammy C:
This isn’t a surprise ... that’s your typical Hollywood elite coverup... “we are deeply saddened to hear about the current allegations” blah blah blah blah...
wonder when anyone is going to talk about her adrenochrome addiction
James James
James James:
Welcome to the cancel culture Ellen
Jandro Fabrigas
Jandro Fabrigas:
Ok. I've read a lot of hate comment to celebs. If these were true, we ordinary people should stop patronizing these famous people. Well obviously popularity makes their personality worst.
Joey Fritz
Joey Fritz:
Alot of comments are being deleted that mention a certain something on all these main medias ...
Juman B
Juman B:
I used to like her... this is sad. Buzzfeed have been worse to their own employees though that’s why it’s funny they’re calling Ellen out...
Anyway, may all celebrities fall. It’s time we don’t waste our time with superficial people.
Haz Hazz
Haz Hazz:
See how Hollywood is backing her lol
Kevin Hart I will never forget you did this
Andre Wasp
Andre Wasp:
I’m looking at you Ellen!!! Ellen is a fraud!