ellen degeneres' show CANCELLED (here's why) -THE DRAMA

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0:00 introduction to ellen's drama
0:25 ellen's staff expose her on twitter
1:09 ellen's bodyguard speaks up against her
1:25 dakota johnson calling out ellen for lying
1:46 nikkietutorials speaks up against ellen
2:38 ellen's crew unsure of employment status
2:59 what do you guys think?

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the drama
the drama:
honestly, i used to look forward to ellen's episodes but I lost it the moment she started doing themes like "rating other people's babies on a scale of 1-10, just for fun". i've stopped watching her ever since.
Darlene Donati
Darlene Donati:
Not sure if anyone noticed but she went from nice to mean and sarcastic. The guests would say something and it was like she enjoyed making them look stupid. She always bragged about how rich she was. I stopped watching because she became arrogant after awhile. When she gave money away it was sponsors.. It didn't come out of her pocket
a quirky duck
a quirky duck:
i mean... she always was kinda sketchy
love wins
love wins:
I was her huge fan. This is so disappointing. She is so fake.
I'm so glad Ellen is getting exposed for being such a mean person. I've been saying it for years.
Les Claypool
Les Claypool:
No, she got exposed for pizza gate:)
Bobbi Blevins
Bobbi Blevins:
Maybe killing all those babies was beginning to wear on her.......
Meredith Hammett
Meredith Hammett:
Hearing these things about Ellen genuinely disappointed me. I have loved her and her comedy stand ups well before her TV show aired. Truly saddens me.
just an fyi ... 800,000 CHILDREN DISAPPEAR every year in the usa … YES 800,000 … adrenochrome/pedophilia … WHY DOESNT ANYONE TALK ABOUT THIS … i bet ellen knows.
Katia Eaton
Katia Eaton:
I really don't know who to believe but Ellen has always been kinda sketchy....
Yeah, being rude is not the reason! She dirty like so many Hollywood liberal's
Jedi Elsa
Jedi Elsa:
Don't know what's going on. Found this on her Twitter page. She had an arrest warrant from Florida back in March: https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/1237907446133174272
Zeppytrue Dove
Zeppytrue Dove:
Going through menopause 🤣🤣🤣
West Texas Kodiak
West Texas Kodiak:
Ding Dong the witch is dead !!! She always gave me a bad vibe ....
Education and more
Education and more:
First time I saw I saw "odd" maybe I'm wrong but that's very unlikely.

I just dont get how people cant feel that she like many others that get praised are mean and cruel and selfish
Jme Whatzername
Jme Whatzername:
We watched her game show and always thought she had a sadistic streak.
Eun b
Eun b:
Here's the truth. (Please understand that translation is not natural)
This time, Gislin Maxwell and Epstein Ring are falling apart.

Hollywood and the media are being caught.

I think the members already know.

All of them are unable to leave their homes.

Those caught are the majority.

a boxer well known to us

Asuka Dirahoya has nothing to do with this criminal gang
He's suspected of investing in places related to this.

I believe he will be released because he is innocent.
Oh no not ELLEN too 😂😭😭 2020 is not playingggg
Zach Bode
Zach Bode:
Ellen's name is on epsteins travel list
Noble King
Noble King:
A little fifetom goes to the head of too many mortals. Waay back when she announced she was gay, that became the constant sermon preached and she lost her sense of humor and has becoming increasingly hostile, stiff, mean, awkward, and indifferent to the actual people she is suppose to interview . They all come out and kiss up, it is too cringe-worthy for me to view. Merv Griffon and Rosie O were the best interviewers on talk shows, they had humanity still. She was relaxed and funny when she first started. Too bad the agenda of promoting what you do in bed with someone became the obsession and hardened her humanity. Whatever you do is your free will, leave your private life out of your professional life, we all do that at work, but when you gay thump everyone over the head, boy, they talk about bible thumpers.
Sasa Stavnjak
Sasa Stavnjak:
😆😆😆 Degeneris or Sodomeris!!!
Lvism 09
Lvism 09:
Ww1gwag...lol nice try for a cover up lifetime sentence GITMO
do you really think that people would destroy someones career over "being mean" ... this is all a distraction from the real problem ... ellen has been exposed for her epstein connections and adrenochrome accusations ... wake up people ... why does her stage set resemble the building on epsteins island ... why.
she didnt get cancelled, she posted on her show 20 hours ago, she just got attacked by bullies and she’s fine now
Cary Peterson
Cary Peterson:
Do you think this is giving her an out for what’s really about to go down re: Epstein and Maxwell? Just curious about what the consensus is.
Ranessa Nurfadillah
Ranessa Nurfadillah:
This is an old tea
GamingMaster X
GamingMaster X:
Her show is coming back because every like decade she has a new title before it was the ellen show 2001 now it’s the ellen degeneres show 2003-2020 and then soon they will make a new title
anna styles
anna styles:
i guess james corden is my new favourite
Linda Samba
Linda Samba:
Yeah ngl I was just waiting for something like this to happen coz she would always make these sly insulting comments like even when she was interviewing kids and wondered if I was the only one that noticed them or not I used to like her but there was always something off
Carmel Carty
Carmel Carty:
I cant believe that Ellen DeGeneres would be she beautiful and kind xxxCarmel
Ned Studios
Ned Studios:
LOL the La Food a Bank cleaned up on this little initiative. Right on the back of the worlds biggest closet demon. Think of how many people got a decent meal. Great news!
Millen Morris
Millen Morris:
now i’ll never look at dory the same
If I wanted to read I would have gone to a website,I clicked on a video to hear and see not to read
Carpentry First
Carpentry First:
Conspiracies aside 100%. Her Twitter comments are hilarious and she for real has a lot of satanic things in her house and her videos. I don't believe in all that Q nonsense but this lady is for real a wired lady. I don't believe in Q but alester Crowley was real and thats all I gotta say about that. What a scary world we live in.
Azel Shehadeh
Azel Shehadeh:
Why is the music creepy tho
Cesar Castro
Cesar Castro:
Deep state that she is part of it !
Flower Power
Flower Power:
If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Please accept His Free gift, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life.

Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (YouTube) for more clarity.

God bless ❤️

Also to any Muslims who see this (actually click the links)
Devin Peirce
Devin Peirce:
She uses her lesbian privilege to get away with it
Please change this music omg
This is the first time I'm hearing about this
But my opinion she a old women she can retire by now , she's getting crabby and just rude.it looks like if the information right
Robert Glover
Robert Glover:
It’s her Adrenachrome withdrawls.
Doan Le
Doan Le:
I am not defending Ellen, but if you are hurt because someone does not say "Hi" to you back... are you living under a rock? LALALAND?
Timothy Flyte
Timothy Flyte:
Something about her has always seemed " wicked " to me. Like she's a shell of nothing. Giving things away , trying to " buy " love. I could be wrong but its my opinion , she is deeply troubled by something she's hiding which is eating away at her soul. Its almost like she's possessed by some demon and she doesn't know how to escape it. Its given her fame & fortune but not happiness. Look at her eyes. They're empty.
Julianna Miller
Julianna Miller:
I don’t know why everyone says that the show is cancelled. It’s not cancelled and there is still new episodes coming out. There are so many rumors on the internet and everyone believes it. I’m not saying this video is fake but people can edit things to look like people are saying bad and u can’t believe anything anymore.
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490]:
She always seemed off to me. Whoever she talked to guests she didn’t agree with, she would say something rude and the guest would have to ignore it
Michael Richards
Michael Richards:
lost boy
Chiara Cosentino
Chiara Cosentino:
She's one of the people that I most respect so it's kinda hard for me to believe it. I mean these are words, I would like to see proofs
shane sizemore
shane sizemore:
Qanon...follow the white rabbit, go look at pictures of her Quarantine, she is falling apart. She is into deep spells and shit. The movie fear and loathing is real.. A dream a Chrome is when you get a youth child and traumatize the child and extract the Internalized blood. It gets you high.. go look at Tom Hanks ig.. nothing but trophies... the pictures.. who finds that many KID SHOES and takes pictures of them. Dig deeper