Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes To Staff

After Ellen DeGeneres apologized to staff following allegations of mistreatment and harassment, Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante discuss during "ET Canada Live".


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100+ komento:

Don A
Don A:
Everyone in Hollywood is just like her. Stop worshiping celebrities.
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones:
Ellen is not sorry for what she has done. She is sorry that everyone found out.
Aish Ariel
Aish Ariel:
She’s not apologizing. She’s just pointing the finger to save her career/money
An apology blaming others lol
celeberites are dying out.... the best thing this pandemic has killed off.
aby cadhit
aby cadhit:
Her apology is bs. She just fully blamed her staff. She did not actually take accountability. The culture and values of a workplace come from its leader
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli:
That was pretty much Ellens apology, she just blamed her employees, saying it was there job not hers.
Hope it's cancelled! Hollywood is horrible.
Ellen is over.
A month ago she was denying it all....
Neh Sangbong
Neh Sangbong:
Typical fake public statement 🙄
It wasn't an apology, it was an attempt at damage control.
kdub nyc
kdub nyc:
Stop worshiping these “celebrities” they’re just imperfect humans like the rest of us, except they have larger bank accounts
Ms. Tal
Ms. Tal:
Huh only took her 15 years, I don’t think she’s all that sorry
dark zeratul
dark zeratul:
The apology Ellen gave is fake, she so didn't mean it
All she did was shift the blame to her employees. Did she forget that most of the rumors are about her only?
Emy Trousdale
Emy Trousdale:
One word “Narcissism” Hollywood is full of that. Feel bad for the victims.
my father's son
my father's son:
Only cause she got caught.
Ozzy Alvarez
Ozzy Alvarez:
Donations did NOT come from Ellen's pocket. There were donations from big corporations.
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward:
Ellen is not going to actually apologize, she's only Sorry she got caught and she's clearly blaming others. Shes an evil mean person and I don't buy her apology.
JJ Roy
JJ Roy:
Ellen is weird. She gets enjoyment from scaring people to watch them freak in fear reaction. On her game show she revels in dropping or flinging contestants into some slimey mess. Sorry, not convinced she cares,and I find the whole premise of these shows degrading. Disclaimers be damned.
Sounded like a lot of deflection going on.
Brick Matthewson
Brick Matthewson:
Even her apology, much like her personality is fake nice at best, fraudulent at worst.
This is so fake. She’s only saying sorry to save her reputation and her career. If she was sorry she would have done this a long time ago.
Jack Foubert
Jack Foubert:
Yes everybody apologizes after their caught. Never like her and this is why.
Beezer Bee
Beezer Bee:
I can’t stand Ellen. She always seems very fake. Over the top and fake.
Prime example of a Textbook Narcissist. Next subject....🙄🙄🙄
Tonya Shores
Tonya Shores:
I’m sorry very sorry to say this and will make a lot of people mad , but she just apologised!! Then on the heel of that apology she kinda blames other people.
Terry H
Terry H:
I've never watched her show in its entirety because she comes across as disingenuous and mean. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Voliva saylor
Voliva saylor:
She isn’t sincere, she is caught she knew and didn’t care.
MJFree2BeMe Alldayo
MJFree2BeMe Alldayo:
🤨.. Ellen is Still Not taking responsibility for what People are saying about HER antics and HER rudeness, not just her staff.. She's thrown them under the bus😒
Franklin Johnson
Franklin Johnson:
Ellen's apology is a non-apology
Avalon Park
Avalon Park:
Kathy Griffin has for a long time told us about Ellen and her staff no one believed her.
She needs to apologize personally to everyone in her staff, not only in this statement
Kathy Griffin has been saying it for a long time but no one would listen.
Katherine Gallagher
Katherine Gallagher:
It's unfortunate that people who "have a staff" don't make it a priority to oversee what they are doing.
And they take a " blind eye" approach and deniability.
THIS needs to Stop.
Don’t buy it. Everyone in LA knows Ellen is not nice when cameras aren’t on.
Isabelle Brice
Isabelle Brice:
You can’t say “be kind to one another” and be a big bully at the same time. It’s sad to see, but what you do in the dark will always come to light. Karma does not excuse anyone .. Hopefully she learns from this and actually takes her own advice.
Ellen looks quite at home sitting on that Epstein Island look-a-like set.
aynsley on earth
aynsley on earth:
Her set looks like Epsteins island
Unemployed Doctor
Unemployed Doctor:
Fake. She can’t even apologize in person. Big ego
Joaquin Lomeli
Joaquin Lomeli:
She is the Boss it is her job to oversee everyone, she needs to take full responsibility not put the blame on others.
La SentinEl
La SentinEl:
Doesn't sound like an apology. It sounds like she is passing the buck.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
Never like Ellen, or her show. I never knew why though, just didn't like her.
Roy M
Roy M:
Never laughed at a single joke this woman told in her career.
When you notice her stage set is set up like Epsteins island
Makes you wonder whats going in other studios, like ET.
Duolingo Bot
Duolingo Bot:
She's not sorry for the action. She's sorry for being caught lmao
What an amazing non apology lol. There is no way she didn’t know what was happening, she probably just decided to turn a blind eye
Her apology was horrible.
I: Was she ever funny? Me: I wouldn’t get it.
Melissa Macon
Melissa Macon:
They need to just cancel the show. Her wife needs to divorce her too. She's nothing but a fake
Karla Meis
Karla Meis:
Doesn’t really seem like an apology. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Dennis BK Kam
Dennis BK Kam:
This is her PR team writing.. please..
Harmail Mattu
Harmail Mattu:
I think Ellen's "attitude" has been apparent for too long.
Ellen always looks like a perv the way she looks and talks to some of her female guests/audiences
Lucio Martínez
Lucio Martínez:
Too little to late. Bye Felicia!!
The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor:
She's taking responsibility but shifting blame. Typical celebrity snake.
Blaming others, after saying "I take responsibility"
Dakota-Jace Evans
Dakota-Jace Evans:
If you wanna see a staff that’s treated awful everyday, go work in a restaurant.
Gareth Beau
Gareth Beau:
Fake apologie not fake news. We all know your a mean lady....
Note: no apology, no responsibility, no remorse. Narcissist. She keeps playing the ‘victim’ role and blaming others.

She has eye-rolled about guests and pitted them against the audience them since the start. She is a mean person.
Igor Tanaskovic
Igor Tanaskovic:
It’s to late for apology’s, apology’s mean nothing when you do it because you have to
This is real news. I’m so happy that the media is starting to show the bad side of celebrities instead of all the good.
Mark Gately
Mark Gately:
This longtime phony is finally getting her just deserts I'm glad people are saying the kind of tyrant she really is
Balto Wolf X
Balto Wolf X:
she ain't sorry
Ylva Bjarnson
Ylva Bjarnson:
Course Ellen knew what was going on and was part of it. The apology is insulting because of course she knew what was happening. There's no way it could happen for years and her not knowing anything. She sounds now like she's just a liar.
Ellen gave me the creeps since day one. Now i know why. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR INSTINCTS!
S L:
Good thing we have Kelly Clarkson to replace Ellen!
Derby 58
Derby 58:
Ellen is like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. Nice to customers ( audience ) and mean to employes ( the staff )
Ruby Redd
Ruby Redd:
ED just like Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer et al, power and money changes people. Sorry I don't buy her apology! ED #timesup
There’s been allegations against her for years. It just got louder so suddenly she says something and apologizes like she didn’t know? Shady.
Lola N
Lola N:
It's like she's indirectly placing the blame on staff and employees, saying she lost control. BUT the complaints being made are about HER! Sooo??
James Fuertes
James Fuertes:
At the very least, Ellen has a penchant for making people feel anxious and uncomfortable.
Philip Thompson
Philip Thompson:
Accepting zero responsibility, still. Bad Karma Ellen!
Miss Gee
Miss Gee:
sorry letter after she was put on blast! To late and so pathetic!
Abel Cantu
Abel Cantu:
Kathy Griffin knew who ED was is!
Drew Venkman
Drew Venkman:
The whole me too movement is eating it's main proponents lol
Flower Power
Flower Power:
She has to say sorry in a letter, isn’t courageous enough to say sorry in a video
Donnie Darkko
Donnie Darkko:
Doesn’t really sound like she’s taking responsibility. She’s full of BS. She’s a narcissist. Don’t let her fool you.
boy interrupted
boy interrupted:
She literally deflected everyones feelings and made it into how that made her feel
Chap Daddy
Chap Daddy:
This is what it looks like when the woke eat themselves.
Ellen E. Brock
Ellen E. Brock:
This reminds me of how my “sweet spiritual sister,” a psychologist... on a moments notice will tear into me for 10 minutes screaming the Fword...
(NOT ELLEN... only my sister!)
M P:
"I'm sorry my staff is incompetent"

Great apology 😂
In My Opinion
In My Opinion:
I look forward to seeing the Hollywood sign being taken down.
J M:
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus:
“Absolute Power corrupts absolutely” No matter how she wanted things. Ultimately it was her responsibility.
Hoodie Gamer
Hoodie Gamer:
Ellen: Sorry I got caught guys haha
I never really liked Ellen and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was always have been shocked when I hear people praising her.
Tatum Sossoman
Tatum Sossoman:
“look how much I’ve overcome my life was so hard I’m just like you” is not what you say to someone you’ve victimized. But I get it. Her ego can’t take honesty, let alone a vid apology...as a tv personality 🤦🏽‍♂️ #yikes
Ruthanne Scott
Ruthanne Scott:
I'm sooooooo sorry everyone. I'm sooooooo sorry that everyone has found out I'm a nasty person.
Only Truth sets you FREE
Only Truth sets you FREE:
always a very disingenuous person
og atkinson
og atkinson:
This sounds to me like not owning up to responsibility, simply pointing finger at others, typical.
Mindy Kaling would be great. She can do so many things and she is so funny!
She wears so many hats her perspective would be so great on a talk show.
Perfect way to get Kelly Clarkson the time slot she deserves
Jane Denton Gaming
Jane Denton Gaming:
I'm gonna guess the guy who's all pixelated is using wireless to livestream...
Lu Vazquez
Lu Vazquez:
Working in the business, we all knew this and avoided that work environment. I never liked her so.

6:00 no it's not 🤣
Gee Star
Gee Star:
And I believed” Ellen was a Nice person 🙁 what the Hell? 🤦‍♀️
Jay Young
Jay Young:
For her promotions, E might try fewer smiles for the camera. My heavens, even Jesus wasn't that happy on earth during His short life.
Leanie Wessels
Leanie Wessels:
I knew a year ago. Also I stopped watching when she continued to scare people who clearly had issues with that. Not cool if you know the person has a phobia for clowns and then you prank them like that? Not cool& not necessary.