Election 2020: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Weeks out from the 2020 presidential election, John Oliver takes a look at various efforts to destabilize the vote, how to ensure your ballot is properly counted, and why we may need to prepare not just for an election night, but for an election month.

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100+ komento:

Burger Miester
Burger Miester:
I’m just amazed at the battery life on that guys phone.
Jonny Fabricius
Jonny Fabricius:
The More i learn about american Politics, the more i am astonished that you guys aren't in an open civil war right now.
Michael Manion
Michael Manion:
I am a white man from the suburbs of Chicago in a majority white neighborhood and it has never taken me more than 15 mins to complete the whole process of voting.
Could you imagine the Karen’s and Kyles if it took white people 8 hours to vote?!?!?!?!?!
Tsvetelina Terzieva
Tsvetelina Terzieva:
I hope this Black Mirror episode ends in November.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon:
Kudo's to the guy that waited in line for hours to vote. I'm taking a lawn chair and a book. However long it takes, I'm gonna help oust that traitor from our White House.
The most British response to a stripper voting ad is "Excellent."
As a Canadian, it is sad to see our right wing politicians starting to take a page in the republican playbook by claiming mail-in ballots will mire in voter fraud. Guess that's our curse, heaven is too far, America is too close.
Some random guy
Some random guy:
"The literal definition of a Nazi is someone with gun and arm band invading the polls'"
Best historical based joke I've heard in 2020.
Gerard Kean
Gerard Kean:
I think the US election needs UN observers and BBC reporters
Scientism D.
Scientism D.:
As an European I struggle to understand why voting is such an issue in the US. I just voted today. As a non-Austrian EU-citizen living in Austria I am eligible to vote for some local elections. No need for registration or anything. It's the government's task to make sure I am able to exercise my right to vote. I got the info in the mail about a month ago, explaining my options for early or mail-in voting. Two weeks ago I got the info where exactly I need to go on election day. Election day is a Sunday, because that's when everyone has time to go. My election office is just around the corner (we usually use public schools or the like). So I went on a short walk today. They had organized hand sanitizers etc. to make this process pandemic safe. I had to wait for a few seconds, because one guy before me was handed his forms, then it was my turn. The entire process took 15min, including the walk to the place and back.

How can the president say that mail-in voting is fraudulent? It should be the government's fucking job to ensure people's access to voting in a safe and orderly manner. If there would be widespread voter fraud (which there is no evidence of) it would be their fault!
Djed Vartanes
Djed Vartanes:
Can't shake the feeling that the US are making elections far more difficult than they have to be. Or maybe I'm in a position of privilege in Germany, where voting consists of one letter reminding you when and where to vote and a nice little walk to your nearest school.
James,T Quirk
James,T Quirk:
So why is there not drive in voting, I mean Americans love drive thru everything, and it would keep social distance also ..
Sérgio Santos
Sérgio Santos:
I feel that the main objective of American elections is making people just give up.
DeRozan MVP 2017
DeRozan MVP 2017:
Being a Canadian is living above a haunted house....
Trump is literally encouraging election fraud, and his base will still vote him.
And then people wonder how nazi Germany could possibly happen.
Tomasz Gałkowski
Tomasz Gałkowski:
As a Pole, I didn't see that coming.
Ketty Formaggio
Ketty Formaggio:
i'm italian, I'm scared. USA future is important for all the world. Please usa people, VOTE!
L L:
Lmao how could America even dare to care themselves a Democracy when the most basic right of voting isn’t respected by an entire political party. Honestly I’m starting to think the entire executive branch is a sham anyways
Vincent Knight
Vincent Knight:
In Germany
- authorities automatically send you your voting information, so no need to register yourself as a voter
- polling lines are never longer than 2 minutes

It’s always so weird to see how complicated America, calling themselves the oldest democracy, has made it for its own people to vote🤔
M R Snakes M R Not
M R Snakes M R Not:
Trump claims that Democrats will cheat, because HE is a cheater in every sense of the word, and he is projecting as usual.
America should invade America to bring democracy to America.
Please go vote if you live in the US and you're of age. Don't lose hope, please make the effort, it's so important
“I have no notes” is undoubtedly his highest praise.
Steve Schenker
Steve Schenker:
I am calling my Senator. I live in PA, so unfortunately, it's Pat Toomey. He has thus far been a total Trump toady, but I'll be letting him know that going along with this "it's fraud if Trump looses" bandwagon is not cool with this constituent.
Update on the Quibi joke, they just filed for bankruptcy.
Blake Grigsby
Blake Grigsby:
Wow. This is going to be bad, huh?
Jonathan Williamson
Jonathan Williamson:
John Oliver acts like he's ugly. Mans is hot af. King.
As a person living in an “urban area”, I plan on mailing my ballot in a mailbox located in a “suburban area” to ensure my ballot gets processed in a timely manner…just saying.
Lily Veneklasen
Lily Veneklasen:
"Horribly coordinated, totally nonsensical, and extremely dumb." You, my friend, just described the government of the U.S
thomas underfoot
thomas underfoot:
"Are you gracious?"

"... I dunno"

Lmfao this is our actual president. Our actual highest elected office couldn't bring himself to say he would be gracious in defeat not just in this election but *in general.* That's like the greatest self-own I've ever seen on tv.
What-If Machine
What-If Machine:
Honestly, I prefer the year when all the clowns were trying to kill us.
Fat Basterd
Fat Basterd:
I love it how Trump is saying contradictory things and nobody notices it.
"I am the greatest champion of national Security!" (later) "People are preparing to steal the election on my watch..."
"The pandemic would have had more deaths on Biden's watch!" (later) "Covid is not dangerous..."
“Twelve course menu of horseshit”. I’m using that now.
Sammy Coyle
Sammy Coyle:
"46 states have ballot tracking"
Who are you four lazy bums that are slacking?
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro:
Republican candidates straight-up say "If everyone was allowed to vote, we couldn't win", and Republican voters are fine with that because their guy wins. Tribalism at its worst.
hannertee e
hannertee e:
The whole “make sure your signatures match” thing is freaking me out so much. I’m an overseas citizen voter and I cannot for the life of me remember how I signed my ballot last time around 😓 Don’t have a US driver’s licence either so can’t even refer back to that!
If someone running last week tonight is reading this i would like there to be an episode on special education departments across the board with scandalous behavior and just disgusting treatment of mentally disabled/not at all mentally disabled people who were forced into the program and are legally trapped there, like myself i feel that it's time someone actually addressed the issue of special education boards across the country
J.W. Klutz
J.W. Klutz:
Let's just glaze over the fact that "off duty police officers" participated in voter intimidation..... it's kinda monotonous at this point
Sander Heijselaar
Sander Heijselaar:
For me, voting in the US is so strange when it comes to democratic principles. Register to vote? Why doesn't your country know who's a citizen and 18 years or older? I just receive my invitations to vote when a election date is near by and voting usually takes only 5 minutes. In my 22 years that I was able to vote, my longest wait was 10 minutes. In my town of 60k people we have 26 locations to vote, from 6 or 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. We even have one at the train station so you can vote before you get on the train. Also, one vote means one vote. We don't round up the results of a state. So it's always the majority/popular vote that wins.

I guess this all is the result being locked-in into a 2 party system. They changed all the rules so the can divide the power between them. Not really democratic.
Welcome Europeans to a new episode of "Why you're happy you don't live here"
Elizaveta Noskova
Elizaveta Noskova:
To everyone on non-conservative TV: start covering the elections rn with the same intensity that you'll be covering them on the election day, no more, no less. Avoid your regular The Day hype AND continue active coverage the weeks after so that noone has any doubt that the elections are not over and there's no winner yet
Derek McCumber
Derek McCumber:
Why would anyone WANT to vote on Election Day??? It's the worst.
I've done early voting for years and have never had to wait more than 20 minutes - it's usually more like 5.
"Who knows what things are like when you are watching this."

It's bad John, it's really bad.
Start practicing the chant now: Count the votes, all votes count.
hhh eee
hhh eee:
The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the Axe, for the Axe was clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood, he was one of them.
Jess Zidle
Jess Zidle:
nobody is talking to each other, both sides think they are going to win, I've never seen americans this activated. glhf i guess
I can't understand why there isn't a revolution in USA right now
Elissa Gregory
Elissa Gregory:
Most of the people who dont take COVID seriously are Republicans, so in theory, there might be more Democrats in America if the Republicans die of Corona virus
Emeril Lugosi
Emeril Lugosi:
"I don't lose too often" says a guy who would be living in a tent under a bridge if he hadn't been born a millionaire
As an Oregonian it’s so weird hearing people talking about mail-in voting like it’s a totally new concept. I can’t even imagine standing in line to vote. I always fill out my ballot while researching the candidates online in the comfort of my own room.
What do u mean “we” you’re not an American I love u John but it’s true
Bo Peep
Bo Peep:
John, you must have actually been destined to do what you do as a career. You consistently provide valuable, even vital, information. But you do it in a fun and palatable way. I am always riveted. Your delivery is brilliant, fast and flawless. Thank you.
P S:
Canadian here. It has never taken me more than 2 minutes to vote EVER.
The US are nuts... really. It’s total lunacy honnestly
normie x
normie x:
America be like: This is the land of the free!
Also America: let's prevent blacks and latinos from voting and also make sure not all votes are equal".
pink quartz
pink quartz:
"Horribly coordinated, totally nonsensical, and extremely dumb" good thing Trump is quite the expert on such matters
As a Canadian who just voted today it took me 10 minutes and that included the vouching for identity paperwork.
Capt'Wes Starwind
Capt'Wes Starwind:
Within no time the Supreme Court has now ruled that Wisconsin can not count any mail in votes after election day.
Curtis Johnston
Curtis Johnston:
"That could take our country to a very dark place" - Bill Barr. Dude that train left the station 4 years ago. LOL
Scarlet wings
Scarlet wings:
It’s honestly ridiculous that people are MORE scared of Mail-in voting than they are of those electronic booths. The machines have a fishier track record than anything that at least stays on paper.
threeface devil
threeface devil:
Was showing my 6yr daughter the original Judas Priest ‘Breakin’ the Law’ video today and realized that John Oliver is like what Rob Halford would be like if he were gay.

AJ Truss
AJ Truss:
Im taking my mail in ballot straight to the election office.
Mister Dragzon
Mister Dragzon:
A quick look at DJT’s business record shows a lot of losses. I would he’s an elite loser considering his losing-success rate.

(This is a joke. Don’t @ me political hardos. God I hate our current social climate)
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky:
"The Bastion of Democracy"

A country with extremely convoluted and difficult voting system, that isn't by majority, but rather, by elected officials who aren't even obligated to respect the vote of the majority.
Angelica A
Angelica A:
I love how Get Your Booty to the Polls combines sex and politics in a much more wholesome way than we normally see
15:58 anyone else heard "blue shift" and thought of stars/galaxies moving toward us?
Jim Roedder
Jim Roedder:
Social media IS a cesspool of misinformation. He mistakenly said "might".
Pryszlak Anna
Pryszlak Anna:
That would be a topic qorth talking about - in XXI century europe we have at the same time subjugation of women, plague, cywil war and religious cinflict https://youtu.be/T33S1k1iGe0
Abigail Slaughter
Abigail Slaughter:
He is out, says he is already over it

said the man who got a medical deferral in Vietnam for an INTRACTABLE FOOT CONDITION.
German here.
I have never missed a single election in my life, not on a federal level, not state-wide/local (those are held at the same day), not an EU election, I also went to (among others) a fucking referendum on what to do with the place that used to be an airport. I have never waited more then 5 minutes. Never. Most of the time not even 2 minutes.

I like that this turned out to be the world telling the USA that things don't have to be that way.
Miguel Lama
Miguel Lama:
I like how he has cut the spaces he usually leaves for the audience's laugh. It makes it less awkward
Hi! 5K ⬇️of us who dislike this video either:
a. didn’t see the video
b. don’t 🤔 think for ourselves
c. hate this English guy b/c he thinks he’s smarter than us (he is - but so is your dog)
d. Think this uppity English guy should “love it or leave it” like all real, red-blooded Americans who didn’t finish high school;
e. Hate this English guy because propaganda state TV hates him;
f. just because!
All of the above.
In case others needed clarification.
I am so proud of that 7+ hours voter! I probably would have laid down and roll my body along the line--I can't be standing for more than half and hour! Thank you to all wonderful voters on the line. As to Trump, all Biden has to say is, "I am the President and I want this trash thrown out of the People's House!" They be glad to do it.
Mo Momomo
Mo Momomo:
Rhyming Texas with infectious is the funniest thing I've heard all year
You should Realize John Oliver is Deadly Serious when He does not mention ADAM DRIVER
Fräulein Schuschi
Fräulein Schuschi:
It still makes me smile, that I believe, that John Oliver isn't wearing trousers 😅🤦🏼‍♀️
lokis Mischief
lokis Mischief:
The American election system is a Carnival of horrors and lunacy and I'm truly delighted i don't have to take part in one.
Ryan Santa Ana
Ryan Santa Ana:
But what about Early Voting? In Brownsville, TX there are hardly any in-person voters at the early voting sites. I’m settling for Biden this election cycle. I’ll be early voting in person.
MLG Dorito
MLG Dorito:
Wait how come seniors can vote but teens can't. Like the votes are affecting us more than them so why? Now you might say that it's because we're too young but then again, democracy means the will of the people. The votes will affect the youngest the most for the longest period of time. It's just math. The average American male has a life expectancy of 76 years. The average American female has a life expectancy of 81 years. If a 60-year-old man votes, their vote will affect them for only about 15 years. Teenagers have over half a decade of time that their vote matters and will affect them. I'm not saying we should take away voting privileges from seniors but maybe we should start considering lowering the age bar a bit.
Slugger not
Slugger not:
Trump: "Try to vote twice. Mail in a ballot and vote in person" (A potential felony)
Trump: "The left is trying to rig the election and vote twice!"
jeichiyo jeichiyo
jeichiyo jeichiyo:
so when it comes to targeted ads it's so easy for facebook and instagram to track us individually but somehow when it comes to voting it's no longer possible to set up an individual electronic ID?
So republicans don't want everybody voting? That is not patriotic. So republicans are un-American.
William Barr: "That could take our country to a very dark place."
Like the attorney general ordering federal police to shoot and beat up human rights activists?
Leo Zendo
Leo Zendo:
The election is decided by the rich. As common folks just don't be fundamentalist terrorists or slaughtered lambs and you'll be fine.
The signature thing is really scary. Like what an old-fashioned, antiquated way of verifying something. We have voter ID cards, social security numbers, and driver's licenses to verify our identification, why should a bit of messy penmanship deny your citizenship in an election?
Laurie Glathar
Laurie Glathar:
I want to know how that guy got his phone battery to stay alive through so many hours of videos
Jenny N
Jenny N:
I'm getting therapy for my anxiety over the election, and I've decided to watch this. I hate myself.
EvaNora Is
EvaNora Is:
In a country with more than one billion people and almost 70 % voter turnout, I only had to wait for 15 minutes in order to vote.
Freiburg Luft
Freiburg Luft:
Oh dear Americans, please, please, do try to vote early and please sign correct. All Love from Germany!
So - are we just going to pretend that the "Bad Idea" voice is not a zombie from Call of duty?
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones:
This is why it is absolutely necessary to cast a vote - the more there are present on the day, the less likely the challenge.
Dana C
Dana C:
The last 'bad idea' în the video genuinely scared me. Lol
Ryoki F
Ryoki F:
"... If we lose confidence in the outcomes of our elections." That ship has already sailed, sir.
Josue Escudero
Josue Escudero:
My cousin told he was going to vote for Donald Dump😱
I asked why?
His answer
“Some people just like to watch the world burn”
I unironically have "Getcha booty to the poll" stuck in my head
GeekGirl _Luv
GeekGirl _Luv:
I was depressed when I registered to vote and I’m depressed now so at least my signature should be consistent
Anon moose
Anon moose:
I had the weirdest dream tonight. It was a set of Last Week Tonight except it was filled with young, provocatively dressed, women. They were all trying to flirt with him and all be would say is "Yes", "Firm!", "Healthy" in the approving yet disinterested tone.
Greenybird 713
Greenybird 713:
I’m still a big fan of the “Vote or Die” campaign, but this new campaign is fantastic.
"I don't lose too often." His taxes actually show he does lose quite often...
"Could become cesspools of misinformation" - John, social media already is exactly that.