Election 2020: How do America's presidential primaries work? | The Economist

As the Democratic primary race enters its busiest period, John Prideaux, The Economist's US editor, gives his essential guide to understanding the process by which America's presidential candidates are chosen. Read more here: https://econ.st/2IdvpvD

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I'm not gonna lie, I just watched this and I still don't understand the process.
Let me simplify this for you... the Constitution says that the states get to elect the president. Not the people. The states can select whatever process they want to distribute their electoral votes, including throwing darts at a dartboard.

The political parties are private clubs. They can use whatever process they want, including rolling dice, to select a nominee.

Originally only the House of Representatives was by direct vote. The Senate was made a direct vote by Constitutional Amendment.

If you don't understand this information, you will not understand how elections run.
Is this actually democracy?
when you're American and voted in the democratic primaries yesterday and are still confused by this entire voting system (primaries, Caucasus, national convention etc.)

thank you Economist Team for pulling this video together! i found it very helpful.
What’s weird about some of these primary events [caucuses] is, people can’t bribe you, but they can give you baked goodies in hopes of luring you to a particular party. There’s also an element of social pressure and likely a herd instinct.
Paul Colclough
Paul Colclough:
The building at 0:47, around the time the narration says "attend the national convention", is a building in Ireland called the "Convention Centre Dublin". I guess they just Google convention and that building popped up.
That One Guy
That One Guy:
I wish they would have played the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme after that lady announced the votes they submitted for Hillary.
The explanation was very poorly structured. Now I still don't know how primaries work.
Peter Francis
Peter Francis:
1 older than Yoda
1 alzeimer
1 troll
RIP America
Safety First
Safety First:
Biden or Sanders will probably die of Old Age by November 😂
Daniel Money
Daniel Money:
The production values of this video were on point though it didn't really clear anything up for me, perhaps this is because I have no prior knowledge as I am from Australia
Urs BJB:
Thanks! You made loose whatever the little clarity I had!
I'm still struggling to understand when the remaining 99% of people get to have a say in all of this.
They dont lol that seems to be the answer
Justin Tsai
Justin Tsai:
Why is the Convention Centre Dublin in the thumbnail?
t g
t g:
How do primaries work: talk about caucuses
Eric Mattson
Eric Mattson:
I was on my hubby’s phone looking up stuff regarding upcoming elections—He had the best idea ever in 24 years of marriage. Even though I hate politics (poli-many tics= bloodsuckers🩸)
He said’ “Everyone should do a paper ballot AND electronic ballot
Let’s see how the numbers compare..Most Americans wouldn’t mind doing this extra step to ensure a more accurate polling count
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal:
The best English weekly magazine out there.
Yordan Nikolov
Yordan Nikolov:
I don't understand why in Europe we're constantly bombarded with learning about the US when they can't even point to where their own country is, let alone Europe...
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis:
4:13.......well that didnt happen.
Charles-A Rovira
Charles-A Rovira:
It's simple: You're given a choice between *heart attack* and *cancer.* May you have the _courage_ to *Choose wisely.*
Zefan Xu
Zefan Xu:
More complicated the process is, more easily it can be rigged. How about just "People vote, top wins" rule?
And Gem
And Gem:
biased agenda much... Hillary lost!!
Dylan Daniels
Dylan Daniels:
Why did you use an Irish building in the thumbnail ? 🤔
Rachel Wong
Rachel Wong:
very complicated 😢
~Daphne Amy's World~!
~Daphne Amy's World~!:
Im doing my research on what part to be in because things change so much
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita:
I can’t believe primary is so complicated than I thought.
How do they work? The people in charge close polling stations in poor and/or minority neighborhoods, or other places where the demographic is not favoring the candidate they want.

Then you have long lines of voters at the only places available, which are running out of ballots due to poor supply, glitching voting machines, or they give you "provisional ballots" that often aren't even counted.

And then an old guy in the early stages of dementia, who has not even been campaigning in the state, and has been telling people to vote for Trump or someone else, forgetting who he's talking to, or where he is..... Somehow he wins.
I'm the dude
I'm the dude:
How do they work? That's easy, they don't! ✌
t g
t g:
Caucuses looks like a place for insane people
John Wheaton
John Wheaton:
🇺🇸 We need United Nations
to insure fairness and above board
elections. One person / One vote
tt kkwqkfhrh
tt kkwqkfhrh:
I recommend Bernie I'm not American I'm just suggesting
Simon Akos
Simon Akos:
Okay but why is there a photo of Convention Centre Dublin (located in Ireland) in the thumbnail of this video?
It's deliberately confusing to discourage people from voting.
Daniele Kirylo
Daniele Kirylo:
Coronavirus & election conventions are an explosive combination.
Hammy is Non-stop
Hammy is Non-stop:
All you guys fighting over some random dudes, I think Lin-Manuel Miranda should be president

(This is a joke not made to offend anyone)
radek 10
radek 10:
You have to choose someone without British ancestry because it's also a guts for you.
Mary Whitman
Mary Whitman:
So... essentially it is a fr*cking mess... and you call this democracy??? 🙄
The US has the least democratic way of voting out of all western demoracies
Zeeshan Haider
Zeeshan Haider:
Bernie 2020!
Dallas Boring News
Dallas Boring News:
What a sham
Dozie Weon
Dozie Weon:
It is all about the democratic party
Joe K
Joe K:
BERNIE 2020 🔥🔥
escy artemis
escy artemis:
Still.. I have not understood... Lol
Binyamin A
Binyamin A:
I didn't understand a thing
Doug Clement
Doug Clement:
I don;'t see the point in voting
Rahul Singh Yadav
Rahul Singh Yadav:
Hmm, why don't just have a primary all together, why this mumbo jumbo?
rana saqib
rana saqib:
I'm confused, how they select electorals? If a state has 9 electoral seats, how many persons will compete and to whom? To their own party candidate or rival party?
Mohammad Taha
Mohammad Taha:
Either this process is really confusing or please try a better explanation next time?
JAH MagicDragon
JAH MagicDragon:
The lobbyist run the primaries. There's no democracy here and it's really obviously. The whole "block Bernie" thing shows that.
It could be better if you explained it through the diagram.
It won't matter who we vote for, nothing will change. More money for wars no money for Americans.
King of Cups
King of Cups:
Obscenely antiquated verging on the ridiculous.
Makaiyah paris
Makaiyah paris:
Vote bernie Saunders 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Sarah Peck
Sarah Peck:
Its called manipulation, keep the voters distracted this year the GMO virus wins hands down plus agenda 21/2030 in the works! 😉🤣🤣🤣 not funny!😖😡 Just wait...😉 public is waking EVEN FASTER!

edited hmmm still idiots out there though....scroll down please!😉
Серж Шуляченко
Серж Шуляченко:
Biden's mantras did not help.
The British airline Flybe broke due to a coronavirus.
This awaits all US airline companies.
Draco lord
Draco lord:
This is really an idiotic way to choose the leader of your country.
Jimmy Thompson
Jimmy Thompson:
SPOILERS: it’s rigged.
So, will there only ever be two political parties in American politics? Can other parties exist?
Democrats divide Republican unites WALK AWAY voted Democrat 50 years but what they been doing to trump since he took office is bad for the American taxpayers
Metal detectors before a public meeting. 'muricans..
Democrat ~ not democratic❕
Cristina M
Cristina M:
Legendarysuper SavageRocklee
Legendarysuper SavageRocklee:
This will be the first time I vote. In the past I didn't feel voting was important cause none of the people running for president seemed evil but now I feel I can't sit back. I just wanna know that if I vote I wont be put on some sort of watch list or any kind of list at all. I just wanna do my part to fix the filth thats in the office right now without any cons.
Umesh Paliyal
Umesh Paliyal:
I am indian I felt disappointed after end of this video.....after looking at comments....I feel ok now....!!!
Даниил Соколов
Даниил Соколов:
us citizens
, Please!
elect us president Tulsi Gabbard, You will not regret
, she is the future of the usa
. Thanks for attention
Moromo Music
Moromo Music:
Sanders 💯
Cristina M
Cristina M:
kunta kinte
kunta kinte:
If you dont know the voting process then you probably shouldnt be voting.
james harrington
james harrington:
Bernie 2020!
Maribel Garcia
Maribel Garcia:
Congrats👏... while coronavirus attacks... they only want to propagandize and the rest doesn't matter... So hyprocrite... American media (The New York Times, for example) and politicians criticize to European Countries for think which is the best way to resolve that situation...
The reason some Americans are confused by our political processes is that most of our schools don’t teach civics anymore.
Adam Goldenberg
Adam Goldenberg:
Biden steal ukrainian oil, Trump steal syrian oil. Vote for Bernie
Dan M
Dan M:
The American political system is not what the founding fathers had in mind
A. Rein
A. Rein:
Racism and election in USA.

To demonstrate and say the slogan Black lives MATTER or NO JUSTICE NO PEACE is not enough.

The Democratic Party, like the Republican Party, are on the same level in terms of foreign policy, particularly with regard to Palestine, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, Russia etc..
Only the ways are different.
Democrats, like Republicans, are subordinate to lobbyists and lobby groups.
The Democratic Party only gives their appearance with make-up a better look, in terms of health policy, tax policy and the middle class.
But in terms of warmongering and imperialism, they are close to the Republican Party.
The United States needs real change without the Democratic and Republican Party.
Without a fundamental reform of politics, laws, and elections in the United States, the demonstrations will not work.
First of all, fundamental electoral reforms must be created in the USA.

The electoral system in the United States is so complicated, and election day is Tuesday, which is a workday that prevents many voters from voting.

Why can't you vote on a Sunday when everyone has free time with a simple identity card, as in many states?
Even the homeless and the lower classes have the right to vote and to vote for someone.
What are the rich, powerful and lobby groups afraid of?
People in the United States must take to the streets for real reforms and rights.

The democratic and republican parties are like a coin with only two different sides.

The structures in the USA are over 200 years old and outdated.
Racism is a result of wrong politics and politics create politicians.
US politicians are elected by outdated methods.
Incorrect electoral laws deprive citizens of their rights in the United States.

The US government spends over $ 600 billion a year on the military so that US soldiers can be deployed to Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, South Korea, Japan, European countries and Africa.
If you prefer to invest those $ 600 billion in jobs, schools, education, infrastructure and the homeless, it's the best investment against racism.

Over 90 percent of US history has seen war, destruction, and death.
That means that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are war-loving.
The USA policy answers the just demands of its own population with oppression and violence.
Externally, states that do not want to submit to US interests are either punished with sanctions, such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, China, etc., or punished with war and occupation, such as Grenada island, Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan.
Racism and injustice in the United States existed during the reign of Democrats and Republicans.
So it makes no difference who currently has power in the United States.

Republicans have the presidency today and decide politics, tomorrow the Democrats and the day after again the Republicans.
Isn't it time for each of the current 50 states to go their own way and declare themselves independent and based on European standards?
Centuries-old electoral laws, outdated jurisdiction, etc. cause racism and injustice in society.
The American population has achieved a lot in the past few weeks and it would be a shame if the American people were to be appeased by some cosmetic promises by the government.
It is the best chance for the people of the United States to demand far-reaching political reforms internally and externally.
The oppression of peoples by the United States politics and disregard for human rights internally must stop for a better, just and peaceful future of the world.
Riazul Islam
Riazul Islam:
I will tell Americans to vote for the crazy Trump again. In the next 5 years, the situation in America should be like Somalia. It is the best gift of the century for Americans
Swimmin Bear
Swimmin Bear:
Bernie Sanders still once asking for the financial support
Carlos Banderas
Carlos Banderas:
Everybody is talking about Democrats but what about Republicans? Has Trump already ein or did He never face any competition.
amotupi ra
amotupi ra:
... Hello neither democrat nor republican nor even North American I am a Colombian and never in my life have I voted nor will I vote in this country for any corrupt "rat" that is what there is in this country; but if I resided in the USA, I would gladly cast my vote together with my family for Mr. Bieden (sorry if I wrote it wrong) I really like his presidential formula and he does not seem to be a mentally deranged like the current one ....
Demi Nada
Demi Nada:
Mike, Mike, Mike 2020
guy laurent
guy laurent:
If President Trump doesn't get re-elected, America as you know it will change for the worst, the left will make sure of it. They will
implement their crazy agenda on the American people. You know they hate America as it is...