Eiza González’s 8-Minute Wake-Up-and-Go Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

For actress Eiza González, a streamlined off-duty skin and makeup routine is key. Here, her beauty secrets.

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Eiza González’s 8-Minute Wake-Up-and-Go Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Me watching this after finding out she’s probably dating Timmy 👁👄👁
Vale V
Vale V:
Stop tagging her as a "Timothée's girlfriend" she's a successful Mexican woman, she speaks two languages fluently and built a career on her own. She's not just Timothée Chalamet's girl.
Soniya Kabdwal
Soniya Kabdwal:
If I had her skin I'd literally just wake up and go.
me watching this bc she‘s dating timothée and i want to see what her personality’s like 👁👄👁
Balah Antonio
Balah Antonio:
Who is here because of Timothée Chalamet
R Y.
R Y.:
The people that are hating are just jealous. This girl is drop dead gorgeous.
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia:
She is a Mexican actress not just "Timmy's girlfriend". 🙂🙂.
Por cierto, soy el comentario en español que estas buscando.
C V.
C V.:
Who’s here after seeing her with Timothee?😔
she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she’s getting. just because she’s dating timmy doesn’t mean that’s all she’s known for. she’s a successful mexican woman and is a role model. for all the comments about her being racist she was forced into that role early into her career. she had no voice or platform to step back. she’s already apologized before even being seen with timmy. lets all learn to spread kindness and forgive.
Yudith Molina
Yudith Molina:
Who’s here because they actually grew up watching her and not because of the actor Timothee C?
Guillén Rodríguez Itzayana
Guillén Rodríguez Itzayana:
Everyone talking about timothee an eiza but I just came here cause all Mexican girls know that she was part of our childhood
Kristine Amee Vargas
Kristine Amee Vargas:
She looks like a mix of Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba
Why are you all comparing her or saying if she is “worth it” or not to be with timothee. It must be so annoying having people think they can judge your private relationships
LuzI Fa
LuzI Fa:
Quisiera ser tan delgada como ella, pero la señora de los tamales no me deja 😢
Léa Renna
Léa Renna:
who’s here after seeing her and timothée chalamet kissing ?? 😳
Tian Klry
Tian Klry:
Having pink lips is an issue

Can't relate
Sarah May
Sarah May:
*vogue should get someone who has acne or oily skin. I'm tired of seeing these beautiful women with perfect skin.*
Connie M
Connie M:
i watched this video months ago but i didn’t know who she was... now she’s dating timothée chalamet 🤣🤣👉🏽
kiki xd
kiki xd:
i donʼt understand why people are hating on her. Sheʼs not racist shes kind and friendly
Sylvia Chang
Sylvia Chang:
“I don’t like contouring”
and the fact is she doesn’t even need it
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown:
Me: "Her makeup is so cute"

"Wait shes not wearing makeup yet."
Soya Sauce
Soya Sauce:
I came here after hearing about her dating Timothée and I just want to say that I think this girl is amazing. She is a really bright and funny person and she really knows how to make a conversation (proven by the jimmy Kimmel video.) Also, the black face, yellow face incident happened when she was 15! She said that back then it was her first job as an actor and she was forced to do it. When your 15 and your surrounded by a whole bunch of more experienced and respected actors, you don’t really have a voice. Now I’m not saying that it makes it any better, but I think she has changed. She wrote an apology and walked in the BLM protest. So chill guys, every celeb has had times where they made mistakes. Like Justin bieber. The only reason you all are pointing it out so hard is because it’s Timothée and your jealous. PERIDOT.

Also if you think that I’m only standing up for her because that incident didn’t affect me. I just want to say that I’m asian, so don’t go talking smack in the comments.

But if you don’t agree with what I say, that’s fine. I respect that everyone has a different opinion. But don’t cancel Timothée for something he didn’t do.
Lol I love her. I remember her as a kid in Mexican telenovelas. She was like a Lizzie McGuire of her day.
me: taking notes so Timothée Chalamet would want to date me
Mariana Martinez
Mariana Martinez:
soooooo..... u dating timothee chalamet huuhh...... HOW DOES IT FEEL TOOO WIN IN LIFEEEE??? apartee eeresss mexicanaaaa, ayyyy mi vidaaaaaa, loo que dariaa por ser ella
Cutietips Karla
Cutietips Karla:
Queen Eiza te amamos no solo los mexicanos estan orgullosos de ti los latinos en general las latinas en general te amamos... que sigan los exitos..... i love youuuuu
Your Pumpkin
Your Pumpkin:
Me here after finding out that timothee is daiting her 👁👄👁 😔
Lucia Sanchez
Lucia Sanchez:
who is here after seeing the pics of timothee and her in cabo
Alondra Del Mar
Alondra Del Mar:
I need her surgeon’s number cause her nose is literally perfect
Valentina Vargas
Valentina Vargas:
this video will become the new camille rowe one with the exception of only timothee related comments
Bitch I'm a Cow
Bitch I'm a Cow:
So... I didn't know who she was before... But then, I came here again and realized she was the one caught with Timotheeeeeee AHHHHH
xavier saenz
xavier saenz:
she is TOO MUCH WOMAN for that little Timmy Kid , im just saying....a summer love, that is what it is.
I can't understand why she receives a lot of hate, She's gorgeous, love her ♥🇲🇽
Es elegante, inglés fluido cirugías perfectas, carrera exitosa.
Mirna Genis
Mirna Genis:
Mexican Girls be like
Eiza's surgeries : "OMG So gross !"
Kylie's surgeries : "She is Sooo beautiful"
Tan hipócritas y malinchistas
Maria Clara Guimaraes
Maria Clara Guimaraes:
now she is dating timothée chalamet...
rebecca pohl
rebecca pohl:
Who’s here after her and timothée 😆
Gwynn Arabilla
Gwynn Arabilla:
who's here after knowing that she and timmy dating?
Joana Martínez
Joana Martínez:
Una verdadera mujer digna de admirar, es exitosa, emprendedora, talentosa, luchadora, soñadora y hermosa!!! La sigo desde que salía en telenovelas infantiles y siempre me ha parecido un gran ejemplo. Grande, Eiza es una reina 💟
Adrian Davidson
Adrian Davidson:
Por mi puede tener 80 cirugías. En mi opinión todas sua cirugías estan perfectas. No perdió su etnia y se ve muy bella. Por qué los latinos estamos siempre en contra de los nuestros? Nunca he visto comentarios así en un video de las Kardashians y ellas me parecen bastante mal, pero si no hay algo bueno que decir mejor no digamos nada.
Leslie Ramos
Leslie Ramos:
I swear she had plastic surgery because she looks so different thn when she was in soap operas in mexico . Still beautiful either way
Camila Ramirez
Camila Ramirez:
Soy mexicana y estoy súper orgullosa de Eiza ,para que vean que los mexicanos si podemos viva México,i love México
jigme lhamo
jigme lhamo:
I love that she was like “next time have me in Spanish”
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez:
She just has one of those voices that I could listen to forever. If she wasn't already a celebrity I'd say she should make vlogs.
Josie Reeves
Josie Reeves:
Step 1: Already be flawless
antonia romero
antonia romero:
she's so gorgeous, she looks stunning with and without makeup i-
She have such a good energy I hope haters understand it. She's beautiful and kind❤️🦋
Plutot Crever
Plutot Crever:
She's like a blend of Jennifer Garner and Megan Fox.
Nina Funk
Nina Funk:
if this is the girl timothee is on vacation with i’m jumping off a bridge❤️❤️😹
büsra mehmed
büsra mehmed:
she doesn't need makeup
Denise Aguila
Denise Aguila:
So I see timmy has a type
Fun And Games With Aryan
Fun And Games With Aryan:
Am I the only bloody person here because she’s gorgeous and I like her for her.....
Pann Ei Phyo
Pann Ei Phyo:
OMG I keep saying "She's so beautiful" through the whole video.
Sofía Escalante Arias
Sofía Escalante Arias:
I love how different she is than the others, the other girls are so calm and doesn't talk too much and Eiza is so loudly and have so much energy. I LOVE OUR LATIN VIBES AND ENERGY❤
Suad Mahfouz
Suad Mahfouz:
She’s gorgeous, and I love her bubbly personality
Sunflower Vibes
Sunflower Vibes:
Even she has perfect lip color natural. Life is so unfair
me ry
me ry:
I like how she has her own thing going on
El Don Dan
El Don Dan:
Todos aquí por Tim y una conociéndola desde que trabajaba para Televisa ;-;
Sittie Aisharein Coro
Sittie Aisharein Coro:
I love how she whisper yell ''YAZZZ QUEEN" 😂😂
bloated and alone
bloated and alone:
i remember watching her w my family on amores verdaderos
Iejfncj dkjdjfj
Iejfncj dkjdjfj:
So what if she’s dating timothee?, everyone deserves to be happy and loved, she is beautiful, not racist at all!
You are just pissed that she is dating timothee live and let others live their own lives.
Cecilia Prinsloo
Cecilia Prinsloo:
Does someone know the name and the brand of the lipstick she's wearing?
Lesly Soto
Lesly Soto:
Hablan de las cirugías de Eiza como si fuera algo malo, Kylie Jenner tampoco es natural y hasta la alaban
Bea Gatdula
Bea Gatdula:
"It (skin) needs a lot of love and protection"

Gorl I spent all my effort on protecting and loving my skin and nothing happens 😭
Mollie Kravitz
Mollie Kravitz:
Every single one of these videos that I've watched has talked about how they plucked their eyebrows so thin in the early 2000's!
2006 Janice XII A
2006 Janice XII A:
She looks like Jessica Alba's twin sister 😮 and she's sooo pretty 🤩
I don't really care if she's dating Timothée or not. She's has an amazing career of acting and modeling and I will not let anyone say that she's famous or they know her because of Timmy. Don't be annoying.
fio frapiccini
fio frapiccini:
she's with Timotheé, latinas always win. I feel lucky i'm one of them
My wish as a latina is to express myself so easily as her in English.
Talia Nicole
Talia Nicole:
i have never seen such flawless natural skin EVER- she's sunning!!
Ana Sofía Manriquez Alvarez
Ana Sofía Manriquez Alvarez:
Me encanto el "Buenos Días"
laura pavo
laura pavo:
Por favor dejen de poner "spanish-like music" cada vez que alguien latino aparece, sí sabemos de dónde viene.
Katerina Malinina
Katerina Malinina:
She’s so beautiful and positive, I feel like she has an amazing vibe ✨
Yaz Morales
Yaz Morales:
Buen inglés y buena intervención de Eiza, buenos consejos. México in da house 🇲🇽
Christ Goh
Christ Goh:
She's the perfect combination of Gal Gadot & Jessica Alba...oh my so pretty face
Emma 54
Emma 54:
Largoh LA
Largoh LA:
Arlene Fernandez
Arlene Fernandez:
Well she’s just gorgeous so there’s that. 😂
Marj Militar
Marj Militar:
She looks like Jennifer Garner. So beautiful. :) <3
Prakash Chalke
Prakash Chalke:
If she looks like that at early morning then shes the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.
epic lovez
epic lovez:
Love Eiza, I met her in L.A. at a Gloria Trevi concert when she went up on stage and danced with Gloria Trevi it was super fun!! Beauty queens !
angelina squeo
angelina squeo:
here bc im making sure shes good for timmy-
Judith Giles
Judith Giles:
siempre hace falta makeups para las latinas, muchas gracias vogue por poner a Eiza !
Shamik Productions
Shamik Productions:
she don't even need makeup, beautiful mexican girl...
Soy mexicana y estoy muy orgullosa, me encantaría poder hablar el Inglés asi de fluido. Primero vean las cosas buenas antes de criticar.
Yahdira leon
Yahdira leon:
Every time I look at her she reminds me of “Lola erase una vez” literally my childhood 😩
I actually kinda like her personality...🥰
ivana carbajal
ivana carbajal:
with or without makeup she look amazing, love u eiza, mx is proud of uuuu
De LM:
I’m not going to watch someone who looks that good at 11 seconds in, without makeup, put on makeup. See ya.
Samantha Palomino González
Samantha Palomino González:
Que bonitooooo, no sabía que este video existía. Que orgullo ver a una mexicana ser exitosa ❤️
Mia A
Mia A:
She’s beautiful, Latina, and she has an amazing personality!! Love her!!
Luami Palma
Luami Palma:
Saben q me Re encanta de eiza q ella no se le quita lo humilde siempre mensiona y a de visitar su familia asu mexico querido habla tan tranquila no se le suvio el humo, siempre en tierra es linda exitosa, emprendedora soñadora por llegar asta donde esta, y quien se la come en comnt, negativos es roncha q tiene tanta gent en mexico q se la come , critic, cuando son mediocres q no an pasado de ser lo mismo y frustrados 💙💚💚 grande niña bonita te vere en fast end furious 💛
Victoria Gm
Victoria Gm:
La más perrita💅💅 que hablen mientras la ven por tv triunfar. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Please do Ariana and Zendaya
Jazmin Santoyo
Jazmin Santoyo:
How come she’s blowing up on my phone after the pictures w timothée
Jacqueline Cardenas
Jacqueline Cardenas:
Esa mujer es preciosa y mis respetos por su inglés y su gran progreso en Hollywood ❤️🙏
Karolay Escobar
Karolay Escobar:
Who else is here just because she was your childhood role model and not because of timothee
Yo YO:
Me:stares 8min at her face
Her:keeps talking 8min straight
I mean she's to gorgeous I cant take my eyes away for a second!
Ortega Acereto Sam
Ortega Acereto Sam:
Una de las muy poquitas mexicanas que han trabajado en los United y que saben hablar perfectamente y sobre todoo pronunciar el inglés!
Mateo Love
Mateo Love:
She deserves a starring role in some important movie.