Egg Hatched - Result Hatching Egg Incubator at home

Review Egg Hatched - Result Hatching Egg Incubator at home

Video : How to make a Hatching Egg Incubator at home

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SayalRai3 _
SayalRai3 _:
Who Like Chicks?
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Best hair instagram
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Etu Dieng
Etu Dieng:
They look confused though... no mommy around.. kinda sad...
PW's Dedicated Student
PW's Dedicated Student:
I remember that when I was a kid, my dad told me to pick a hen from the farm and bring it to him as we were going to eat her ofc. When my dad was cleaning it, he found a pair of eggs in its abdomen, he was just gonna cook them as well, but I requested to let me keep them for a while. I made a Thermocol box with a bulb in it and place the two eggs in it, gradually turning them. One of the egg started smelling and rotting and my dad threw it, within some days, the remaining egg hatched and there was this tiny chick. I named him 'Ace' since he was the sole survivor. He was with me for over a year until my parents anniversary came. And my dad cooked him. Ace will always be in my heart no matter what.
Sunil George
Sunil George:
They will be so happy to see a lighted bulb always!
Troll face LenNy
Troll face LenNy:
I don’t remember but Um one of my teachers back had hatched chicks :D
Abrar Ul Haq
Abrar Ul Haq:
Successful delivery, cong you're mom now
sabika ayesha
sabika ayesha:
Chicks were sayin: HEY DADDY!
Khadim Hussain
Khadim Hussain:
Chicks to the man recording "That's my momma"
Joegen Lo
Joegen Lo:
Does the eggs near the light/heat source hatches quicker than the ones on the far end.
It’s so satisfying to see them hatch. Good job bro
Presiden CEKER
Presiden CEKER:
See Mine.. iam from indonesia,, Good job brother
Total Entertainment
Total Entertainment:
They hatched out without love of their mom. They all r missed it what i thought.
Steady Eddie
Steady Eddie:
Great job mate! It appears that the light bulb is partly in the that correct?
Sulman Aziz
Sulman Aziz:
bro temprtur is fix 100 in all days tell me accurat temprtur 100 or above
حسين مصطفى
حسين مصطفى:
Amazing brother keep going.
Congratulations you're a father now
Nutella Cereal
Nutella Cereal:
1:17 i hope no one finds your phone when u have that password
Isabella Weakliem
Isabella Weakliem:
How can such a big ball of fluff it in a small leg that's incredible
Gaming World
Gaming World:
We can increase the yield if we use hygrometer by maintaining humidity level for chicken hatching 50% to 60%
cant wait till they go on the bbq 😍
Oh, he's Vietnamese.
Hendrik Kambode
Hendrik Kambode:
It impress me for make homemade incubator thanks for your Mini Egg incubator
Happy life
Happy life:
Omg they are so cute. Just look at the innocence and cuteness on their faces :* :*
Yurchik Belov
Yurchik Belov:
How do you recommend cook this?
Umair's Workshop
Umair's Workshop:
You have got so many subscribers that's incredible :)
hinz low
hinz low:
waw,so cute😍
Abaas Hasabo Hasabo
Abaas Hasabo Hasabo:
سبحان الله الواحد الأحد
Doni Nixd
Doni Nixd:
Should we keep light on for 21 days ??? (Tell me pls )!!!!!!!
Rathish Chandran
Rathish Chandran:
Wow, dat's awesome.... ✌✌✌
was the light on the entire time? fire hazard?
Muhammad Talha Butt
Muhammad Talha Butt:
How Much Voltage i can connect with W1029
Soufiane EL Hamri
Soufiane EL Hamri:
سبحان الله
Their literally my mood cause they just hatched and wanted to eat😂
Pseudo X
Pseudo X:
Ha! now i know your password.
saim kungle
saim kungle:
ALLAH's creation.
Hardboiled Fried egg
Hardboiled Fried egg:
I clicked on this vid and the first thing I see is kfc add 😑
Jamere Gaming
Jamere Gaming:
Awww so Cute I love baby 🐔s
Harith Yes
Harith Yes:
At first I thought it were hamsters in the thumbnail
Sarfaraz Shaikh
Sarfaraz Shaikh:
How to do with out elecericity
Aly sohna
Aly sohna:
It's very interested thank you
Creative Channel
Creative Channel:
Hi friend, Currently there've are more than 10 eggs hatched next, I want to have a video soon for you, do not want to wait: D
Domilation TV
Domilation TV:
There so cute. Can I have 5
Mein Unterkampf
Mein Unterkampf:
Lil puffbalz <3
JDM Games
JDM Games:
It’s lovely to think they’re going to be eaten probably
Trinca & Cia
Trinca & Cia:
nice! can you project one for small finches?
jagneswar mohanta Bulbul
jagneswar mohanta Bulbul:
Thnx bro
It's working.
Thnx for giving us the great ideas
LC De Commander
LC De Commander:
Type of videos I watch when itz 3am
Swati Sasmal
Swati Sasmal:
For how hours we turn on lights
jeeva Suresh
jeeva Suresh:
How many days we need to keep the light on incubator
Wait so were these store bought eggs or did you get them from the mom and dad when they already had a baby chick in them?
শুভ্রদীপ ঢালী
শুভ্রদীপ ঢালী:
Joanna Wright
Joanna Wright:
I’m so trying that
mamta yadav
mamta yadav:
u have become father and also mother by hatching it awesome.
Hafid Imad
Hafid Imad:
thank you so much brother good luck !!
Lord Byron
Lord Byron:
Hahahaha.... smiling. How cute. WTG dude. Thanks for sharing.
gaurav tiga
gaurav tiga:
can I use diffrent temperature controller
QuantumStriker 003
QuantumStriker 003:
Wow, u "hatched" those chicks. Guess ur a dad now.
Shivansh r
Shivansh r:
I got your smart phones lock pattern
Partha's vLogs
Partha's vLogs:
Please tell us about your temperature settings.
José Luis Hernández
José Luis Hernández:
Wow que increíble, ahora eres papá jaja
Leomessi Leonel
Leomessi Leonel:
I now your Password 😂😂😂
Buddhadeb Mondal
Buddhadeb Mondal:
Sir , I make a incubator but doesn't work perfectly.
What should I do??
Night Doodle
Night Doodle:
How adorable!!
its Jay El
its Jay El:
Hoyy I know the password haha😂
Oswaldo Páez
Oswaldo Páez:
Amazing nuggets bro 🤙
One of my chick just got hetched
Rj rj Kulitan lang
Rj rj Kulitan lang:
Really? Nice video sir. Thanks😁🙂
Ariel Lumbayan
Ariel Lumbayan:
What if the temperature reached to 41? Is it able to hatch the eggs? Thanks..
Hassan Gaming
Hassan Gaming:
They are so cute😍
gutham chinni
gutham chinni:
Power lekapotey 2 hours daily problema parle naa
Ratiesh Champ
Ratiesh Champ:
Congrats man ur a dad haha awesome
venky darling
venky darling:
Brooo light automatic on off aa
Apple Q Lol
Apple Q Lol:
agustin monteflor
agustin monteflor:
sir papanu po gumawa para MA adjust ung super hit?
Shaineela Jaffar
Shaineela Jaffar:
Give them as a give away
María Pajarito
María Pajarito:
Que lindo 💗
kyohan gaming
kyohan gaming:
2:10 that little chick on the left side (facing the phone obviously) is so cute
Test Hrane i pića
Test Hrane i pića:
Cute.. :)
Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna:
is bulb touching water?
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar:
Were I can get all parts
joyমামা hasan
joyমামা hasan:
What is thw temparature?
how can I justify this?
Yy Hhy
Yy Hhy:
Monique Sison
Monique Sison:
Za WaruDIO
Za WaruDIO:
This reminded me of when my chickens used to be little chicks ,they grew up too fast😢 😂
The fan air will come in or out
Haris-T3 ✓
Haris-T3 ✓:
Waiting in the pre game lobby be like 1:58
Song name anyone?
Sajja Sai
Sajja Sai:
If light 24 hours on bro
pearl channel
pearl channel:
wow congratulation for being a good dad at least u care about them well thx good they not drink milk as other animals otherwise u'll feed them milk too😢😂😂😂
Bhaskar Boyapati
Bhaskar Boyapati:
Bro lights 60k na and 24hrs light on loo vundala
Rj rj Kulitan lang
Rj rj Kulitan lang:
Congrats. Your now DAD.😁
Vinay Banothu
Vinay Banothu:
Bro enni days ki okkasari eggs ni rotat cheyyali plz tell me bro
shayabaj meman
shayabaj meman:
is that fan stays contineus on?
Ali Khan
Ali Khan:
What Day laetre
Vignesh Athreya
Vignesh Athreya:
Thanks for video.... And please tell me the temparature of engupator...
bts world domination
bts world domination:
I miss my chicken:( but my uncle killed it and my father cooked it T_T but it taste good
Eric Untitle
Eric Untitle:
Sgt menginspirasi.. silahkan mampir ke channel sy jg ya tmn2.. kbtulan sy sedang dlm proses menetaskan telur ayam yg trbuat dr bekas kotak obat p3k. slm peternakan
HK Vlogs
HK Vlogs:
How u feed young ones