Easy Egg INCUBATOR WithOut ELECTRICITY || Hatching Chicken Eggs In Homemade Incubator

Easy Egg INCUBATOR WithOut ELECTRICITY || Hatching Chicken Eggs In Homemade Incubator
In This Video Showing Hatching Eggs With Out Electricy,With Out Hen,With Out Incubator,With Out Temperature Meter.......Hatching Chicken Eggs In Sun Light...Hope You Like This Video
Procedure :
Take a Plastic Bowl/Basket and Fill With Rice Husk (Half) And Kept The Egg At Center And Put Disposal Cups Above The Egg (Make Holes In Disposal Cups For Ventilator)......And Kept The Whole Setup Under Sun Light....And Leave It As It Is For 21 Days After 21 Days Egg Start Hatching (Baby Chick Come Out Of The Egg)....Start With 1 or 2 Eggs AND if You Got Success Then Hatch With More Eggs.....All The Best

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100+ komento:

Where should the egg be kept in night
King King
King King:
Humm din Mai to samaj Mai ati par rat Mai es ande ko Kahan rakhna parega rat ka to batain sar
Magdalena Casanova
Magdalena Casanova:
If I don’t have a humidity gauge what can I use?
rajshekar mane
rajshekar mane:
In night time no sun light then what to do
Bruh Girl_just an ugly girl that needs a life
Bruh Girl_just an ugly girl that needs a life:
Can I do this with an egg that is in fridge but is already fertile
georgian music
georgian music:
And without sun or light. it can grow only with warmth
drain the swamp 2.0
drain the swamp 2.0:
that would work fine if you lived in Isrial. they been blocking out the sun for 2 years now every place else.
Can you take an egg out of the frige and try to hatch it? If its been in the frige for a week?
Reswobian Dreaming
Reswobian Dreaming:
So how do you raise the chick without a heat source there? Is it warm enough at night for them to manage without a brooder lamp?
Hafiz Sohaib vlogs
Hafiz Sohaib vlogs:
Bhai jan .raat ko heat ksy deni hy???
Can you use a rectangle container for this
Na'Vi shah
Na'Vi shah:
If the night come and rain coming at evening what to do???
Thank you so much and be blessed for such precious video tutorial! I can only thank you! ❤️🌿🌼🌾
yes Bro mene try kiya aur sucess ho gaya
jadir mejia felix
jadir mejia felix:
Soy el primero en comentar
Mohammed wasiq
Mohammed wasiq:
Does it work
Please tell me
If you ask me true I will subscribe
Your channel
The Farmer
The Farmer:
Which day you removed the plastic cup? This is really awesome!
Shubha Deb Nath
Shubha Deb Nath:
bai ye tho samj aaya ki sun light se humidity create hoga. Lekin Raat ko kaise hoga humidity?
Zakaria Abdi
Zakaria Abdi:
what about at night or when there is no sun and no electricity thanks
Sindhu B
Sindhu B:
Do I need to rotate the egg for development?
Popy Dey
Popy Dey:
Tum Socho ma bazar se 1day ka poltry egg kharid k laya tab choose niklega?
khaja khaja
khaja khaja:
Editing Vibes
Editing Vibes:
btw check out Titi the cute baby.Please/i liked ur videos and subs
kapil Gotra
kapil Gotra:
37 temperature kafi hai
kiran vlogs
kiran vlogs:
For night where do you keep
Does this work for grocery store eggs too?
Lights Camera Action!
Lights Camera Action!:
Instead of rice husk what else we can use?
Maylen Clausen
Maylen Clausen:
This incubator might work
Motto Gaming Is Life!!
Motto Gaming Is Life!!:
Where i can get this type of grass.. please suggest. I also want to grow chicken.. please reply
vaibhav pawar
vaibhav pawar:
Bro hamare yaha pe rat ko 28/29 °C temp hota hai to rat ko candle light lagane ki jarurat hai kya
juan salinas
juan salinas:
Mars music
Mars music:
Bro by the way it's lockdown so we cannot feed it bird food, dry grass etc. So what should we feed it that we can easily get at home?
cute boy
cute boy:
Wow Good i will definitely try this
Muhammad Fakhir
Muhammad Fakhir:
I take some wood rusk and a vlity egg can it be ok
Puzzle Maker
Puzzle Maker:
what do at night time ? We want to be kept in rooms with light or not light answer me
Purabi Boruah
Purabi Boruah:
Can i apply these process with a duck egg
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan:
What's your chick name bro??
Awesome World
Awesome World:
Yes I know it will work. ...eggs need only warm/heat to hatch
naval sharma
naval sharma:
Thanks for idea
sudeep r
sudeep r:
What we can do in night time ??????????
Please reply
Kaley S
Kaley S:
What should we feed it when it hatches if we don’t have the proper bird seed etc for it?
Ane Levi
Ane Levi:
But if is not sunny?is not good is need sunny days all the.time
Ahmad Farqualeet
Ahmad Farqualeet:
Here temperature is from 31 to 36 in this week then it is 37 to 40 in next week and Soo on
And sun remains for 13 hours
So can I put eggs from now?
Anand Raut
Anand Raut:
I have a one question if we stand egg in morning to evening in sunlight in the night what we have to do so in the evening we're we egg stand please answer
Can i use Steel pot ?
Priya’s toy Show
Priya’s toy Show:
I have a small doubt we can use it to store eggPlease reply
Ronah grace Abejero
Ronah grace Abejero:
We have eggs here for us to eat it's called BALUT but it hatches just this day. And we help the chix to get out of it's shell. Is it okay? What will we do now? How to keep this alive. It cannot walk yet.
Popy Dey
Popy Dey:
Tum Socho MAY egg 2 din dhup may rakhdia but 3 din k baad dhup nahi nikli barish ho rahi hain taab kaya kara
zishan ahmad
zishan ahmad:
2 ya 3 din k chuje ko khilana kya hai...
baby thomas
baby thomas:
മുട്ടകണ്ടിട്ടു് പൂവൻ (ആൺ) ആണെന്നു് തോന്നുന്നു.
Subham Debnath
Subham Debnath:
Agar barish hua to kea karungi
Please bataiye 🙏
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan:
Where do you live bro?
rakesh siramshetti
rakesh siramshetti:
Can buyer become hatched
Purabi Boruah
Purabi Boruah:
How many days it will take
Gilbert Malto
Gilbert Malto:
What is that egg? That is in grocery?
DIY with Batteries
DIY with Batteries:
Great video and it's original i think
Md Rakib
Md Rakib:
bro.it can work? you are sure?
Sameer Harchirkar
Sameer Harchirkar:
bhai ye succes hoga na?
fasa wasa rahe ho to boldo
warna mujhe ghr me pagal bolne lagjayege.🙏
Bala Baskaran
Bala Baskaran:
how can we see the development after the 5th day and in our area temperature is only 33°c it is enough for egg
Adhir Ghosh
Adhir Ghosh:
If I can do this with any egg please answer me 🙏🙏🙏
vijay vyavhare
vijay vyavhare:
Night time Ko kaha aur kese rakhe plz baato
Diy Craft Ideas
Diy Craft Ideas:
Wow thats awesome
Pi Zuali
Pi Zuali:
Wow it is so good
Shiuly Akter
Shiuly Akter:
Koel ka egg chalega?
Jaspal singh
Jaspal singh:
What we will do in night ?? No sun light. We use electric bulb
Hafsa Arif
Hafsa Arif:
i live in such hot country and its below 55c wht should i do
Popy Dey
Popy Dey:
Will it pet duck egg
Julia Kunzekwenyika
Julia Kunzekwenyika:
Does it work only with rice husks
Bro how much temperature should be there in the morning while we keep in sun
Popy Dey
Popy Dey:
Will it poltry egg?
Mohammed wasiq
Mohammed wasiq:
What to do with out disposibal cups
Sabhajeet Yadav
Sabhajeet Yadav:
I can use shop egg please reply me
Ramesh Devendran
Ramesh Devendran:
This video is fake...it cant be hatched using sunlight...it continuously needs heat for 24 hours for 21 days plus it needs to be rotated in odd numbers
Shobi Khan
Shobi Khan:
Night m kha pe rakhe isko
muhammed Adil
muhammed Adil:
Good. Idea. Bro thanks
Popy Dey
Popy Dey:
Kitne dino ka desi egg lagega
imran Malik
imran Malik:
Excellent method
Shall try this in-sha allah
Using wheat chaff
bilal mahi
bilal mahi:
Bhai rat ko kaha heet Deni hain
Darwin Arboleda
Darwin Arboleda:
it's summer now here in the philippines,but sometimes it rains.can i apply this hatching method in here?
t m
t m:
Superb amazing
rajat pandey
rajat pandey:
Good idia
Oke pale'na
Oke pale'na:
kiran vlogs
kiran vlogs:
No answer bro
Zil Cion
Zil Cion:
Will it work on farm egg?
Dibyendu Biswas
Dibyendu Biswas:
Is the egg buying from grocery store ,hatch or not
Johndel Masongsong
Johndel Masongsong:
Do we need to leave it under the sun for 24 hours ?
You can do this
You can do this:
What to do at Night ?
If Temperature Is 32°C or More at Night Leave As It Is No Need To Do Anything But If Temperature Is Below 32°C Then Try To Kept It Under Light/Bulb at Night (We Didn't Use Light Because at Present We Are In Summer Season & Temperature At Night Here Fluctuates Between 32°C-35°C).
This Method Works Mostly In Summer Season and Very Hot/High Temperature Places(Countries).
If You Have Any Doubts Relating To This Procedure Please Ask In Comment Box We Will Try To Reply As Soon As Possible
. AND Please Don't Forget To Like The Video & Subscribe To Our Channel
what to do in the night when there is no sun..
Worshiper vicky
Worshiper vicky:
Muje aap Ye btao ki Iss process ko kewal 1 place me krna hota hai ya night me Issko Apne room pr rakk skte hai
Please reply brother
Nida Bano
Nida Bano:
Mitti par rakh sakte kya
Please btaiye
ghulam qasim
ghulam qasim:
Ab jisa mosam sard h soraj ki roshni b nhi kia kia nkly ga
Chicken Daily Life
Chicken Daily Life:
Nice job
Hackerz Gamer
Hackerz Gamer:
Can I use orange chiken
I have not rice huk i can use ruiee
Bhai koi hindi bolo
Chatal China reddy
Chatal China reddy:
Him to use the room you have
Christine Divine
Christine Divine:
Can I use the egg I just bought from farm
ircy yl
ircy yl:
if i have no rice husk what we gonna do..🤔🤔??
Aysel Erdogan
Aysel Erdogan:
Ya la