E939 Canva CEO Melanie Perkins: on growing Australian college startup into global unicorn w/15m MAUs

Canva CEO & Co-Founder Melanie Perkins shares insights from growing her Australian college startup into a global unicorn with over one billion designs & 15m monthly active users, breaking into Silicon Valley, landing the first investment from Mary Meeker's Bond, & realizing her vision to be one of the world's most valuable companies, doing the most good one can do

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Show notes:

0:49 - Jason introduces Melanie Perkins.

2:35 - Melanie tells Canva's origin story.

10:24 - Jason thanks sponsor EquityZen. Go to equityzen.com/twist to get started for half the minimum investment ($10k).

12:38 - Melanie describes her Twitter habits.

13:12 - Meeting Bill Tai and getting him to invest.

21:38 - Getting a $1.4M grant from the Australian gov’t that matched her first round of funding.

26:48 - Jason thanks sponsor Scott Walker and Walker Corporate Law. Visit them at walkercorporatelaw.com.

30:17 - Melanie describes how and why Canva got into the ad template space and describes recent acquisitions.

36:48 - Meeting Mary Meeker and securing her first investment at Bond Capital.

46:15 - Jason thanks sponsor Carta. To get 20% off Carta's cap table software and 409A valuations, go to carta.com/twist.

48:50 - Canva’s next chapter after raising a $70M Series D.

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Joshua Melo
Joshua Melo:
Young, smart, disciplined, gorgeous and rich, what a deadly combination. And Melanie is not bad either (😜)
Michael Paris
Michael Paris:
Great show. Never under-estimate anyone especially humble young Aussie female founders. Just signed up for Equity Zen as well. Aussie....Aussie....Aussie....Oi....Oi....Oi
Irina Amarandei
Irina Amarandei:
So much talent and money and no gucci belt in sight. Interesting
canva, great product, great founder!!
Visionary, smart, charismatic. Investors invest in ppl, not just companies - this is going to be 10x bigger... how do I invest?
Richard Patey
Richard Patey:
Fantastic interview Jason, what an incredibly impressive founder Melanie is. I’ve been a canva user for some time but had no idea about print and all the other industries they are moving into. Seems like they can legitimately take a very significant chunk of Adobe’s userbase (I cancelled my Creative Cloud) as well as Teespring, Squarespace and Moo! Can easily see the vision to 100x from here. Epic
Benedict Harris
Benedict Harris:
Canva doesnt need to hire any models for its marketing, they can just use Melanie..
Cate Smith
Cate Smith:
What an inspiration, I love what Canva offers both designers and those who like to great images
Keith Cline
Keith Cline:
I've been an avid Canva user for user... thank you Melanie for creating such an amazing product!
Really great interview. Keep going.
Marc Sharp
Marc Sharp:
Damn, I never looked into Canva :D Making an account now!
Joshua Mwaniki
Joshua Mwaniki:
Please, make me your disciple and teach me your ways!
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards:
We used Canva for all our thumbnails. Thanks, Melanie.
Lmao you know that it is the top when a website like this gets a multi billion dollar valuation
melanie is my idol right now. hot damn. well done.
Juventus Ventuno
Juventus Ventuno:
the product ideation part was non existent. something about a yearbook, blah blah then how g-dsign tool are so expensive and hard to learn. Really need to dive into the meat of how the product/service came to be.
Shes a genius
AI is coming. I wonder how it will impact this type data agregating companies. Value now is in convenience.
Bhupinder Nayyar
Bhupinder Nayyar:
She has a contagious smile.
A middle class teenager who Will bring revolution
A middle class teenager who Will bring revolution:
I love her now she is soooooo beautiful
Karla Ivonne
Karla Ivonne:
32! Wow! What a story. Thank you for sharing. She’s goals on all levels.
Suhail Murtaza
Suhail Murtaza:
RIP Niki Lauda
Sabal Kshetri
Sabal Kshetri:
Come on guys, when you enter to watch a video of someone who worked so hard to make it, why don't you like or dislike. This will encourage them to make more videos with minimum errors. Your feedback decides their performance....At least like or dislike whenever you watch video....
Phil Jubert
Phil Jubert:
Canva is a great tool and gets better with updates
Mohammad Hassan jahanbakhshi
Mohammad Hassan jahanbakhshi:
Is she an introverted?
Exel Redulla
Exel Redulla:
She's half filipino🇵🇭