Dreams - Lee Ba Da 이바다 | Was It Love 우리, 사랑했을까 OST Part 1 | Lyrics 가사 | Han/Rom/Eng

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ARTIST: LeeBaDa 이바다
ALBUM: Was It Love? OST Part 1
We Were in Love OST Part 1
우리, 사랑했을까 OST Part.1
LYRICIST: 하근영, 이수연
COMPOSED: Noel Hogan, Dolores O'Riordan
ARRANGED:알고보니혼수상태, 이진실
Genre : OST
Release Date : 2020.07.08
Language : Korean

Lyrics ??

모든 것들이 변해가네요
조금씩 매일
달라 진단 걸 느끼고 있어
꿈속에 선 듯이

언젠가 느낀 적 있던
이 마음들을 이대로
난 보낼 수 없어
그대로부터 온 모든
마음으로 가득 채워진
날 느낄 수 있어

많은 것들이 꿈만 같아요
내 곁에 그대도
가끔씩은 두렵기도 해
혹시 멀어질까

언제나 내게 머물러줘
그대가 없는 내일은
상상할 수 없어
서툴고 바보같은 날
이해해주는 그대 진심을
난 느낄 수 있어

모든 것들이 변해가네요
조금씩 매일
여전히 난 향해가네요
나의 꿈인 그대로 그대로

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100+ komento:

J Jr.
J Jr.:
definitely recommend this drama.. fun to watch. I didnt realised already spent 1hr watching ep 1 .it feel like just spent only half an hour... cant wait for the next ep
Who’s here from song ji hyo was it love!
For those who don't know, this song was first sung by the band The Cranberries in the 90's! I'm so happy that there is a new version of that song!
I highly recommend this drama to everyone! this drama has a really promising and interesting plot. It addresses a wide range of topics faced in society such as single parenting and the type of discrimination they face. The first episode of this drama was really touching for me ( I even cried) and the later part was really hilarious! Song Ji Hyo's facial expressions are really on point and I feel that her acting really improved and she has put in a lot of hard work! I also feel that the character of this drama is really similar to her in real life. Like how she curses and gets pissed off easily HAHAH really similar to her Running Man character. The second episode was really interesting too, you start to see the link between the 4 guys and her university days. I honestly think that this drama has a very unique plot and it is definitely worth watching! there is just an element of surprise to it. I really hope people give this drama a chance and not let these talented actors and actresses effort go to waste! The 4 other guy actors are also really charismatic and have a funny character as well! I like them all with SJH they all have great chemistry. Moreover, the ost is also great! I hope the actors and actresses won't be discouraged by the low ratings of 2% in Korea. Although the second episode did have a small increase of ratings to 2.2% please continue to support this drama as I think this is really a hit:) thank you
mkk valash
mkk valash:
I really wish the drama gets high ratings. Such a good drama. The actors and actresses did excellent job .
This drama is awesome. Personally i think it is way way better than The King. Great storyline. Give it a chance. This drama deserves your attention. Trust me, you won't regret it and will enjoy watching it. I love all the supporting characters. So happening. Well done everyone and thank you for your hardwork and great effort in making this drama enjoyable to watch.
Reemah Querubin
Reemah Querubin:
So Ho Jun is one of the best actors of korea. I must say he has unique personality and character and charm. Acting skills are splendid.. i love every character he is portraying.
Riza mech
Riza mech:
This ost is just so mesmerizing...
Fitts in to the drama so well..
Loving the drama...
This drama is good i must say. Song jihyo conveys her character with variety of face expression ㅋㅋㅋ kinda funny. Makes me cant wait to watch next episode
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo:
I love the drama & I must say I love this soundtrack too. It’s so haunting.
just the first ost and I'm already in love with this drama...Was it love drama Fighting!!
Ma Zharysse
Ma Zharysse:
This version is so good. Hayyy cranberries 😊
widowati tyas utami
widowati tyas utami:
Oh how i miss Dolores.... this is such a great idea to cover the song in Korean n making it as a soundtrack....
mohannah palao
mohannah palao:
i just watch it the first ep.. and right after i heard the ost i search it .. its nice and really fit to drama.. i cant wait for ep2 ..
Nur tiha._
Nur tiha._:
I hope songjihyo happy in this drama... Fighting...
Coral-leah Northover
Coral-leah Northover:
I think i like this more than the original. I wish the ratings were more than 2% in Korea, hopefully its higher globally! If only it was released all at once so i can binge watch it 😂
i already watched the 2 episodes and im craving for more. IM LOOKING FORWARD ON THE NEXT EPISODE.
BTS Is the cause of my euphoria
BTS Is the cause of my euphoria:
I love this drama so much and the ost makes it so much cooler😍☺️
Reemah Querubin
Reemah Querubin:
This drama series makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Didnt know song ji hyo can be very versatile actress. she is full of charm and personality. bet every episode is binge watching. Was it love, will have to be in my top 10 list.
Mia van Heerden
Mia van Heerden:
The lead singer of The Cranberries wouldve loved this version.
emma bach
emma bach:
my new favorite kdrama! hahaha and great ost!
Hana Bourne
Hana Bourne:
Thank you for the lyric, i really like the ost my favorit ost and drama. 💕💕💕
Nor 'Ain Atikah
Nor 'Ain Atikah:
I really falling in love with this drama Was it love? OMg even I had watched ep 2 already, I still cannot wait for the next ep. I am also like this song. It's very suited for this drama.
Lie Simon
Lie Simon:
First episode already got me...i have a soft heart in a single mom kdrama stories maybe im relate!!! Plus this ost is soo good❤️
Sarita Joseph
Sarita Joseph:
I recognize this song as soon as I heard it...cranberries was one of my favorites I loved her "dreams" and this Korean version is too good 😍💕
aqil naabmy naamy
aqil naabmy naamy:
I can't imagine if Song Ji Hyo drama end,if i can choose,i don't want this drama have a ending😭😭😭😭😭😭
aqil naabmy naamy
aqil naabmy naamy:
I'm here because Song Ji Hyo unnie drama, was it love,hope this song can win any awards because of this drama, suddenly i'm in love with this song🤩🤩
Reyna Lee
Reyna Lee:
Love it! Sounds like the cranberries- dreams!!!
Priscilla Lemos
Priscilla Lemos:
This song is a korean version of Dreams by The Cranberries
Aniegboka Ifunanya
Aniegboka Ifunanya:
After watching the first 4 ep...just can't wait for the next ep
Aniegboka Ifunanya
Aniegboka Ifunanya:
I recommend this drama to everyone
T 14
T 14:
Nice! Thanks for the lyrics! I wanted to sing it in korean! Hahahaha! I cant wait for the first ep! Waiting patiently! Oh ji hyo! What have you done to me! 😅
Reed Ryu
Reed Ryu:
Can't wait next episode . Ahhhhhhh ,i'm really enjoy it this drama . 😍😍😍❤️❤️
1897 J
1897 J:
진짜 청량 자체.. 음색으로 사람 빠져들게 한다는 게 이런 거군요
이거 번안곡이죠?^^ 너무 비슷해서~ 제가 어릴때 듣던 중경삼림에 “몽중인”이라고 엄청 유명한 곡하고 비슷해서^^ 원곡도 너무 좋거든요^^ 드라마 보다 깜짝 놀라서 (어릴적많이듣던거라 반가워서 ㅎㅎ) 유튜브 찾아 왔네요^^
Rachelle Ann Guir
Rachelle Ann Guir:
Finish watching ep 2 and as I listen to this song is ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
가사내용이 좋고, 음색도 좋아용👍
Lisa Lia
Lisa Lia:
This song is the highlight of this drama especially the tune at the beginning, the music is awesome ;))))))))))
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim:
채널돌리다가 우연히 Jtbc 드라마에서 이 노래가 나오길래 멍때리고 들었어요. 너무 몽환적이고 좋네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
jamie cannon
jamie cannon:
Omg love this! Thank you for posting 💗💗💗
bebe shy
bebe shy:
This drama is really good and music background is really nice
Fira Dwi
Fira Dwi:
Was it love ost ❤
Lei Young
Lei Young:
Korean version of The Cranberries song "Dreams" loving it ♥♥♥♥
It is the remake of Dreams by Cranberries ❤️
Steph C
Steph C:
Super in love with this Drama. Latest ep is 3 but already crying.
Ratu Wulandari
Ratu Wulandari:
On my way to ep 6. The fact this song id here make me love the drama even more. Thank you you put justice for my Delores
Chen Pi
Chen Pi:
To the one reading this,
may you be with the person you love who will also love you back for always... 💕
Maria Aparecida Dias Modesto Oliveira
Maria Aparecida Dias Modesto Oliveira:
Estou apaixonada por esse Dorama.
Essa música da Lee Be Da
lily li
lily li:
am i the only one that thinks this song sounds a bit like faye wongs song dream lover
Nice version 👍
I'm excited to see where this drama is going to take me 🌸😍
Kelen Imchen
Kelen Imchen:
Knowing it was first sung by Cranberries and now the Korean version made me fall in love with the song all over again ^_°
The intro has the vibe of "Gravity" from The King- EternalMonarch.
watching running man and son ho jun one of the guest. really hope SJH and SHJ have the drama together and finally Was It Love.
Jamie Daniella Buniag
Jamie Daniella Buniag:
Same tune with the song of gravity by kim jong wan in the king eternal monarch 😊
Monica Plaut
Monica Plaut:
me gusta ésta versión! la voz es muy dulce.
I'm glad jihyo's acting isn't awkward here... I only watched the first ep... Gonna continue on.... It's very promising.... I hope her acting maintain greatly here.. She do deserve it! ❤
Kristine Locquiao
Kristine Locquiao:
Does anyone know the song played on ep4, the scene where daeo brought food for aejong?
Rosy Mejia
Rosy Mejia:
Dolores had such a unique voice, but I must say this cover is so pleasent to my ears. I love it.
hanny bunny
hanny bunny:
Thank you for uploading this video 💖
Ejuirn the pigeon
Ejuirn the pigeon:
This need more views like the song is soo goodd
Alphy James Inosanto
Alphy James Inosanto:
I freaking knew it that this is a Korean rendition of Dreams by Cranberries!!!
Every episode gets better and better, It’s worth it to wait and watch
Fira Dwi
Fira Dwi:
Love this ost & drama 😍❤
F. Towers
F. Towers:
I love Leebada’s voice!
Nabilla Syifa
Nabilla Syifa:
this song reminds me with daeoh bring big umbrella for aejeong :')
Martin M
Martin M:
Definitely kept the magic from the original , great cover, I love it
I love this ost.. so beautiful 🥰
Mynameis jbun
Mynameis jbun:
I am here because I just finished the episode one and I already looked for the song 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Her version is sooo cool!
this song makes me hella nostalgic
nurul syahidah
nurul syahidah:
I really love the drama n the ost 🥰😘 jihyo🥰🌼💛
Charlene Rivera
Charlene Rivera:
this song really gives all the vibes of kdrama🥺❤️
Eszaty Farain
Eszaty Farain:
After so long, finally ji hyo could be part of interesting and good drama. You are doing great, Song Ji Hyo! This drama is really something. Worth to watch. Can’t wait to watch next ep😆
affif herman
affif herman:
This song makes my eyes 👀 💦
this song reminds me of song jihyo (noh ae jeong) and son ho joon (oh dae oh) 🥺 they are cute together hehehe
Drama and ost both catching my heart~
y s
y s:
suzulaikha azurin
suzulaikha azurin:
Omg!! I fall in love with this song and also WAS IT LOVE kdrama..Song Ji Hyo is my favourite actress ever❤
Reemah Querubin
Reemah Querubin:
Looking forward to every episodes of this drama. Full pf emotions and love. Also the soundtracks are very nice. ❤❤❤
Mnpnk gelatin
Mnpnk gelatin:
Now im in love with bada💕her voice so smoth, suit to the story:,
Laine Cedillo
Laine Cedillo:
90s feel!!! Love that music
Angel Angel
Angel Angel:

But, man, I really really really love the ending of episode 3. That fountain scene plus the bg music fits perfectly🤝⛲🎶 How they build up that scene is so heartwarming and so much feels. That flashback scene where Oh Dae Oh fell in the water and Noh Aejong slapped his hand instead of grabbing it when he reached out as it overlaps with the present scene where Dae Oh reached out and Noh Aejong finally grabbed his hand and this time they BOTH got soaked in the fountain. Great symbolism ❤️

P.S. Still waiting for the official release of the ending song.
I love this Korean version of cramberries
Isbella A
Isbella A:
Doesn’t this song sound like that other English song that idk what is called
once potato
once potato:
started watching because of Jihyo but stayed for the plot and the actors and actresses 😌❤️
Xo lovely
Xo lovely:
bruh I just now found this sound...after 9 years I finally know the song name✨,

the original song is from the cranberries if ya are looking for the original song 😌.
Nur Izzatie
Nur Izzatie:
Cant wait next ep !! 😭 im so excited!
Happiness Always
Happiness Always:
I love this drama 🥰🥰🥰
Mich agtarap
Mich agtarap:
watch was it love, it deserved the hype ! worth watching
aisyah rozi
aisyah rozi:
I love this song n was it love drama😍
i love it!!! ( was it love) can't wait for the next episodes!!! ❤❤❤
Aisha Khankhara
Aisha Khankhara:
Is it just me or is this the same as dreams by cranberries
nurul ashikin
nurul ashikin:
Beautiful song..
thess 04
thess 04:
Wow amazing your voice is unique!!!!!
Saludos desde Mexico!!
Angel Zuñiga
Angel Zuñiga:
This song reminds me of There She Goes by Sixpence! Anw, Was it love is such a good drama! Plot really got me hooked!
jhoem Juanata
jhoem Juanata:
Worth watching :) excited for the next ep.7 later
Jessa Nieves
Jessa Nieves:
Recommend drama ever.. very soothing ost❤️💥👏
Curtis Jackson
Curtis Jackson:
I love this song!
Eric Ismael
Eric Ismael:
Really good version at time like this its so good.