Dragon Boat Races Celebrate China's Ancient Past | National Geographic

Near the summer solstice, communities across China gather to race boats, many adorned with painted carvings of dragons.
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It’s clear to see how Duanwu Jie, China’s summer solstice holiday, got its English-language name—the Dragon Boat Festival. Around the fifth day of the fifth month on the traditional Chinese calendar, people gather to race boats adorned with brightly-painted carvings of dragons. Designs and types of contest vary widely. Some races are intense athletic challenges, while other events are more of a community get-together. Stories link the festival with the poet Qu Yuan, born in the late fourth century B.C. Said to be an able minister of the Chu state who was banished from the court, Qu Yuan despaired at his rivals’ corruption, and at last drowned himself in a river. By legend, an ensuing search for Qu by boat inspired the day’s races.

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Dragon Boat Races Celebrate China's Ancient Past | National Geographic

National Geographic

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National Geographic
National Geographic:
Although dragon boat races are common to celebrate the summer solstice in China, each race has its own unique touch to it. What celebration intrigued you the most?
Apurva Kumar
Apurva Kumar:
你 好 ! 中国... China is way beautiful.. ♥Love from India 🇮🇳 🇨🇳
Azliana Lyana
Azliana Lyana:
Wow! These dragon boat races are sure something not to miss when visiting at gbe right time! Looks like a really fun festival and a great tradition that has been kept alive through centuries. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.
Allyson Mora
Allyson Mora:
China has so much culture and traditions, it’s amazing!😃
zhu2017 mir
zhu2017 mir:
Nate Hickok
Nate Hickok:
This is absolutely beautiful.. it even brought tears to my eyes. Everything about this is simply beautiful.
David Lape
David Lape:
Gratitude and appreciation to NatGeo. Especially the videographers and photographers that obtain all the beautiful, vibrant colors in the educational stories. NatGeo❤️
tshav ntuj kaj nrig
tshav ntuj kaj nrig:
I am ethnic Miao. Dragon boat rice has its own origin to the Miao people. Miao people being part of Chu state.... it is no surprise this is celebrated by Miao people as well.
Anju Biyar
Anju Biyar:
Great legacy for China and other world wide countries.. Dragon boat are so interesting 😁😂
Rad Matt
Rad Matt:
This is the National Geographic we grew to love!
SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat
SagittariusBoomBamPOW SheDidThat:
💖💖💖😍 Beautiful! 💖
Jake The dog
Jake The dog:
I am chinese and my lunar birthday is 5/5😉
yongheng Mei
yongheng Mei:
National Geographic is the only media in US which is looking for the beauty of every country
Jake The dog
Jake The dog:
I am chinese and my lunar birthday is 5/5😉
Lakshman Goutham
Lakshman Goutham:
Simply beautiful with ❤️ from India
Bailey Winter
Bailey Winter:
I’m an elaphant
The origin story kind of resembles that of marathons
Sarah Redwood
Sarah Redwood:
I been to dargun boat races at wallaceburg I think someday I will join a team I hope 🤔👍😁🚼🐦🇨🇦💪
Force EV
Force EV:
How intrested Of their Celebreties and Tradition It makes me Learn more of These
I can hear 4 pieces of music played, can someone please tell me the names to any of them? thanks
How can I get my hands on a dragon boat?
Rand Huso
Rand Huso:
More China!
calistoplayer72 playz roblox
calistoplayer72 playz roblox:
I’m Chinese
Music: Run Free by tsfh. :D Good music and video.
Sweet Tater Pie
Sweet Tater Pie:
What is the name of the first sound track that stops at 1:48. Beautiful! Thank you for this post.
*looks sooo Cool!!*
Music is beautiful
Music is beautiful:
The Dragon Boat Festival almost became a festival in Korea
Sharon Hudzick
Sharon Hudzick:
Amazing it is so intresting
Niko Leo Kanu
Niko Leo Kanu:
we need more videos like this one, showing cultural festivals of different nations
Domonique Fuller
Domonique Fuller:
This is pretty cool ☺
Allyson Mora
Allyson Mora:
Zongzi looks kind of like the tamales they make in South America! Looks delicious 🤤
what's the soundtrack name? :)
roger lou
roger lou:
okay that is amizing
lucy paulino
lucy paulino:
Bless china
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar:
Love you China
Yup, Duanwu commemorates Qu Yuan. It's not a legend but history
So proud of our culture and our traditions.
TheDesert IsPatient
TheDesert IsPatient:
A culture w/ depth of identity; wonderful.
Jasmin Chen
Jasmin Chen:
I used to be on a dragon boat team and I'd have to admit, it's pretty fun to compete and see all the festivities. I would highly recommend people to check out the DuanWu Jie!
Rajkumari Sanjita Devi
Rajkumari Sanjita Devi:
Oh our north-east india also do dragon board competition in manipur
Bailey Winter
Bailey Winter:
Elegant classical music典雅 古典 音乐
Elegant classical music典雅 古典 音乐:
im inlove it
Johnny Wu
Johnny Wu:
The Olympics should replace the rowing event with the Dragon Boat Racing....
Beautiful footage. It reminded me so much of my childhood when my mom made sticky rice stuffed with fillings like marinated pork meat, nuts, green beans and wrapped in the lotus leaf during dragon boat festival...so so delicious!!!
Jimmy 06
Jimmy 06:
I wish that China and the USA were allies
Anju Biyar
Anju Biyar:
Dee Dee Winfrey
Dee Dee Winfrey:
So cool, water parade😎.
ming li
ming li:
Evan Perry
Evan Perry:
Hi no english
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wow 3 to comment
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I am the legend Mlggamer:
Hi bailey what a Coincidents
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Im Mygrxne:
Evan Perry
Evan Perry:
Hi no english
battle beas Rex
battle beas Rex:
Well done! Let's welcome more real traditional Chinese cloth (Hanfu) showing in traditional Chinese festival. And expel disgusting ugly Manchu people element's cloth (Tang suit) out of their unworthy position of representing Chinese iconic.
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff:
No country is perfect, but China and Japan have beautiful history/traditions
Lim Charles
Lim Charles:
Please feature cow boat race too at river ganga and yamuna..
Kyo Lum
Kyo Lum:
china should make this into worldwide program
every country join
Charon Steven
Charon Steven:
China will overtake the US in nominal Gdp by 2028 and then down the line in 2070 will also overtake US in terms of Gdp per capita. It is already the biggest Economy in ppp terms at $23 Trillion with USA at $19.1 Trillion. All of this is quite amazing when you consider the fact China was one the poorest country in the world in 1980s. It had lower per capita income than India. Now there's no comparison between China and India.
In 1980 USA Gdp was $2.6 Trillion and China gdp was just $190 Billion. Now USA Gdp is $19 Trillion and China's Gdp is $12 Trillion. Its is crazy how fast China is growing.
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens:
Yet another technology (like rice domestication) they stole from "Baiyue" when they assimilated the Austronesian and Austroasiatic tribes of southern China, but now claim as their own and use as justification for their claim to the South China Sea. The real dragon boats are the war canoes of the Austronesians, and they are thousands of years older than the Qin dynasty. Even the dragon boats of the Ryukyuans are not borrowed from China as they claim, but acquired from contact and intermarriage with their Austronesian neighbors in Taiwan. The Han Chinese were neither a river nor a sea people. They were steppe nomads.