DRAG RACE - McLaren 620R vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder - REAL WORLD! w/ BOTB

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The first in our new series of Real World Drag racing is an absolute belter featuring the Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder, the most track focused Huracan to roll out of Lamborghini's Sant'agata factory. With it's 640 horsepower and 0 to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds, it's up against another mid engined track weapon, the all new Mclaren 620R.

As the name suggests, it has 620 horsepower, but it's over 100kg lighter than its Italian rival. McLaren claims an identical 2.9 second 0 to 62 time.

So will it be all wheel drive and more powerful Lamborghini, or the lighter, better power to weight McLaren, that wins the day?

Thanks as always to http://www.sccprivatemembers.com/ for all of their support and for starting each race!

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100+ komento:

Ya didn't even launch the Huracan literally just idled it off the line. Wtf
Pointless race. Didn't even take off together. What a waste
The lambo didn't use launch control. He rolled, stopped, then just hit the throttle from idle giving away any advantage the awd system could have given. You should have redone the race
Shervin Bordbar
Shervin Bordbar:
That was pointless! Opportunity of a real drag race wasted for no reason !
the Lambo driver did roll forward too early, but then he braked (see the rear brake lights coming on), just as the 620R driver was taking off, thereby losing most of the AWD traction advantage he would've had from stand still.
Sam M
Sam M:
That Lamborghini is beautiful.
Can we have more vids of Tiff driving on the track please
Adam Bell
Adam Bell:
Great channel this and good reviews. this video was a bit bizzare lol, advert for BOTB and a guy driving a Mclaren that looked like he had done a line of charley before the race.
0-62 bad times were most likely down to the average driver who buys these cars and not serious drivers like the love cars crew.
S B:
To Account for all possibilities, these drag race video should always be best out of 3. This channel and every other channel that does drag races should always do the race three times. why they always do it one time and 90% of the time somebody has a weird start, I’ll never understand.
Tiff still remains one of my all time fav automotive personalities!
Kush Brahmaroutu
Kush Brahmaroutu:
The huracan was a Spyder so isn’t that a weight disadvantage even further than the coupe would’ve had against the 620R?
Yay! Missed the cars. And Paul.

Oh yeah, and Tiff 😉
Stevie Lowe
Stevie Lowe:
Definitely pick the McLaren 🤩
Rui T
Rui T:
Tiff I really enjoy watching you driving. You're a legend 💪💪😉
Andrew Offord
Andrew Offord:
100% Promo, no Tiff driving. No thanks.
Tanner Doyon
Tanner Doyon:
Waste of everything 🤷🏻‍♂️ most of all, time.
02:32 Tiff here's something factual for you: NA V10 AWD vs TT V8 RWD 😊
Jimmy Hallatt
Jimmy Hallatt:
I would still have the lambo! That colour is one off the best I have seen! 💜😍
Drove the Huracan at Dunsfold track yesterday....great car, very fast and made a great noise 😎
Taylor Walton
Taylor Walton:
McLaren lie about power so no wonder it won 🤷🏼‍♂️ it probably makes 660+
Blair Henderson
Blair Henderson:
Nice to see you guys back can’t wait to for the next one. Lovely must of love cars merch as well 😉👍
Top Tanupat
Top Tanupat:
Other drag race videos : Gets best possible results
Lovecars : We don’t do that here
DMan 9971
DMan 9971:
I always enjoy your content, but I know I'm not alone in wishing your car videos were MUCH longer. It just seems like you guys put so much time and effort into getting incredibly nice cars at great locations for only a few short minutes of video. Maybe there is something I'm missing, but it just seems like the great videos you guys have here are all also wasted opportunities for much longer form content. Honestly, this was like a trailer for a show, obviously leaving you wanting so much more. Love you guys.
paul taylor
paul taylor:
Lovely Jubbly, great to see the men back on here.
Bismark Bribi
Bismark Bribi:
The Huracan Performante Spyder which comes in yellow looks amazing.
Andy Hunt
Andy Hunt:
Have you 2 been in hibernation lol been ages since last video.😁
Domino Steve
Domino Steve:
great stuff as always guys ,, can't wait to do something with you again
11.4 @ 126mph?? Yeah, no.
Thsachemba Sangtam
Thsachemba Sangtam:
You all giving away super cars? I want one even a golf world do for me. Heheh
amarjit singh
amarjit singh:
So ya, the Lamborghini got MASHED!?!😂
Ramón Camacho
Ramón Camacho:
The man who drives de lambo, didn’t use the launch control
Anthony Olivo™
Anthony Olivo™:
What's the elevation or temperature on that race? I will say that the trap speeds for both cars are painfully slow since Lambo does 130 and McLaren 134+. It's like they are missing 100+ HP.

Lambo shouldn't have bogged like that even without launch control either. Both could and should have done much better.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson:
Can you guys race the Performante against the new 911 Turbo S?
Goestriana Tarmum
Goestriana Tarmum:
i still love McLaren
Rajiv Kishore
Rajiv Kishore:
Thank you🙏
Absolutely fantastic video as always guy's 🙂👍🏻
awesome job lads
Huracan performante guy roll first then brake then liftoff as it was like was waiting for McLaren to launch together. Should have re-race again.
Desmo drome
Desmo drome:
Botb everywhere? Everywhere?
Raymond Blades
Raymond Blades:
Could we please e 620R Vs 600lt Vs 720s
Don Damien Constantine T. APANIADA
Don Damien Constantine T. APANIADA:
The Mclaren is quicker but the Huracan Performante is FASTER at 209 mph and don't forget about NA AWD Launch ☺️
Ritvik Patil
Ritvik Patil:
Man I missed Tiff Niddle
soares dani
soares dani:
Miss your videos
that guy
that guy:
That McLaren has some crazy acceleration
Nick Williams
Nick Williams:
Awesome video properly hooked can’t wait to watch the rest.
Please don't pull us in with Tiff in the thumbnail only for him to be standing on the sideline while the race is on.
Mr T
Mr T:
Nice race against the audi...I mean lambo.
adrian adrian
adrian adrian:
Why lambo dont use LC?
Ian Infante
Ian Infante:
My Gran could launch the Huracan better than that.
Love your channel but perhaps leave the drag racing to Carwow.
Fail Zero
Fail Zero:
REAL world testing, bozos. No one got time to be like, "yet me engage launch control".
Jim Smith
Jim Smith:
The fugly McLaren probably didn’t make it home. and whilst doing the 0-62 the car probably lost £20000 . Such an awful product. Fast but ...........
Great match up and nicely done all round 👌🏻
Strange start.
Christian ZR
Christian ZR:
I would like to see a LaF vs Enzo vs F50 vs F40 vs F8 Tributo vs TDF
Crunch Creeper
Crunch Creeper:
the cars return
Robert l
Robert l:
More please Lads
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson:
Turbo's won the race but lambo wins on looks and sound alone
Paul Gartlan
Paul Gartlan:
Great ‘real world’ drag race and it was great to see that even without AWD the McLaren powered past the Lambo 😊 Well done to Tom, the owner and driver of the 620R 👊
Mike Ciulini
Mike Ciulini:
Great show
Platinum ViperKiller
Platinum ViperKiller:
Lambo > Mclaren
scruffy wuffy
scruffy wuffy:
No one mentions the odds for winning these prizes...
Another stipod video sry guys.
Do a proper lc and there is no way Mc will be a winer.
Isaiah R
Isaiah R:
Spyder vs Non Sypder
No Launch Control 1/4mile race

All around pointless!
João Guilherme
João Guilherme:
Sanaathan Dharma
Sanaathan Dharma:
Turbo vs naturally aspirated
Both claimed 0-60 in 2.9 but both took over 3.5, that's quite a difference.
Joe Joe
Joe Joe:
Boys are back in town!
Howie Kearney
Howie Kearney:
Completely intentional shitty start from the Lambo. If proper launch was done the 620 would be eating dust the whole way....
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9:
Waiting for McLaren 765 LT 🆚 Ferrari F8 Tributo 🆚 Porsche 911 Turbo S 2020 Drag Race
Arturo Borjas
Arturo Borjas:
Not very happy about the race
Man red
Man red:
Huracan Heavier because there is a motor to open the roof.
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330:
Performante 11.8??? Didn't even use LC. My Golf R does that with a simple tune. Performante does 10.4 all day. Not familiar with the 620r typical quarter but should have also been around 10.4ish as well. Definitely real world drivers
Ronald San Pedro
Ronald San Pedro:
How much torque does the 620R has? Most of the time when you compare 2 cars with roughly the same hp and about similar weight, the car with a turbo wins as it has more torque. Cars with a 4wd almost always wins the launch though. Good job launching the 620R though. It's amazing how it almost keep up with the performante's 4wd launch. Which one I would choose? I'll go with the performante. I like how it looks and that glorious V10 all motor induction noise.
brent powell
brent powell:
If you ever need a 600LT 🤔👍 next drag race 675LT , 600LT , 62OR maybe 570S😳 , don’t think this has been done ?
Brian Bloomfoeld
Brian Bloomfoeld:
It was all done for promoting purposes. Showing the cars but i would have the McLaren. Only 350 will be made available.
Ben Laws
Ben Laws:
Why don’t you publish the numbers post race ? 0-62 and 1/4 mile time ?
Jack Jr.
Jack Jr.:
Both these guys are bad drivers
gautam shastri
gautam shastri:
It's unfair for Lambo the 620r is a coupe you guys should have used a Performante coupe instead of a Spyder the results would be different.
Corona virus
Corona virus:
Really you know perfectly that the Spyder don't make a fair fight, where's the coupe version of the Lamborghini which as the same weight as the McLaren. The driver from Lamborghini hesitated on the launch, anyway the McLaren would always won with that weight difference. Drag races with similar cars would be nice
Greg Wallis
Greg Wallis:
But no comment as to why the 0-60 times were so shocking.
Taycan unbeatable off the line you say ? Porsche 911 Turbo S 992, hold my beer ....
Gamers Vlog
Gamers Vlog:
That's the worst launch I have ever seen
If you don't start to drive these cars properly you will loose the audience :) random thought ;)
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor:
What a waste
Literally has launch control
Doesn't use it.
If you wanted the McL to win you should've just said so from the beginning
Can I be Frank
Can I be Frank:
Coupe vs coupe would be a lot closer
Koot Bear
Koot Bear:
Tiff is just awesome, glad he is on it again
R Ed
R Ed:
Come on guys, you're better than drag races. Let's have some proper reviews, please.
Finally, drag races without launch control! Real world traffic light results.
Good job boys. 👌👍
connectionlost migrating
connectionlost migrating:
That drone is faster
SRS Productions
SRS Productions:
that is almost the same as "DoctaM3's" performante coupe spec..
Why wasn't tiff in any of the cars and why didn't the lambo use launch control?
Riccardo Taccolini Moncosí
Riccardo Taccolini Moncosí:
It’s pretty useless if you don’t use launch control
Daniel Chatburn
Daniel Chatburn:
Not sure that was totally legit. Lambo rolled but then let off and I think his start could have been more aggressive.
Co on
Co on:
Please, the cars are awsome but the way you do the dragraces is just not the way to do it
Video starts at 2:54
Sidd Murao
Sidd Murao:
Porsche Turbo S enters the chat room
Thumbs down for not using launch control
..... and with that “drag race” I unsubscribe you Sir!
Anurag Gautam
Anurag Gautam:
i think performante is the winner here. whats the use of all that weight if u do not use the awd launch