Dove Cameron Tears Up Remembering Cameron Boyce | Daily Pop | E! News

The "Descendants 3" star admits her Disney costar's sudden death has been "really rough and they're finding solace in each other." Plus, Dove teases new solo music!

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Dove Cameron Tears Up Remembering Cameron Boyce | Daily Pop | E! News

100+ komento:

Subtle Taco
Subtle Taco:
Don’t cry because he’s gone.
Smile because he was here.
Xoxoo Niya
Xoxoo Niya:
“I don’t want to make you cry”


emilia longobardi
emilia longobardi:
wtf is she supposed to do? laugh like a maniac while talking about one of her best friends who died? i hate how all these magazines put in their titles "this person CRIED while talking about a loss"
Emily Yoo
Emily Yoo:
such an awful thing that they used cameron's death as click bait but even worse that it worked on me:/
Nicole Clarito
Nicole Clarito:
Who really miss Cameron Boyce
Like if you do

Edit:I just want to see lots of people to like this because if you like this I really know how you love and miss him
Edit #2:Why do you think that I am just using the death of Cameron Boyce,I don’t want to force you to like this I just want to know how many people misses him
Samantha Hall
Samantha Hall:
I feel like every girl had a crush on Luke Ross when Jessie was on. Like if you did
silxia _
silxia _:
She looked so uncomfortable and asking all those questions made it worse 😢
Imaan Ali
Imaan Ali:
The thing that shocked me the most was that I really didn’t expect it, he’s 20 years old? His life has literally just begun and now it’s over before it could hardly start
I hate that they used Cameron’s death as clickbait
I love how Dove turned it around when the girl said that it was her loss. No, it was a loss to so many people, first and foremost his family. She is hurting because she loves him, but she doesn't make it about herself. It's ok to be hurting when you lose someone, just don't go around crying poor me. Its selfish and disrespectful to other people who are hurting also. Thank you for thoughtfulness and your clarity of mind and heart Dove
Osamionayi Osunbor
Osamionayi Osunbor:
At this point she’s gone through enough. It would be nice to refrain from always asking questions about it.
Payton Hrisko
Payton Hrisko:
“I don’t want to make you upset”
Gîgï Antoinette
Gîgï Antoinette:
These reporters were so insensitive 🙄
Umaiza Imran
Umaiza Imran:
Disney had a pen
Cameron had a highlighter
Disney drew the world
Cameron made it brighter

Rip Cameron you were amazing. Fly high angel 😇 you will always be in our heart and you will be missed ❤️💜💛💙💕🥀🕊💔
Anna Banana
Anna Banana:
It’s hard to turn the page when you know someone is not going to be in the next chapter

But the story most go on...
Kennedy Logan Morgan
Kennedy Logan Morgan:
first her dad’s suicide, now her best friend. she has been through enough💔
r.i.p angel👼🏽
Please stop asking about his passing. We know they are sad, we know he was incredibly loved. Let them heal. His life and passing was not for views or clickbait. If you see the person your interviewing start to look sad and uncomfortable stop, they are people before entertainers
Maya Ralls
Maya Ralls:
“i don’t want to ask you anymore questions about him”
*asks another question*
Meg Crawford
Meg Crawford:
Cameron hasn't gone, he has just ran really fast to the finish line, the finish line of life. We will all catch up with him soon. <3
Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight:
1:21 "to have that happen to you" Her reaction says it all.

Gotta give her all the credit in the world for immediately saying that it wasn't just her affected by this. My respect for her has increased tenfold because of that one comment.
mike LOLZ tenders
mike LOLZ tenders:
Disney had a pen
Cameron had a highlighter
Disney drew the world
Cameron made it brighter

We will always miss you Cameron Boyce🇺🇸

Omg thanks soooooo much for 5k likes ;)
Isabel Aznar
Isabel Aznar:
I'm sure that cameron don't want to se everybody he loves crying
Let's have a beautifully smile on our beautyfull faces!
Autumn Spring
Autumn Spring:
Y’all shes still struggling why ask her about cameron
You can hear Doves fear in her voice :(
Tyara Gold
Tyara Gold:
After all these months... I'm just facing his death... this is too sad...
Abigail wee
Abigail wee:
Cameron is such a down to earth person, loving, sweet, caring, wonderful, strong, handsome lastly funny and I’m not going to use past tense because his still with us forever and that would never change! I love u Cameron! you are such an amazing actor you made me laugh and cry at the same time when I was watching descendants & Jessie :’)
Kevin Ayala
Kevin Ayala:
it’s ridiculous that these claimed reporters are asking her this at such a short timing of his death! let the girl grieve! and stop interrogating her.
Hey 99
Hey 99:
She will always carry a part of him his name will forever be in hers❤️🌷
alex c
alex c:
he was an angel in disguise, he truly was from somewhere else.
Addison Montegna
Addison Montegna:
This made me cry 😭 rest well Cameron❤️
music popz
music popz:
it's sad to know he passed away... whenever i see jessie or descendants now it reminds me of how active, loyal and amazing cameron was but also it make me sad because he is no more. he was more than just a actor he was a good person and a beautiful soul. r.i.p cameron! you will always forever be in our hearts... fly high king!
Tobi Akadiri
Tobi Akadiri:
He will always be with you Dove 😁 he would want a smile 😃 on that face
Andrea Diaz
Andrea Diaz:
I really miss you camron you where the most kindful guy you where a very good
Actor I hope you rest in peace 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😔😭😭😭😭
I love how quick Dove was to correct the interviewer that it was Cameron’s families loss first before their loss. The question just made it seem as if it was just doves loss but I’m so glad she cleared it up quick! 🙌🏼💗
- jennieish -
- jennieish -:
Don’t cry because there gone.
Be happy they we alive
-Dr. Suess
China MA Midnight
China MA Midnight:
Reporter: Sorry for you lost...

"I don't want to ask you anything more"

Continue to ask her more questions

Exactly: 1:34
I still can’t believe he’s gone.. He was my brothers age I can’t believe it he was so young.. I can’t bear to think what his family is going through.. at least he is in a better place and he can look down at us! Love you cam fly high dearest angel 👼
Cameron Boyce 1999-2019
Jayy Tube
Jayy Tube:
Dove looks like she has been crying and depressed 😢 alot since Cameron death we love you Dove so much stay strong bc your rotten to the core💯
“I don’t want to to ask anymore questions ,I don’t want to make you sad”
here is another question about it that whole thing was insensitive.
y’all need to stop asking about it. it hurts to remember that he’s gone for us and we didn’t even know him personally. imagine how they feel. it happened two months ago and she can’t heal if you keep bugging her and the whole cast.
Briana Guerrier
Briana Guerrier:
She described him so beautifully you can tell they were really close 💔🙏🏾
R.I.P angel
I love how the interviewers were speaking very softly bc they knew it was a sensitive subject for Dove
Bethan owen
Bethan owen:
cameron will be missed by so many people. the world has lost someone so special. R.I.P Cameron ❤️
You can see dove tense up when they start talking about it
He didn’t die..

He was a warrior
And like all warriors he must rest
Jeru. u
Jeru. u:
am i the only one who would feel offended if i was dove when that lady said “how are you gonna live or move on” lmfao what😭?
Daliah Crumpé
Daliah Crumpé:
still can't believe that he's gone. he was amazing dancer, comedian, and actor. he was my favorite on Jessie and all of the grown ups movies. hope that his friends and family are OK and that he's in a better place. RIP CAMERON
Stripe 2006
Stripe 2006:
the line “i wanna see u bc i don’t wanna miss u” made me tear up for some weird reason it hit my heart in a weird way i have never felt
Belicia Jones
Belicia Jones:
Don’t keep saying he’s gone
Just remember that he was here
And he left a mark on this world
Nicole Beck
Nicole Beck:
Cameron made the last 20 years the best I don't know what I'm going to do without him😢💔😭
They’re so insensitive with these questions
“So how are you gonna move forward?”
Chyna Simone'
Chyna Simone':
Her Dad
Christina Grimmie
And Now Cameron Boyce
😭😭😭Life isn’t Fair , They always take the good ones 😢
R.I.P Cam Fly High
Carina Trotta
Carina Trotta:
Me tearing up. Me also wondering why the heck they would ask that
Madeline E Curtis
Madeline E Curtis:
I feel like at first Dove didn't want to talk about Cam for a moment
Juniper Føx
Juniper Føx:
It is sad where whould Carlos be he is my favorite character in all re descendents movies
Forever Aløne
Forever Aløne:
In the dark
You can’t see
But when Cameron
Was around...
It was as bright as it could be...
I guess god wanted another friend, and he got lucky when he found Cameron Boyce..
Disney had a pen
Cameron had a highlighter
Disney drew the world
Cameron made it brighter
Pri Kas
Pri Kas:
idk why they put titles like “dove cameron tears up remembering cameron boyce” like wtf? how would u not tear up while talking about a loved one who past away? we all know how devastated she is and everyone else who knew cameron.

to sum this whole thing up, don’ put titles like this one


Syed Muhammad Umer Afzal V-A
Syed Muhammad Umer Afzal V-A:


"yeah I miss him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

like just use your head.
Candy_sweetheartdoll 56
Candy_sweetheartdoll 56:
He was just a nice person!
He was not cold Hearted.He was one of those people who cared for others,everyone will miss him
He will be remembered..
Jana Manojlovic
Jana Manojlovic:
You know how it says:
“Long live evil!”
Cameron Boyce was not evil-he did not live long
Don’t be sad he is probably in the beter place now!
R.I.P. Cameron we will remember you!😢
Madison Clark
Madison Clark:
I was devastated and crushed cause he died 2 days before my birthday😭😭😰😓
We all know that we miss Carmon Boyce and we just think about what he’s done and then we think about that he died but we know that his in heaven then we cry 😯😦😧😮😲🤐😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😤😤😱😨😰😥😓😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭and cry but god is with use and he helps us and Carmon is always with us.

Like this if you miss Carmon Boyce and have a crush on him and like him and like this speech.
Iris xx
Iris xx:
You shouldn’t of mentioned him it was too soon
Deus Vlad
Deus Vlad:
I think having the same name in their name title Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce that must of been a catalyst too for them to bond as friends/family, aside from working together.
Simply Sunshine
Simply Sunshine:
This is how many people miss Cameron😭
Mary Varsha
Mary Varsha:
Please don't hurt others by asking them about their loss😔
yee hee
yee hee:
Am I the only person that finds it kinda rude to ask so many questions about his passing

Edit: ik they were trying to get the story I just feel like lately it’s all they talk about and if it happened to me I would be kind of tired of it and would want them to not only focus on the fact that my best friend died
Arshia Ghatak
Arshia Ghatak:
First her dad, then Christina Grimmie, now Cameron Boyce . . . Dove's had a tough life. 💔😭
R.I.P Cameron Boyce . . . WE MISS YOU!!! 💔😭
Miracle Philemon
Miracle Philemon:
God I miss him so much 😭... can't stop crying
Sasha O'Leary
Sasha O'Leary:
he was an angel in disguise, he truly was from somewhere else.
Jazzy Show
Jazzy Show:
I watching liv and Maddie on my TV and watching this now girl she grow up so much like if you agree I looking up more of her now I love her so much she a good actress
This is messed up. Like for real. Using someone’s death and someone’s grieving process for views and likes. This is awful.
jimins lost jams ;-;
jimins lost jams ;-;:
The first thing that came in my maind is look i dont know much out them so what she told in this vid that her music is coming in a month that it would come in a month but he would be not here to see it release with me idk if its not her first music vid but if it is then it would be really sad...
angelina squeo
angelina squeo:
i got chills throughout this whole video.
I keeping getting this sad depressing feeling everytime I think about him..
2 and 2 is 5 nerd
2 and 2 is 5 nerd:
“Don’t cry because he’s gone
Smile because he was here”

Dr.Suess takes credit

You have my heart Cameron love you Forever. ಥ_ಥ
Mary Jane Stasakova
Mary Jane Stasakova:
I love descendants too much and when I found out Cameron Boyce died I was so upset and I cried!
I feel sorry for Dove because she is even more upset than me an they were very close.
Zainab Shahzad
Zainab Shahzad:
Dove Cameron's remembrance made me tear up and I couldn't stop my tears from coming out. WE REALLY MISS THE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL CAMERON BOYCE R.I.P
Denishea Bates
Denishea Bates:
Cameron was a angel , a burst of light that should have been embraced and accepted I miss you Cameron I love you Always and Forever Hugs and Kisses Rest in Peace my friend
Indu Bettada
Indu Bettada:
I just realized that every time she looks at her name she’ll be reminded of Cameron Boyce
Edit: wow three likes I’ve never gotten so many before thanks!
feda aljuaidan
feda aljuaidan:
Guys don't cry please. He wouldn't want any of us crying because of his death. Everyone dies at a point. Love everything because you will only live once❤❤
Addie R.
Addie R.:
I absolutely hate the word “was”
lady: i don’t want to ask you anything else about him because i don’t want you to be sad.

lady: *proceeds to ask question about him*

smh these people just want to stir up views by asking questions like this, she’s been through enough please stop talking about it. Cameron, we miss you ♥️
Edits Vs
Edits Vs:
why would they ask questions?
That was literally her love
how would u feel being asked how did u feel when he died
And ur also zooming in the camera to her and recording her
Hyper Wolf
Hyper Wolf:
Dove I promise you were all going through it together and all us and you were all broken down when we heard Cameron died 😭😭😭😭
How she hold it in.. is crazy. She’s so beautiful and brave. Cameron left an amazing mark to this world. He left a star, that can never be replaced. He will forever be missed. Forever. And will be loved by many of us. xoxo cam ❤️
Kylee Jonas
Kylee Jonas:
Why am I crying in the club rn😭
Mia DeJesus
Mia DeJesus:
i was watching a movie yesterday and young Cameron was in the movie
Hannah Beach
Hannah Beach:
I hate the tag line for this video because she never once tears up. She’s honestly shedding light on what it meant to her to loose a “brother” so stop assuming her own emotions for your video headlines... please just stop.
Jheeze she’s just lost someone can everyone just give her a break with the questions!
Zayra Parra
Zayra Parra:
Death comes to soon..

*it comes to soon to help people who needs help on earth*

Remember! He’s went up to protect you. Fly high *angel* 🕊
Maisie Angell
Maisie Angell:
First Stan Lee and now Cameron Boyce! 😭
we’re all going to miss Cameron, some more than others but all in all he was amazing. legends don’t die, he just had to say goodbye until we meet him on the finish line. long live cameron 💓💓
miathebest ok
miathebest ok:
Dove Cameron

Cameron Boyce

First names together:Dove Cameron

Last names together: Cameron Boyce
matea vujinovic
matea vujinovic:
She didn't tear up anywhere. I don't get it why people are always lying and doing clickbait 🙄
Cerys Evans
Cerys Evans:
I still can’t believe he’s gone💔💔
nikki de Roover
nikki de Roover:
I'm so sorry for Dove because Cameron was one of her best friends:
First her father's death
Then one of her best friend
And now Cameron
She really didn't deserve this. It's not fair for her