Dominic Thiem vs Marin Cilic - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Dominic Thiem vs Marin Cilic - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the match between Dominic Thiem and Marin Cilic in the first round. The Austrian player won in three sets 6/4 6/3 6/3.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

100+ komento:

Nicolás Palma
Nicolás Palma:
Thiem has such a variety of shots, I really hope he can win this tournament.
I love Dominic Thiem
S M:
Thiem on fire!!

Request to Roland Garros: Please make at least 5 mins of highlights (longer if the match goes to 5th set)
Sven König
Sven König:
This looks like a ghost tournament.Cold, dark and no people there.The final would better be at Halloween.
Cosmic Storm
Cosmic Storm:
ALMOST 3 MINUTE HIGHLIGHTS. Someone probably died to make this.
Lisa Kogelnik
Lisa Kogelnik:
I want Thiem to win this so bad. He would deserve it the most with THAT draw. (Plus he's super likeable)
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
Take a shot every time someone hits a drop shot
Ruben Kogel
Ruben Kogel:
good tennis from Cilic - varied, aggressive. too bad he went against Thiem in the first round.
Dudley Stow
Dudley Stow:
The lighting and atmosphere is so depressing.. it feels incredibly awkward
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff
Ludwig van Bachmaninoff:
Thiem plays like a legendary player who won several grand slams.
Barış Alkan
Barış Alkan:
Thiem started to get that extra skill Federer, Nadal and Djokovic has. I watched US open semi-final and final, and he made me feel like he will find a way to come back in those matches (he was also behind in the plays against Medvedev but he came back). He gives that feeling to me now, and he is able to raise his level higher than the level of opponents, that high level is too tough for the opponent. I did not feel that in anyone except big three and Andy Murray. If he continues with this play and smartness, Novak and Nadal should find a way to beat him. He has high potential to be world number 1.
Reyn Portillano
Reyn Portillano:
Thiem's record against cilic is 4-0 ... FYI haters
Rafa J
Rafa J:
I feel like people after 2020 are gonna be like “why was the French open after the us open in that year?”
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
The prince of clay is on his way.
kivi_ ngx
kivi_ ngx:
waiting for ryo shosuke desperately trying to explain how cilic wasn't able to beat thiem in 3
Parth Shrivastava
Parth Shrivastava:
Thiem's outfit 🔥🔥
Yonas Campbell
Yonas Campbell:
Want Thiem to win this tournament.

Coming from a Rafa fan. He has enough FO's, and 13 is an awkward number.
Kristóf Koltai
Kristóf Koltai:
Waiting for Thiem vs. Wawrinka at 4th round of RG...
Paulo Bastos
Paulo Bastos:
Thiem is such a great competitor with such solid behaviour on court. He absolutely deserves to go further up.
William Jenkins
William Jenkins:
Hello to management. Do you not think you could give us say ten or 15 minutes of any match as highlights ? An answer in reply would be appreciated thanks
Sherlock Holmes85
Sherlock Holmes85:
Thiem hit 3 BH-DTL-Winners in a row in the third set. None of them are in the video! Keep up the good work!
I like Cilic, but Thiem is currently 'in the zone' now. Great players, both.
Jonathan Zhang
Jonathan Zhang:
The battle between two of the hottest tennis players on tour. Cilic is so hot x
Jiwoong Park
Jiwoong Park:
Domi deserves to win the tournament! It's gonna be his time now.
Princess Anne Pereña
Princess Anne Pereña:
The Prince of clay is doing his job....
I have been a Theim fan since 2017. So pumped he won his first slam and hopefully this makes it 2!!
Michael Hafer
Michael Hafer:
Thiem will be an amazing idol. High class both on and off the court. :)
Roland Berger
Roland Berger:
Thiem is by far the biggest sportsman on the tour. He congratulates his opponents when they make a great shot, he tells them to challenge a call that is against his favor no matter in what situation the match is. I can only say: bravo to Thiem
I have a good feeling for Thiem. He’s all fired up, confident, and using his shots to beat Cilic in 3 sets. I hope Thiem wins the title, I see a bright future in him.
Liam Lee
Liam Lee:
Thiem is going to win the French Open this year. Mark my words!
Thiem is a serious threat everywhere besides grass now. We might as well call it a big 4 at this point because Thiem is just as big a threat to win GS as the other 3 now.
Wow. Straight sets. Marin Cilic. First round. That was tall order. Great job Thiem!
Pedro Pires
Pedro Pires:
Damn Thiem is making amazing amortis! 👏👌
Looks cold out there
Fay Set
Fay Set:
Very well done thiem..anyway just concern with the ball kids, the weather in paris looks really cold now even the audiences they wear thick jacket. Hope the ball kids have a proper warm clothes..
future #no.1 well done dominic
Nidhin Narayanan
Nidhin Narayanan:
Thiem has a great outfit.
Jorge Guisa
Jorge Guisa:
That defensive backhand dropshot from thiem will be on highlight reels up to prosperity! world class!
Is Thiem has the most powerful one handed backhand ever ?
Thiem's backhand is looking really good after his USO victory.
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin:
Thiem looking good!
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
Thiem looks solid. Maybe a little bit tired but that's to be expected after a long US Open victory.
Joe Maslov
Joe Maslov:
Hope Thiem wins the French.
So wish they could still sneak in Wimbledon.
Austin Catmull
Austin Catmull:
Wow. Thiem's backhand winner at 1:27... 😮😳👌
Bryceton LeFlore
Bryceton LeFlore:
Beautiful tennis!
Jason GSux
Jason GSux:
Doesn't feel like RG at all.
How are you gonna give 3 minute highlights and only show like 6 matches a day
Samet S
Samet S:
Thiem!! Win this Slam. New Generation, c'mooooon!
Get Me To 1k Subs before I Start College
Get Me To 1k Subs before I Start College:
Thiem plays with so much intensity. Even being across the planet watching through my phone, i get the chills.
Christian Maldonado
Christian Maldonado:
Thiem is so handsome <3 HEHEHE
Amel Lafendi
Amel Lafendi:
Prince of clay !! Go and get it 🏆
Thiem this gens Federer? Game is so similar with a variety of shots
Anıl Kayhan Turan
Anıl Kayhan Turan:
How gentle he is bravo!
Saksham Bansal in COVID-19
Saksham Bansal in COVID-19:
The slice is thiem’s favourite shot
Nadal or Thiem for the title 🙏🏻👍🏻👏🏻🎾
Миша Н
Миша Н:
Prince of clay.
Thiem practiced the drop shots before the tournament. Clay deadens the ball and drops shots become more effective.
Udayan Kapaley
Udayan Kapaley:
US Open did such a great job at highlights. These are so few and so short. Hoping for better...
DC Funhouse
DC Funhouse:
tough draw, Cilic in Rd 1? Sheesh.
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance:
i hope Thiem’s shoulder doesnt break down ...his ground strokes are so violent.
Abstar Galaxy
Abstar Galaxy:
The prince of clay is on his way.
david Zhang
david Zhang:
saw parts of the march. I think propably the court condition was so bad that both players didnt feel comfortable. They made lots of errors.
Paul Gruber
Paul Gruber:
This man is so quick, e.g. at 1:10 😲
Thiem has the best game for these conditions. not too much spin like Rafa, but can produce fast low shots and can play with angles and drop shots. That is what you need here.
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph:
I have a feeling the slow conditions will favor thiem. He is going to be able to rip the ball especially off the backhand.
Tomb Glimpse
Tomb Glimpse:
His tennis is beautiful
Arash Fariaby
Arash Fariaby:
This backhand ... 🔥
Mariecoller lara
Mariecoller lara:
Bravo Dominic! Ich halte dir die Daumen!!!!
Crazy first rounds. First Murray vs. Wawrinka, then Thiem vs. Cilic.

Making them seems like qualifiers, not Grand Slam champions
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo:
I want Thiem to win this so bad. He would deserve it the most with THAT draw. (Plus he's super likeable)
Hey random person scrolling down the comments....

Have a wonderful day :)
Mihir Singh
Mihir Singh:
@Ryo Shosuke....
This must've hurt.
But seriously what is your problem with Dominic? I mean he's not like that sucker Zverev who always boasts about himself and he's very respectful and humble.
He respects the senior players and has high regard for them.
Ryan Acob
Ryan Acob:
You Can See Them Sweating Though It Feels Cold Out There.
Jason Cook
Jason Cook:
I find Thiem so elegant to watch
Ah yes, the classic Roland Garros 2 minute highlights smh
Robert Marston
Robert Marston:
Thiem will be there near the end I feel
Brigg Solis
Brigg Solis:
I could feel the cold seeping out from my computer screen.
Logan Moyer
Logan Moyer:
I like that Thiem has backed up his US open title with another win, sone players will win titles and then lose first round in their next tournament due to fatigue or something. But he looks fresh out there. He can make another deep run.
Yovnic 1 Brunner
Yovnic 1 Brunner:
Love the sound of heavy balls on clay, damp conditions, empty stadium!! Theim is immense. What a prospect Nadal-Theim.
Simon Assefi
Simon Assefi:
Havi, da hat er wieder rasiert...
Suthi Uea-arak
Suthi Uea-arak:
It's time for you here. Man I hope you will win this time. Keep your performance stable like this and everything is gonna be fine.
NNS 12
NNS 12:
Can you please post all the matches🙄I want to see Zverev’s and Garin’s and other people’s please
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
Cilic sure is unlucky to run into Thiem again. Loving Thiem's attire for the French Open. Can't wait to see what the attires for the other top seeds will look like.
Ahsan Toqeer
Ahsan Toqeer:
Why are they playing each other so early on?
Ok so Dominic is doing his French open version of the US open. beat your opponent.
Mark’s Diary
Mark’s Diary:
Dominic​ is​ 💥💥💥💥.
Hsen Kurdish
Hsen Kurdish:
Love you thiem The best men
2:16 Bravo!
Charlie Spencer Clark
Charlie Spencer Clark:
Cilic is a GREAT player. Thiem just beat him comfortably, in straight sets and in Round 1. Absorb that for a second.
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
Rafa Nadal v Dominic Thiem in the final! Uffff!
Nathan Graham
Nathan Graham:
U go daddy thiem 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥yassss lol 😆
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi
Mehmet Doğa Güvendi:
Well-played game from Dominic Thiem while he drastically persevered against Marin Cilic in the first round clash of Roland Garros. Indeed, a tough draw for Thiem in this tourney
hotel Guglielmo
hotel Guglielmo:
The butt of Thiem...wwOoofff..💥🤤.
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"Fun Fact":The original London Bridge is now in Arizona.
B 132
B 132:
Anyone gonna address the elephant in the room?

Harrison Maynes
Harrison Maynes:
Well done thiem
Ozen White Whistle
Ozen White Whistle:
So handsome Thiem <3
Victor Leung
Victor Leung:
Let's get it Domi!!
Nicolás Pérez
Nicolás Pérez:
could you show more breakpoints in the highlights please