Dominic Thiem vs Marin Cilic - Preview Round 1 I Roland-Garros 2020

Dominic Thiem vs Marin Cilic - Preview Round 1 I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the keys of the match between Dominic Thiem and Marin Cilic. The winner of the last US Open will have a tough test against the Croatian.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

19 komento:

It's a Thiem vs Cilic preview without any seconds with Cilic
The majority of every Thiem comment section ever:

1) people who say sth sth like "I love Thiem. He's an amazing player and he's so freaking nice."

2) gays (and some girls) who are here for his butt

3) Ryo Shusuke
dina quitain
dina quitain:
Im fan of thiem! Hes one of the best player now! And omg not only a good player also handsome!
Belinda Melissa
Belinda Melissa:
I love Domi. He's such an amazing idol in the tennis world. Great technique, great strategic play, immense power, he's fast, and he's a true fighter on court and off the court suuuuch a nice, likeable, humble guy. So down-to-earth and always nice and fair to his colleagues. Great guy, really
haroon ahmed
haroon ahmed:
Thiem deserves the spotlight in my opinion yes he has only one slam to his credit. But looking at his overall record against Roger, Rafa and Novak , 5 wins against Roger, 5 wins against Rafa, 4 wins against Novak and more to come so this shows that Thiem combined has 14 wins against these top guys which is not normal in my opinion to have a player nowadays with 14 wins against all three of them combined so he deserves the spotlight for that . He has two wins against Novak in Roland Garros one was in 2017 and the other one was last year in the semifinals where he outlasted Novak in 5 sets then this year at the Australian Open final where he pushed Novak to 5 sets and at one stage he was up 2 sets to 1 which was interesting then before that at the World Tour Finals on hard indoors one of his least favorite surface he unleashed himself with his smacking backhand and forehand winners and that ball striking from him on that day was out of this world and beat Novak in 3 sets before that he beat Roger too. The performance against Roger in Indian Wells final was also brilliant last year at WTF he beat Roger 7-5 7-5 . Against Rafa he has 4 wins on clay and 1 win on hard court this year at the Australian Open so all in all he has earned 14 wins against all three of them those three Roger, Rafa and Novak have been in the spotlight for ages really if he gets the spotlight once in a while so what's the big deal in that his accomplishments against the big 3 and also just recently winning a slam he deserves that spotlight if he gets the spotlight once in a while what's the big deal in that. He deserves some respect.
Felicia Gunawan
Felicia Gunawan:
I am tired of all the Ryo Shusuke hate comments. this is not where we should hate on players. So, Ryo Shusuke, just stay quiet and admit that he is talented af and a lot more talented and friendly than you. Also, for those also supporting him, u can just create a yt channel together, and hate over there, not here. periodt. no other explanations needed.
Thiem is my boy
Belinda Melissa
Belinda Melissa:
Half of this comment section is Ryo Shusuke lol
M. A.
M. A.:
Thiem is great!
FIRST - Premières historiques
FIRST - Premières historiques:
Ce ne sera pas un match facile pour Thiem, mais à la vue de sa forme actuelle, il devrait gagner ce match sans perdre de set
Julian Naser
Julian Naser:
Prince of Clay
It's funny to see so many comments by someone not interested in Thiem's matches! Let's all enjoy it. Should be a very close match.
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
That's a tough first round Matchup.
Harish AS
Harish AS:
preview 1.25 mins ,highlights 2 mins.wooho how lucky r we
Luksa Luksa
Luksa Luksa:
Come on marin
Wins Cilic.......
Thiem is pure physique, if his physique diminishes a little Thiem is a very vulnerable player.
dex head
dex head:
Thèse short movie clips are so weird.. why don’t they just post more highlights instead like the US Open channel?
Jonas E
Jonas E:
3:1 Thiem
dj Blackwing
dj Blackwing:
Powerful but ugly