Doctor shares how to stay safe this July 4 holiday weekend

Nearly half of U.S. states have paused reopening plans as coronavirus cases are soaring in many cities. Ahead of the July 4 weekend, governors in California, Arizona and Texas have closed bars. Dr. Jon LaPook explains whether these actions will prevent a spike in cases. He also explains the safety precautions people should take this weekend.

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Jayp 3
Jayp 3:
Everyone is acting like people don't die everyday from a hundred other things lol. We aren't going to live forever. Give me liberty or give me death! Even if that means dying from a virus.....that 98% of people survive from. 😁🧐 Get right with Jesus and death won't scare you so much.
Walking Dead Now
Walking Dead Now:
Good video ♥♥! As a fellow YouTuber, I am always looking for new ideas! Great Job!
Love Hearts
Love Hearts:
Job 6:12 says, Is my strength the strength of stones or is my flesh of brass? Follow government guidelines and protocols. God instituted authority to guide His people and bring them safe. But you that did CLEAVE unto the LORD your God are alive everyone of you this day. Deuteronomy 4:4😷
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace:
stay home if you can
Justice Boofer
Justice Boofer:
America showing the cost of freedom.🇺🇸
P S:
Staying home. Logically.
The Mahamushi
The Mahamushi:
X X:
OH good another doctor that's going to tell you his opinion.Hahahahaha...
Mark Ford
Mark Ford:
How to stay safe? only go out to protest!
Enigma 01
Enigma 01:
I would like to know the pharmaceutical company this man works for or receives bonuses from. This is shameful !
Just 12 views says it all ...
Timcast IRL 20200703 CNN Publishes Story Proving Trump RIGHT About COVID Treatment, Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Lethal here is a Liberal that is telling the Truth and voting for Trump. Biden 2060!!!! and 2064, get the point.
WatchWhat TheHealth
WatchWhat TheHealth:
#StayHome #StaySafe #DontKillGrandma . If you have to go out wear a #Facemask and #SocialDistance
M C:
How can they take it seriously. When president is having a fireworks show at Rushmore. A stunt to increase numbers of people that go see him. Why isn't anybody saying dont go. The u will get covid. Or ur being used to promote his agenda to win presidency. People will be there unknowingly intermingling with racist, presidencies base, and covid carriers. They dont even fo minimum of wearing masks
d mitchell
d mitchell:
PLANDEMIC...just take HCQ it works, don't believe the Big Pharma neysayers
Mu Ja
Mu Ja:
Horrible audio
Marie Just Marie
Marie Just Marie:
Stay home.
Get out! Have a good time. If you get the virus then you'll have the antibodies and help speed up herd immunity. As far as the older generation goes? Look at this as Logan's run at age 80 instead of 30.