Doctor Reacts to Jonathan Isaac Devastating Knee Injury in NBA Bubble - Concern for ACL Tear

Jonathan Isaac of the NBA Orlando Magic went down with a devastating left knee injury and had to be taken off the court in a wheelchair. Isaac had returned after a prior left knee injury earlier in the year to help the Magic with their playoff push at the NBA Bubble when the season returned, but now there are significant concerns for an ACL tear after the young star went down. In this video we'll review the injury footage and why this mechanism is so worrying for an ACL tear.

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Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Significant concern for an ACL tear here based on the mechanism, but stay tuned to the Magic's official word to see what the results are from his MRI.

Should Isaac have been out there playing after coming off a recent injury and still requiring a stabilizing brace?
I see people making jokes about this on twitter . Saying he didn’t take a knee so Jesus took his knee and it’s so messed up . I hope he’s ok
Cody Schreiner
Cody Schreiner:
That retro Vince Carter Raptors jersey in the background though 😎
Being a bulls fan, I am getting some not so nice flashbacks.
Not even a magic fan but I feel so bad for him. I hope he makes a speedy recovery
Reminds me of Drose. Hope injuries will not ruin his career
caio sartori
caio sartori:
As a Magic fan, this is heartbreaking! J.I will be a Superstar no doubt
Young FatCock
Young FatCock:
People online were disgraceful saying he deserved it because he stood for the anthem, what has this country come to?
Exactly the move D Rose used when he went down with an ACL tear.
Michael Gorilla
Michael Gorilla:
I really hate how people on social media are saying Issac’s injury is deserved because he refused to wear a black lives matter shirt and also didn’t kneel for the anthem.
Derick Budde
Derick Budde:
Sadly the Magic organization has confirmed an ACL year.
V Cool
V Cool:
*That is exactly how Derrick Rose suffered his first ACL injury back in 2012* 😢
Jacob Black
Jacob Black:
He just came back. I really hope he’s ok 😭🙏🏽
Chandler Russell
Chandler Russell:
Isaac is probably going to be a serious contender for multiple DPOY awards in the future. Hopefully this is just a minor setback and he can still reach his full potential as a basketball player
Jimmy Russles
Jimmy Russles:
This is so informative yet so heartbreaking.
Jacob 03
Jacob 03:
It had to be him😢 2020 we’ve had enough
Those who are making fun of his injury are on new level of being scum. I wish him a speedy recovery.
John Alfred Lirio
John Alfred Lirio:
Damn Doc. You fast as F*ck. Kudos
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
Re-watched a clip of the ‘similar’ injury he suffered mid season to confirm if it was the same leg/knee and unfortunately it is. Prayers up for Judah🙌
I’m not joking when I say I feel like this is more than a coincidence
Fraser Bisset
Fraser Bisset:
That jump and landing reminds me of Derrick Rose’s first ACL injury against the 76ers
Edit: made this comment before he even made the Rose comparison.
Ege Aydemir
Ege Aydemir:
I will never do that hop step ever. Lesson learned...
When theScore put out the report on this injury, they turned of comments.


not for the injury. prayers are to J.I. and his family.
Rest well.
The Man Unknown
The Man Unknown:
Some witches probably casted a spell on him or something.
Stew's Photography
Stew's Photography:
Fantastic vid. Been missing these since sports has been MIA, Absolutely terrific stuff doc... Sucks for Isaac tho.
Bradley Bertram
Bradley Bertram:
Im sick of these young NBA players getting these knee injuries
Was in the middle of watching this vid when I got the notification from B/R saying he has an ACL tear, crazy how accurate you were at predicting that from the footage, great work doc and prayers for J.I 🙏🏽
Warren Pam
Warren Pam:
Injuries in basketball are not so much pressure on a hard floor
Lucas PL
Lucas PL:
Hate to see it man, i was really interested in watching him
EzraMcCall Gaming
EzraMcCall Gaming:
God be with him he just came back
Can you do the Ben Simmons injury please? News just came out he will need surgery to remove “loose body” from his left Knee. Thank you!
Getting some D. Rose vibes on this one...
Matthew Woody
Matthew Woody:
Damn, Jon Isaac is such a great player. Hope he has a good recovery and no future issues with it
Antonio VG
Antonio VG:
Your studio is looking awesome! Glad to always see quality from you I don't even follow most sports you cover but it's very interesting and educational nonetheless
Samuel E
Samuel E:
This just hurts to watch, he was having a DPOY type of year, right in the beginning of his young career. Unfortunately this sounds all to familiar.
Hey Brian, love your channel. I heard Undisputed reference you in their Zion segment this morning on Fox Sports. That's awesome!
Mo Mo Yoda
Mo Mo Yoda:
There has been lots of hockey injuries lately! The playoffs have started. I would love for you to break down some!
Dan And
Dan And:
Mentally scarring to be injured while wearing a brace. The recovery from this is gonna be just as mental as physical. Prayers up, thanks Doc for your expertise and thoroughness. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤦🏽‍♀️
Keepin It Real Sean Rosas
Keepin It Real Sean Rosas:
Oh wow I thought it was the elites getting to him for standing but damn when the doctor actually reviewed it and explained damn I see where he would and could have seriously injured himself. Great video Doc👍🙌👏🏀
Mc Kool Aid
Mc Kool Aid:
I've torn my Achilles and I still play the same except when I do back to back games at school I have to be on a minute restriction
Load ing
Load ing:
I just saw vid in the injury of the professor then the notification popped out, hope they heal soon, this really reminds me of rose😥
WW1 German C.S.A. Riflemen
WW1 German C.S.A. Riflemen:
Dude come on universe, just because he didn't kneel you make him blow his knee? Dude he was supporting you but just in a different way. Everyone has their methods of helping people.
The way he got injured instantly reminded me of D.Rose and I knew it was gonna be a bad one
Zian Valderrama
Zian Valderrama:
Doc Brian quick as ever!!!mad props Doc 🤗
Patrick Mahomes is The MVP
Patrick Mahomes is The MVP:
Bro I feel so bad for him, torn ACL just like you thought
Foreign Material
Foreign Material:
I learn more on this channel than I do in biology class.😂😂
react to the Professor's injury
Reef Gang
Reef Gang:
When you showed that Rose clip 😪
Prayers up for Jonathan
Kareem Helbaoui
Kareem Helbaoui:
Hey Brian! I was looking forward to your video on this. My question is why did the brace not prevent this from happening. I thought the point of the brace would prevent this major injury from happening. Could you please explain what the brace is used for then
{ the green Xray }
{ the green Xray }:
I love J.I and I'm devastated by this
Josue David
Josue David:
Never been this early
Mike \
Mike \:
Great vid, as always!
Top Dogg
Top Dogg:
Just heard them on undisputed (skip and shannon)mentioned your take on Zion
Mike Metz
Mike Metz:
Would you suspect MCL tear too because of the dynamic valgas?
*sees news*
*starts Ben Simmons countdown*
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts:
This happened to me I ended up with various ligament full thickness tears
(ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, Torn meniscus)
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
Lol he be on it ! He just tore his ACL like 30 mins ago. Salute you Doc!
This is so sad. Isaac has so much potential, one of the best defensive players in the league at such a young age and cant see playing time
Jesus, that was quick. Great video, I'm very impressed with the speed you got this out
Anthony McNeil
Anthony McNeil:
The human body is amazing. How everything is in place to work a specific way.

Watching that video is slow motion was tough, definitely saw his knee cave in. I'm so much smarter watching these videos! 😄
Amazing young player and I’m 100% positive he will come back even a better player
Joaquin Lepe
Joaquin Lepe:
BRO UNDISPUTED REFERENCED YOUR ZION ANALYSIS VIDEO! Happy for you, been subd since before 100k. Keep the great content.
Angel Ware
Angel Ware:
He was recovering from a similar injury.

There was controversy about him not kneeling for the national anthem. Could've been that. I hope that's not the case though.
Every time u talk about a knee injury it’s like I feel it
Very insightful, thanks for the info. Hope it's not too serious and that he can recover quickly
WarmBeer Gaming Dude
WarmBeer Gaming Dude:
How was that a travel, lets solve that mystery first.
auggie duhgoat
auggie duhgoat:
Love these videos I wanna be a future kinesiologist
Rawraw Muhammad
Rawraw Muhammad:
Could u plz watch the Professor injury video and get a possible diagnosis??!
Justin Wang
Justin Wang:
Hey Brian could you do a breakdown for the Professor Injury? Thanks!
Derek Nyabamba
Derek Nyabamba:
Appreciate how early you upload your videos right after the injuries happen
been waiting for this video, hoping for a fast recovery for JI
Coconut Tree Lighting
Coconut Tree Lighting:
Hey Brian, can u do a video on Proffesor's injury
Eddie Craig
Eddie Craig:
Damn he was a promising young player tho wish a speedy recovery
Diet Dr. Kelp 6000
Diet Dr. Kelp 6000:
Can you do Mike Soroka’s Achilles tear?
Jbyrd Texas
Jbyrd Texas:
I pray that he will have a speedy recovery. In Jesus name amen
Pauly the Crook
Pauly the Crook:
Can you do a quick review on the professors Achilles tear?
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez:
While watching this I just got the update that he tore his acl
Mr Samsin
Mr Samsin:
Was waiting for this vid Doc works fast
d k
d k:
Plot twist: He stood for the anthem because his knee was hurting so bad that he could not even kneel.
Shane Drayton
Shane Drayton:
It’s confirmed he tore his ACL
what product do u use for ur hair doc? i have the same style but i keep having to fix it bc it'll droop
Adrina Santangelo
Adrina Santangelo:
Love the Vince Carter jersey 🦖
Juan Herrera
Juan Herrera:
His my second favorite player man why him
Kevin Bobo
Kevin Bobo:
As a current DPT student these videos are awesome and definitely help me gather a real world understanding of anatomy/physiology!
XeNo Jacob
XeNo Jacob:
Whenever I watch you I almost throw up
Toma Aviata
Toma Aviata:
🙏🏽 pray for speedy recovery
Skinny Pop
Skinny Pop:
looks too much like D🌹’s injury
Arjo G
Arjo G:
Well it’s official, he tore it 😔
Youngest MVP
Youngest MVP:
Love your channel im an undergrad right now
LN 2
LN 2:
The second best doctor behind Johny Sins
Justin Gomez
Justin Gomez:
Can you do a video on your journey to being a doctor from what you majored in during college to what made you want to become a doctor please?
Taric TheGemKnight
Taric TheGemKnight:
Even his quite recent knee hyperextension looked gruesome, I don't think he should have been in the clear yet.
Baby LFA
Baby LFA:
Im from Chicago . But man seeing him do that prohop just gave me flashbacks . Get well quick isaac .
Carlos Meza
Carlos Meza:
Nice vc Jersey and nice breakdown this helps a lot :)
PLayers really need to stop doing this move. His legs look so damn weird when landing.
i had to say out loud 'dude stop replaying that shyttt" omg ..the position of his knee, jesus... it looks sooo agonizing
Mo Ty
Mo Ty:
GOD works in mysterious ways
Brock Long
Brock Long:
Damn knock knee position, non contact is Def a red flag spot to take off from!!
SimplyDMS U
SimplyDMS U:
God got his knee😂💀😂
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Spear:
Damn. Thats tough.