Hi Friends In This Video Showing How To Make Incubator At Home Simple And Easy.Chicken Eggs Take 21 Days To Hatch....For Hatching Eggs In Incubator We Need To Maintain Temperature In Incubator 37°C - 39°C And Humidity 50% - 65 % .....For Better Results.Turn The Eggs Daily 3-4 Times Till First 18 Days Of Incubation....After 18 Days Stop Turning Eggs And Increase Humidity To 65% - 80% Chicks Will Comes Out Of The Eggs (Hatch) Between 19-24 Days.........All The Best....Hope You Enjoy This Video

#HowToMake #EggIncubator #HomemadeIncubator

Materials Required :
1.Water Can - 20 Liters
2.Small Storage Box (Plastic) - Incubator Door
3.Temperature And Humidity Meter
4.Rice Husk
6.15 Watts Bulb With Plug And Holder
7.Fresh Eggs (2-12 Days Old)
8.Glue Gun

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Mark Hitchcock
Mark Hitchcock:
I have my first batch of eggs in my incubator following this tutorial. It's working great! Today is technically hatch day but could possibly be Tues. The farmers I got the eggs off od wasn't completely sure about hatch date. I recommend if anyone makes this incubator to use an adhesive such as E6000 along with the hot melt glue. My too piece for the light bulb goes got to hot and released the hot glue. I added E6000 to the hot glue and reset the bulb. No more trouble since!
Ammy Hideyoshi
Ammy Hideyoshi:
Wow. So much people unpleased by "no hatching" and demanding something extra. Not even a "thank you" for him trying to make a tutorial.

Thank you. I don't plan to have a hatcher anytime soon, but this was interesting. I now have a basic concept of what's needed and I'll try to improve on your idea.
Purpura Jac chonli
Purpura Jac chonli:
Oi bien explicado saludos desde peru lo intentare...
Tahseen Af
Tahseen Af:
How to increase humidity after 18 days
Petrus Jairus
Petrus Jairus:
Tsürong IMC
Tsürong IMC:
I used 100 watt..and my eggs were sweating . I literally boiled it within
Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil:
Thanks for your tutorial mate... Will try this since its now raining season in my country and my ducks cant take care of her eggs alone, thanks man
Christian K
Christian K:
You need a jig saw
Tumelo Maketekete
Tumelo Maketekete:
Thank you for your time and effort sharing this. I'm going to build one this week.
Linguaphile G
Linguaphile G:
Thank you. May God bless you.
Emekli Diyarı
Emekli Diyarı:
Selamünaleyküm sizinde aboneliğinizi bekliyorum
D&G Trainer
D&G Trainer:
Bro if u leave bulb constantly on then there will be no chicks coz u have to maintain temperature and light bulb increase heat
Adelle Harrill
Adelle Harrill:
does this work for quail eggs?
Jubabmi Sumer
Jubabmi Sumer:
What if the electricity gone for a while, will it works?
Thise is reale or fack
Ivan Cooper
Ivan Cooper:
А результат где?
Gök Gök
Gök Gök:
Ne dersiniz la bre çemal abey
Gzone TV
Gzone TV:
Ask ko lng if duck egg ilang days bago mapisa at ilang days sya iikot ?
Rancho Wr Chocadeiras & Aves - Wesley Ramos
Rancho Wr Chocadeiras & Aves - Wesley Ramos:
tres bien votre canal donne une force dans mon sou du bresil
Abdullah Raffa Does everything
Abdullah Raffa Does everything:
Do we need a temperature meter ??
ENG18EC0079 - Prateek H A
ENG18EC0079 - Prateek H A:
Bro after keeping it inside
What if power goes
What will happen??
David Benjamin Khyle de Mesa
David Benjamin Khyle de Mesa:
Incandescent bulb po b gamit nyo?
정성이 느겨 지네요. 😎👍
Susana Deibele
Susana Deibele:
Y los polluelos?
ادعملي قناتي
Mandy Borden
Mandy Borden:
Adan Mughal
Adan Mughal:
Or Kia hum without mother bacha nikal skte he or kaise plzzz tell
Haroon Munsif
Haroon Munsif:
Kindly bta dain... Gun sa kia cheez laga rhy h??
Vinod kumar
Vinod kumar:
What is time period of guine fowl eggs and temperature 🤔🤔🤔
tio pelos miranda
tio pelos miranda:
muy bien lo voy hacer como lo isiste tu desde Panamà
Hasnain Sheikh
Hasnain Sheikh:
Ando py nishan q lagya ha apny?
Ipehvrcn Lopezx
Ipehvrcn Lopezx:
I didn't see the sauce

If the experiment succeeds we should see them hatch??? thanks
melisa keskin
melisa keskin:
Manca il termostato
Erwin gentelmen
Erwin gentelmen:
Para saan ung tubig sir at ung time na nilagay nyo sa loob curios lng po. salamat sana masagot nyiopo ty
M.R.A The only one
M.R.A The only one:
⛔ المشكلة تكمن فى البلاستيك والحرارة💐
chura fran
chura fran:
Yyyyyyy q pasooooo nacieron o nooo,
Mi Oaxaca Bonito
Mi Oaxaca Bonito:
Bien explicado, voy a hacer mi incubadora, saludos desde oax, mexico
سامي ابو درغام
سامي ابو درغام:
سلام كيفك اخي سوأل البيض الي نشتري من السوق يصلح للتفقيس
mahmud fatah
mahmud fatah:
that bottol you take first is glass or plastic?
Hamza Mujeeb
Hamza Mujeeb:
Agar aseel ka hua tau kitne eggs one month mein dega?
Aaron Julian
Aaron Julian:
how to maintain the humidity na 50-60 akin kasi nasa 70 pataas lagi same build and set up lang den
Abd elbaki Taleb
Abd elbaki Taleb:
لاكن ثقب التهوئة صغير حتما ستكون الرطوبة مرتفعة قليلا ترجم الي الانجليزية وابعثلي انا من متابعيك من الجزائر
pet stop_18
pet stop_18:
Time break for turning these eggs ?
Can we use 40 watt bulb ?
Azara Van Nice
Azara Van Nice:
Could you just leave the hole open for the ventilator
Luciene Silva Santos
Luciene Silva Santos:
Hecker fishing Darius
Hecker fishing Darius:
E o porcrie
Wobble xd
Wobble xd:
i made my own incubator

1: get a 2l pepsi bottle
2: cut the middle one but go a little bit down
3: put rice husks (i putted paper towels)
4: make a door of it
5: tape the the door entry one left and right
6: and put a small light in it

Hope it works
Dats Datucan
Dats Datucan:
Tol bakit naging Balot yung aken Sa ginawa kong incubator, baka sa bulb lang nagka diperensiya
Pemphero Nazombe
Pemphero Nazombe:
thanks for your sharing
Eward Billard
Eward Billard:
boo just do it fast play to every thing exept one egg but the incubator is good cuz i have cute quail eggs
fap to the PINACLE
fap to the PINACLE:
dapat ba talaga nag On palagi yung ilaw ? Answer me please. hanggang mapisa na yung Egg ?
Adan Mughal
Adan Mughal:
Asslam o Allikum Bhai meere rah parrot ne 1 egg dia he wo har bar apne egg for daty he 1 binjry me 2female or 1 male he kuch bta skte he is bare me
pedro herique Pires
pedro herique Pires:
Ti criando monti🐣
The Crazy Channel
The Crazy Channel:
Where can I get those bottles
I was today years old when I realized this is plastic and you aren’t a god, I’m stupid, I’m watching to cope with my anxiety
S B:
Song name please? Thank you
Md Rafi
Md Rafi:
I did wit 60wts bulb... Aftr result comes i wil say u guysss
Daw Hla Hla Win Hla Hla Win
Daw Hla Hla Win Hla Hla Win:
Can I use Saw Dust instead of the thing that you used for bedding
funny bracelets
funny bracelets:
Should you keep the light all day turned on?
Material PLÁSTICO, quando aquecido, libera gases tóxicos...
While current is gone for half an hour is it affect?
Ishfaq majid
Ishfaq majid:
Today i am going to stars first batch of hatching following this trick..I hops so I am going to succeed ..inshallah
Monkey Baby Nita
Monkey Baby Nita:
good bro
Muhammad Barkat Ali
Muhammad Barkat Ali:
03022145749 plz sir mujhy ye ekha sakty han
Jay Serantes
Jay Serantes:
the temperature of duck egg and chicken egg are the same?
Gest 1
Gest 1:
Thanks for the awesome bid
Ok for quail also?
Osniel Medina
Osniel Medina:
Gracias amigo, gracias a este video voy a aumentar la producción👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Marlene Mendes
Marlene Mendes:
Se não virar os ovos oque acontece
balaji papolu
balaji papolu:
there is no control over the temperature, i dont see perfection.
Bobot Lising
Bobot Lising:
Lack of explanation to do the incuvator
The humidity keeps rising even if I put the water out..
Haruki gaming
Haruki gaming:
You are so slow you can fast forward the video
Rolan Renaldo
Rolan Renaldo:
Hamza Mujeeb
Hamza Mujeeb:
One month mein hen kitne eggs lay karte hai
Does anyone try this ? Does it work? Did ur egg hatched sucessfully?
This is my selfmade incubator.hatch...
Natalia Zalesińska
Natalia Zalesińska:
is it good for parrots too?
4:26 can someone tell me the title of that music
Gilmara Cano
Gilmara Cano:
Mas saiu os pintinhos
Vergil Bitan
Vergil Bitan:
Thank u sir for sharing
ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ ꯁ
ꯁꯥꯐꯕꯥ ꯁ:
i didnt know this and i lost 7 eggs, ( chicks fully formed inside but just 4 to 5 days away to hatching)

the mother wont sit on it anymore as she has to take care of her hatchlings. i have to throw away the unborn chicks. sad to see them when i break the egg
Tunazza Nadeem
Tunazza Nadeem:
Bro egg of market shop can we will use them
Roberto Lopez
Roberto Lopez:
what can i use for like the "bedding" i dont have any rice huskk at home is there anything i could substitute it with?
Edwin muiruri
Edwin muiruri:
hey whats that red thing you put up there
Abhijit Adhikari
Abhijit Adhikari:
What is the temperature of incubator
Çiçek Hanim
Çiçek Hanim:
Yumurtaya can veren Rabbim!hi i am turkish
Vinod kumar
Vinod kumar:
Can i use digital thermameater🤔🤔🤔
It ́s tom 85
It ́s tom 85:
what eggs did you put there ???or just normal?? please
Benj licup
Benj licup:
Do a video with an reptile egg please
Make up artist Saikat
Make up artist Saikat:
Can I do same for exotic birds gee?
Creative Craft
Creative Craft:
Zubair Afzal
Zubair Afzal:
I'm confused. After how much time should we feed if one r two eggs are hatched? Can we take them out and feed with hands?
Mohamed Alahwany
Mohamed Alahwany:
how to control temperature and make it between 37-39 ?? without any sensor or device ????
Paolo Siciliano
Paolo Siciliano:
Manca il termostato!
whats app status
whats app status:
I put 12 eggs in my incubator 22 days finished but no one chicks come out
Gamuchirai Tabudira
Gamuchirai Tabudira:
This is nice,
How old must the eggs be for best results
Бахтияр Досжанов
Бахтияр Досжанов:
Наталья Григорьева
Наталья Григорьева:
Если бы показали, что там вылупились цыплята и какой процент вылупа и я не разглядела вентилятор, что за вентилятор из фламастера