Divers Search California Lake After 'Glee' Star Naya Rivera Goes Missing | THR News

Lake Piru in Southern California is closed to the public as authorities continued their search Thursday for 'Glee' actress Naya Rivera, who went missing Wednesday while boating with her 4-year-old son Josey on Lake Piru. Rivera's son, whose father is Ryan Dorsey, is reported to be unharmed and told authorities that he and his mother went for a swim, but his mother never returned to the boat.

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Really sad -- the Glee cast seems cursed with one tragedy after another.
jackie h
jackie h:
I have a missing brother and I know this pain. I sure hope they find her alive. This totally made me cry.
Jade Woods
Jade Woods:
This whole thing feels so weird to me. Why would she go there with her son alone? Why would they go out on the boat alone, with nobody at least waiting for them back on shore besides the boat rental company? Why would she be in the water without a life jacket as the son said if she wasn’t a strong enough swimmer? Clearly she thought she was a strong enough swimmer to not wear one while supporting her son in the water (if they were in fact swimming together), I know I wouldn’t usually wear a lifejacket because i’m a strong swimmer. The lake looks still as ever and what would bring her deep enough to get stuck on the bottom in an area she can’t get back up? The way her car was parked and she didn’t bring her phone on the boat in case of an emergency, yet had her ID most likely to rent the boat, is weird to me. If I was gonna be in a boat In the middle of a lake that size I most likely would’ve brought my phone to leave in the boat just in case something happened to my child. How could her four year old be able to climb back up but she couldn’t? Pontoon boats are literally made to be easy to get back up on so unless she got sucked up by a currant under the water or someone held her under I can’t see how she would just drown like that? Maybe if she was a shitty swimmer ya, but for her to choose to go swimming with her son at that spot without her jacket , she must’ve figured it would be easy enough for her to do right? The son specifically said they were swimming and he climbed back on the boat but mommy didn’t. Maybe he got something wrong but usually the first words out of the child’s mouth regarding the situation are the most true as they haven’t had time or other people to influence their memory of the situation. Somebody needs to do a blood test on him just to make sure bc falling asleep after that whole situation is shady considering their whole day at the beach lasted 3 hours before he was found alone. Thank god her son is okay, we know that’s what Naya would’ve wanted. But the rest of this situation seems off and idk why there so sure it was all a horrible accident? So many things make that questionable and I really hope they look into every possibility 💔💔 praying for you Naya
This story is heartbreaking. I do need to note. The lake has ripcurrents and wave patterns that change quickly. Others have drown in a similar way , several of which weren't found until a few days later. From what I understand locals have been trying to petition more danger/ warning signs.

https://www.change.org/p/lake-piru-lake-piru-warning-signs << (Current petition)

. (I'm honestly amazed how quick people have been to assume conspiracies or foul play before considering the dangers anyone can come across with the ocean, large lakes, and nature in general.)

Still praying for Naya and her poor sweet boy.
Something doesn't feel right about this. I don't think she's dead. I think something maybe happened, a kidnapper maybe? She is a famous celebrity and children can easily be threatened by someone to not tell anybody. I personally don't believe for one second she's dead. If she's in that lake why haven't they found her. (ik it takes a while but still)
Lechiffresix six
Lechiffresix six:
very sad. i hope there is a little hope
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa:
World: Well this year cant get much worse right?

Mulki Lair
Mulki Lair:
Everything seems so odd to me. There’s no way a parent would leave its own child in a boat if has something to do with mental issue. Something really happened to Naya and I really hope they will find her alive but I’m so doubtful right now 😞
I swear, the Glee cast are all cursed.
Naomi Alvarez' creations
Naomi Alvarez' creations:
She probably kept her son on the boat so he could live if she didn't make it.
Sue Greenough
Sue Greenough:
I'm so saddened by this. Her poor son, my heart goes out to him.
I'm beginning to think Glee is cursed
Marty Howard
Marty Howard:
That's just sad I hope they find her alive
Miiz Mcgorgeous
Miiz Mcgorgeous:
Seriously this year is just the worst I really really hope she's found safe that little boy man this is so heartbreaking
Tammy Mcpherson
Tammy Mcpherson:
I don’t feel like this is a simple case of mom falling overboard, and son found sitting in boat. I feel strongly like there is foul play involved in this scenario!! I hope they find her alive and well! I am suspicious of someone removing her from the boat, and leaving with her. Leaving her son alone, knowing 5nat someone would come along to find him. Also, that child will likely be able to help give them clues to what happened. We live in crazy times, so expect the unexpected! I love you all, and hope that everyone is being kind to one another! Stay safe, and well💕
The Glee series is cursed
real talk With Lorin
real talk With Lorin:
So strange. Why leave her son in the boat with a life jacket?
So many questions... none of this makes sense 💔💔💔
Nikki Kells
Nikki Kells:
Idk, seems a bit staged. She went to the lake that early to swim with her 4yr old son...gets in the water without her life jacket but made sure he had his on, puts him back in the boat...right there AT the boat...but doesn’t make it back inside the boat? 🤨 The son is discovered about 3hrs past boat turn in time....sleep. Says he and his mom went swimming and mom never made it back inside the boat.... a typical 4yr old’s answer-we shouldn’t expect more. He probably doesn’t even remember much after waking up anyways. I smell foul play, and I NEVER really say that unless I REALLY do! Something doesn’t sit right with me about it. 🤷🏾‍♀️🙏🏽🤍
03 AI
03 AI:
Sadly, I think she's definitely dead.
Ruby xx
Ruby xx:
Bless you💔
Is it just me who thinks the glee cast is cursed was she running from someone?
T J:
I'm getting the sense that she is already gone and in eternity. Sad to say.
Maya Ghokapsh :D
Maya Ghokapsh :D:
Omg I feel so sad
How did the little boy get back on the boat? I’m assuming she knew how to swim if she didn’t have a life jacket on? Unless she put him in the boat and then something happened? Charlie horse? Seizure? It just doesn’t make sense, she wouldn’t leave her son alone in the boat! Her last Twitter was to live every day like it’s your last and tomorrow isn’t promised....
Brandine Nicole
Brandine Nicole:
This is heartbreaking. That poor little boy. I hope they find her alive 🙏
Radio Man
Radio Man:
I was literally watching a rupaul's drag race episode starring her an hour ago...
Daniel van der Merwe
Daniel van der Merwe:
Glee is evil
Michael Camacho
Michael Camacho:
Her son claimed that she "went underwater" and never returned?

She got kidnapped by the mermaids! Mami wata!
Madi Jordan
Madi Jordan:
please someone find her alive, i grew up watching glee and i looked forward to watching it. she was my fav char and i follow her on all social platforms and support her endlessly.. god please find her alive. i just can’t take 2020 anymore.
Jill Seufert
Jill Seufert:
Wonder if someone took her off the boat. Doesn't make sense she'd just go for a dip and leave him on there.
L Blue
L Blue:
People making conspiracies, have you never been to a lake before?? Tons of people park boats and go for swims in deep water without life jackets, and its very easy to overestimate how far you can swim and then accidentally drown.
Bad things happen to celebs just like they do to normal people. Sure, they’re more famous than normal people but ultimately they’re mortal fragile beings just like the rest of us.
I’ve nearly drown myself before doing the same thing. I parked a pontoon boat and swam to shore to grab a soda, only about 100 yards and my leg cramped, the only thing that saved me is i had on buoyant shoes that i used as makeshift floats till i made it to shore. Its incredibly easy to accidentally drown, especially if you’re not an experienced swimmer. I nearly drowned and I’ve been swimming all my life, I’m a certified scuba diver and i was a rower all through high school. I’m very competent in the water and I’ve nearly drowned multiple times.
Its unfortunate and unexpected, but to assume theres some grand conspiracy when hundreds of people drown every day is frankly absolutely insane.
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
Pray for her son. He lost his best friend, and will never fully know her the way he was supposed to.
Seems like a suicide attempt or stressing about quite alot, i mean did you see the way she was struggling to park her mercedes g wagon?!
David Stubbs
David Stubbs:
I feel like, it's a curse on the Glee cast... It seems like, every few years or so, one of them die.... JS it's a little Eerie if you stop and think about it...
International woman
International woman:
I'm surprised they still haven't found her in the water
Shae P
Shae P:
I wonder if we'll ever really know what happened...
Jessica DeTrant
Jessica DeTrant:
She could have had a spinal injury and was not able to move out of the water.
Anoniem Less
Anoniem Less:
maybe she wanted to drown with her son, but her son fought back and returned after the boat. her post on insta are all signs of depression
Trash Human
Trash Human:
The glee curse strikes again, I hope she is safe, I really hope
Obviously condolences to her friends and family. But I also feel really bad for all the fans of Glee. I never liked the show. But I know that there was some people who went crazy for the show, and loved it with all their heart. And I can only imagine all the tragedy that they have been through all these years. And I can't imagine being a stan of a TV show, and in less than 10 years having half of the cast die off in very unusual and problematic circumstances, to say the least.
Bayou Buster
Bayou Buster:
QUESTION: if the boat was “adrift” and all of the boats can’t find her, why aren’t they looking on land? Could she have swam to shore???
San Bruno
San Bruno:
Cynthia Sonmez
Cynthia Sonmez:
Love from Australia ❤️ I stopped swimming in any lake after seeing a documentary about Florida and all the exotic snakes crocodile sharks etc People set free in places they don't belong who knows what is in that lake with modern technology they should have found her by now Hope by some miracle she is found alive
Wait if glee is cursed.... Grant Gustin was in glee. Crap
Camryn Smith
Camryn Smith:
I just got over Cory’s death and now this😢😭🙏🙏
Wylde Bore
Wylde Bore:
It’s going to take some real focused effort to protect that little boy from a lifetime of psychological damage.
Annabel Porter
Annabel Porter:
im crying rn :(
Matthew Mayson
Matthew Mayson:
This is at least third dead glee cast member💀💀💀
miss rattie
miss rattie:
My heart goes out to her little boy xo
Stacie Wolfenbarger
Stacie Wolfenbarger:
How strange that her last post said “just the two of us.” As if someone really wanted to drive home the fact that they were “alone”
Md. Abul Azad
Md. Abul Azad:
This incident reminds me of the unsolved case of natelie wood
Kimsoekjins Water bottle
Kimsoekjins Water bottle:
She was my favorite glee actor in Glee
Daisy Fields
Daisy Fields:
That's heart breaking so sad 😢
Chilika Ny
Chilika Ny:
I swear if they found her dead, glee is curse!
I wonder who’s next in the glee family
This some final destination shit !!! 3 glee stars gone ,, I would be worried if I was a previous glee actor
G R:
I don't really want to make the link very definite but I dreamt Tuesday night (UK time)of a drowning of a girl very very similar to her. All I dreamt was that it was an awful way of drowning and when I woke up I thought I had dreamt of meghan markle. I said to myself I hope this will not happen for real. It lingered a bit throughout the day...but when I saw the story this morning I did wonder if I dreamt of this lady. Never dreamt of her little boy. Probably just be a big coincidence but the face is very similar. Have had some similar dream experiences before about earthquakes and people, one well known criminal in Holland and unknown people. Always unknown to me and always right before something sad had happened to them.

I hope she will be found for the sake of the little boy.
God bless him 🌺🌸🌺 and Naya...🌸🌺🌸
G maxwell is about to tell all I wonder if this was a suicide
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
Let this be a life lesson to everyone.. don’t know what’s at the bottom dont jump in, This lake is riddled with debris and dead trees/branches. with the visibility of a couple inches in front of your face, You may not be coming back.. Even with the lifevest ,Even though she wasn’t wearing one ..her vest was still on the boat.. Poor kid said to the police I saw mommy jump in ,, she never came up. rip
OMG what’s going on with glee, the show is cursed.
C C:
Praying for her safe return
Oui Bay
Oui Bay:
Hollyweird Sacrifice...
Amy Ablett
Amy Ablett:
Okay, so my mum told me about this earlier and as I watch glee she just told me that one of the people who played a cheerleader went missing. I had a weird feeling it would’ve been ‘Santana’. I really hope that she is okay!
Ritual sacrifice. Somebody killed her. This whole scenario stinks to high heaven!!! Smh
Seo Albert •
Seo Albert •:
istg glee casts keeps having negative news starting from suicide cases to disappearance
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez:
That Glee cast is cursed 😳
Ryan probably hired someone to off her..
Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez:
Oh now you want the police right? What happened to defund the police? The Hypocrisy
Sarah J. Addison
Sarah J. Addison:
Prayers and hopes for Naya
Please god let her make it home safe and sound 🙏
it's so heartbreaking...I'm praying her to be safe and sound 💗
Jim Menard
Jim Menard:
Hmm yah sure and Something else is going on here and if it's to good to be true it usually is.
This is hard to believe...I pray they find her and hope she is somehow alive even if they presume she is gone.
Kathy Franklin
Kathy Franklin:
So much sadnesses within one cast. 🤨
The water's making the diver's job harder to see her body at the bottom of the lake
Katherine Hovey
Katherine Hovey:
I am saddened by this. Please pray for her and her son . I hope shes found soon.
Jo Lil
Jo Lil:
Divers?! Why? Do they expect to find her chilling on the bottom or something?
Conservative LatinaUSA
Conservative LatinaUSA:
Naya...l hope they find u...😢😢 your baby needs you.
Dreaming Insomniac Artist -DIA-
Dreaming Insomniac Artist -DIA-:
Her son needs her. Please be alive! 🙏 He needs and LOVES you! Please don't make him suffer a life without a loving mum. . .
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat:
Praying that she is found and her family is okay !🙏
If I could dedicate a song to this sad and delight moment to her it would be
Anyone—Demi Lovato and If I Die Young—Glee Cast Version... 😔
There’s still hope. Please pray for her and her family and friends ♥️
Mr B
Mr B:
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed:
What’s up with glee cast members
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang:
3 deaths for glee, maybe 3 .
Celebrity's deaths are always more important than peasants. 🖕
Will Fong
Will Fong:
Really sad ☹️ small chance she's alive but highly unlikely
Gato 008
Gato 008:
Oh God..... I hope she's alright but it SDs bad 🙁🙁🙏✌️I will pray ✝️❣️
I don’t understand she just jumped in and disappeared, she didn’t even struggle or anything, I just hope she is ok
Amelie _French
Amelie _French:
Surely if she was drowning she would have yelled or said something??
Spy-Jonas plays
Spy-Jonas plays:
I really hope she is only lost and couldn't find her way and not somewhere in that lake. 😢 Prayers to the family. ❤🙏
Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan:
Did Ryan Dorsey do it?
axel lee
axel lee:
I hope she Will found alive Naya😭😭
Luis Novoa
Luis Novoa:
Oh no! 😨 God I hope she’s ok.
Ignaz S.
Ignaz S.:
It was Leah Michelle's fault.
Fitness first CPT
Fitness first CPT:
I loved loved loved her character from GLEE ugh
Mario Garcia
Mario Garcia:
Feels a bit sketchy
Molly Walker
Molly Walker:
I'm crying
"Lake Piru "is notorious for drownings...Most were inexperienced swimmers who were not wearing life jackets and were overconfident about their ability to navigate restricted areas of the waters..." https://pagesix.com/2020/07/09/lake-piru-where-naya-rivera-is-presumed-dead-notorious-for-drownings/
Robd1 replies
Robd1 replies:
..ironic she talked bad about her ex from the show! Guess that show was cursed!!
rosa spanjol
rosa spanjol:
My God ...in some pictures she looks like Kim Kardashian-Jenner!
Dead Planet
Dead Planet:
This is what happens when you don't sign that contract in blood to satan and you know too much