DITO TELECOMMUNITY STOCKS REVIEW | BUY, SELL OR HOLD? | With short overview of Telecoms Industry

Hi guys! Finally made a review of DITO Telecommunity after so many requests. Sorry naman. Here's my honest feedback and some information I think relevant for your decision whether to buy, sell or hold. I have recommendations but always take note that the decision will always be yours to make and something that will give you peace and let you sleep at night.

?‍♀️Collection of Articles link blog: http://1kagemusha.blogspot.com/2018/06/inthe-news-ismism-communications.html
?‍♀️Globe website gives so many info about telecoms industry https://www.globe.com.ph/about-us/newsroom/corporate/lgus-supporting-more-cell-sites.html
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Albert Grant
Albert Grant:
in order to make profits in the stock market, one has to have a good strategy and proper knowledge of how the holders manipulate the market.
Icoy Vlog
Icoy Vlog:
For me DITO is for long term so as much as i can i have to buy more since it is very cheap, in coming years maybe 10 years from now i will be reap what i sow, just like PLDT before it was so cheap when it was started in market. I believe DITO will go as much as skies the limit it will go for sky rocket so wait for that momentum :)
Night Parade
Night Parade:
i think marami ang susubok ng kanilang service kahit di pa proven.. dahil kasi maraming subscriber na wala ng tiwala sa globe at smart..
Moises Garcia
Moises Garcia:
wag ka mag alala meron ng share tower agreement ang NTC kaya pwede maki share ang Dito telecom sa tower ng Pldt at globe kaya wag mo isipin yung kakulangan sa tower everything is in process"
Hey It's Dy
Hey It's Dy:
Subscribed grabe you did research talaga thanks. Got in at 1 pesos level haha
Virgie Bernigal
Virgie Bernigal:
I am interested in DITO business franchising.
rob ord
rob ord:
thanks for the info. now i learned that dito is still a proposed project.
Hezron Herald Tan
Hezron Herald Tan:
Nice analysis:) Very speculative play si DITO when it comes to long-term valuation. For now we can just make from short-term volatility
David Jr. Dable
David Jr. Dable:
Thank you, Chi. Love your analysis always. Btw i like your
positive aura😊😚
Good that i bought in May. Dito shooted up and printed money for me.
Lu kim Chou
Lu kim Chou:
Fundamental analyst pala to si mam haha lupet . Mam pwede sama nyo yong anual rate ,management statement and management highlight.
Jorome Aurelio
Jorome Aurelio:
March 2021 po yung commercial roll-out.. More power on your channel! Looking forward for upcoming vidz!
Mixed Videos
Mixed Videos:
Hi new subscriber here, reminds me of kap when I heard the word juicy. 😂🤣😂
Ronie Mapatac
Ronie Mapatac:
Any idea , how much for the rent of my own land to build a cell tower ( DITO TELCO ) 100mtrs to school close from pulbic .from mindanao
Vhel Mar
Vhel Mar:
Actually I do appreciate this video. But for those who did not do their research, this video might create an overwhelming feeling and might discourage them eventually due to some small things that were mentioned here that are not actually that BIG to digest. If you are afraid because DITO has only 200 employees and how can they build towers with that limited people, PLEASE DON'T. DITO Telecommunity Corp. has inked separate agreements with Leo Technologies Infrastructure Corp. and Alt-Global Solutions Inc. for the provision of common towers and in-building solutions to speed up the rollout of its telco services. DITO earlier tapped SkyCable Inc., Chavit Singson’s LCS Holdings, China Energy Equipment Co. and Flipino-Malaysian consortium ZEAL Power Construction and Development Corp. to build more cell sites in the country. So it is all about partnership after all to fast-track the projects. Lastly, DITO can call request for leeway/ grace period from the government in the ground of FORCE MAJEURE due to this pandemic. But they did not do it (not yet) since they knew that they can really deliver the commitment being made by them. So for my advice, BUY, HOLD AND SELL YOUR STOCKS AFTER 5 YEARS. SEE YOU FUTURE MILLIONAIRES! POSITIVE VIBES LANG.
Jobel Ribas
Jobel Ribas:
Kept on sharing this, fully supports this kind of content. Would you be able to give insigths on MPI post covid and GMA7 post shutdown ABS?
paul ladera
paul ladera:
Very informative! Thank you for free learnings! More power to you Ma'am!
Alvin Phoebe Artemis Valdez
Alvin Phoebe Artemis Valdez:
Mga sir, baka makatulong sa investing and trading ninyo. News consolidator para sa Telco sa pinas. :) Thanks.

Mas ICE dito
Mas ICE dito:
Thanks po, New subscriber here... Anyway ano po kaya ang magandang stocks na bibilhin po sa ngayon while waiting for DITO? New Investor din po pala ako kaka open lng ng account sa Broker 🤗
mikka orteza
mikka orteza:
Waiting for Converge ICT IPO analysis :)
Wala na po kayo bago upload? Pwede ba yung next upload mo yung insight ngayon week na medyo maganda yung week ng Ph market at kanina nag EOD around 6.2k salamat. Godbless dj Rachi..
Kids for Fun
Kids for Fun:
I recommend panuorin si
Palaboy Trader. He has much detailed pictures to show.
LivinLaVida Fam
LivinLaVida Fam:
Ang galing mo naman tol, idol :) Love you keep it up!!
Earl Bond
Earl Bond:
I hope you can make a PART 2 for this for the new updates :)
Norstad Gimenez
Norstad Gimenez:
Wag na po kau mag invest sa DITO. Kami n lng. Hahaha
Raffy Montemayor
Raffy Montemayor:
Ano po stock symbol ng Dito sa PSE.com?? un po bang "DITO" na Dito CME Holdings Corporation??
hAkdOg TV
hAkdOg TV:
Government will help the dito telco for the permits.
Be Ognare
Be Ognare:
Grabe dami ko natutunan about Telecommunications! Napaka informative, hindi lng kay DITO but it covers pretty much all Telecom Companies! Good job on this content!
I love you😂 gusto ko toh makausap araw araw...parang lahat ng tanong masasagot nya ehh🥰
Arzel Mercado
Arzel Mercado:
I'm a SAQ officer of Gen Con ng Dito, at sobrang dami nilang sub contractor
Elmer Godinez
Elmer Godinez:
New subs looking forward for your success
Elaine Reyes
Elaine Reyes:
Nice!! Very informative.... Thank you for the Information.... More power for you ma'am
Nerd Peck
Nerd Peck:
IS DITO CME IS THE 3rd telco?
Vhindomz TV
Vhindomz TV:
Thanks for this video I've got an idea about third Telco.. niyakap na din Poh kita.. Sana pasyal ka din sa bahay Koh Madam..
Ganda mo po Chi single ka po ba?
Night Parade
Night Parade:
nagtataka lang ako chi - kung bakit mas importante ang post paid, samantalang milyong pera din naman tingin ko ang na gegenerate ng prepaid internet service..
Kelly Cruz
Kelly Cruz:
Thank you!
Thanks for some information
June Ferrer
June Ferrer:
Tanong kolang possible ba mag stock split sa DITO Dillution after July 2020 meeting nila?
dennis bais
dennis bais:
Hindi mo lang alam kung ano ang tunay na nangyayari...you have to do more research abiut DITO kung paano sila mag mobilize at paano ung logistic nila..
Updated Nemesis
Updated Nemesis:
Di po ba under ng Globe ang SUN cellular? Just asking lang po. Thanks for reply
Tidbits by Queenie
Tidbits by Queenie:
Heya, I just joined your community! I find your inputs very insightful. I started to become an investor during this COVID season and been shopping a lot of big companies lol coz tech analysis is a bit too much for me now although still learning the ropes. I recently came across DITO and was planning to purchase it already considering that they're gonna do a tech launch this July however you made me reconsider things. This video made me realize how close to nil my knowledge is in this spectrum haha Anyways, looking forward to more of your vids :D :D
John Calungsod
John Calungsod:
Bakit po hindi na ako nakikinig sayo.. sa muka mo la nalang ako nakatingin.😊
Mera rose Puyogao
Mera rose Puyogao:
hello po gd day mam/ sir..mayron mag rent sa lupa namin for 10 years 5m.for 500 sqmtrs...yng 2m para sa agent ..ang 3m punta sa owner ng lupa ..tama po ba ??
Emman Guiller Romera
Emman Guiller Romera:
Madam wag masyado cute mag explain. nakakawala sa focus sa pakikinig. :D
bok timmy
bok timmy:
Maam. Saan poyde mag apply as company driver sa office nyo na DITO. Dati aq company driver sa huawei phil.
Vincent Jay Valenzona
Vincent Jay Valenzona:
Sa palagay ko unti unti naman nirerepaso ang beurucracy dyan sa DICT para ma hasten ang mga permits ng mga towers na iyan, tsaka bat pa kokonsolta sa mga rebels? 🤷🏻‍♂️
DITO stock code is for DITO CME Holding not for DITO Telecommunity.
BoxingBall TV
BoxingBall TV:
im certified ditonatics
shano dee
shano dee:
Common tower Agreement. Private companies built tower/location and tel co leases them. Win win. Since you can 3 telecoms on 1 tower location/1 permit.
Workout To be Fittest
Workout To be Fittest:
Kung magpapatayo sana ng maraming towers ang globe para mapabilis ang internet. Mas maraming mag aavail ng postpaid nila.
Hindi nila hit yung target, kasi I think dahil sa pandemic, but once na okey na lahat baka mas marami pa.. wag cguro tayo mag assume agad.
Ferdinand Talidong
Ferdinand Talidong:
Dito sa PINAS dinidiscourage mag negosyo ang mga TAO kaya mahirap ang PINAS. Mag open ka palang ng negosyo napakahirap na kasi daming buwaya na dapat paka inin. Sa US tutulungan kapa sa govt, dito hihilahin ka sa prosesso at corruption.
Ang Champion TV
Ang Champion TV:
They can do that. You wait! Dito samin parang kabute ang DITO tower nagtayuan kada barangay. What can you say about that?
Vj Same
Vj Same:
The 3rd telco in the Philippines.... Tara na DITO na Tayo...lipat na!
Kids for Fun
Kids for Fun:
To add on that, frequencies can be brought out with wider and much stable highways like with much advance technologies.
Hi new subscriber po hiring naba ang Dito mam ano ba ang websita nila tnx po sa reply
Mam Chi, what are the possibility that DITO Telco will list separate company sa PSE... as per latest ASM kasi... it sounds na parang ganun kasi...
ynamarie Embac
ynamarie Embac:
Naku abs-cbn pa nga eh fake new lagi pinapalabas noon
kumuha sila ng mga contractor sa bawat area na pag tatayuan ng mga tower para mapa bilis ang construction, hindi naman pwede na iisa lang ang gagawa sa dami ng tower na kailangan nila gawin.
Den G
Den G:
Thanks for sharing ur knowledge
Travel Forever66
Travel Forever66:
Thanks for sharing po.. Holder din po ako ng DITO
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez:
nice content! saan po mag invest sa DITO? what is the recommend broker i can join?
elnar demontano
elnar demontano:
How to invest?
ma'am pa idea nmn po hanggang san abutin ang stocks ni dito until end of 4th qr. ... or baba sya sa Nov. Decmber malimit ng yayari sa stock.. pa assist nmn po kasi mag invest ako.. kasi kay Col hindi pa naka lagay sa investment guide kasi diba sabi top 30 for every 6months ang suggest investment ang andoon, kaya na ngangapa ako kong tuloy kuba o hindi baka kasi bumagsak ng decmber short time lng ako or long time.
Ramil bio
Ramil bio:
Hi..madam mayron po ako d2 lot for rent puede nio po tayuan ng celsite.or bilhen..loc..lazaan nagcarlan laguna..tapat lng po ng tower ng globe
Dominador Navarroza
Dominador Navarroza:
Paano po ba makapag start bumili ng stocks? Please reply thanks. Im interested
John Calungsod
John Calungsod:
Ganda nyo po.. Pinay na pinay😊
Right Path
Right Path:
Recommendations ata ni pres yan tutulongan nya yan mapabilis
Sarah Delima
Sarah Delima:
can I ask how to invest with DITO... please give me an email or phone thanks
rhea-san •
rhea-san •:
Ako Hindi ako excited baka parang converge Rin ata. Dati mabilis converge ngayon. Mabagal na
artartart jejejerome
artartart jejejerome:
Makaka affect po ba yung sinabi ni quiboloy na stop na yung mababagal na network and pasok new telco? 😂
I'm kidding, new subscriber here.. Hahah
excellents god bless philippines japan tigers of the south we modernized more good luck to all ............. GOD BE WITH US PHILIPPINES .........
TRUST ME Im an Engineer
TRUST ME Im an Engineer:
ang cute mo po
Xavier Ingosan
Xavier Ingosan:
paanu po mag invest?? anu po una steps??
Daniel Dumaraos
Daniel Dumaraos:
Thanks for in-depth analysis.
The common tower policy, which would allow multiple telecommunications (telco) networks to use the same towers resulting in faster rollout and cheaper services of DITO Tel
newbie trdr
newbie trdr:
Nice one ms. Chi! -jaboy
thanks po s info👍
May Villanueva
May Villanueva:
What platform you can recommend to buy a DITO stocks? Thank you
BaLotte Family
BaLotte Family:
galing po very helpful thanks
Keep Moving
Keep Moving:
Thank you for your insights miss chi. ♥️
Hanap din tayo ng subscriber for Money and chi, push natin ang 400 this time.
Marloun Polancos
Marloun Polancos:
mali yata yang highway na sample mo maam,if globe and smart may highway na pro dalawang lane lng ginawa nila congested tlaga,if ang DITO gagawa ng highway pro 4 lanes ginawa nila baka hindi na congested yan.wala ng traffic yan.
Mila Bermudez
Mila Bermudez:
Mam pwedi po malaman contact. Ng dito telecom. Kasi po waiting kme sakanila. Mkita nila mga site nmin na pwedi nila pag tayuan ng towet thank u mam. Mam baka po pwedi itext nio sa number ko 09667526596. Mraming salakat po im rexter mendrez po thank u. Nkichat ljg at wala pasila update ung mga ahente dito slamt
Strong Tayu
Strong Tayu:
March 2021 not 2020 po ✌
Rhando Jhon Duran
Rhando Jhon Duran:
Paano po mag stocks? tia
Ramil bio
Ramil bio:
At mayron din po ako s matnog...pm nio lng po ako.. ramil bio.. po fb ko or call me po anytime..09369632793
Apolonia Love
Apolonia Love:
magsisimula n ba ang DITO TELICOM.kung.maghahanap sila mg rent n lupa .my pinaretent ako 918 squer miter s silng cavite
Dadami ang subscriber kapag mababa ang singil. Ang problema sa dalawang telecom ang mahal ng rate nila.
hiace tv
hiace tv:
gusto ko maniwala sq pongasasavi mo kso tawa k ng tawa
Raytardo Dawise
Raytardo Dawise:
Woah that mouth is too distracting 😋
Mabilis kaya mobile legends dyan
Emmanuel Garil
Emmanuel Garil:
Where to trade po?
Tech Ride
Tech Ride:
Where can i buy dito stocks?
Joleji Ribas
Joleji Ribas:
Hi would you be able to research and share abt Dito stock dilution re to its issuance of 40B sharead from current. Thanks Chi
Arnold Carganilla
Arnold Carganilla:
Are you a fund manager?
The Mon of Steel
The Mon of Steel:
Is DITO CME Holding Corp. Different from DITO Telecom????
ryan dito
ryan dito:
newbie po sa stock trading e2 talaga company unang napansin ko parang best potential para sa homerun yumaman haha, i mean 2pesos lng kasi per stock comparing sa pldt at globe n 1.2k and 2k per stock, kaya ang naiisip ko is after 3 to 5 years baka matapatan ung 2 telco giant and potential din n matapatan stock price