Disney Plus' Hamilton Review (2020)

Disney+'s Hamilton is an extraordinary gift to Hamilfans and anyone aching to go back to Broadway. However, while this access to Hamilton should be lauded, the execution of this recording is flawed. A lot of fantastic stage productions can fall flat or feel staid when taped, a pitfall that Hamilton avoids. However, the cinematography, editing, and the direction that urged the performers to ignore the at-home audience keeps it from feeling cinematic. In short, Hamilton the stage show may be a 10 out of 10. But this filmed version falls short by repeatedly reminding the audience of what we missed by not being there.

With book, music, and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda and direction by Thomas Kail, Hamilton is inspired by the book "Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow. The 11-time-Tony Award-, Grammy Award-, Olivier Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning stage musical stars: Daveed Diggs as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson; Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler; Jonathan Groff as King George; Christopher Jackson as George Washington; Jasmine Cephas Jones as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds; Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton; Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr; Okieriete Onaodowan as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison; Anthony Ramos as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton; and Phillipa Soo as Eliza Hamilton.

Hamilton debuts on Disney+ on July 3, 2020.


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“The performers ignored the at-home audience.” I’m sorry was Lin supposed to wink at the camera every chance he got?
Of course this isn't a film. I don't know anyone who thought it was.
This is the worst review of anything I've ever seen ever. Just totally missed the mark.
Scotty Bishop
Scotty Bishop:
One of the concerns listed is that the actors play to the audience in the room instead of to the cameras? Why is that a criticism? That’s how plays and musicals work. You play to your audience.
Lex is
Lex is:
It's not their fault that you were not in the room where it happened
The room where it happened
The room where it happened.
John Knoop
John Knoop:
It's not supposed to feel cinematic like an actual movie, personally I'd much rather they play it like a normal stage musical since that's exactly what I would have wanted to see by being there! It's not like when you're one of a thousand people in an audience that theyre playing directly to you and because of the distance you end up missing alot of detail unless you had expensive seats. I think part of the issue here is that this was marketed as "Hamifilm" when it's not really. I'd imagine they're still planning on making an actual Hamifilm in the future! I actually saw the show in Toronto and I expect in several ways this will be better... Apart from being much cheaper!
Jeff Devlin
Jeff Devlin:
The cast wasnt instructed to play to a fake audence... for parts of the recording there was an actual audience. It was recorded over two seperate shows I believe, with several songs recorded seperatly in front of an empty theater so that the cameras could move around and get close up shots. Because of this particular setup, it means they would want to be consistant and act as if there was an audience there the entire time, so that there wouldnt be a weird disconnect.
alec dewar
alec dewar:
“Reminding the audience that we weren’t in the room where it happened “
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris:
9/10 it really makes you FEEL like Hamilton.
Marc-André Ménard
Marc-André Ménard:
Now that I've seen this version of the show, this review is even more ridiculous than I first expected XD
Aaron H. Babin
Aaron H. Babin:
When you record a staged production. I'd much rather the cast play to the theater audience then the viewer at home. Because you're now asking the cast to learn entirely new blocking. And it would be weird spiking the camera on a musical
Joseph Hayward
Joseph Hayward:
It's a solid 10/10. The camera work is incredible. This is a real treat seeing things close up. The camera work was my biggest concern, not sure what IGN saw, this is fantastic 👏
this reviewer totally misses the point IMHO.
Imagine wanting the entire cast to relearn blocking, choreography, and lighting they did for countless productions... just for a single film
Pevita Pearce
Pevita Pearce:
It might be flawed but now everybody can finally see Hamilton especially people outside the US
It’s not supposed to feel like a movie!!!!
Bryan Gonzalez
Bryan Gonzalez:
So you can’t see all there emotions close up like you were in the theater 🤣🤣🤣 swear review at ign are the dumbest
"Everybody gangsta till someone puts the ham in Hamilton"


It has a little something for everyone
Josh H
Josh H:
Id be surprised if this person ever performed on stage...this performance was 15/10
Captain Dugog
Captain Dugog:
Jacksfilms worked hard to make it to Disney plus.
4k Ethan
4k Ethan:
It really makes you FEEL like you’re Alexander Hamilton 10/10
IGN: Hamilton the stage show may be a 10 out of 10. But this filmed version falls short by repeatedly reminding the audience of what we missed by not being there
Also IGN: 8/10
why not
why not:
I love how every comment is just tearing this review apart. You missed the mark IGN.
Nicolas Pellowski
Nicolas Pellowski:
*spends 4 minutes talking about how it doesn't work in this format*

.....I'm pretty sure if I had been in a theatre I'd have been so far back I'd have seen even less....
And I'd have seen yet less if the acting had been done to a camera instead of in the direction of the audience.
Then again I'm not American so I wouldn't have seen the thing at all but logic arguments must still be made.
Miles L.
Miles L.:
are you KIDDING me with this review. nearly every single critique is invalid.
The Fcking Lizard King
The Fcking Lizard King:
Seems like the reviewer just really wanted this to be an actual film instead of a stage recording. I much preferred it the way it was done.
LMAO this has to be the dumbest review i've ever seen
Michael Chisholm
Michael Chisholm:
I think I'll wait to criticise a review till after I've seen it said no comment ever.
Richie Herrera
Richie Herrera:
Really lousy review lmao, they never said it was a film
This play really makes you feel like Hamilton 10/10
I think it’s a perfect filming of the show.
Lex is
Lex is:
Who cares whether it was cinematic. Did Disney edit the stage play to make it child friendly?
I'm gonna be honest the only reason I clicked on this was cause the guy in the thumbnail played Amys brother in b99
Shy Green
Shy Green:
Lol. 10/10 for me. My family and I watched it all day yesterday and we’re watching it now LOL.
Tom McDaniel
Tom McDaniel:
I'm always shocked when I find an IGN review with more likes than dislikes.
Trisha Cullen
Trisha Cullen:
As soon as the reviewer said “But understand, this is not a film.” and “clunky cinematography” I knew it wouldn’t be watching the snarky reviewer again.
I'm just excited to see it for myself regardless of any perceived issues.
Well it was pushed up over a year from it's original planned release, so editing/angles may not be as optimal as they could have been
Nope, you are nitpicking and biased. I win. Bye, bye!
IGN not understanding how filmed play’s work
向洋 Nathan Hartono
向洋 Nathan Hartono:
um. but, actors aren’t supposed to look at you in movies or in theatres shows. I don’t understand the criticism on this, pls explain.
Sam Graef
Sam Graef:
I don’t why I’m watching this. I started listening to it 4 years ago and haven’t stopped.
carlson 34-7
carlson 34-7:
I remember actually watching the musical and literally was left jaw dropped
"An utter failure. 8 out of 10."

Matthew Bradley
Matthew Bradley:
“This isn’t a film”? Really? Do we get to decide what is and isn’t a film now?

It’s a work of art... with actors and a story... that plays out on film.

That’s a film. Just because it isn’t shot in a studio in a traditional way doean’t discount that.

Get your head out of your butt. Lol
8/10 It has a little something for everybody
It really makes you feel like hamilton
Captain Motorcycle
Captain Motorcycle:
"Unsung founding father"
He's on the $10 spot, bro
Nihlus 74
Nihlus 74:
IGN has always been pretty harsh when it comes to reviewing any film/show. One of my favorite broadway plays that was recorded is “Newsies” they did a fantastic job!
안 두선
안 두선:
I’ve watched it 4 times. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius
Hayden Crandall
Hayden Crandall:
I’m going to assume this is the first time this guy has watched a play recording. This is how they all are. It’s not a movie. It’s literally a recording of a play often for study and/or theatre fans.
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say:
I don't think the reviewer knows what a play is.
Love... Loved it!! I was blessed to see the performance twice with this amazing cast!! Still get chills and tears watching this!!
Breno Henrique
Breno Henrique:
In the future we will use vr headsets to see musicals and plays.
It really makes you FEEL like Hamilton.
That Guy
That Guy:
I gotta agree with the camera work. Especially during Yorktown performance. Compare that performance to the tony awards, and you can see the differences. Sure it provides some variety, but it felt misplaced during some scene. But i know that they played to the audience and not the camera and still, Hamilton had become my favorite broadway musical ever since i discovered it in 2018. 10/10, would turn the world upside down again.
Hamilton went from "unsung" to "very sung", now.
Den Fajardo
Den Fajardo:
I don't really follow IGN but does this guy voice the CineFix top tens as well
Imam. TNT
Imam. TNT:
"Not much Hamilton 8/10"
I have seen the stage performance and watched the Disney plus recording. Both 10/10.
Targus Macintosh
Targus Macintosh:
Thumbnail almost looks like Kat Williams
Imagine going to the theater in 2020
Pumpkin Ghost
Pumpkin Ghost:
I can’t wait to watch this again, Ngl
ovidiu cismaru
ovidiu cismaru:
Makes me feel at school 0/10
Angelo Miller
Angelo Miller:
Didn't know the guy from that one episode of how I met your mother was on Broadway
Aaron Jan
Aaron Jan:
Has this reviewer been to a theatre before? the cinematography captures the blocking and the stage pictures. Come on, IGN!
Eric Montiel
Eric Montiel:
Duuuude idk what IGNs problem is all the time. I thought it was phenomenal and 10/10 without question. You get BETTER shots in this than you would at the play.
Steven Kaminiski
Steven Kaminiski:
I watched it on 100 inch screen and it looked fine
Sant Arellano
Sant Arellano:
Is this the Cinefix guy that I'm hearing???
arabian psycho
arabian psycho:
ign give this 8
i will never watch it
Jo E
Jo E:
IGN Fails at reviews yet again... Lord
Phil Corrigan
Phil Corrigan:
This is a terrible review. You spend most of the time criticising it for not being a film? Wtf? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Khualboi Ngaihte
Khualboi Ngaihte:
That's Lee Scoresby 🤔
Jay Arby
Jay Arby:
Not real enough
Hamilton looks like adult Bud Bundy.
Gabby Tech
Gabby Tech:
nice movie ;D
Art Sin
Art Sin:
Lewis Hamilton..
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott:
Didn’t Larry David fall asleep during this?
Archie Hunter
Archie Hunter:
I never saw the musical and never wanted some meh movie adaptation, I like how they didn’t do a movie and instead you get to see the musical with only small differences. I don’t think anyone wanted a rushed movie adaptation. This is the best thing we could have gotten.
emith ocasio
emith ocasio:
I never heard of hamilton, but now i migth watch it
halohalo cremadeleche
halohalo cremadeleche:
i knew IGN wouldt get it
Draconia Drawing
Draconia Drawing:
It was amazing
I love how they had a mainly gaming company reviews a tony best musical and say oh this is bad it’s a potshot not a Oscar movie
omri haze
omri haze:
I disagree with basically everything negative you said
If I have one critique it is that in the beginning some of the songs didn't really sync well in terms of balance (and tuning in one specific instance) but as everyone got more comfortable with the stage everything became the experience that I felt actually seeing and hearing the play for the first time. (Goldsberry can really fill up a stage goddamn!)
Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper:
Never seen a play or musical in my life, I’m an MCU kind of guy, but I will say that having watched Hamilton on Disney Plus, I’m absolutely hooked. Great cast, great routines, great songs, great story. 10/10 for me, will see go see the show the first available change I get. Brilliant.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman:
Is this reviewer serious?
Jaime- Kun
Jaime- Kun:
Why are you guys even reviewing this
Dan H.
Dan H.:
Rent did the same thing
Nancy Salch
Nancy Salch:
I was disappointed with production of Hamilton. I’m glad I never spent the money to see it on Broadway.
I enjoyed it. 😁 A+
Misfit 636
Misfit 636:
Ewwwww I got this in my recommended 🤮
Jay Eastman
Jay Eastman:
I get the feeling this guy does not know what he is talking about
I loved it. Flaws and all
Erroneous Botch
Erroneous Botch:
But does it make you feel like Spider-Man?
Tamara Epps
Tamara Epps:
Impressive that you've reviewed a recording that has not actually been released yet.
Hannah Cahill
Hannah Cahill:
I'm soo mad I cant watch it again I lonely watched it at school. And my parents wont got us disnyplus I really want to watch it again.