Did Marsha P. Johnson Start the 1969 Stonewall Riots?

On a hot June night in 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a well-known gay bar in New York City, as they had many times before. This time, customers fought back. The uprising launched a national movement for LGBTQ rights. Many believe the powder keg exploded when a trans woman named Marsha P. Johnson threw a shot glass that shattered the mirror behind the bar. It wouldn't have been her first feat of activism. Decades later, when she was found dead, others had to advocate for her justice.

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Tina Butterfly
Tina Butterfly:
Thanks for sharing. I hadn't heard about the Stonewall riot.
Mary Noellia S
Mary Noellia S:
A Document about her is streaming on Netflix if anyone is interested. Have a blessed day.
Who Cares
Who Cares:
This is why all gay life matters we went through a lot back then
Beltane Baby
Beltane Baby:
I’m a teacher in the UK and I teach this. It’s not on the curriculum but I teach it. Marsha is on my wall 💕
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Hmmmmm this is complicated
No one knows for sure who threw the first rock and started the riot. What's important is that they fought back against their oppressors. When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes a Duty. ✊
Fae Drake
Fae Drake:
It's because of people like her, this community still has a chance.
Marko Antonio
Marko Antonio:
I remember "Miss Marsha" well from the late 70's in the village and seeing her in Cherry Grove on Fire Island !
Paris is burning! ❤ Thank you RuPaul for teaching me about this wonderful human being!
Rat Baby
Rat Baby:
Damn so many homophobic people
This was soooo interesting. I was born in the 80’s and had never heard her story until now. Happy that I now have.
R C:
Thank you Marsha P. Johnson 🙏🏽🙌🏽

And thank you Inside Edition for doing this piece.
Smiling Anayah
Smiling Anayah:
Dude they don't teach the most important people in school.
Keren Rosales
Keren Rosales:
Long live Marsha 💛
I'm going to Boystown, Chicago the 30th for my first pride parade ever after coming out as lesbian and I'm trying to educate myself before then. I've never felt more pride being part of such a beautiful community. ❤
Marsha P. Johnson is not trans, he literally stated that he is gay and does drag. I don't know where the trans part came from.

nice activist though
Aliyyah Yishrael
Aliyyah Yishrael:
Thank you for posting this video, especially with Pride Month coming up very soon!
African goth girl
African goth girl:
Now this is news giving information on something or someone that might not be talked about in school thanks Inside Edition
mia Williams
mia Williams:
Thank inside edition for covering this story and not forgeting. Also thank you marsha p johnson for standing strong. The stone wall riot .yess we love you marsha and miss you.😀😀😀😀💖💖💖💖💖
never heard about her before! thank you for making a video about this, such an inspiring person!💖🏳️‍🌈
She actually didn’t start it. She said multiple times that she never started it
Mikki DDW
Mikki DDW:
James Campton
James Campton:
Such a brilliant investigation into The Stonewall Riots and especially what went on during a time of hate and abuse for the LGTBQ community. Love to see more of these type of videos IE.
This is some more history I'mma Learn
Raven soriano
Raven soriano:
I remember being 14 years old hanging downtown with the gay and lesbian community and the drag queens and truth be told that was the first and only time in my life that I felt free and I could be I wish I could be just as strong as of them and be myself I wish I didn't care what anybody would think of me I wish I could just say I'm gay deal with it this hard
A P:
I saw the stonewall movie and made me cry, thank you for sharing this for more to learn the roots of Pride. 🏳️‍🌈
Aastha Bisht
Aastha Bisht:
Have cops ever been on the right side of history?
Parker Wolf
Parker Wolf:
LIES!! Stop transing the dead & rewriting LGB history! This is despicable how you float the false trans narrative that (a) Marsha was a trans woman & (b) he started the riots. In interviews, he & Sylvia admit to being across town trying to score when Butch LESBIAN of color, Stormé Delerverie (sp?) started fighting w/cops & asked the crowd if they were going to help HER. THAT'S what started the riots! NOT this dude. 🤬🤬🤬
Michael Miller
Michael Miller:
Definitely sounds like a cover-up on the case..
revisiting this with everything going on now. #powertothepeople
thank you for sharing about the Stonewall Riot. i had never heard about this. i’m definitely more interested to read and research more about this!
2:03 N O I C E
I have seen the stonewall, but never knew what happends there,thanks
But in an audio she said she got there when the riots already was going on
Hank Terreros
Hank Terreros:
And in her honor and memory bite into something besides the "big apple". The "L.G.B.T. & Q." Hoagie sandwich. That's "Lettace, Guacamole(avocado), Bacon, Tomato(tomatoe), & Queso(cheese)". Served in any type bread or bun that you like, because it's a free country.
Tre’ Blaze
Tre’ Blaze:
this was amazing thank you for this great history lesson
oml i never knew this
why don’t they teach this stuff in schools?
Ryan Atkinson
Ryan Atkinson:
Thanks inside edition for covering the story
Daniel Pets Daniel Pets
Daniel Pets Daniel Pets:
Why did you guys use a picture of Missouri when it happened in New York
We love you Marsha p Johnson ❤️❤️❤️❤️r.i.p girl
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter:
This is very inspirational, thank you for this video.
“The streets” 😭 6:18
Amaya Rodriguez
Amaya Rodriguez:
rest in power queen <3
Melina Tinoco
Melina Tinoco:
Thank you for teaching me this
South Paw
South Paw:
Awesome!!! Awesome!!
There’s something going around U.S.A
Called the “zombie deer”
Zombie deer is just a nick name the real name is CWD
and the zombie deer is real!
Miss top hat rose Rose
Miss top hat rose Rose:
D: I’m sad I love all people ok ):
Excellent piece. Thank you.
Ben Fizz
Ben Fizz:
She wasn't even there. She or he, admitted this. Theres so many untruths about stone wall. It's was mainly white gay men and a handful if drag queens.
Honey Milano
Honey Milano:
And I’m here because she started these riots and till this day I feel she was murdered by police 💯💯💯💯😭
i z z y
i z z y:
Thank u for the info :)
Dreaded World
Dreaded World:
Who would murder someone like her ? Why would anyone do that ? She needs a Memorial built for her 🏳️‍🌈 rest in peace miss Johnson 🏳️‍🌈
mr minecraft
mr minecraft:
I was walking passed that very same bar or club at time. But that was about 2 weeks before the shooting. Me and my friends wondered what was going on in there?
Dom Dom
Dom Dom:
Thank you for not forgetting about this.
Mike Barber
Mike Barber:
The riot started outside with Stormi being arrested and asking the crowd for help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storm%C3%A9_DeLarverie
How to destory every think REAL n make it all fake
#Wake up
·emilythecat· hey
·emilythecat· hey:
Thxs alot we love you all. And thxs for the Fun thing you put
Kaylie Langley
Kaylie Langley:
Is it just me your does that one girl do most of this stuff
Kittii A.
Kittii A.:
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖 😢🙏🏾
Kasha Taylor
Kasha Taylor:
No they discriminate against their own.🤤Wow
Roachy -
Roachy -:
What was ur first thought when u saw the title
Just a person being stupid
Just a person being stupid:
Answer to the title: Yes
Jae Jeter
Jae Jeter:
Thank you Marsha!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Cody Wong
Cody Wong:
This is a beautiful story 😭😭🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😻
Kendra Talbot
Kendra Talbot:
What a beautiful soul that could have stopped the prejudice way before this time if she hadn't been killed before her time!!!
I had never heard of her before this story now I will never forget her!!!!
Jose Escobedo
Jose Escobedo:
I never heard of the Stonewall inn till I play sims city mobile
Jaden Gargiulo
Jaden Gargiulo:
Thank for sharing
Thera Pist
Thera Pist:
Strong ass lady. RIP
Glitter Girlz
Glitter Girlz:
This is a once in a time chance for a 13 minute video
Rachel M
Rachel M:
I like Sal Bono! He is fresh blood for Inside Edition. Please keep him! Also please keep up with unwritten history. I feel like we need to re-write “his-story”. It needs to be gayer.
Biz Denardo
Biz Denardo:
NY State Park in Brooklyn to named after this lgbtq pioneer.wow
i have heard about the stonewall riots but never about this wonderful person.

thank you marsha for sparking the change, you will always be remembered.
i’m so sad my school doesn’t teach about this
Ace kexilion
Ace kexilion:
Melina Tinoco
Melina Tinoco:
I love you guys o much
꧁Rampage Warrior꧂
꧁Rampage Warrior꧂:
Univ Univeral
Univ Univeral:
dope story
Very well done
Merrick and Madi arts and crafts
Merrick and Madi arts and crafts:
They out to ease women plz all women dont continue to fall 4 ppl like this theres no HUMAN life w/o women
The sad Hotdog M
The sad Hotdog M:
Marsha got some nice teeth
bella rosw
bella rosw:
rest in peace & power queen
This is great never knew about this. So sad Martha never got justice.
You hear a riot about a riot in a gay bar

But I see a riot of kids yelling out “we want balls”
PD Gameplay
PD Gameplay:
Who’s Sal bono?
Drama With llamas
Drama With llamas:
Toadally Anonymous
Toadally Anonymous:
They stood against the police brutality then and we stand against it now. LGBTQ STANDS WITH BLM
I've always thought Marsha was a woman. I guess this story is not important enough.
Superlative B
Superlative B:
damn . chicks eye ball looking further off than a good retirement . damn .
Us & The world
Us & The world:
Dang I wish they knew who killed him
Teera Kage
Teera Kage:
Voltic Drops 20s
Voltic Drops 20s:
this is good
Sophie Ward
Sophie Ward:
Never understood this very
Much before understand now after watching thankyou inside edition #supportforLGBT+
So this whole story is based on a lie. She wasn’t there. https://youtu.be/S7jnzOMxb14
Toon She
Toon She:
I don't think its nice glamorizing sex work, but I do feel bad that this is the only work these trans people had to do at that time.
Bradly 105
Bradly 105:
Faster than my history class!
Derek Chauvin that's
The Jupiter 2
The Jupiter 2:
In the official Bio for her Marsha said before she died that she was a 'Drag Queen' and a Gay Man. Back in the day the word Trans also meant a Transvestite, a guy that likes to dress up as a woman . She said she was a Gay Drag Queen.
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