Defensive Highlights: THUNDER vs JAZZ | 2019-20 NBA Season - 8.1.20

Check out highlights of Oklahoma City's defense tonight against the Utah Jazz!

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8 komento:

Yanzhi Meng
Yanzhi Meng:
OKC defense becomes a piece of art.
Khoa Tran
Khoa Tran:
defence look a notch up today very consistent.
Noah Mccarthy
Noah Mccarthy:
I love this sequence right here 3:30 Dort and Dennis absolutely shut down their guys and everyone else is either in the right position defensively, wether to block down low or to provide help, they all did a fantastic job on defense. Top 4 defense in the bubble fs
Devin Derrick
Devin Derrick:
Yeah that defense was tremendous! The whole team gave effort on defense it was beautiful to watch! Bad game for Jazz as well. You gotta wonder if Mitchell and Goberts relationship is still alright. Thunder up!
Ring 0.0 Ring
Ring 0.0 Ring:
Great Video. From south korea
Jacob Haycook
Jacob Haycook:
Victor Hooper
Victor Hooper:
So quick on D. Noel! What a blocker. Top class
Jvin Santos
Jvin Santos:
Dortz and Bazley are they really a rookies? Those defensive plays were so solid!!