DEATH ON THE NILE Official Trailer (2020) Gal Gadot, Emma Mackey Drama Movie HD

DEATH ON THE NILE Official Trailer (2020) Gal Gadot, Emma Mackey, Drama Movie HD
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Eva mntd
Eva mntd:
me: coming here only for emma mackey
sv bilibruh
sv bilibruh:
Why is no one talking about emma mackey? She looks GORGEOUS in this!!!
"Coming October 23rd, to no theaters near you"
king Louuui
king Louuui:
Amazing. Now this is how you make a trailer!!!
Prisca L
Prisca L:
Emma Mackey looks so good in this- so happy for her!
Matty Walsh
Matty Walsh:
Finally a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express!
T Toleafoa
T Toleafoa:
I hope they do better with this one. The last one was kinda underwhelming. The series take on the Agatha Christie novels with David Suchet are hard to beat
Juan Diez Isea
Juan Diez Isea:

Hercule Poirot: “the crime is murdurr”
Robert san diego
Robert san diego:
Hey remember when we use that 80s song for the wonder woman trailer? Let’s use another 80s song for Gal Gadot’s next trailer as well
Amanda Alva
Amanda Alva:
I love how she is old fashioned when it comes to movies. Her style and acting skills are just amazing. I definitely can't wait to see this.
Dongrema M
Dongrema M:
Loved this guy from. Murder on the orient express.
Ifeyi Wiltshire
Ifeyi Wiltshire:
I love Hercule Poirot! And I absolutely love the fact that they've begun turning the books into movies!! So excited!
James Hayes
James Hayes:
Absolutely loved murder on the orient express
Jodie Whittle
Jodie Whittle:
Ooh I love Poirot... wonder if they’ll change the original story.
Like Humans & Co.
Like Humans & Co.:
Armie "Gosling 2020" Hammer.
Su Mon Han
Su Mon Han:
I’m looking forward to this but it sure is a far cry in tone from the (granted, unmatchable perfection that is the) David Suchet film version of Death on the Nile. I hope this new adaptation does justice to Poirot’s brilliance, since these Branagh films will be the young generation’s first/ main impression of the man who *should* be known as the greatest fictional detective of all time.
Lily Shen
Lily Shen:
It’s wonder women from dc, Shuri from marvel Gwen from downtown abbey
The Noobian Gamer
The Noobian Gamer:
Are we just going to ignore that French AND Saunders are in this?
Robert Buth
Robert Buth:
Russell Brand cleaned up very well in this! Dude should stick to this look
YEEEEEESSSSSSS One of the BEST murder mysteries ever!! :)
Damian Espana
Damian Espana:
Yes I been waiting till they remake this movie
leo Beems
leo Beems:
Woawwwuuuh 😍😍😍 the visuals are so magnetic and beautiful that I didn’t pay attention to the story.. like at all 😂😂
Gertrude Aviera
Gertrude Aviera:
Excited for this! 😆😆😆
Raviraj Sutar
Raviraj Sutar:
Who is here for Guddu Bhaiya😍
And for Maeve Wiley tooo😍
joao gorodicht
joao gorodicht:
I: want to watch
COVID-19: No
Thegaming king
Thegaming king:
Ayyy Ali fazel let's go👍🏼
Mrs.Daisuke Kambe
Mrs.Daisuke Kambe:
Yesss!!! More Agatha Christie's adaptations. I hope they change the culprit or make a good twist because from novel we already know who's the culprit. Or staying true to the novel is also not bad.
Akshay Yadav1
Akshay Yadav1:
Ali fazal one of the best actor in india mirzapur amazon series...mustache guy 0:36
Sydney Chandler
Sydney Chandler:
I sincerely hope this is far better than that 2017 snooze-fest "Murder on the Orient Express". The trailer looks better at least. But the original Agatha Christie films are hard to beat. Hopefully Kenneth Branaugh will learn from the last one, and not try to reinvent the wheel.
Oscar worthy actress Gadot with legendary movie lines such as: "Des thing des kreture, it fedz on energi" and "Kalel neeeu"
Jen - jen
Jen - jen:
french and saunders in a drama?!?!?
Games Logic League
Games Logic League:
Finally i've been waiting so long for the sequel 😍😍😍
mystery nigga Del
mystery nigga Del:
0:25 wet
Dalu Gray
Dalu Gray:
I like it when a trailer has a famous actor/actress in its title and the actor/actress is actually part of the movie not just a cameo
watch the best turkish series osman and ertugrul
watch the best turkish series osman and ertugrul:
i am just hre for emma mackey she is looking so beautifull
Enrico Silvestri
Enrico Silvestri:
omg the two most iconic stories and also my two favourite written by christie 😍❤️
Ahmad Najib Jamaludin
Ahmad Najib Jamaludin:
I've known as Sator in future and I'm using Temporal Pincer Movement to solve this crime..
This is amazing
Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans
Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans:
Ooh I really adore the cast but as a fan of the books not very keen on Kenneth's version of Poirot, the moustache is all wrong...😬 either way I hope it does well.
Firman Gobike
Firman Gobike:
He's Back!!!
Came here for Emma
Got surprised by Ali Fazal at 0:37
Clue + Knives Out on a boat...
Justin Wang
Justin Wang:
Giving ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ vibes.
ryan taylor
ryan taylor:
Did his French accent get even more over the top?
I'm waiting Mr Hercule Poirot for next adventures mystery.
is it just me or does Russell Brand at @ , @ and @ look like Taylor Swift from her The Man video
Purvi Passi
Purvi Passi:
1:16 wait is that shuri??
Nehemiah 4:20
Nehemiah 4:20:
Depeche mode ♥🔥👍
• A N G E L A •
• A N G E L A •:
YESSSS EMMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nimnim Sr
Nimnim Sr:
Armie and Gal!!! My ultimate ship! Like look at their heights and and everything!!
Kragger Last
Kragger Last:
Looks slickly overdone. Depeche Mode with 30's imagery? Some good casting. Not sure it can top the original 1978 film, but we'll see.
Lakshmikanth Padayachi
Lakshmikanth Padayachi:
Man This Keeps Getting Better ❤️
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto:
When they have time to film this movie
Kaviraj Selvam
Kaviraj Selvam:
Finally yes!!!!!!!!!
WWE Highlight
WWE Highlight:
Part one was Murder on The orient express
Suchuato Ritoru
Suchuato Ritoru:
This looks like absolute 💩.
Hopefully the actual film will be better than this badly misjudged trailer for it.
I must have that version of Policy of Truth!
Wow they manage to make non cgi things look like they are cgi!
Diogo Guerra
Diogo Guerra:
Qual o nome da musica de fundo do Trailer?
meave !!!
Infra Hub
Infra Hub:
See Nile River in the past --> @infra hub
Sinu King
Sinu King:
How love takes lives 💞
Walaa Noah
Walaa Noah:
Oh no U were here😂😂
imran khan
imran khan:
Wow Ali Fazal i m proud of you
Lana Beniko
Lana Beniko:
Gal my babe and Zuri :)
Stephanie D
Stephanie D:
Don't love Gal Gadot but i love this kind movie... A remake from movie Hercule Poirot in 1978
Kolea Kitsen
Kolea Kitsen:
who can tell what song is playing since 1.30?
I love Margot Robbie 😍
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb:
This movie might be good, but whoever edited this obnoxious trailer should be fired. With real fire.
Anyway, I doubt it'll be as good as the classic film with Peter Ustinov (1978). That's definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it.
shannon dsilva
shannon dsilva:
Here because of emma mackey🙂
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh:
Ali Afzal was there....😁😁
Zoe Rucci
Zoe Rucci:
bueh tenían que spoilear el final en el trailer?
Changes from the original story will be the motive for the murder, which is one of the characters singing Imagine.
Yeah...they didn't watch the old movie...
Ritesh Kumar Sharma
Ritesh Kumar Sharma:
Is it a sequel to murder on the Orient express?
Obaid Khan
Obaid Khan:
Did anyone noticed Ali Fazal from Mirzapur. Proud Indian 🇮🇳
Benhur Arokiaswamy
Benhur Arokiaswamy:
Lobby Boy
Lobby Boy:
This is a Sequel of Murder on the Orient Express.
WolfGamer Bolt
WolfGamer Bolt:
0:42 who is this actress
Emma Mackey 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️ Mave you are love
Music Taste
Music Taste:
This looks really good xxx
Khalessi chanel Jimenez
Khalessi chanel Jimenez:
kwame antwi
kwame antwi:
Maeve wiley?
Mary Amelia
Mary Amelia:
Moose Chip
Moose Chip:
Who is in charge of labeling the titles and putting in genres?
Nikhil Chugh
Nikhil Chugh:
Gal Gadot and Emma Wackey. Cool. I am going to see the movie
Its Zaid
Its Zaid:
Guddu bhaiya 🔥🔥🤙🏻
Wow Emma mackay
Can someone tell me the novel this is based off of? Would love to read it.
Ginsu Gray
Ginsu Gray:
Fingers crossed he doesn’t botch this one too. The originals were SO surprisingly witty and charming. Sadly Brannaugh somehow removed those elements from his previous remake, similar to how M Night Shyamalan treated his remake of The Last Airbender.

No wit. No charm. No dice.
The Sheerkhan
The Sheerkhan:
Beautiful 👍🏻😎🥂
5K Subscribers With one video challenge
5K Subscribers With one video challenge:
Literally 1% people who's reading this comment ...may your parents live more than 💯 years with good health💝💝💝💙❤️❤️❤️❤️....God bless you 😇❣️
Anshuman Pandey
Anshuman Pandey:
Ali Fazal 💘
Danilo Santos
Danilo Santos:
pega fogo cabaré
Devansh Sharma
Devansh Sharma:
I saw ali faizal
The ex woman with the husband....yawn,done ad redone....invent something newwww
Diego Mwesigwa
Diego Mwesigwa:
Sofia Navarrete
Sofia Navarrete:
here only by Gal Gadot