David Castañeda on politics in TV shows & more THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY season 2 video call interview

Check out our video call interview with David Castañeda and don't forget to watch THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY 2 on Netflix.

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14 komento:

Melissa .Garrett
Melissa .Garrett:
“The moment you start preaching is the moment you lose the audience.” Such an intelligent guy, I wish more people in TV and film could understand that.
Three-legged possum
Three-legged possum:
He has such nice smile
ur dad
ur dad:
Lígia Dantas
Lígia Dantas:
When the talk is so good that the person even having a couch he sits on the floor, David seems to be a great guy, and I love the series 💃☂ I can't wait to watch the new stories and great interview 👏✌🤗
ur dad
ur dad:
this interview was so good BYE
Mayara Pereira
Mayara Pereira:
enjoyable interview, good questions, and David was as pleasant as always. thank you for the video ♡
Sapphire Sky824
Sapphire Sky824:
Diego talking to dad at the table brought tears to my eyes. David is an amazing actor. Always so much pent up emotion beneath the surface
He seems so cool and down-to-earth <3
Ambria Ashley
Ambria Ashley:
I love how most of David's answers from "the early 2000s" involve rap legends ☺ He's a musician, a dancer, what else can he do ...?

Great interview!
great questions!! so well done
miranda f
miranda f:
Great interview!
Ruby Hope
Ruby Hope:
i feel blessed to have this interview🤍✨🥺
Layla Perez
Layla Perez:
do an interview with Aidan Gallagher /bae
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