David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet | Official Trailer | Netflix

In this unique feature documentary, titled David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, the celebrated naturalist reflects upon both the defining moments of his lifetime and the devastating changes he has seen. Coming to Netflix October 4 2020, the film addresses some of the biggest challenges facing life on our planet, providing a snapshot of global nature loss in a single lifetime. With it comes a powerful message of hope for future generations as Attenborough reveals the solutions to help save our planet from disaster.

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David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet | Official Trailer | Netflix

A broadcaster recounts his life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth, to grieve the loss of wild places and offer a vision for the future.

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Its Trixta
Its Trixta:
No person on this planet will ever make documentaries as engaging as he does. An absolute legend!!!!!
Cody Pike
Cody Pike:
My friend told me the scariest truth.

"David Attenborough is not making these documentaries for us. Its for those in the future who may never see these creatures and lands again"
Mikael Finstad
Mikael Finstad:
Documentaries like these should be made free for everyone to watch, in order for the message to reach as many as possible.
Shyah Al
Shyah Al:
This documentary needs to be translated in every language and every person in this world needs to watch it, understand it and act upon it. Schools needs to make this, nature education compulsory, this needs to be played in all waiting areas, hospitals to hair dressers. I've watched this documentary at least 5 times and cried every single time. We need to change!
David Attenborough
David Attenborough:
Please Netflix, release it on youtube for free. I've watched it. It needs to be spread like a plague.
Hey please put this one YouTube front page ad so that everyone can see this.
That moment when Sir Attenborough says "I've had the most extraordinary life", we really feel that
"This is not about saving our planet, it's about saving ourselves."
"The truth is with or without us the natural world will rebuild."

- Sir David Attenborough
Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt:
He's not even a national treasure. He's a global treasure
Sameer Rajakumar
Sameer Rajakumar:
He’s the worlds best naturalist , narrator , historian & presenter, this is highly recommend for everyone young and old to watch
Adam P
Adam P:
The word, “legend” is very overused. Which is a shame, because it’s deservedly applied to this man.
Andrew Powell
Andrew Powell:
Everyone in the world needs to watch this, it's the ignorant people who don't care that will be the downfall. All schools should show this to all the kids to make them aware., teach don't just expect!
SOMETHING EVERYONE CAN DO! Start using use a browser called ECOSIA. The adrevenue from the searches you make go towards planting trees with over 100 million planted already. LIKE this comment so more people can help
Pro Trickshotz
Pro Trickshotz:
All of the 91 people who disliked this video should rethink their life choices
He’s trying so hard to save humanity and stop the apocalypse before he goes. It’s like he’s made it his life’s final purpose to help us set things right.
There has never been a more noble cause, and there will never be a man I respect more than him.
Can we talk about how he's 94 fricking years old, he's still walking and only looks about 70?
Ugh. I hate seeing the slaughter houses. I can’t believe there’s still people out there who consume animal guts. I’m glad I don’t.
We need every person to share this trailer and insist friends to watch this. Trend it at number 1 in every country.
There is but one problem: overpopulation. That, and perhaps capitalism.
Brendan M
Brendan M:
Nobody can argue with The Attenborough. Man should be president of the World
Tom Mieling
Tom Mieling:
Help please: What’s the soundtrack of the trailer? I love it. There is an entire album on spotify. Yet, I cannot find this particular one. Thanks
Just watched it and god damn what a masterpiece! He just predicted that the world would extinct in 2100 if we don’t take any action. All his arguments makes a lot of sense.
Lisa's Leven
Lisa's Leven:
I cried so hard while watching this documentary. It was truly an eye-opener. Although The Netherlands seems to be doing great (My home) , we could do way more than we're doing now. We should thrive for living together with nature, not destroying it!!
Zoë Myall
Zoë Myall:
“We need to learn how to work with nature rather than against it” - David Attenborough

There have never been more truer works spoken
Austin Laizure
Austin Laizure:
I gotta say for 93 years old he’s aged very well
Does anybody know where i can find the music played in the background?
Kosaku Kawajiri
Kosaku Kawajiri:
David Attenborough: The Only Narrator we’ll Remember in the Future
Tribute Films
Tribute Films:
Anyone else get chills when he said “this is my witness statement”
John Jordaan
John Jordaan:
A great documentary.
Some friends of mine asked me for practical everyday things that they can do to help make a difference - here's a basic list for you all:
-Save electrical energy at home (switch off that light that you don't need)
-save water at home (time your shower, fix leaking tap)
-save rain water and use it where possible at home
-plant a vegetable garden at your home
-recycle as much as possible (remember glass is 100% recyclable)
-rather use public transport or car pooling rather than your own car
-choose brands which promote non-plastic packaging
-move away from single use disposable items
-join a local nature conservation group to get into the mindset of conservation

any comments/input is welcome
Moonis Ahmed
Moonis Ahmed:
When David Attenborough says things are gonna get real bad, things get real bad!
Kim Shaw
Kim Shaw:
Goosebumps! This man is a legend. Human kind doesn't deserve him, but boy do we need him ❤️
This should be mandatory viewing in every school
Liyana Kms
Liyana Kms:
Everyone in the world NO matter religion, believes, race, status, wealthy or poor MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE.

If you do, you get knowledge and a better vision and understanding. There is still HOPE and RECOVERY opportunities.

If you don't, you and all your dreams that you are doing now to achieve in your lifetime, will NOT be worth anything in the future as you get older including even the next generation (your kids).

This is important to know as "we are the most intelligent species in OUR PLANET". Be responsible and start by watching this documentary to know how.
He should be a President of Earth if Alien ever visited us.
Gréti Bajza
Gréti Bajza:
I read so many comments about: “im so sad for the next generation, that they wouldnt be able to watch these beautiful landscapes and animals...” “ this makes me so depressed...” “ why is this happening to us??”
I feel that this “documentary” was made for US, for the peoples, who are living now, to understand, whats happening now and try to turn this circle around. I feel that there is no time for us to be sad or depressed, we have to do something. We have the time now for actions and i think that we should try our best to help this planet to regrow and us to reconnect to the real and important things in life.
I think that we should give back that alturism that we got from this amazing and beautiful planet.
Everyone can do something for the better.❤️
(English is not my native lengauge, so please forgive me My mistakes. I dont know why, but i felt from My heart, that i have to write something)
Just one tought, What i say to myself When is feel that something is too hard for me: “small choices become actions, actions become habits, habits become our way of life” ❤️❤️❤️
Sending everyone shine and Love!❤️
QuazeeWorld iLiveiN
QuazeeWorld iLiveiN:
This needs to be shown in every history and science class once it comes out. And be played for the entire Decade
Parker M
Parker M:
I will never understand why we choose not to take care of the very thing that gave us life
samad qadis
samad qadis:
He may die one day but his voice lives forever.
Septiana Atika
Septiana Atika:
I'm cry in just 2 minutes. You are my idol Sir, David Attenborough.
“I am David Attenborough and I’m 93. I’ve had the most extraordinary life.” Right you are and good on you! That’s the most subtle yet hooking intro ever.
Living Planet series changed my life when I was 6 years old.
Sunset Lioness
Sunset Lioness:
I love him, I just love him. He is my hero and I respect his activism so much.
Sadheeshan The Nature Lover
Sadheeshan The Nature Lover:
I'm a proud childfree by choice living human! Who else??
Naga Alapati
Naga Alapati:
ppl and presidents for their own gains, still argue that we are not doing any harm, even this man is showing us the changes he saw and how we are harming the earth. sad
Christie Crawford
Christie Crawford:
Just watched the documentary. Absolutely BRILLIANT as expected. But even if climate change weren't an issue, I would want everyone to implement "mimicking nature" and protecting/encouraging biodiversity anyway.
This great man should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Although not directly working on anti-war or human rights issues, it's worth noting the prize is " to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses". For his work in terms of bringing the human world's attention to the threat to the natural world, he certainly deserves it.

This is in the same way that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore jointly won the prize in 2007 "for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change".

Perhaps it would be a nice touch for Sir David and Greta Thunberg to jointly win the next prize.
Avinash Pothineni
Avinash Pothineni:
Sometimes I used to think like this is his planet, and we're all aliens.
I've never cried so hard watching a documentary. The narrative, the music, and the images was amazingly composed
Ani Mater
Ani Mater:
Chills anyone? Just anticipating what he will say in his witness statement.
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean:
he's an absolutely wonderful human being. I can't wait to watch this
The day we lose Sir David Attenborough, is the day humanity will lose its most valuable and most nature caring person ever.
This looks like a fascinating documentary
Soraisham Suryadas
Soraisham Suryadas:
Netflix should share this free to everyone
remember It's about saving ourselves
-- Who else needs to see it ? --
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
This man is literally fighting for us on his last days. Anyone who thinks this documentary is bad or fake should really think about their life choices. The ignorant will be the end of humanity
No Body
No Body:
I remembered as guy who brutally roasted sloth for 5 min straight 😂
haider hlsk
haider hlsk:
I can't imagine a world without David Attenborough 's documentaries
Anand Patil
Anand Patil:
I was a child when I was first introduced to this voice and then I came to know the face behind it. I am around 30 now and had seen most of his work. He's a living legend.
Christopher Guerra
Christopher Guerra:
Ever since I first saw The Trials of Life: Hunting and Escaping as a child, this man and the teams he works with have battled for awareness of the disappearing wild.
brian leung
brian leung:
I hope netflix will make this accessible even for non-subscribers. Everyone should see this
Unbelievable man and his life's mission! I had goosebumps throughout the entire documentary. My home country ( Netherlands) is mentioned as the 2nd largest exporter of food and their sustainable farming practices! Makes me proud!
Spread the word that everyone should see this masterpiece!
When David Attenborough states 'This is my witness statement' you should listen
Tara Emily
Tara Emily:
i've watched many nature documentaries but this one in particular triggered something within me, seeing david attenborough's sad eyes. after finishing, i immediately applied for a position in volunteering at a wildlife conservation because i really want to contribute to something meaningful
Omuerta Genetix
Omuerta Genetix:
This man is a Hero and an International Treasure.. we will leave footprints too big for any man to follow.
Gabriella The Dolphin
Gabriella The Dolphin:
You can’t deny the respect you must give him, he’s an amazing person who is trying extremely hard to save this planet, his documentaries are beautiful inspiring and all good things in one.Such a good person, we need to save our planet! I can’t imagine a world without him.
"In this world, a species can only thrive when everything else around it thrives too" - David Attenborough

Not just one of the most beautiful lines I ever heard, but an astonishingly beautiful reality.
Khaled Alfaris
Khaled Alfaris:
My respects for this man
This feels like the trailer to an apocalyptic movie. Then you realize, it is.
Amazing ..., I'm just speechless how good that was made!
Magdalena Kleban
Magdalena Kleban:
I've been watching his films since I was a child....his voice is like a medicine for me ....love to listen to him....his films are amazing....and A life on our planet made me cry....this guy is a legend...❤
miguel palma
miguel palma:
This man is doing everything he can in the last part of his life just to let us know that we are doing things wrong and we have to change our actions now, specially our diet. I just watched this Documentary and let me tell you this "It really touches your heart, and the way he explains is so stunning, 93 years are not in vain" I really recommend everyone to watch this documentary, it's a must-see.
I can also highly recomend „seven worlds one planet“ by david attenborough, it‘s a series with one episode for each continent - mindblowing!
Nicky Heijveldt
Nicky Heijveldt:
Very impressive and a must-watch for everybody!
This is the most important David Attenborough documentary more than ever...
Adam Wakeling
Adam Wakeling:
This man is a global treasure, second to none. He inspired me to take my own action to do something, and it's never left me. Thank you, David
Share this please, *every human must see this*
“Our planet” is the best series I’ve ever seen. For real! The pictures are insane. I can’t imagine how long it took and how many tries it took them. Insane job
Perez Block
Perez Block:
He truly is a living legend!
ALX Entourage
ALX Entourage:
Morgan Freeman: "I've marched the penguins..."
David Attenborough: "Hold my gin."
alberto freddo
alberto freddo:
I've seen this documentary yesterday. One word: masterpiece!
Steven Zin
Steven Zin:
We all should listen to him and act because he is over 90 now and so definitely he is not talking about him, he is just trying the save the future.
Lisa Lavender
Lisa Lavender:
Whoever dislikes this: you are part of the problem
Krish Sule
Krish Sule:
This man is the goat of documentaries
Absolute masterpiece and probably one of the most important documentaries ever created. Not because the message is new but because time is running out.

Everyone who watched this should try to better their lives and influence others, if only by letting them see this documentary.
Carina Sanchez
Carina Sanchez:
Legendary. This man is amazing his voice will carry on for centuries. I hope he knows how much he is beloved.
Aside from the spectacular imagery in every single documentary, I'm always amazed about how David Attenborough translates everything in to words.
Lasantha Perera
Lasantha Perera:
“We need to learn how to work with nature rather than against it” - David Attenborough, Golden quote of the era! He is a great human! hats off to you Sir!
Ciccio San Gabriel
Ciccio San Gabriel:
When you realize that 10 years from now we might be looking at this series and will sadly say he called it, we should’ve listened :(
When you realize that David’s voice is 70% of your childhood.
Bill Whittaker
Bill Whittaker:
Given that the only technology we currently have that’s capable of fixing global warming is nuclear power, starting the documentary with Chernobyl is counter productive and blatant propaganda in my opinion.
Leon Sheehan
Leon Sheehan:
I watched this last night I was crying all way through human being have over ran the world we need to change ower ways for nature because if u respect nature nature will respect you
Walter White
Walter White:
Netflix should put it on youtube and other free platforms so it reaches more and more people. Everyone can help on their part doing one thing, reduce resources consumption. It may be plastic, water, electricity, food wastage, fosil fuels, electronics wastage. And educate people around you to do their part as well. Only together we can restore earth's balance.
Mathilde Guglielmi
Mathilde Guglielmi:
This documentary broke my heart. My desire to help repair this planet with others is what keeps me on my feet: I want to be part of the solution!
Stanislav Šebek
Stanislav Šebek:
I want to see 2080 youtube reaction video to this trailer. "Wow, there used to be so much animals just running around?"
The problem with documentaries like this is that people from the US and maybe even the UK are socially programmed to label people. If David or anyone else is presenting facts in these films, they will automatically assume they are part of political movement. Presumably liberal left-wingers. They are reduced to mere tools that can't think for themselves. Everything has to fit into their black and white world.
Janet Armor
Janet Armor:
I wish all these developers would sit and watch this if they cared about their kids and grand kids instead of worrying about money and it is not only them it is our so called governments as well because they are the ones that give orders instead of spending money on casinos and freeways why don't they save our planet as well cos they will suffer just like we will but you know they just don't give a Scooby doo about us or our planet they have the money to do something besides we are paying for it with our taxes we should have a say on where our money is spent on just a thought who is going to run all these casino when no one is going to be on earth what a waste of money all these fat cat money hungry business men don't give a dam yes it is true when the last tree has been cut down and the last fish is caught and the last stream is poisioned maybe man will realize we can't eat money this is why our weather has gone wild
Wolfang cutthroat
Wolfang cutthroat:
I started crying when I realized this will be his last. This is his final stand. If we don't listen now...we will be doomed.
Emanuele Gualandri
Emanuele Gualandri:
The message, the editing, the sound design, everything is freaking top notch
kevin de villiers
kevin de villiers:
Trump: "it will start getting colder. You just watch".
Rich O
Rich O:
I can't love this man enough he is truly amazing. Even the trailer brings tears to my eyes.
Bartoloměj K
Bartoloměj K:
Oh god, what a legend!
Even words can not describe him...