Danny Green 2019-20 Highlights

Danny Green 2019-20 Highlights
Danny has been a great role player for the lakers this season
He will play a big role in this teams run to the championship
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el baño
el baño:
You know why you are here
We’re all here for the same reason
4:44 Kobe and Gigi😭❤️
I hope Danny green has the best game of his life tonight
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart:
Lakers fans shud be called da fakers y’all hate a player for one miss
God Has
God Has:
Danny green looks like a monstar from space jam
Danny irish spring GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEN
First name Danny. Second name Doesn’t. Last name Green
Dwight's reaction to the dunk gets me every time 😂
Jay Lexus
Jay Lexus:
Looking at these highlights trying to figure out what the lakers see in him because he been straight trash during the playoffs! We need that spurs danny green, because all lakers need is some sharp shooters and its over!
Notice how none of these are bubble highlights🤷‍♂️
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez:
Rip Kobe and Gigi😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
El MoZo
El MoZo:
I dont know but i think danny green will go crazy next season
Andrew Cheadle
Andrew Cheadle:
Danny is one of the best role player/ fifth options in basketball history. Capable across the board, good to great at defense and shooting. Good at everything else other then blow by. Green is the only player in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference with at least 1,000 points, 500 rebounds, 250 assists, 150 three-pointers, 150 blocks and 150 steals. He wasn’t a star till his senior year and still was fourth option. Yet every game he was all over despite looking slow. He’s just got the timing down, on the break he will steal it on the 2 on 1 when nobody ever steals it. He will chase down block you. He blocks more jump shots then anyone not named wade or Jordan. He’s older now but he’s still got something left in the tank imo. Other then Robert Horry you won’t find a role player with larger testicles.
Aguilera 23
Aguilera 23:
Y’all see Dwight grab tf outta curry 😭😂
Fatalsalute Gaming
Fatalsalute Gaming:
But there’s no video here!?
dennis caidic bueno
dennis caidic bueno:
idol danny green you are the best 3 pointer💪💪💪💪
you tube
you tube:
#14 mitsuwi of slamdunk
Torin O'Connor
Torin O'Connor:
This guy has 2 rings
Sachii Tv
Sachii Tv:
He's my favourite shooter
Nil Sylos Music Reactions
Nil Sylos Music Reactions:
Only shoot 3
Tiny Squid Official
Tiny Squid Official:
I think danny is the best 3 and d player
Isaiah Aldof
Isaiah Aldof:
Who is here after is horrible game 1 vs Portland