Dak Prescott SEVERE Ankle Injury - Doctor Explains NFL Injury

Dak Prescott of the NFL Dallas Cowboys suffered a severe season ending ankle injury during week 5 of the NFL season. The star quarterback appeared to dislocate and fracture his ankle and is already on his way to get surgery. In this video we'll review the footage and discuss the mechanism of how something like this happens, the relevant anatomy, and then touch on the on field management and some important aspects of Dak's recovery.

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Anatomy images: https://www.biodigital.com
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Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Update since recording: Cowboys confirmed open/compound fracture (bone came through skin) and a dislocation. Dak is having surgery night of the injury.
DJ Cook
DJ Cook:
DAK IS A TROOPER! coming from a steelers fan!
Gen Moba
Gen Moba:
OMG . . .
SwissZard Gaming
SwissZard Gaming:
This guys voice is calming. He is not overly loud or even quiet. Just perfect.
Robert Croft
Robert Croft:
Dak had lost his brother and mother before the football season and had been struggling with mental health. He is really a warrior. I would never wish this upon him. Coming from an Eagles fan.
David DeFratis
David DeFratis:
Him slamming it into the ground makes him a certified badass, no argument.
Ouch. Hope he recovers.
༒ x e n o ༒
༒ x e n o ༒:
Who else was moving their foot while watching this ?
Sydney Balk
Sydney Balk:
Football player: breaks his ankle and is screaming in pain
The cheerleaders: 💃🕺
Shonce Silas
Shonce Silas:
Even as an Eagles fan, this isn't how you want to see someone go down. Even a cowboy.
I’m a cowboys fan I pray to god that he comes back stronger than ever. I love Dak and seeimg a good man like him is heartbreaking. Hopefully his future can be secured and can play again because his attributes on/off is greater than just football. Shoutout out to Brian for making an intellectual and informative video. Always love the content
I cried when I slammed my toes into the corner of the bed ,I can only imagine what Dak is feeling
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
It’s just so sad because this guy was doing so good and he’s been through so much in the past year💔 as a 49ers fan I’m sending prayers
Tony Romo: Could just be a cramp.
p t
p t:
Me an intellectual: Ah yes of course.
Swag Train
Swag Train:
Honestly, the first thing that came to mind after seeing that injury was Gordon Hayward. It looked that bad. Hopefully he gets better soon
mr clam
mr clam:
This was gross to watch live. This ripped the life out of the Cowboys team, and you can tell from how they've been playing recently. Prayers for Dak, and I hope he has a quick recovery.
Knox Knox
Knox Knox:
I had a compound fracture and crushed 15 bones in my foot leaving me with 2 fusions. My heart goes out to him and I know the pain he's going through. When I saw the video my foot immediately started to throb. I'm praying for a speedy recovery unlike like me, its been 16 years and I'm still hurting.
Let me sleep in peace
Let me sleep in peace:
* Athletes gets severely injured. *
Dr. Sutterer: It's free real estate.
Mark Seven
Mark Seven:
Shoutout to my grandpa because that’s the only way he can hear
Skinny Tv124
Skinny Tv124:
It’s just so sad because this guy was doing so good and he’s been through so much in the past year💔 as a 49ers fan I’m sending prayers
Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts
Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts:
*Interesting that this happened on the same day that Alex Smith got his first playtime after his injury. Hopes and prayers out to Dak, this sucks.*
Christian Morrell
Christian Morrell:
And on your right you'll see Andrew Luck's football career.

This is just a joke love Andrew Luck!!!
Dallas Dynasty 007
Dallas Dynasty 007:
Dak Prescott is a warrior and great leader! He will come back stronger than ever!
Calvera H&B MPS & #1 Cowboy Fans
Calvera H&B MPS & #1 Cowboy Fans:
I'll bet $ that DAK was trying to put his ankle back in place to get back in the game. MY PRAYERS GOES OUT TO DAK! GET WELL!
My Name Is Andrew
My Name Is Andrew:
suddenly everyone who watched this video is a doctor
Jj J
Jj J:
Anybody that sees this I pray your successful in life
AlanaRaihn TV
AlanaRaihn TV:
Literally to the 1% who’s reading this,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day💜(my dream is to become a famous YouTuber) thanks .
hen ko
hen ko:
It’s just so sad because this guy was doing so good and he’s been through so much in the past year💔 as a 49ers fan I’m sending prayers
Dee Marie Dubois
Dee Marie Dubois:
Dak’s injury was difficult to see. When he was slamming his ankle trying to put it back in place I was saying NO...NO. Though I’m not a Cowboy fan, I really like and respect Dak. Finding out it was a compound fracture made my heart sink. I’m pulling for this young man to make a full recovery. I hope you give us an update Doc after finding out how much more serious this injury was.
*Hey... to you reading* ... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know:
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
RJ Haney
RJ Haney:
I would like to see some hockey videos for your channel. Things like Dougie Hamilton's leg injury this past season, or Patrice Bergeron's litany of injuries that he played through a dew seasons ago.
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz:
Aye man this is coming from a raider fan but I still hope he gets back on the field
Jayne Oh
Jayne Oh:
I've felt this before a little bit when I severely twisted my ankle. Cowboys also showing not much respect due to trade rumors.
Morgan Cook
Morgan Cook:
Prayers for Dak's recovery. I liked him since his college days.
St. Mary's Finest
St. Mary's Finest:
Prayers to Dak Prescott & his family/loved ones! Praying for a full, speedy recovery both physically & mentally/psychologically & hope u get back out there back to your normal, amazing, talented self by next year! God bless brother!
Mike The Dancer
Mike The Dancer:
Thank you Dr for the info breakdown 🙏🏾For a
Blessed and timely recovery DAK
self promote your channel here
self promote your channel here:
damn dak’s been through way too much this year. my prayers are with him.
He tried to put it back in place.... He's a warrior
Curtis Levere
Curtis Levere:
0:01 you can tell by his smile that he's getting revenue off Dak's injury. He must've thought: "Dak Prescott injured? Easy content!"
Thegoat 95
Thegoat 95:
can we appreciate how much of a boss dak is for trying to throw his ankle back into place! i would have passed out instantly
Lexie 08
Lexie 08:
Omg I was watching the game, and I cringed when I saw it happen, I’m so glad he’s doing ok!
Paris Grayson
Paris Grayson:
I watched this in my high school anatomy class the teacher showed us this
xLo Manic
xLo Manic:
When dak started crying I started crying.
R. Platnum
R. Platnum:
The love and support from other teams has my heart swelled! I have seen more hate from our own supposed fans... what I can say, he has the best chance of any person I have ever heard of to come back... THATS ALL HE DOES IS CO.E BACK!!!! D'sC4L!!!!
Skiii Entertainment
Skiii Entertainment:
The fact that he’s talking about this with a straight face
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy:
Me an intellectual: Ah yes of course.
Rex Dalit
Rex Dalit:
Brian: beautifully, beautifully explained.
Evan Cheese
Evan Cheese:
“Can he play answer me damit can he play.”
Trevor Peterson
Trevor Peterson:
I know exactly what he's going through. I had the same exact injury back in May, same foot and everything, and I'm still not 100 percent.
Richard Ledesma
Richard Ledesma:
Dude you’re almost at 300k!!!!!!! You deserve it man, since I watched one video, I was hooked talking in depth and using models both virtual and physical models is so awesome and your knowledge about injuries and such is so amazing man
Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt
Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt:
This is a 'physician' speaking! "The 'initial' onset..." The tragedy here is, that 98% of you will find nothing wrong with this dreadful grammar.
Interesting that this happened on the same day that Alex Smith got his first playtime after his injury. Hopes and prayers out to Dak, this sucks.
Johnny Doe
Johnny Doe:
Please explain Jaylen Waddle season ending injury today when you get more information. He was a dynamic player for Alabama. Roll Tide!!!
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
I cried when I slammed my toes into the corner of the bed ,I can only imagine what Dak is feeling
Jena Brown
Jena Brown:
I love how the doctor broke this down. I am a Cowboys fan and I wish the best for him. Great he added the mental impact this could have on him. Great vidi.
Avery Rae
Avery Rae:
i’m a seahawks fan but i hope that he recovers well and can get to playing normally as soon as possible!
John January
John January:
In short:
He’s really hurt 😔
I Am Adonys
I Am Adonys:
I saw the thumbnail and I just want to say this: EW ANKLES DONT LOOK LIKE THAT WHO SPUN YOUR ANKLE OH MY GOD
Social Media Meham
Social Media Meham:
As someone with PTSD, I appreciate you bringing up mental health, many times it gets ignored, especially in the media.
Ok I Believe You
Ok I Believe You:
4:05 my man spitting bars 😂😂😂
Abels Caliber
Abels Caliber:
Absolutely no one:
Me: *googling* “can you donate an ankle?”
Hassan Smith
Hassan Smith:
I almost passed out....damn giant's always trying to take a cowboy out
It’s a lot more painful to watch it over and over again. I came to see if he’s going to be okay.
the reason
the reason:
Remember kids C's get degrees.. dnt let the phd fool ya
Juan Capurro
Juan Capurro:
I had this injury happen earlier this year man. I hope he recovers
Jimmy bob junior
Jimmy bob junior:
Damn number 2 trending congrats bro lots of exposure for the amazing content.
Foundations Of Knowledge
Foundations Of Knowledge:
These injuries make me feel pain
mark b
mark b:
As someone who suffered a similar injury to my left ankle while running down stairs some years ago, I found this video very informative.
I never heard any detailed explanation like this before and after surgery and during the long rehab; it certainly would have helped me understand the extent of my injury.
Jeff Harrison
Jeff Harrison:
Any chance you could do a video on Marc Marquez's arm injury from this years race?

Would love to see your views and opinions on his severe injury.

JD 06
JD 06:
I’m a Huge GIANT fan, but, I never wanna see that happen to any athlete.
Noir Angel
Noir Angel:
Ive got a weak stomach for this, so before I leave I just gotta say, "stay safe and have a nice day"...ok bye.
Abdul is juicy
Abdul is juicy:
I need to start watching more vids unique way to gain knowledge
Drew B
Drew B:
This is an absolutely beautiful, amazing and accurate explanation sir! As a PT, I find great joy in listening to you properly explain every detail without completely overdoing it. You keep it relatively simply while remaining completely professional and accurate! Well done sir.
lem mobley
lem mobley:
Damn he took that like a champ..
My question is; do they immediately give a player some sorta shot/pain killer on the field for something like that?
Manuel Saldivar
Manuel Saldivar:
Over the years, I've heard "God only gives you what you can handle". Listening to Dak Prescott's story over the years makes me wonder. I must admit, he's a much better man than me.
A orderof Tacos
A orderof Tacos:
I can’t believe how how much pain Dak went through makes me feel so so bad :(((((
Eunhee Lee
Eunhee Lee:
My god, I wanna everyone how would that feel
When I saw how he got that injury I held on to my ankle for a minute straight, my goodness that looked like hurt BAD hope he gets better.
Cody Goik
Cody Goik:
you need to do some videos on some motocross dudes like Ken Roczen, Chad Reed or Jeffrey Herlings
had a similar injury at work, getting out of my truck, rolled my ankle on uneven pavement, dislocated it and popped a piece of bone due from the impact. Recovery took 4 months
Delray Brewer
Delray Brewer:
ASMR from a doctor. I feel so relaxed. Well done, Doc.
Elijah Odili
Elijah Odili:
Kind of a shame to profit off of this man's devestating injury. That thumbnail is messed up bro
Johnny GeeWiz76
Johnny GeeWiz76:
My heart sank when I saw it happen. Thoughts went immediately to what him and his family have already been through with his brother earlier in the year. Coming from a Packers fan, keep your head up and get well Dak. ☆4
Gavin Boggs
Gavin Boggs:
I was so hesitant to click this vid
I always wondered is this there own ideas.. you always come up with something even more special.. i love that.. hchh
That's Great.. i love that. Awesome . i can say nothing relating to bad site..
Keep it up.. goo
Hunter Does Stuff
Hunter Does Stuff:
Oof, remember seeing that
That's Great.. i love that. Awesome . i can say nothing relating to bad site..
Keep it up.. j99
Just Adab
Just Adab:
I couldn't even watch long enough to see him try to snap it back in on his own. Once I seen that bone, I turned away and said a prayer. I actually had a similar but not as severe injury in his. My foot went the other way tho. I'm pretty sure I had less damage and it took me 7 weeks to walk again. That ankle still looking like a horse ankle to this day. I was able to immediately snap mine back in place on my own. Hope they were able to get his back in on the field. This shit brought back some shitty memories. I hope guy is able to bounce back from this.
Angela Sharp
Angela Sharp:
Noooooo he's my favorite take care of him😭
Lanie Slusser
Lanie Slusser:
Omg I hope he recovers, I’m sending prayers :)
Hey Doctor, when it comes to basketball ankle injuries, can high top shoes help protect against that? I see a lot of basketball players where low top shoes
Romey Gaskill ;-;
Romey Gaskill ;-;:
I feel way smarter than I actually am watching this
Nindroid Wu
Nindroid Wu:
Dude his ankle did an "L shape". That's Crazy. Now both my ankles hurt 😭
That's Great.. i love that. Awesome . i can say nothing relating to bad site..
Keep it up.. ghg
Child Anyways.
Child Anyways.:
My dad was so sad when he saw this😭
Stewart Hollifield
Stewart Hollifield:
You’re super good at this. Just one thing. I love it when you name things on the feet such as the tueyficbwcayctsgajfivyshiousus.
Workout Guy
Workout Guy:
Right now i must find answer for: why i am watching this video
Man just the diagram of the foot alone makes my foot hurt thinking about how much shit is down there