Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé’s amazing conversation on the pitch | Oh My Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé spoke for a few seconds on the pitch on Sunday during France-Portugal. Ronaldo and Mbappé also had a hug at the end of the match. An incredible moment which made Mbappé very happy.

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100+ komento:

Mbappe is living the dream of millions of people by playing against Cristiano Ronaldo🔥
Dalu Konkwo
Dalu Konkwo:
Wouldn’t be surprised if Ronaldo said “Kylian at the end of the summer come to Juve” like he said to De Ligt lol
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury:
The best moment of your life is when you meet your idol
Young Rocker
Young Rocker:
Wait guys wait...wait...wait...wait.. they didn’t actually tell ANYTHING about their conversation on the pitch..😂😂🤔

Edit: I know they won’t probably respond to this 😂
Chiranjan Sahu
Chiranjan Sahu:
When Ronaldo grabbed him around the circle Mbappé's smile was pure happiness
Mordecai Onyeka
Mordecai Onyeka:
Cristiano: Come to Juventus
Mbappe: ok my idol😂
The Sublime 7
The Sublime 7:
Mbappé and Ronaldo hug each other

Corona virus has entered the chat.

Edit: Oh my god! Ronaldo has literally tested positive for coronavirus 😳
Elijah M
Elijah M:
When Ronaldo did that to de ligt his now a juve player
Harinand S
Harinand S:
Plot twist : Cristiano Ronaldo test positve for Corona virus.

Nathan Is My Name
Nathan Is My Name:
Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah:
Ronaldo to mbappe: Don't copy my celebrations kid.Invent your own
Kid Makes Stuff
Kid Makes Stuff:
This guy faced Messi and Cr7 and also got to play with neymar Jr.
Entertaining King
Entertaining King:
0:26 me hugging my mum after bringing McDonald’s home 😂
Mazz Maxx
Mazz Maxx:

Ronaldo : Left-Wing or CF next season wimme..
Mbappe : what?
Ronaldo : what?
Imagine playing with your idol mbappe is so lucky but everything in life can happen and work hard to achieve your dream
Atharv Jumde
Atharv Jumde:
This video has everything except the conversation between Ronaldo and mbappe
mytube happy
mytube happy:
Breaking news!!! CR7 has tested positive for COVID-19
Get well soon Ronny Boy😢😢😢
Chad&Tyrone The 2nd
Chad&Tyrone The 2nd:
I watched this live last night. I though he asked him to come to Juventus 😅😅
El Barca
El Barca:
Ronaldo match highlights:- hugging Mbappe
Who’s here after Ronaldo tested positive for COVID
As a Barca fan I am scared of him moving to Madrid. 😱
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques:
Okay.... so where was their conversation on the pitch? You just told us everything we already knew, that mbappe loves ronaldo, met him when he was younger, hugged him after yesterday's game, but no convo on the pitch.
Hopefully one day I'll become a footballer. That's my dream
Syd Fayez
Syd Fayez:
A wise man once said....
"Work so hard that one day your idol becomes your rival" 🔥
satyam gaur
satyam gaur:
Ronaldo: I'm your idol right??
M bappe : (shies) n- no
Ronaldo: stfu I hv seen your room
M bappe: speechless
Ronaldo: 👍
Phxyco FC
Phxyco FC:
Sad he caught COVID-19 😞
06. Soham Sarkar
06. Soham Sarkar:
Who came after getting the news of Ronaldo being COVID positive.

Get well soon LEGEND and my IDOL❤️❤️.
Mohamed Bouhtout
Mohamed Bouhtout:
Who is it? The Ninja Turtles😂
Dark Lord- Brawl Stars
Dark Lord- Brawl Stars:
Who think CR7 is Goat. Like to agree
Dawn kh
Dawn kh:
"Winner of every possible trophy in France" 🤣🤣
octapie playz
octapie playz:
Footballer breathes heavily
No one :

One football : check out our lates video on "footballer" who has asthma
Heir to the throne. Imagine if these two played in Madrid together 🔥
Dave Bonera
Dave Bonera:
I wish the same thing for Rashford. Underrated player.
Abu Maryam
Abu Maryam:
Gravity: Newton found the law of gravity
The GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo: Hold my beer !!!
Cristiano Ronaldo: jumps
Gravity: oops ✌️ I need more time to think about it , have a nice day
David Petersson 6a
David Petersson 6a:
when your so early its on 7 views and 80 likes -__-
A L:
"i am positive"
"I dont care"
Vishnu V
Vishnu V:
Im a die hard messi fan and after mbappe came into football I became his great fan but still i inspired by ronaldo by his hardwork and dedication towards football
Odegaard 21
Odegaard 21:
Real Madrid fans were scared before they saw the video 😂 I thought Ronaldo said to mbappe join juve 😅
Hip Hop Crazy
Hip Hop Crazy:
CR7 the best in the history of football Messi the best in Spain🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abdurrahman Shaikh
Abdurrahman Shaikh:
I want to see the same between Messi and Ronaldo in the coming match juve vs barca ❤⚽☺
Brandon Manley
Brandon Manley:
"He's been a CR7 fan since he was little" lmao he still IS little
The positive side: Mbappe having a good time with his Idol

The negative side: CR7 fanboys going wild on Instagram "this ends the debate on who is the GOAT"
"Mbappe prefers Ronaldo, where are the PESSI FANS"

Me: oh the hipocrisy
Afghan Boy
Afghan Boy:
The video was 3:39 minutes and after I watch it was 17 seconds ago upoalded youtube is mad
Some Fact
Some Fact:
Video name: What Ronaldo said to Mbappe
Video: All about Mbappe achivement
Jhon Henderson
Jhon Henderson:
1:37 I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
0:09 cr7 grabbed mbappe's neck
Feels like cr7 was bullying and beating mbappe🥴
Royal Wisdom
Royal Wisdom:
Whos here after CR7 positive covid19😭😭
Sreeprakash Narayan
Sreeprakash Narayan:
"I don't if it was the longest hug ever,, but it was long enough"

- covid19 virus
Hanna Mckenzie
Hanna Mckenzie:
0:48 my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Gaming with LORD
Gaming with LORD:
Meanwhile ronaldo infected by covid-19:-
Mbappe be like:- why are we still here.... Just to suffer.....
Moose Sqwad
Moose Sqwad:
Penaldo: hey bro, who’s more over rated, you or me ?
Mbappe: Thank all the penalties and the headers bro, obviously YOU !
Darth Sher
Darth Sher:
Maradona and Pele were not as lucky as Mbappe to meet their idol, the legend LINGARDINHO on the pitch
Alpana Panja
Alpana Panja:
No views
YouTube has gone mad
a 7
a 7:
its simple whenever someone playes better rono asks him to come to his team
Yeah but Cr7's got covid...
Liz X
Liz X:
Why is that when another player is applauding Ronaldo , messi fans have to intervene and talk negative. Why are they soo insecure loool?
Anustup Naskar
Anustup Naskar:
Ronaldo hugging Mbappe.
Oh my goal:FiVe sEcOnDz.
Sinan Shanavas 10
Sinan Shanavas 10:
Mbappe to CR7: Come to PSG
Kà Rim
Kà Rim:
imagine getting covid-19 from your idol 😂
ankit nair
ankit nair:
And now after ronaldo testing positive to corona virus
Mbappe right now: fkkkk
#MyLifeMatters -_-
#MyLifeMatters -_-:
Imagine playing with your idol and speaking to him and then a day later being told he tested positive for Covid 😯
Hasan Ahmed Shahid
Hasan Ahmed Shahid:
I just saw the match today, including the hugging part!
John Jacob
John Jacob:
Allez Paris !!!
Can’t wait for UCL revenge against man utd😋🙆🏽‍♂️😃
michael chimaobi
michael chimaobi:
If you've been searching through the video looking for the "conversation," you're not blind, don't worry. It isn't there.
0:17 looks like he’s been counting how long they’ve been hugging for
Colton Savri
Colton Savri:
Thank goodness Mbappe can recognize TRUE GREATNESS! CR7 GOAT!
The greatest goalscorer, the greatest winger, the greatest aerial player, the greatest leader, the greatest athlete, the greatest mentality, the most complete player, the most entertaining player, the most generous & unselfish player outside the picth, the best football player in the history, CR7 The king Goat 🔥
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh:
Mbappe saying to Ronaldo I m going to RMA pls keep it secret 😂😂😂😂
Harmanpreet Singh
Harmanpreet Singh:
When did this happened
Marco Asencio
Marco Asencio:
MBAPPE, if you have dream and want it to be reality. Then you must go enter the DREAMLAND.. be a part of the DREAMTEAM, you know where it is..!!! ZZ
Muu Ao
Muu Ao:
What a classy dude! Love him🙏
Guadalupe Zepeda
Guadalupe Zepeda:
God bless you man and all of you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Twenk 521
Twenk 521:
What was the conversation tho😅
Parth Rathod
Parth Rathod:
Saw this video coming from the moment I saw them talking live
Mbappe : i'am cr7 true successors

Ronaldo jr : hold my beer !
Prathamesh Shenoy
Prathamesh Shenoy:
Hugged fot 5 sec..
accurate 😂 😂
Aarav Gupta
Aarav Gupta:
Mbappe reaction when he knew ronaldo had covid
Davis Mvoi
Davis Mvoi:
It's funny how they even counted the number if seconds they hugged😂
Armando The gamer/12
Armando The gamer/12:
Never idolize someone but ok. I like canelo he not my idol I love the guy he awesome at boxing but you should idolize someone.
Anish A
Anish A:
Breaking news : mbappe positive for covid
The Secret
The Secret:
Mbappe: It's gr8-2 c u idol! 😊
CR7: It's gr8-2 c u too! Can't w8-2 score against your team 😉
Both laughs 😃
Oskar Rome
Oskar Rome:
Am I the only one here that listened when Mbappe was speaking French and I understood because I am French
And now killian also has corona virus thanks CR7 !
Shourya Jadhav
Shourya Jadhav:
The FBI Agent we want
Mazz Maxx
Mazz Maxx:
Wait where is the conversation lol?
Gucci Boy
Gucci Boy:
Where was the conversation? We already knew that Mbappé loves CR7 u guys definitely run out of content
Jakaria 26
Jakaria 26:
Amazing conversation about COVID -19
Duong kuac
Duong kuac:
This example fits for the phrase ( give your idol a flower while they still here 🙏🏾). Such an inspiration
Ka Kam Cin
Ka Kam Cin:
What exactly did they say to one another? You never mention that in the video.
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards:
Somewhere in the world there’s a kid who idolises mbappe who’ll maybe one day grow up to face him....
The circle of life 🙏🏽⚽️
Dean Toh
Dean Toh:
Corona: where are you lets be having you
pynsuk dhar
pynsuk dhar:
Nice,Cr7 is a legacy player.....
Inspiration to many young player respect ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🙏
Daiashanlang Kurbah
Daiashanlang Kurbah:
Me waiting for the OMG to reveal the conversation between KM7 and CR7 on the pitch....
OMG: gotohellandwait
Curiously Crazy
Curiously Crazy:
Mbappe rocks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
GhostNinja - Brawl Stars
GhostNinja - Brawl Stars:
What the hell happened to Oh my goal
Blaize William
Blaize William:
Really wanna know what they said to eachother 🙏
Mr Incredible Sr.
Mr Incredible Sr.:
Rip he tested positive