COVID-19 Tracker: 8356 Confirmed Cases, 716 Recovered, 273 Deaths In India | April 12, 2020

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Mehiwayooki Kharkongor
Mehiwayooki Kharkongor:
0:21 "re-coward" 😂
SCM Productions
SCM Productions:
God Save us!!.. Plz..
ab ii
ab ii:
Good performance kerala 👏
pravin pansare
pravin pansare:
Yes kerala doing good work against covid
Anubhav George
Anubhav George:
Y'all gotta do something about the clarity of the videos...can't see or read anything properly. @indiatoday
Judy Madur
Judy Madur:
what if the world never comes back from this..what if this is it.start confessing your love people we all gon die soon..
Anamika Anu
Anamika Anu:
Well done kerala👌🙏
riddhesh kalekar
riddhesh kalekar:
Mumbai will recover by tomorrow......
Prajwal Bokil
Prajwal Bokil:
God please save our Maharashtra please 😥
உருவாக்க முடிந்தால் அழிக்கவும் முடியும்
mashu _369
mashu _369:
Kerala surviving
Will lockdown get extended??
Desi Introvert
Desi Introvert:
🇮🇳Total Cases - *24447* ¦ Deaths - *780* ¦ Recovery - *5496*
Active Cases - *18171* - _25th April 2020 morning_
Periyasamy Devi
Periyasamy Devi:
vinod tv
vinod tv:
വീട്ടിൽ ഇരി മക്കളെ കോവിദാസൻ നിലകകളിയിലത്തെ പൊക്കോളും
ronita bonita
ronita bonita:
why does 720p looks like it was filmed with a 2010 phone
Cameron Hansen
Cameron Hansen:
The only country in the world who responded to Coronavirus with islamaphobia
Anamika Anu
Anamika Anu:
Anyone from Telengana here???
pure intentions
pure intentions:
Need to send labourers and daily wage earners from mumbai back to their villages as source of income is temporarily stopped and encourage farming as a source of income and to keep food supply chain on. Agriculture and fishing should not be stopped.
Black panther
Black panther:
Kerala will recovr in nxt 10 dys...
விடை தெரியாத கேள்விக்கு
அந்த கேள்வியிலிருந்தே பதில் கிடைப்பதுபோல்

வைரஸ் எங்கு உருவானதோ அங்கேயே அதற்க்கான முடிவும் இருக்கும்

ஒவ்வொரு தொடக்கத்திலும் அதற்க்கான முடிவும் இருக்கும்

எல்லா நன்மையிலும் ஒரு தீமை இருக்கும்

எல்லா தீமையிலும் ஒரு நன்மை இருக்கும்

ஒன்றை உருவாக்க முடிந்தால் அழிக்கவும் முடியும்

எது தொடக்கமோ அதிலேயே முடிவும் இருக்கும்
Manpreet Atwal
Manpreet Atwal:
All you people are out of your mind those are fighting on kerela topic is there any kind of humanity in you or not just shut your mouth and pray for the people so that they can recover soon those who are effected from covid 19
Sidhant Megh9
Sidhant Megh9:
Very Poor Quality Camera 👎
Shoeb Syed
Shoeb Syed:
What happened India today no news on Muslims araa no hot topic ohhh
Rajeev Sekar
Rajeev Sekar:
Our Kerala best and safe only 100
vision a
vision a:
Why north east is not being covered??? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
1300 millions of people and just 8356 cases. I mean, India is doing it pretty well...
sriram Gowtham
sriram Gowtham:
Worst news explanation....
P M:
Is your channel independent media?
Nirmal Raj
Nirmal Raj:
Karnataka is suspect....under reporting cases..and it seems the trend with all BJP ruled states!
Reena Das
Reena Das:
Our body has tridosha which causes all disease like vata(Gas) pita(Fire) n kapha (mucous). N corona viruse z Kapha related disease means cold related and cold doesn't like hot,bitter and sour so the food which has above nature can be used against corona virus Like lemon,Neem leaves,karela ,vit -C, garlic, ginger, Tulsi leaves, turmeric milk., even salt with hot water for gargling and don't stay in AC use nature and sunlight.....lots of things are there even best thing is do pranayam .which is 5000 years old natural medicin.
Hope my India,this world and this universe aws be in safe zone .
ŻÈĖŞHĄŇ____ 007
ŻÈĖŞHĄŇ____ 007:
molana saad ki waja se ho raha hai coronavirus
Successflowstome V
Successflowstome V:
Get some commentator who is suave... She makes the disease so boring... When it is firing salvos across the world...
Indian imunity is so weak