Cory Monteith Recreates His 'Glee' Audition

Everyone is talking about "Glee" and its star, Cory Monteith. Today he told Ellen how he got the part, and even recreated his audition tape just for her!

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He was so much like Finn in real life. I miss him and his character. ❤️
Sometimes I forget he's never coming back. Then I cry for Lea, and then for all of our Glee fans, and then for Finn and Cory. ❤️ I can't believe he's not here
i remembered the episode where he beat up a guy and say "Stay AWAY from my future wife!" and kicked a chair…. I MISS HIM SO MUCH
He was an orphan and hanged out with the wrong crowd. He was introduced to drugs as a teenager. Once you're in it its hard to get out. You cant blame him or hate him, everyone has problems.
Uncoordinated Randomness
Uncoordinated Randomness:
4 minutes of smiling. Time well spent
Nasya Ayudianti
Nasya Ayudianti:
For a moment i forgot that he is dead
Form of Therapy
Form of Therapy:
The moment she said "Happy Birthday!" my eyes grew wide and I paused the video so damn quick.

I ain't watching this. I don't want to cry. I regret clicking this video :l
Johnny Disette
Johnny Disette:
As u can see addiction doesn't discriminate, im in recovery of heroin myself, sadly my best friend succumbed to addiction 8-10-16, only weeks ago, im dying inside still, his girlfriend was so strong, please everyone who sees this DRUGS WILL KILL YOU, be happy and healthy& do good w. your life. RIP TO ALL THAT LOST THEIR LIVES :(
Taís Abranches
Taís Abranches:
Is hard to think that this kind of guy isn't around anymore. I mean, look at his face and listen his laugh... Oh boy, I miss him. ♥
Bethany Salvoro
Bethany Salvoro:
After 8 years YouTube only recommends me this now?
Ryan Quines
Ryan Quines:
I would be lying if I said I didn't cry for 40 minutes straight throughout the Cory tribute episode. This man was my idol, someone I aspired to be. Now i'll never get the chance to meet him :'(
ryan lemon
ryan lemon:
rest in peace cory monteith my angel
Quot Ever
Quot Ever:
Watching in 2016 and my heart still aches. RIP Cory Monteith
Loren Mcmunnigall
Loren Mcmunnigall:
It's so sad seeing this, he's absolutely glowing and so excited for the future and it breaks my heart to know how it all ends. It's heartbreaking for someone so young. Don't start giving me hate and stuff about how it was his own fault or anything like that. Can we just remember him as an awesome person rather than how he died?
Hannah Patricia
Hannah Patricia:
I still can't believe he's gone. Like, he's not coming back. 'Cause every time I watch the past Glee episodes with him in it, I feel like he's still alive. Like, he's still here. I miss Cory so much, I cry every time I watch past Glee Episodes, whenever I hear his voice, The episodes where he and Lea (Rachel) would sing together. I cry for Lea. I wish he was still here. And Im like this crazy girl smiling while crying at her computer screen. Even though this made me cry, I still watched it all over again. He was so happy, and I'm glad we had gotten the chance to meet Cory Monteith even if it didn't last for long. R.I.P. idol :(
Ashley Vicario
Ashley Vicario:
Am I the only one who's watching this in 2015 and crying my eyes out? He looks so happy......
Ana Arevalo
Ana Arevalo:
This just make me cry, he always will be the most incredible guy I've ever seen, I love remembering him like this, happy, with a smile and doing what he loved to do. I'll always love him and miss him no matter what.
Blair Marie
Blair Marie:
He didn't die he just took the midnight train going anywhere... The show must go all over the place or something.. I miss him so much he was so amazing!!! <3 :)
That "stop it" though xD
Jeremy Castro
Jeremy Castro:
Nanyamka Lopez
Nanyamka Lopez:
Lets stop focusing on hiw he died and let's start focusing on how he lived and what we love about him OK. Now I'm a HUGE fan if Cory but I'm pretty sure he's in a better place and we all know it. Sure he had a good life but now his life is even better now and he's just watching down on all of he's just a perfect angel I can say the same for my parents I was adopted when I was 6 my parents died in a car accident so now I'm living with a family who is holding a lot of love but I am hoping that faith will bring me closer to my dreams. Lets all WISH CORY A THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE.
Samdeangirl1 Martin
Samdeangirl1 Martin:
God I miss him I cry everytime I see him in a video or anything
Katherine Forster
Katherine Forster:
he grew up in my town. His passing hit us here very hard, knowing that I could have seen him in a store as a child, and teachers in the district may still remember him. Rest in peace. <3
Marylou Sutherland
Marylou Sutherland:
I literally burst into tears, hearing Cory laugh like that. He had so much energy, enthusiasm, and love, and I miss him so much. RIP Cory Monteith <3
Dis_Hill _Tracks
Dis_Hill _Tracks:
Still crying I’m 2020 I really want to meet him he’s one of my role models
Elena Yaguez
Elena Yaguez:
2019 here! Anyone else? Hahaha
Alyssa Aimee
Alyssa Aimee:
I've read that Taylor wrote "Mine" about Cory. But I don't know if it's 100% true!!
this makes me smile.
I miss him so much .. He was a great guy.
Kennedy Sexton
Kennedy Sexton:
did anybody's heart drop when she said it was his birthday..
Daisy Maxine
Daisy Maxine:
Awwwe Cory's adorable. I just finished season four on Netflix so I'm almost all caught up... It's sad, because I love Finn and Cory so much.
jeIly bean
jeIly bean:
I still miss him everyday.. just thinking about what he could've did instead.
Jennifer Turek
Jennifer Turek:
So sad that cory, mark and naya are all dead. I am rewatching the whole series now. It is genius.
Jenna Rowe
Jenna Rowe:
He was a good one. We miss you, Cory... ❤️
Camrie Raeann
Camrie Raeann:
Miss him so incredibly much.
Maizuna Music
Maizuna Music:
I miss you cory :( RIP
The Singer Taryn
The Singer Taryn:
Beyond sad he's gone. What a sweetie!
Tina Marie
Tina Marie:
Who is here 13 July 2020
Cory 7 year d anniversary
Remembering him
Lilly Lund
Lilly Lund:
WHY ALL OF THE FEELS.....sobbing....quietly....i miss that smile....RIP Cory Montheith.....
RIP Santana, Finn, Puck and Mrs Adler
Julia Reynolds
Julia Reynolds:
He has such a kind heart it's a shame that such amazing people have to die so young 
Jenna Agner
Jenna Agner:
I cried on the Glee episode “The Quarterback”😭😫😩
Camila Arcondo
Camila Arcondo:
He was such a lovely person. I have an audition today and I will sing Honesty by Billy Joel, I can't believe he did that on his Glee audition. I miss him so much.
R.I.P Cory Monteith
God bless you Cory. 
Isabel _2002
Isabel _2002:
Sometimes I like to think about what life would be like if he was still here. I mean it wouldn’t change me life all that much, but just to see him happy and all his friends and family happy too. I would spend one of my imaginary genie wish on that😂❤️
Kamilia Aguilar
Kamilia Aguilar:
Who else is rewatching glee😓
Cory your smile will be always in our memory. Your kindness, your talent, what you gave to the world, missed but never forgotten
Bianca Hercules
Bianca Hercules:
I miss you Cory😭😭
paden viet
paden viet:
you think he would have still been alive if he never go the job?
Nazariy Kupetskyy
Nazariy Kupetskyy:
its really sad and depressing that hes gone
serenie beanie
serenie beanie:
after The Quarterback episode, i continued to watch but it hits me every ten minutes that Finn isnt coming back
the secret society is a messed up place!! he was perfect!! they took him away from us!! 😢😢😢 he is and forever wlbe missed..
this will forever break my heart :'(
Elpida Tzani
Elpida Tzani:
Isn't he amazing ??? Yesss, he is !!!!!!!
McKenna Gough
McKenna Gough:
he literally had the cutest personality
Lucy M
Lucy M:
I miss you Cory <3
J.B. Garza
J.B. Garza:
Miss this guy so much. hmmm :/
Alexis Headrick
Alexis Headrick:
This is so amazing and I wish he was still with us right now because I would love to be able to meet him. He seems incredible and it's kinda makes me wanna cry
Emily Lawler
Emily Lawler:
Still devastated that hes gone, words cannot describe how beautiful of a person he was, rip cory we all love you!
JYT Complications
JYT Complications:
Anyone from 2019 ? ):
Savvy 28
Savvy 28:
Even though it’s years later and I never met him or knew him personally I still feel emotional and somewhat connected to him and I will always love and remember and feel for him
And I heard about Naya and the same for her rest sweet angels 👼 💕💕💕🥺🥺😭see you soon
4 years later, seeing his face and hearing his voice still chokes me up every time. I don’t know how but out of all the celebrity deaths, Cory’s still hits the hardest 😪
R.I.P Cory.. We miss you so incredibly much. We love you so so so much. <33
Omg 2019 and this guy is a legend
U will be missed man
Beth Grace
Beth Grace:
I miss you so much :(
Molly Lightfoot 16
Molly Lightfoot 16:
Hard to believe he's not around anymore😭I miss glee. I miss HIM😭💖
Kathryn Litonjua
Kathryn Litonjua:
To all you ppl who are saying that he killed himself should be ashamed! He was a human being and he was probably trying to stop but it probably isn't that easy! Just because he had fame doesn't mean he had it all, he was probably going through a hard time! Also it doesn't matter HOW he died all that matters is that he did! He's DEAD and he's never coming back and you guys are judging him when you didn't even know him! Honestly what's wrong with you?
ડꪖꪑi ડᥴri᥇᥇ꪶꫀ
ડꪖꪑi ડᥴri᥇᥇ꪶꫀ:
9 years later and the world is still feeling empty
Janae Herrera
Janae Herrera:
I just had to hear his voice again
Kinsey Beam
Kinsey Beam:
yes. we are all super sad about his death and i’m sure every single one of his fans have cried, but he lived such a beautiful life and inspired sooo many people. even though his last year was such a struggle, he had a great girlfriend and friends to spend the hard times with him even if they didn’t know about the overdose. if you look at it the right way, he lived a pretty great life. he was an orphan and he could have stayed an orphan, but he was taken in. and that’s what got him to glee and many other things. he is so much life finn. he is loved and he did not die with no purpose. R.I.P cory. we love you
He was such a beautiful person, I don't think I'll ever get over how sad this loss is to the world. Such an inspiring individual he was. <3
Isabella Tuttle
Isabella Tuttle:
It’s so hard knowing that he’s not coming back. I love you always. 😭❤️
Mecca Maryam
Mecca Maryam:
It hurts, but this makes me smile.
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth:
Anyone watching in 2019? :'(
Hannah Rose
Hannah Rose:
Once upon a Wendigo... Cory Monteith was a beautiful idjit. :'(
Cássius Endrigo
Cássius Endrigo:
Imagine dating a man like him
aldi and grace fanclub
aldi and grace fanclub:
“i got the rent playlist”
i got soooo happy. Idina 😍
Molly K
Molly K:
Guys. Stop watching this video, go and tell your idol that you love them. I no longer have mine, and I regret never being able to tell him how much he meant to me.
bella z
bella z:
6 years without cory :( rest in peace ❤️
Jenna Bora
Jenna Bora:
Watching his interview keeps Cory's beautiful spirit alive!! Ugh, I miss him so much!!!!
Caroline Lyons
Caroline Lyons:
For those are watching "Glee" spoiler alert he never used the Ellen drumsticks
Andrew Goertzel
Andrew Goertzel:
I’m not crying I’m sweating out of my eyes
Liam Blackman
Liam Blackman:
My birthday is on May 12th, one day after Cory's. RIP.
Kaosu R
Kaosu R:
He died near his birthday and he sounds so deppressing but when I watched glee all of them are so inspirational but when they do the quarterback episode it's so sad but somewhere I hope he's safe I have mixed emotions :/
Ailing Ampuero
Ailing Ampuero:
Who is still crying on 2019?
watching in 2019 🤕 , rip cory
Naomi E.
Naomi E.:
i miss him :( <3
He looks so happy..this made my day
Kritika Rupauliha
Kritika Rupauliha:
That adorable smile. God I miss him. I miss Finn. And I miss Cory. And I miss Finchel.
"Oh stop it!"
so adorable
at 3:51-3:55- Cory was just adorable! It truly breaks my heart that he's passed away!
A P:
I love you Coryyyy!!!
Am I the only one watching in 2019
Destiny Elizabeth
Destiny Elizabeth:
Another angel laughs...his name is Cory 😭
Ovelia Becker
Ovelia Becker:
such a lovely person, it hurts to remember he's not in this world anymore
Jack Sphere
Jack Sphere:
2019, still crying :((((
Elisa Gonzalez
Elisa Gonzalez:
He was SO adorable, I miss him 💔.
Victoria Loving05
Victoria Loving05:
I literally cry my eyes out every time i watch anything that he was in😷😷😭😭😭😭I miss him so much💖💞