Coronavirus: US Buys nearly all of Covid-19 drug remdesivir - BBC News

The US is buying nearly all the next three months' projected production of Covid-19 treatment remdesivir from US manufacturer Gilead. While the drug cuts recovery times, according to tests, it's not clear if it improves survival rates

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Daniel Huda
Daniel Huda:
My left ear appreciates this video
This shows the USA's true nature and what they will do to other nations if they are the first to find a vaccine
BBC, the multi billion pound organisation, still can't figure out how stereo audio works.
If 12 year old school children with smartphones can make youtube videos with stereo audio, so can you.
Redo. Do right.
Peter McGrory
Peter McGrory:
You can guarantee that the orange waste of oxygen has a supply for himself and his family!
Max Mac
Max Mac:
Half a mill doses, 100K cases, run out in about 5-6 weeks.
Anonymous Unknown
Anonymous Unknown:
Trump: the virus will disappear
Trump: proceeds to buy the entire world's supply of remdesivir
Whales Jason
Whales Jason:
How much drug will you buy?
Imagine if they had an actual healthcare system....
Paul Diver
Paul Diver:
I think the headline was supposed to be:
"Stable Business Genius Kneejerk-Buys ALL of One Drug When There's One More Readily Available and 0.5% of the Price".
x isaka
x isaka:
throw the dollars everyone and how this country will crumble in its knees
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Sanchez:
They are only producing 500K dosis?? I'm sorry but this looks like this company Guilead is keeping production low to rise the price of the medicine.
Steven England
Steven England:
Why is this only running audio through the left channel ? I thought my speakers had died
Skeptical Chris
Skeptical Chris:
Why would the "greatest country in the world" where the virus will just disappear, like a miracle, where they have done such a "good job" of flattening the curve, need to hoard these drugs?
In gold we trust. Fudge dollar
how come the 'world health organization' executive is fat
Levi Bull
Levi Bull:
Thought i went deaf for a sec ... (Right headphone no sound)
frankens tl
frankens tl:
It's a shame that people who are first/ people with money are of higher priority. Just another proof of how some lives are worth more than others.
Molar Bear
Molar Bear:
perfect we can use the US as Guinea pigs!!!!
PAUL 2020
PAUL 2020:
I bet they are buying up all the cheese burgers too since lockdown stopped.
Mona Wheeza
Mona Wheeza:
They left almost none to other countries for at least 3 months and I thought it was just a hoax
Interesting how "America first" can so easily translate into "America only... the hell with the rest of the planet: we are more equal than everyone else!".
Alex Walker
Alex Walker:
why do I feel like when Pence speaks he is thinking that we are all damned because we didn't believe in the prayers to God enough
Anna Firth
Anna Firth:
This drug is a scam. Why does the BBC push it?
jerry tom
jerry tom:
fam alam
fam alam:
Stuart Broad
Stuart Broad:
Population control..the lord watches on!
1:46 why is this woman shouting so loudly? Luckily it was only in one ear 🗣👂
Anthony H
Anthony H:
Who cares, the company should of allocated supplies to different nations. if its up for sale then first come first served.
Jiaxin Kou
Jiaxin Kou:
and they were saying it is China who were hoarding the PPE before
Arockia Mervin
Arockia Mervin:
Have lot of money but unable to buy life saving medicines. Countries must work together and help eachother.
Next one might be worster than current situation.
If China does this, there'll be 10 sanctions the next day, and 5 countries say they'll not use Huawei 5G. Then accuse China politicalise 5G decision
We'res the sound
Michael conor
Michael conor:
This news and headline is just another biased media smear tactic.
Milo Clesham
Milo Clesham:
Well, that's brilliant isnt it...
Goodman 4525
Goodman 4525:
It'd be nice if you guys would let the audio go to both of my earphones ...
Aaron from England
Aaron from England:
me me me me me,get over yourself.
g mix
g mix:
BBC posted this story on the 1st, reposted today as new. UK Gov says it has enough supplies so USA doesn't have it all. Had enough BBC lies? Sign the Revoke the TV licence Petition on the ParliamentPetitions website.
Luke Hubbard
Luke Hubbard:
The WHO who?
Realist 1801
Realist 1801:
Everyone seems to love 💕 the bbc !
Even your own videos are entirely on the LEFT now.
Jerry Tiong
Jerry Tiong:
better use the steroid than this remdesivir, it is expensive, it was monopoly by one company and trump promote it, when trump involve it mean $$$,
500 thousand courses of remdisivir is still not enough even for the U.S. let alone the entire world and if they are right about 100 thousand a day in new infections they will run out in a few weeks as cases increase
Nostredame Michel
Nostredame Michel:
That drug company gonna be bankruptcy, US buy drug with they toilet paper money...
Sid Ted
Sid Ted:
I'm sure the pharma companies would have sold it to us, for a stake in our NHS of course
The WHO or China?
Good old Blighty
Good old Blighty:
If American pharmaceutical companies creat the anti virus first?they will charge everyone over the top prices to for that anti virus meds.
Zach Whizzer
Zach Whizzer:
Pls have it for free omg
Okay, time to flush my stockpile of chloroquine down the toilet
Aymen Abdallah
Aymen Abdallah:
My right ear gave up
and then they'll sell it for 10k coz they'rre psychopaths
Jayjay Myers
Jayjay Myers:
Well they have near 3 mill cases they need it 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ever Faster Racing
Ever Faster Racing:
Stay safe everyone
Ian Lewis
Ian Lewis:
Johnson and co slow off the mark again.
Should of made more. USA! 🇺🇸
Miss Honey
Miss Honey:
American already upped the price by 30% for patients, makes it around $3000 per treatment ☹️
David c
David c:
You don't mention UK has more than it needs. Reverting to a clickbait site now.
Igor Budeanu
Igor Budeanu:
Now will be a good idea to force the news that vaccine can be made out of plastic waste from Ocean to cure COVID, so the US will collect all, and if that will work can force the news that the radioactive waste helps against something else so that the US will collect that.
Trump is stupid enough to believe in that.

I am not surprised by that beach move from Trump and his puppets.
Nathan Lin
Nathan Lin:
British dont need it coz we have Johnny walker
the man with the green cortina
the man with the green cortina:
Let them have it,it's the wrong treatment anyway. Lol
Jahangir Malik
Jahangir Malik:
U.S and U.K.....Special relationship??? Load of bullocks
Eta Carinae
Eta Carinae:
Nice little earner for Fauci
Jiaxin Kou
Jiaxin Kou:
and they were saying it is China who were hoarding the PPE before
Someone tell me how the uks covid cases went from 313000 down to 283000 over night how can they take cases away there so stupid.
Interesting that paracetamol is recommended as a remedy that is sufficient for treatment in mild less severe cases so why all the fancy elaborate drug treatments?. err an OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MONEY PROFIT = GREED CORRUPTION.
Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar:
"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson
Peter Sawyer
Peter Sawyer:
Remdesivir is a virtually useless drug in the scheme of things (even admitted by the BBC in this report). But the BBC always report news in the worst possible light. They look for someone to blame. In this case, the USA!
miguel angel martin monje
miguel angel martin monje:
Aplidin Is the best medicine
WhoIs DrJohnMack?
WhoIs DrJohnMack?:
India and Bangladesh are already making generics of Remdesivir, so no need to worry. It's just the Americans screwing themselves, as per usual.
Greedy bullying America.
If the vaccine is formulated by a non-US lab, they should send the US to the back of the very long queue.
*No worry it's just a flu and will be gone in april*
Now hurry go back to work and make Trump tower profitable again, but stay away from me.
*Moscow Agent Governing America*
Callum Fisher
Callum Fisher:
We should retaliate and buy up all the oil!
Shaleyla Kelez
Shaleyla Kelez:
That drug does NOT work, so it does not matter.
These drugs don't improve survival rates because you are treating symptoms and not the cause :)
remdesivir sucks. how come people die in usa..?
how selfish
Ron Cameron
Ron Cameron:
No sound!!!
Gustav Meyrink
Gustav Meyrink:
Was there anything more predictable than this?
The walking wotsit has already said that he would use an American developed vaccine as a 'weapon' to make other countries do what he wants.
Let's just hope that any vaccine will not be first by a US company. China is more trustworthy than Trump's America.
Mad Mags
Mad Mags:
I’m pretty sure any country with as many Covid cases as the US would make the same decision had they created a new treatment. A government’s job is to protect it’s people. Anyway, what use is spending so much on healthcare if US citizens don’t get the spoils of the medical research first. A well-funded medical research program is the one benefit to not having universal healthcare.
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
then bbc manufacture for rest of the world
Lewis Martin
Lewis Martin:
yea as they test more, they will report that there are more positive cases... Yet the death rate are not rising.
Peoplr keep criticizing trump for not doing anything. Then they complain when it does XD.
Bertrand F Chevalley
Bertrand F Chevalley:
Excellent ! Que les USA achètent tous les stocks et nous débarassent de cette cochonnerie.
Cet antiviral ne fonctionne que si sa thérapie anti-virale est appliquée dans les tout premiers jours de la maladie. Ses effets secondairs très graves sur les reins (à doses thérapeutiques normales) atteignent le 60% des patients. A part la diminution de la charge virale initiale, le remdesivir n'a aucun effet positif sur la réaction auto-immunitaire de la seconde phase de la maladie, alors que l'hydroxychlorochine y est effective, en effet c'en est la base de traitement pour lupus etc. L'hydroxychlorochine n'a pas d'effets secondaires aux dose préconisées contre le covid-19, même doublées dans l'essais Discovery anglais...
On comprend mieux pourquoi les promoteurs du Remdesivir, pour rendre leur droque plus appétissante, ont dû inventer des effets secondaires de l'hydroxychlorochine.
Notez bien que les mêmes auteurs de l'étude du 22 mai, retirée, qui attribuait à l'hydroxychlorochine les effets négatifs du virus (!), avaient publié 20 jours avant à Zürich une excellente étude sur l'origine des micro-thromboses provoquées par le virus dans le système sanguin et tous les organes, ce qui expliquait les problèmes cardiaques entre autres: donc après avoir découvert la morbidité cardiaque du virus, passés 20 jours, les mêmes auteurs prétendent attribuer ces effets à l'hydroxychlorochine ? ont-ils perdu l'intelligence, ou bien s'agit-il là d'une "extension" sanitaire de l'impérialisme américain ? notez bien qu'il ne s'agit plus d'un simple problème économique, d'âpre gain, mais de l'hécatombe de patients mal ou non traités, parce qu'on a défendu aux médecins de terrain de faire leur métier.
BlackKnight Magnolia
BlackKnight Magnolia:
I guess the whole world hates USA now?
1 V
1 V:
America buys it mark's the price up rips off it's own people
Sound engineers, do you even exist at the BBC?
Wan Hanif
Wan Hanif:
malaysia only 3 people only kes covid-19
All in the Mind
All in the Mind:
Anyone know why we, the UK, didn't report figures on the 02/07? Are we that bad? Sorry, I know this is off topic for the post.
Fearless Playz
Fearless Playz:
Please help our country philippines we already have 80k+ covid 19 positive plss im begging you and to all country to help philippines i still dont want to die i want to achieve my dreams and i want to live longer with my family and friends. Plss im begging all countries to help our country 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 im still a kid with full of dreams that i want to achieve when im already old but how can i achieve it if our country is full of covid 19 patients plssssss give us medecine that can help people to feel better pls to all of those rich country im beggin you to help us
Thats all thankyou
Ihope you can recieve my letter to all of those country🥺
Bob Holyoake
Bob Holyoake:
Big crimes against humanity
bum snogger
bum snogger:
Naomi grimly aka Karen of the world
REAL videos
REAL videos:
nice use the us as case study scape goats and test drives
Geckomoriah Reborn
Geckomoriah Reborn:
who's this woman presenter?
Eric Wadsworth
Eric Wadsworth:
Highlighting the power of the EU and it's combined buying power to counter the US and China in times of crisis. Good luck UK.
Phil Gordon
Phil Gordon:
Believe it or not some countries and a continent did just that manage a pandemic without destroying the economy. The African Continent, South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand did just that treating the coronavirus without destroying the economy. The coronavirus has proven that the West does not have the best healthcare system but the very most expensive least effective healthcare system. Many third world nations have better healthcare systems that is a lot less expensive. Believe it or not you would get better less expensive healthcare treating the coronavirus in Senegal or Ghana including the cost of travel and a higher success rate.
How? Taking extreme and very early mandatory weekly testing of all citizens those that were tested negative were free to go back to work with mandatory facemasks, surgical gloves, sanitizing the workplace, regular handwashing, and social distancing with weekly work certificates proving that they are virus free. Citizens who tested positive are under mandatory quarantine will get unemployment compensation equal to their regular salaries, free at home medical treatment, free telemedicine with postal shipping of free hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins provided by public health authorities needed to treat the asymptomatic patients very inexpensive very early. When asymptomatic patients who have are tested negative for more than two weeks, they are given weekly work permits so they can go back to work with mandatory facemasks, surgical gloves, sanitizing the workplace, regular handwashing, and social distancing. Keep in mind at the very beginning of the pandemic people testing positive are less than one percent of the population therefore very inexpensive to treat the coronavirus.

The worst mistakes made my government public health and private health authorities.

1. Calling the coronavirus not worst then the flu.

2. Not treating asymptomatic patients until they get sick and contagious. If asymptomatic patients were treated with hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins within the hour of testing positive it would have prevented the coronavirus pandemic outside of China.

3. Delaying quarantines until it is too late

4. Opening the economy while the coronavirus is on the rise

5. Not using hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins has proven to be safe, effective, and inexpensive as in Africa that has the highest cure rate

6. Using remdesivir instead of hydroxychloroquine in combination with other drugs. Remdesivir is an awfully expensive patented drug that has been proven ineffective against the coronavirus and Ebola. Hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins are very inexpensive and has been proven effective against the coronavirus

7. Allowing open boarders during a pandemic

8. Not deporting non-citizens who have tested positive for the coronavirus

9. The cost of treating one coronavirus patient with remdesivir $2,340 per patient. Treating one coronavirus patient with hydroxychloroquine in combination other drugs with intravenous vitamins is one tenth the cost of remdesivir. Remdesivir is a costly and useless drug.

Remdesivir was used in the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone July 2014 it was a complete failure. Nano Silver was used to treat Ebola it was extremely successful. I wonder why Nano Silver is not used for the coronavirus.

During a pandemic it is mandatory that public health authorities have absolute authority and prioritized over private health care and private hospitals. Public health authorities must employ doctors, nurses, support, security, and IT staff with public hospitals. Allowing private health care providers and private hospitals to deal with pandemics are a disaster. The number one problem with private health care and private hospitals are medical apartheid and medical profiteering. The African Continent, South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand do not allow medical apartheid and medical profiteering. Public health authorities’ employees in the African Continent, India, other third world or “shithole” countries were taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against the coronavirus worked extremely well. Coronavirus vaccines are not needed. The same should have done for high risk populations such the elderly and median age people with health problems. Hydroxychloroquine is very inexpensive so worth trying.
can you guys not put the audio in just one ear, it is quite uncomfortable