Converting Units With Conversion Factors

This video focuses on converting units of measurement with conversion factors. It explains how to convert units of length, time, capacity, volume, area, mass, speed / velocity, and density which is useful for students taking chemistry, math, or physics. This tutorial contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

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How To Win The Tic Tac Toe Game!

Here is a list of topics:
1. Common Conversion Factors of Length, Time, & Capacity / Volume
2. How to convert centimeters to meters - cm to m
3. Converting milliliters to Liters - mL to L
4. kilometers to centimeters - km to cm
5. Milliliters to Cubic Meters - mL to m^3
6. One step vs two step conversion practice problems
7. Multi-step dimensional analysis problems
8. meters per second to kilometers per hour - m/s to km/h
9. miles per hour to meters per second - mph to m/s or mi/hr to m/s
10. grams per milliliter to kilograms per cubic meter - g/ml to kg/m^3
11. how to convert square feet to square yards - ft^2 to yd^2
12. converting square centimeters to square meters - cm^2 to m^2
13. cubic yards to cubic feet - yd^3 to ft^3

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Lmao I’ve been crying for four hours straight and my head is throbbing of frustration. Looked at 3:20 minutes of this video and learned the whole thing. Moral of the story, YouTube nerds are superior over certified teachers.
well worth spending 20 mins of my time here rather than 45 mins on math class
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When I become a doctor, I'll tell myself, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. Thank you.
My chemistry class started these conversions yesterday. My teacher really didn’t explain how to do them, she just told us what numbers go where & not why. When I looked at my homework just a few minutes ago, I started crying out of frustration. Your video really helped me understand where to put the values and why. I finished my homework within ten minutes. :) Thank you!!
I’m no longer dumb anymore
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Exactly 5 minutes into this video and I understood an entire chemistry lecture better than a professor could teach me.
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Let’s take a moment to appreciate that he teaches way More than what is suggested by the title of his channel.
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sounded like rocket science when my teacher was explaining it,thanks fam
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thank you so much!! my Chem class started with this section and it was so discouraging, I thought maybe my major was too hard for me and I should reconsider... but I just sat through and did all these problems with you, and you helped more than my professor ever did! thank you and keep being a light in the world :) *also sidenote- very pleasant voice!
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Looking at the comments makes me mad at how many "teachers" there are that do a terrible job at teaching.
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He has to be using some sort of sorcery. I just learned the same thing in 20 mins while struggling to understand what my teacher was saying for 1 hour.
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if I become a nurse, it will be thanks to you :D
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I actually understand this honestly making perfect sense.
Literally wasnt understanding anything my chemistry teacher was saying until I watched this video. very thankful someone like this takes the time out of their day to help us out.
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You just saved my life as a homeschool Mom!!!! 😁
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I sat through 2 whole class period and didn’t learn this but it took me 5 minutes watching this video and now I understand
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This was 20 minutes?! It felt like 5 minutes, this is amazing! I understood everything perfectly!

P.S your voice is so soothing!
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I wish I would have seen this before my first quiz, damn. You were super helpful as I was completely lost in class when she went over this. Thank you so much!
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I've got a physics exam in two hours and this just saved me. THANK YOU
Thanks to this channel after being out of school for 25 years and never really thinking I was a "math guy"..... I got an A in college level intermediate Algebra! Thank you! Now I am on to chemistry and I will be using your videos once again... Keep up the great work!
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Who else watching this for their finals?

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I got an A+ on my quiz thank you so much this really helped me improve
This is the best online tutor. He helps me with anything legit. I should’ve found this earlier....
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Very, well explained ! thank you so much! because our teacher only gave us one example and let us answer 40 item test for the conversion and i only got 12 out of 40. I wish you were my teacher.......
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I’ve been taught dimensional analysis twice and couldn’t get it. I was panicking because I have a test on dimensional analysis that’s going to be our first test in the grade book, but thank you this video finally made me understand how to dimensional analysis ☺️
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You saved my ass so many times in my course to be an electrician, I wish I could thank you in person.
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Tysm! I had a test today, and I was crap at this subject since I didn’t at all and failed the pretest. This vid broke it down clearly, and helped me remember what to do!
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who is watching ths in 2019 like if you were watching this
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It took me 3 days to figure out what my teacher couldn't explain. It took 20 min and I get it!!!
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I've been listening to ur voice since I was in middle school and for some reason, I fell in love with it. Ur voice gives me a "you can do it" sorta thing and I would like to thank u for that. ❤
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Thank you for literally being my chemistry teacher, lol!
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Just started high school this year, this was super helpful. You made way easier to understand than my teacher did. Thank you so much!
I feel like I should be paying you my tuition!
I love this channel, I actually understand my chemistry now! Before watching this I was so confused with my chemistry homework and I was getting very frustrated, but now I totally understand it! Thank you so much!
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This is the conversion method I was looking for. thanks now ima yeet myself through chemistry and possibly Europe
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Dang this was so helpful I have my first quiz tomorrow and the teacher wouldn’t help me specifically and I was lost thanks so much man!!
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Didn't hear anything when my lecturer introduced this chapter, now am a master with conversion units all thanks to you keep up the good work, and when I become a biologist, I'll spread the word that if it wasn't for I would've probably changed the degree in my first year
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i like how im spending only 20 mins on studying this while in school we spend 1hr
i also understood everything because he explains it well and my math teacher goes like " im a rapper " haha lel
this helpedbut can i just say that on some of them i could literally hear u typing lmao
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You made me understand it more than my 60 mins physics class.
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This was so helpful, the science teacher was so confusing
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I was so confused up until the 10 minute mark. But I just finished the video and I understand it know. I wish there were
more examples.
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Wow thank you so much. My chemistry teacher just wrote the shit on the board, didn't even explain then expected us to just get it just like that. Everyone was confused. She also has a strong accent so it's extremely hard to understand her too.
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Thank you so so much for this! My 7th grade science class started with this and gave no explanation so this really helped me!

Great job!
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I have a test coming up on this, and thanks to you, I'm confident i'll pass!
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This is going to be useful af for solutions i can already tell
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To convert m/s for km/h i've find easier simply multiply the value of m/s per 3,6. I searched for that because i've find hard to understand your explanation (I'm not a native speaker).
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Justin Carnes
Justin Carnes:
Could you show a few problems with scientific notation involved?
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Somebody wanna help me on my physics hmwk rn
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Thanks for showing many examples, this helps a lot 😊
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thank you so so much for this lecture it really helped me get the concepts a lot better than in class.
Thank God this was made a Video, i would have failed MCAS if it wasn't for this video, since i couldn't get the hang of conversion factors and how to convert the metric system and Volume.
I can understand this more than my chemistry teacher haha. He's so advanced that I can't reach what he's teaching. Thank you for this vid! I can cope up with our lessons~
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11:42 dont mind me just making a timestamp.
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itsugo freecs:
Guys i have an idea... when converting big to small you neeed to add those zero like 1km = 1000m and 1m = 100cm. So you have 5 zero. In the example of 0.028 in the vid, he moved the point from 0.028 to the right five times like this 2800cm then u have the ryt answer
Edit: i got those zeroes from 1000 and 100
Pls like if this helps thanks!
Dave Brian Parami
Dave Brian Parami:
Can anyone explaine I'm nood at every math 5.6 g/ml to kg m*3
g is smaller than kg so means the answer supposed to get smaller
ALSO THE ML IS SMALLER THAN m*3 why the answer get bigger 5.6 to 5,600 on 16:36?
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Man, where have you been all my life? Finally I found someone who could explain to me, in an easy and concise manner, how to do conversions. Man I was struggling with this, but not any more. Thanks to this video I finally can say I know how to do conversions. Thank you very much for posting this extremely helpful video. I am grateful. (Liked and subscribed)
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lmao i answered this the way that my teacher thought me and the answer is just the same it's just that your way is easier than what my teacher thought bc mAN IT'S SO COMPLICATED IN HIS WAY.
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