CODY SIMPSON - Pretty Brown Eyes [Official Video]

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Video directed by Cameron Duddy

"Pretty Brown Eyes" Official Lyrics

Go to sleep, wake up
you're pretty with, no make up
Go to sleep, wake up
you're pretty with, no make up

This girl she came round the corner
looking like a model
magazine figure, she was shaped like a bottle
long straight hair she was fly as a bird
first time ever I was lost for words
felt so right it just couldn't be wrong
love at first sight if that exists at all
I couldn't move felt like I was stuck
and then baby girl looked up

and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
Go to sleep, wake up
you're pretty with, no make up
Go to sleep, wake up
you're pretty with, no make up

this girl she was a little hottie
she know she got it
came from the city so she love to party
the JT song make her move her body
she dancing all night long
I can tell that she was a wild one
that's why I was shy at first
but I finally worked up the nerve

[Chorus 2]
and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya

hey hey little pretty brown eyes
don't cha ever be looking at them other guys
aint never had no surfer like me
so just start swimming over here and ride my wave
I see you party like there's no tomorrow
let's leave the party, I'll grab my guitar
baby I got the keys
so jump in my car
sit back relax
Australia is kinda far

and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
and I said hey there pretty brown eyes
watcha doing later tonight
would you mind if I spend time with you
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya
spend a little bit of little bit of time with ya


100+ komento:

Someone said he looked like Gordon Ramsay and I can’t unsee
Sun Shined
Sun Shined:
Whose still jamming: 2020
ok so everyone here’s from tiktok but like who else remembers this song?? I feel so nostalgic ohmygosh
Pineapple Skies
Pineapple Skies:
All these people are just finding out about this song lmao Cody was a big part of my childhood wksksk
gracie june
gracie june:
Gordon Ramsay + Neil Patrick Harris = this guy
faith fay
faith fay:
Give this a like if ur a brown eyed person...
if this video is in hd im bradd pit
Si Supremo
Si Supremo:
Who’s here after he heard the news that he’s dating Miley?
B Trân
B Trân:
He looks like a hybrid between gordon ramsay and barney from HIMYM😂😂😂
Kailey ShARp
Kailey ShARp:

Satan Appreciation Club
Satan Appreciation Club:
He came to my school one day when I was in 5th grade and I don't even remember why, but he sang the chorus of this song and a lot of the girls started screaming. Most of my friends were guys who didn't care, so even though I was freaking out on the inside because I was a fan I played it off like "lol what's the big deal, why is he even here and why should I care?" Even though I cared a lot and was low-key jealous of the girls in my class who got his autograph. I went home feeling very sulky and I still kind of regret that I let other people's thought sway me and keep me from doing something to make me happy
Ally Min
Ally Min:
2020: yep
Amity Blight is Best Girl
Amity Blight is Best Girl:
"I used to shop at Justice" gang WYA😔
They always used to play this song lol
Kirsten Vannoorden
Kirsten Vannoorden:
I remember being pissed because I didn't have brown eyes lmao
Kimberly Barrameda
Kimberly Barrameda:
When I was in High School I used to listen to this, dreaming I got a guy like Cody.
SAFsilent JIHAD7
SAFsilent JIHAD7:
puberty hit him like the girl pushed him into the pool yuh.
Every time it says hey girl pretty brown eyes I do Russian princess amazing moves
Charlotte Cyrenne
Charlotte Cyrenne:
Me in 2019: *searchs on google* what colour are Miley Cyrus eyes
Ru M
Ru M:
Who’s here after seeing him and Miley kiss 🙋🏻‍♀️
ava lilli
ava lilli:
im green eyes but brown eyes are so beautiful especially in the sunlight
Emma Walker
Emma Walker:
Almost everyone has brown eyes(they are just dark brown)And if u don't have brown eyes no offense ur eyes are still beautiful and amazing 😀🤗
Liam Driscoll
Liam Driscoll:
I love how innocent and childish this is. It's surprisingly charming.
Janine Overchuk
Janine Overchuk:
my 5th grade self is shaking
Deepak Kool
Deepak Kool:
When you realise Jake Paul's Its every day bro has 10x more views than this pure art
Lauren LOL
Lauren LOL:
0:29 *russianprincess has joined the chat* 0:35 *russianprincess has left the chat*
Nataly De La Cruz
Nataly De La Cruz:
Who else is listening during quarantine?
Jasmine Civardi
Jasmine Civardi:
In this, is it just me, or does he look like a young, NPH or Barney Stinson?
AnnaMac is okay
AnnaMac is okay:
This boy was really big for like 2 weeks and had merch everywhere and then he just kinda lost his fame and that's honestly still confusing
Poo Pie
Poo Pie:
This is Justin Bieber and Jacob Sartorius together.
If you’re here from TikTok you’re a noob, this guy was iconic in our childhood😭 90s babies where yall at
zacharry rully
zacharry rully:
whos here october 2019?
auriane frenchgirl
auriane frenchgirl:
i totally forgot about this song i-
Justice Man
Justice Man:
Thanks Russianprincess01 for showing me this song
Raquelle Da One
Raquelle Da One:
omg they would always show this song betweewn breaks on teennick
Isabella Dunagan
Isabella Dunagan:
me seeing this in 2020: 👁👄👁 excuse me sir miley has blue eyes
Abigail has no life
Abigail has no life:
*get pushed into the pool*
*comes out with no shirt on*
Ananna haq
Ananna haq:
Spending Quarantine by Listening to TikTok Hits🤦‍♀️ Whose here frm July 2020 ????
Here from Russian princess’s tik tok
「 j e n i i 」 xx
「 j e n i i 」 xx:
when you have blue eyes and can’t relate to this song: 💔
Javine_. E
Javine_. E:
Me in year 5 vibin to this, looses the song- finds it years later. Nostalgic
Heather Leeming
Heather Leeming:
2k19 anyone?

Just me...? Okay.
Nethumya jayawickrama
Nethumya jayawickrama:
Who is addicted to this song like me?.
Let's see the likes guys.
Omg from all day to pretty brown eyes
Ariana- retail therapy my new addiction
Me - hey there pretty (in super market).
My parents - omg I dont know this kid
Like if u are obessed with thus song🔥💝💝
The TikTok girl ruined this for me
Olivia Auguste
Olivia Auguste:
he’s dating miley who has blue eyes SMH A LIAR
Destiny Jay Dior
Destiny Jay Dior:
Omg 😭😭 I could cry .. I really miss these days ❤️
He looks like Gordon Ramsey and Neil patrick Harris in one
Edit Audios
Edit Audios:
And🧚🏻I🤷🏻‍♂️said 👄
Jennifer l Farstad
Jennifer l Farstad:
Omfg I’m crying🤭my body is full of butterflies 🦋
angelica bryanne cortes
angelica bryanne cortes:

fav part of the song
Julianna Lopez
Julianna Lopez:
*russian princess entered the chat*
i can’t believe i’m gonna be the age he was here next year
i have brown eyes so i should say thank you for calling my eyes pretty =D
Sabrina Marie
Sabrina Marie:
Who's here year 2020? Randomly this song popped up in my mind 🤣
Sonya Herrington
Sonya Herrington:
I might know that he's talking to another, touch my hand, ah I'm ur wife grab my hand a tickle a h run spin run back to u I puuuuuulllllll(wifey spirit writer)_2
Su Alkoçlar
Su Alkoçlar:
2013 yazı... Nr1... 13 yaşındaki ben... deli gibi özlendi o zamanlar be :(
Jaime Griffin
Jaime Griffin:
If you are from TikTok he looks so weird plus he is in a relationship with Miley Cyrus witch I was like “WTH” 😂
Omg got so much flash back I always remember seeing this on my tv
There is so much I could say about the song I love it so much who else tried to memorize the dance And failed and I don’t think I should be here because I don’t have brown :(
Jada Wayda
Jada Wayda:
i was just searching for a song and ii put in the lyrics “ii said” then in my head ii started singing this song so then ii searched it now im finna go back to looking for the other song but this is straight childhood😭💕
Turborun 23
Turborun 23:
Cue 7th grade flashbacks
finally a song about brown eyes
Alizah Gonzales
Alizah Gonzales:
Lourie Peli
Lourie Peli:
And now he's dating Miley Cyrus
Its Niyah
Its Niyah:
when I was little I used to think this was about me 😂 ... but I realized I’m black
Mandalin Holmes
Mandalin Holmes:
Who’s here dec 2019 looking up Cody Simpson’s songs because he’s dating Miley and you need to process the fact that your child good crush is dating the girl you wanted to be growing up 😂
Expecto Bangtan
Expecto Bangtan:
2019 anyone? BTW This is the second english song I ever heard and I can’t forget it till date...
0 Axnvz.x
0 Axnvz.x:
Who still listening too this in 2k19?🤓
cecilia morales
cecilia morales:
i love this song soo much ! 🤍🤍
(besides i’m a brown eyed girl)
used to listen to this song a lot in 2013-2014 and so it brings me pretty good memoriees 🥺
Joan Carreras
Joan Carreras:
It's funny how the song says "you are pretty with no makeup" and all the girls are wearing makeup hahaha!
Mali Roma
Mali Roma:
Someone that makes my ugly brown eyes feel pretty
Cuz mine don’t have depth or anything like other brown eyes they’re just dark brown
YES I USED THIS FOR ONE OF MY EDITS (even tho it was made by vinkle don't give me hate if your gonna look at it) I GONNA GIVE YOU CREDIT ALL ON
Drimp Seducer
Drimp Seducer:
Sup CS I make music too n from Australia as well😁😁😁
Amiya Blue
Amiya Blue:
There’s a better song called Pretty Brown Eyes and it’s by Mint Condition.
Okay seriously if you have blue/green eyes and are like "what about blue eyes?" Then shut up. Do you know how much attention blue eyes and green eyes get? Never once has someone told me my eyes are gorgeous or amazing or whatever. People with brown eyes finally get to be appreciated for once. So if you would just shut up and listen to the song that would be greatt
Whos hère in 2019? It’s boutta be 2020😁
Loren Salazar
Loren Salazar:
Why did I only know the "hey there pretty brown eyes" part? Like I've listened to it way before tik tok. Is it from musically??!
Macie Klosterman
Macie Klosterman:
Anyone agree that he is lowkey hot in this video?
Jaki T
Jaki T:
I just found out Cody dated GIGI HADID
Boi wot
Boi wot:
0:29 *Russianprincess has joined the chat*
Amber Franke
Amber Franke:
I never understood that part in the video when he threw his swim trunks on to the patio, I’m feel blinded. This song was like one of those 2014 thirst Justin Bieber songs.
Kellen Inouye
Kellen Inouye:
who's the girl in blue/light blue swimsuit, also the necklace on the pink floatie?.
Gökçe Gürce
Gökçe Gürce:
No came TikTok and like me 2019? 😏
LilyMay _Barbetti
LilyMay _Barbetti:
Anyone seen that RUSSIAN PRINCESS TikTok?!
Miley Cyrus has blue eyes *oop*
Amo esta canción y no entiendo porque tiene tan pocas visualizaciones ♥
i found the avocados
i found the avocados:
Shiro Sarceda
Shiro Sarceda:
Love having throwback while stuck in the house due to this corona virus, MISS U CODYYYYY💕
Joshua Rocha
Joshua Rocha:
**TikTok has joined the chat**
I'm soo full of nostalgia right now
Madeline Rico
Madeline Rico:
Idk but this showed up a lot in my life even over the yrs!!!! I liked it over time but I picked the one with the girl in the camera with pic on floor!!! <3ed that one!!!!!!
Crystal Castillo
Crystal Castillo:
Austin mahones song came into mind and then I remember Cody 😳
So it's 2018 and uhh I miss these days😭 2013 was a good year
Fw.brandyyy Johnathan
Fw.brandyyy Johnathan:
I haven’t listened to this I’m so long and OMG I still remember the lyrics kind of 😭😭😭
Rory Lawson
Rory Lawson:
Are we gonna ignore the fact that he was 16 when he made this?
na ti
na ti:
Victoria Garrick
Victoria Garrick:
They should put that little dance that Cody did on TikTok and it become a dance challenge because I would do the dance all the freaking time
sorry I don't stan five sos
sorry I don't stan five sos:
Why are Australians so attractive?
how’s miley
I came here becuz i have brown eyes and to feel my beauty