Chuck E. Cheese is Officially Bankrupt

Is the end of Chuck E. Cheese upon us? They have officially filed for bankruptcy. Even with a chance of recovering, things aren't looking so good for the lovable mouse's future.


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100+ komento:

I used to love this place, but at least it had a decent run. If this is the end, we'll still have the memories 😉
Double M 11/08
Double M 11/08:
Damn that sucks. I’ll never forget that “where a kid can be a kid.” slogan
Gaming YoutubeChannel
Gaming YoutubeChannel:

Chuck’s gravestone: “guess I’ll *die*
My childhood: **exists**
Every single piece of my childhood: *Ight I'mma quit now*
They could always rebrand as “Fazbear and Friends Entertainment”...
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
FNAF fans who want a Freddy Fazbear's pizza to take over: Write that down, write that down!
Robotic Eggs
Robotic Eggs:
Chuck-E-Cheese: *closes down*

Everyone: *So long partner*
Hero Bizarre
Hero Bizarre:
Chuck E. Cheese: Closes down

Me, someone who has played FNaF:
😐 There's a common theme here and I am not liking where this could be going
Ambas Family
Ambas Family:
2020 will be nicknamed to “The Forgotten Year”.
the behind the slaughter
the behind the slaughter:
Normal people: I'm sad

Brae Bae
Brae Bae:
Who else has the “where a kid can be a kid” stuck in their mind because of pbs kids
I bet Chuck E. Cheese Tokens are gonna be a collector’s item and possibly worth a fortune!
Vailskibum94: What Will come?

Me: Freddy Fazbears Pizz-
*screams in confusion*
*screams in confusion*:
Coming new , to July 2020: real life Five Nights at Freddy’s!
EnderBuilders Studios
EnderBuilders Studios:
Afton and his Animatronics : Allow us to introduce our selves.
Five Nights at Spring Bonnie Plushies
Five Nights at Spring Bonnie Plushies:
Chuck E Cheese: Goes bankrupt June 26th
Glitchtrap: Looks like it's killin' time!
Chuck E. Cheese’s: where a kid *could’ve* been a kid 😔
grey the wolf
grey the wolf:
Chuck-E-Cheese:* closes down*

William Afton and Henry Emily: it's free real estate!
Paolo Duran
Paolo Duran:
"Will 2020 get any worse?"

*Yes, yes it would.*
Dylan Peila
Dylan Peila:
Chuck e cheese: **dies**
FNAF fans: **default dance**
D̸E̸L̸E̸T̸E̸D̸ A̸N̸I̸M̸A̸T̸I̸O̸N̸S̸
D̸E̸L̸E̸T̸E̸D̸ A̸N̸I̸M̸A̸T̸I̸O̸N̸S̸:
(Chuck.E cheese is closing due to bankruptcy

(Me a Fnaf fan): I don’t like where this is going
The Real NadMak
The Real NadMak:
Chuck E. Cheese: *dies*
Freddy Fazbear: “It is free real estate.”
This reminds me of when I was in the playhouse and a little girl brought _her dog_
Jake the friendly Chao
Jake the friendly Chao:
Late 2000s: "we entertain children and make them proud"

2020: "I'm about to end this years whole carrer"
I can’t think of a good username
I can’t think of a good username:
Freddy fazbear: first time?

(After the end of ffps, the narrator said fazbear entertainment is no longer a corporate entity)
FR3SH Animates
FR3SH Animates:
"Chuck-E-Cheese Closes Down"

Theme Park Crazy
Theme Park Crazy:
Don't tell Caillou.
I will never forget where I went to when I was a child. I once had a thought chucky cheese will become the next FNAF (five nights at freddy’s)
Elizabeth Brower
Elizabeth Brower:
Who’s going to tell him that one location is back from the dead in the usa
Chuck E cheese: *goes bankrupt*

Freddy fazbear's pizzeria: Oh yeah it's all coming together.
chrisgaming 59
chrisgaming 59:
Also hear this 5 kids went missing at a Chuck-E-Cheese, FIVE KIDS does that sound familiar to you
Alma Basurto
Alma Basurto:
Mr. Peanut:Died
Kool-aid Man: Missing
Toucan Sam: Redesign
Chuck E. Cheese: Dying
Aunt Jemima: Retired

The world of ad icons is dying.
Zach Dugan
Zach Dugan:
Covid-19 is a conspiracy specifically designed to destroy Chuck E. Cheeses.
Imagine them coming back with a best selling Chuck E Cheese horror game

I’m joking
Marcela Nieto
Marcela Nieto:
In Canada, Toys R Us is open. And it is full of people.
CJ 7719
CJ 7719:
“5 people were taken in chuck n’ cheese”

fnaf fans:
saplz Apples
saplz Apples:
Chuck E. Cheese: *rebrands all their stores to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza* Chuck E. Cheese to Covid: “you should’ve gone for the head”
UltrasWrldd 759
UltrasWrldd 759:
Chuck E Cheese Ends in 2020

2025: Welcome to Freddy’s Fazbears Pizzeria!
djs alt
djs alt:
Chuck E.’s Fright:
The Horror Attraction!
FNAF drawer
FNAF drawer:
Chuck e chesse dies
My uncle who kept all this coins: eBay eBay
My Cambodian Brother
My Cambodian Brother:
Chuck E. Cheese: Rats, you got away!

*guess ill die*
Funny Fox
Funny Fox:
Chuck E Cheese: **shuts down**
Scott Cawthon: *_"It's free real estate!"_*
Jayden Poyser
Jayden Poyser:
Therapist: fnaf isnt real it cany hurt you.
Chuck E cheese: *hippity hippity hopptiy hooo you are wrong, a night worker dided, 5 kids have gone missing, and I've been moving strangely,*

Edit: *Now I will go and cry in my depressed kid self for intrinty lol*
Chuck e cheese: is closing
Kids: *Goodbye old friend. May the force be with you*
Mighty Boi
Mighty Boi:
“Where a kid can be a kid!”-Chuck E.
Papa John: It's all coming together...
Rocki Boi
Rocki Boi:
Chuck E. Cheese’s: files for bankruptcy
Coronavirus: “I’m the man behind the slaughter.”
Showbiz Pizza Place: *Showtime*
Did anyone here about the 5 kids going missing there and parents finding some smell coming from the animatronics?
_•cry baby•_
_•cry baby•_:
Us fnaf fans be like:OR TIME HAS COME
Xfishy Games
Xfishy Games:
Chuck e cheese: well time to go

Young kids: oh no I still want to go
Bro kids can’t even be kids anymore what the heck
Shark —— Studios
Shark —— Studios:
Scott cawthon: Write That down WRITE THAT DOWN!!!
Cool Game
Cool Game:
I’m guessing in the far future maybe something else will take its place like say if Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza actually existed
Chuck E Cheese: *goes bankruptcy and closes down*

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria: *"allow us to introduce ourselves"*
"5 Kids has gone missing inside a Chuck E. Cheese's"
"Post-Hour worker died inside a Chuck E. Cheese's"
"Night Shift workers claim strange movements from animatronics during post hours"
*oh yeah, it's all coming together*
K.K. Slider
K.K. Slider:
He chucked his final cheese 😔.
Goodbye Chuck E Cheese, Welcome Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria!
Blue Moon
Blue Moon:
Chuck E Cheese: * closes *
Fnaf: You know what that means....
Me: I love you fnaf and all, but I don't want purple guys and killer animatronics thank you
"2020 couldn't be any worse"
Chuck E. Cheese:
Ochaco Melody
Ochaco Melody:
Chuck e cheese better become Fazbear's frights by next year. This is a threat.
*freddy fazbear pizza : my time has Finally come*
Matthew Visosky
Matthew Visosky:
I have been to a chuck e cheese once when I was 3 and I dont remember anything it was my sister's 6th birthday and we didnt go back because the place wasn't food allergy-friendly and yeah. I still think this place had a great run even though I have no feeling for this company but still
rocky the amazing inkling
rocky the amazing inkling:
Omg I love chuck e cheese. I used to go there with my family time to time. I member when they used tokens and tickets. I remember when one day I went to chuck e cheese and they handed me a plastic card and I was like what is this and they said we now use cards and points. I was like mk. The cards and points were more easier to calculate how much you had and couldn't easily be lost but I like the feel of tokens and tickets. Me and my brother actually have a bag of tickets that we were saving up. I'm actually curious if they will accept it now. Anyway my point is I loved Chuck e cheese and it's a place where I went to have fun and get some pizza. Chuck e cheese will hold a place in my heart.
Chuck-E-Cheese: Goes bankruptcy
Scott Cawthon: *_helo_*
:( *_now i will never have a good birthday without a mouse in my life 😭_*
Deva Rafael
Deva Rafael:
One thing we will miss forever from Chuck E. Cheese: ratchet families brawls.
*cries in only being able to go there once*
Super Mario Fan 100
Super Mario Fan 100:
if it does shut down i will remember those times when i was little and go do what my dad did he went to the place where he met my mom that closed down and looked inside through the windows to see what happened to it
I'll always remember when I went into the indoor tunnels at the top of the play area when my body was very grown. I wanted to reminisce the times I used to have when I was a little kid and went into the indoor playgrounds. Since I moved to another place, I couldn't experience Chuck e cheese anymore. So when I finally went again, even though I was wayy too big, I still had fun.

Some little kids were even like "pssh you're too big for this" but I was like "meh who cares" I just wanted to ride the slide.

Thanks Chuck E. Cheese for all the memories I had. The indoor playground, the pizza, the band, the arcades, the free tickets will always hold a special place in my heart. Forever.
How to save Chuck E. Cheese 😂😭
Since these kids love games add a free ps4 to play
maria jose
maria jose:
It’s sad that kids won’t have the luxury of going to Chuck E. Cheese’s

Yeah cause when I think luxury I think Chuck E. Cheese
Maybe Chuck-E caught the "Cheese Touch" and they're using bankruptcy as a cover-up?
Animation Entertainment
Animation Entertainment:
You're right. Changes DO need to be made for things to turn around for the better for Chuck E. Cheese. I'm thinking about turning an Animation Entertainment lens on him by redesigning him and his friends, and I'm thinking about putting up some tentative new character designs later this month. Would that solve Chuck E's problem?
Nasrom smkbtr
Nasrom smkbtr:
CEC Entertainment inc : bankrupt chuck e cheese

Fazbear Entertainment : allow me to introduce myself
donut guy
donut guy:
i never went there before, and i don't know how to feel about this
anguirus boy 15
anguirus boy 15:
Well, there goes my childhood..
They need to rebrand to “FNAF”
Mangle Foxy
Mangle Foxy:
*Sees Engineer*

Gregg Ullrich
Gregg Ullrich:
Chuck E. Cheese: *goes bankrupt*

Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa:
Covid is going to destroy everything in the economy and the clowns still supporting the lockdowns are going to be like "What happened"?
Einstein 4203
Einstein 4203:
Headline somewhere "Rat-Themed Children's Casino Goes Bankrupt" 🥴
ThE aLeRt KiD
ThE aLeRt KiD:
Chuck e cheese: Exists

Covid-19: *Im boutta end this mans whole carrier*
grap ies
grap ies:
Ah I had so many good memories from this place it will forever stay in my heart 💜
E Lilly
E Lilly:
welp, if this is the end, then I guess my dream of grinding for tickets for a luigi plush is crushed by a thwomp now. Thanks Covid.
Owen Petrie
Owen Petrie:
"Chuck E. Cheese is officially Bankrupt"

Me: *starts smashing keyboard*
A part of me has died
This truly is the worst year ever
Milko !
Milko !:
Toys R us VS Chuck E Cheese
Who will come back to life ?! 0:
Arthur Alvarenga
Arthur Alvarenga:
It's strange to see such a large part of my childhood might be going away, I understand that Chuck E. Cheese has been losing money since the decline of popularity of entertainment centers and arcades, and while I agree with your statement that Chuck E. Cheese had a decent run, I blame the bankruptcy on this pandemic alone., i would be willing to bet that Chuck E. Cheese would have stayed around for a comfortable five years before really starting to get in trouble. However that is my two cents on this topic. Again though, really strange seeing a large part of my childhood might be going away... Again.
Toa Takanuva
Toa Takanuva:
They have found a way to outpizza the hut

This is what happens when you try to outpizza the hut
AngryCatzStudioz :3
AngryCatzStudioz :3:
Me once chuck e cheese shuts down: *Fnaf Time Bois*
Shayla Crockett
Shayla Crockett:
*I literally just got a Chuck E. Cheese ad saying they are open*
Nugget Cave
Nugget Cave:
Bro I've still got tickets on my wall
Rip to another piece of my childhood. 😢
Lauren Playz
Lauren Playz:
I'll miss this place. Ah, the memories of wearing your Halloween costume to the arcade and getting free tokens. The joy of wasting all your savings on the claw machine, and the succulent sweetness of the food. You will forever be missed.

"Where a kid can be a kid,"
Cika Gaming
Cika Gaming:
I've never been to chuck e cheese before but what everyone thinks about is a legend restaurant and I respect that
Aiden Hall
Aiden Hall:
Chuck e cheese: closes

Fnaf: allow me to introduce myself
Mr. Stripes
Mr. Stripes:
I don't know, I just hope it will FINALLY be over by the end of this year, but I hope things will turn around by then too.
Donte Mcallister
Donte Mcallister:
Purple Guy: Oh yea, it’s all coming together
Alicia Wicklund
Alicia Wicklund:
This was my childhood. Rip