Christopher Watts describes killing his daughters in chilling jailhouse interviewing

The convicted killer detailed how he murdered his young daughters after slaying his pregnant wife.

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100+ komento:

Steven Prime
Steven Prime:
Why. Is. He. Still. Breathing. My. Air.
Andrea Perez
Andrea Perez:
The fact that he said “those girls” when referring to his babies...
Brandon Rendon
Brandon Rendon:
The fact that he refers to his daughters as “those girls” its pretty sad .
Shahzad Ikhlaq
Shahzad Ikhlaq:
"No daddy" part is just horrible to listen, how on earth could someone do this to their own blood, God those two beautiful girls murdered so brutally, I can't even.
Charmaine Black
Charmaine Black:
That smug look in this picture. For ANY woman who fantasizes herself in love with this monster is just as twisted as he is. Y'all need to see a therapist.
Lucy in the sky
Lucy in the sky:
"No daddy", from a little princess that once called you her hero. May those words drive him mad.
H M:
Even most of psychopaths would never harm their own family. This guy is not human. I have no words...
His confession is chilling and heartless. Why was this person a father !!!
A. A.
A. A.:
This thing is a monster. It can't even be called human.
Tam- Tam
Tam- Tam:
He says, what I feel for "THOSE GIRLS". NOT " MY GIRLS". SICK psycho.
Julian S.
Julian S.:
Hope everyone in jail knows what he did. And handles it accordingly...
ac b4
ac b4:
This guy ever heard of a divorce? If he didn't want to raise kids then just don't and leave them, at least let them live. I can't understand his brain.
aminata koroma
aminata koroma:
ryan logan
ryan logan:
So he had his kids in the truck ALIVE while his wife was dead? Thats sick... And he killed 1 kid in front of the other... CRUEL..
I’m glad he didn’t get the death penalty, that’s way to quick and easy for this monster. He deserves to suffer everyday of his life.
White Wolf
White Wolf:
💔 he could have just ran away with his mistress and left the family alone.
Tara Brown Beauty
Tara Brown Beauty:
Poor Bella was such a good little girl she stayed in the back of the truck while her horrible father was placing her sister in an oil drum. There are just no words to explain how horrific this all is. My heart hurts for Nico, Shannan, Celeste and Bella .
Shacka Nacka
Shacka Nacka:
Man gets bored of his wife, begins to resent his life so instead of packing his bags and leaving or telling her he no longer loves her, he takes her life, her unborn sons and his 2 little girls for a 2 month mistress who isn't anything special to look at. He deserves to die. He isn't insane though; what he did is. I think he enjoys reliving those moments for the attention. I don't think he loved his wife or his children. He was a scheming coward and not a very clever one at that. Not an ounce of remorse. The lowest of the low. I hope he meets his match in prison. I don't think he is worthy of air and he is a disgrace to humanity as a whole.
kodi cimino
kodi cimino:
This is horrible. Like I'm totally distraught over this. How could someone do this??? Monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matiar Shahri
Matiar Shahri:
I have a cat and I would die for her she is like my daughter
He is a monster
CHOO-CHOO collector of weird
CHOO-CHOO collector of weird:
I hope he hears his child whisper,
No daddy
Every night in his nightmares
Ashantiii #Barbbb
Ashantiii #Barbbb:
the nerve of his mother to say in court she forgives him🤦🏾🤦🏾
Chelsey Lin
Chelsey Lin:
“I don’t know if I said yes like a horrible person” as if In just that moment he was being a horrible person. Dude you killed your pregnant wife and 2 small children to carry on an affair with a little troll who knew you were still very much married, just having an affair in general made you a horrible person. What you did to Shannan and HER kids (I don’t even believe he deserves to be known as their father) is beyond horrible it is just pure evil! I know that he’s sitting in prison now trying to work with a lawyer on an appeal and that he THINKS he will be able to get out in 20 years with good behavior. The fact that he thinks he ever deserves to be let out of jail just goes to show how sick and twisted he really is! And if he was really sorry for anyone but himself he would accept the fact that he’s never getting out
Shayla Sturgis
Shayla Sturgis:
The fact that he is like trying to make himself cry in this interview is sick. Like no remorse for your children at all. Bella had to witness the whole thing and say “is the same thing that happened to cece gonna happen to me” 😭😭
Black Widow
Black Widow:
Where are these people who doesn’t hate Chris? And even accused Shannan that she killed her babies? These kind of people are sick!!
robbie pie
robbie pie:
Fun fact: They had to move him to another facility because the inmates were telling him death threats and the officers weren’t feeding him. He deserves all of it.
Katelyn Mariee
Katelyn Mariee:
He doesn’t even sound sad or remorseful like he regrets it
Francisco M
Francisco M:
man, when the neighbor told at police officer: he is wirt, he never talks with anybody, he never puts his truck in reverse, look how he walks..he was right!!!!
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly:
It’s a scary thought that there’s people like this out there in society and we’ve got no idea that they’re capable of doing such things until they do them
The prisoner who ends up taking his life will get 1,000 on his books from me and a standing ovation.
Christopher Watts is a sad excuse of a man. Definitely has mental issues since he murdered his whole family. How sick can someone be? The whole situation disgusts me.
lilly ll vhs edits
lilly ll vhs edits:
literally sickening that someone could do that to their own wife and children. disgusting.
Niki C
Niki C:
"...I don't know If i said yes like a horrible person or if I just killed her ..."

Um..... sir?
“Those girls,” not “my daughters.”
Raider Cat
Raider Cat:
I wish I had never listened to this. Those poor babies. Hurts my heart.
C.L. C.L.
C.L. C.L.:
The public has more love for his daughters lives than he did as their Dad.
Leslie Yurong
Leslie Yurong:
Why didnt he juat run away with his mistress? Like his wife and kids does not deserve this.
Apparently he just wanted a new life and didn't love his wife anymore, he could've just gotten a divorce, instead he killed them, thats messed up man...
Shawn Ruby
Shawn Ruby:
As a new father, I hope this man gets the absolute worst between now and when he dies in there. May the other inmates make him suffer.
I can't believe us tax payers are paying for his meals.
Hoenir Canute
Hoenir Canute:
Its a fault of our society to treat these animals like humans. Ill rather they treat real animals like humans.
Mari Carmona
Mari Carmona:
I’m sorry I don’t ever comment on things but I don’t believe that he ever loved these girls !!!! He’s a monster
all of this for an affair. i just can’t even finish this it makes me feel sick.
key from shinee husband ‘s
key from shinee husband ‘s:
*who else is there after watching the documentary on netflix*
S M:
Poor bella. She saw her mum's body at the house. She saw her being buried. She saw her sister who was sat beside her being murdered and taken away to the oil drum to be disposed. One can only imagine the pure terror she would have been feeling upon seeing her dad returning to the truck knowing it was just herself left. The realisation that the person she trusted and felt safe with is really a monster.
Evil walks among us in human form.
Leonard Villanueva
Leonard Villanueva:
Lucifer Morningstar would be so ashamed of what have Chris did.
Sarah Sue
Sarah Sue:
This man should be put in a wood chipper feet first.
Why hasn’t no one beaten him to death
J O:
He said that he doesn't think his daughter struggled while he suffocated her?! Of course she did. She was suffering and fighting for her life. He's such a horrible monster. How could he do this to these beautiful girls and their Mama. I am so sick.
Edie Puig
Edie Puig:
At one point he refers to his daughters as “those girls.” Disgusting.
Petition for use of torture on people like Chris "No, daddy" Watts.
Ayca Desmond
Ayca Desmond:
I’d jump him if I was interviewing him.
Fe L.
Fe L.:
Where are the toxic people telling that shannan is the killer and chris watts is innocent. You are so disgusting. Victim blaming at its finest huh.
King Nate Diaz
King Nate Diaz:
As a father of three girls. I have no words. How? How can a man do this to his own seeds? Let this be proof that evil very much exists.
Spider Rico
Spider Rico:
This is the most awful thing I've ever heard in my entire life.
Miss Jules
Miss Jules:
He is not a Dad, he can never call him that either, he doesn't deserve to live .
Alexia Bouclier
Alexia Bouclier:
I never comment on anything. But how is it people like this are lucky enough to have their own children and loving spouse and then go do something so cruel!? Some of us would do anything to have our own children and would love them to the end of the world and can’t have them, and then people like this are given a blessing and then destroy everything!
He has no remorse while explaining how he ended his girl’s life, bc he is making it up as he speaks.
Victoria Howe
Victoria Howe:
Life in prison isn't good enough, years of torture then execution might
Mike Sabbe
Mike Sabbe:
"No daddy""No daddy""No daddy""No daddy""No daddy""No daddy""No daddy" on a 24 hour tape in his cell
Chenny Garcia
Chenny Garcia:
Yet he had the audacity to blame his daughters' death to his dead wife, who was killed by himself. You really didn't deserve them, Chris. How I wish Shannan met someone else.
Don't Worry About It
Don't Worry About It:
HOURS after this he talks to his wife’s best friend and his neighbors like it’s just another day. On top of that he saw the footage of HIMSELF PUTTING THE BODIES IN THE TRUCK. this gives me chills of what humans are capable of.
people who commit murders like THIS deserve the chair.
TheKid Flores
TheKid Flores:
The fact that his daughter sat there in fear knowing her dad was going to hurt her next is so damn heartbreaking 💔💔 I’m so sorry 😔
Dana Jones
Dana Jones:
She knew she was going to die, poor baby.. :(
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith:
"She said, 'What happened to CeCe?'"

What an ominous setting. In the last moments of her life she realized the betrayal.

Her emotions were probably like being in the middle of an empty grassy field with a pitch black sky with the only visble sight being a erie white figure coming closer.
Fearful. Panicing. Lost.

Bone chilling. Truely a monster.
He wanted to get rid of his “old life” and start a “new one.” I didn’t even know this was possibly.
Kyle Lanctot
Kyle Lanctot:
When he said the last thing she said was "no daddy" my whole body just overwhelmed by sadness
Lewenber Laguilles
Lewenber Laguilles:
I hate the fact that im breathing the same air he's breathing.
June Kirri
June Kirri:
"No, daddy," and that's the last thing she said. Oh man, I can't stop crying.
There are childless parents doing all sorts of things to get a child. And then there is him.
She said in a soft voice "No daddy".

How could he not stop? This man had some issues.
Hyungwon my heart
Hyungwon my heart:
Poor Bella... Must have been so terrifying.
M W Gatson
M W Gatson:
"She said no daddy." How could a man do that?!
Teresa Faye
Teresa Faye:
He's a perfect candidate for the death penalty.
devil beware
devil beware:
No daddy ....... I'm not gonna forgot these 2 words in my life 😟
Lainey Marindo
Lainey Marindo:
His guilt is his punishment. His innocent children and their voice will haunt him for the rest of his life.
It also disgusts how his family is handling this l, especially his mother.
Elle Rodriguez
Elle Rodriguez:
This man managed to turn off all emotional attachments towards his family weeks prior to their murders. That’s why it feels so distant when he speaks about his daughters. Using ‘those girls’ he doesn’t know who they are anymore. He literally threw his old life away and blocked whatever memory or feeling he had attached with it. This whole story gives me the creeps. I’ve never felt this way about any case and I’ve seen some brutal ones. This man is a monster.
C. B.
C. B.:
This man is wasting our oxygen
The Cornered Fanatic
The Cornered Fanatic:
the thing is he could be lying about this as well. He could have killed them all in their sleep.
Katrina Alvarez
Katrina Alvarez:
He looks so innocent omg I’m scared of trusting innocent looking guys like this. Scary -_-
John F
John F:
Hope his daughters haunt his nightmares.
Brenda M
Brenda M:
Them poor poor babies, how petrified must they have been. How any parent could do that, is unimaginable.
Geraldin Marta
Geraldin Marta:
Hearing how the little girl asked if the same thing was gonna happen to hear broke my heart 😢
P R:
If I was the officer doing the interview, I would be getting interviewed shortly after for strangling him
Hamed A
Hamed A:
This is why I can never be a detective, I can't imagine myself setting infront of that thing asking patiently and calmly about the details of how he killed his little angels and keep calm and not at least snap or slap him....

Listening to this ruined my whole day and it just got better going home and hugging my kids...
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson:
Jesus wept, I can’t believe that his family continue to support this monster 🤦‍♀️
Raymond Genta
Raymond Genta:
I just puked after watching that. I would give my heart to my daughter if she needed it.
Bethany Carden
Bethany Carden:
I don't know how anyone could be so calm about talking about killing there children and wife. So heartbreaking.
This is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever heard in my life
T T:
My heart goes out to those girls who felt the pain of realizing the daddy they loved was hurting them. They are in a better place now.
Michael Collins
Michael Collins:
"No daddy"
These last words are more terrible than life in prison or a death sentence.
He will hear the words of this little angle for the rest of his misserable days on earth.
"No daddy", never forget that, Christopher Watts
Chris Schoenfeld
Chris Schoenfeld:
I wish I had never played this video. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
Merry Panda
Merry Panda:
I hope her daughters words are haunting him forever
Bonifacio Jr
Bonifacio Jr:
Who else is just making random researchers and watching videos of this case after having watched the movie 🎥 ?
Rayan Marianelli
Rayan Marianelli:
The "no daddy part" is just disturbing to listen to. I regret clicking on this video!!!
And may the words"no daddy" haunt him even after his death!
Classical Compositions
Classical Compositions:
He never had loved for Shanann or his girls. He should of walked away. Wait till he dies till his real judgement starts
I can’t imagine the fear in Bella’s mind watching her sister die in hands of their father 😭