Chris watts documentary (FULL MOVIE)

Real footage of the Chris watts case edited as the tragedy unfolded
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Vanita Freeman
Vanita Freeman:
Why everyone keep calling Nicole nosy? She was a real concerned friend. She knew and loved her friend. The correct word is Loyal!!
alex solis
alex solis:
All he cared about was his girlfriend,,,he even says that on his book he still loves her, ....really guys?if you find somebody else just not hurt your family , they are already going thru a difficult time.....for all women out there find you a single man ,why a married one?
Lion Heart
Lion Heart:
I feel so bad for her and the kids. This makes me so upset. People like Chris don't deserve women like her. He sees like he faked the Marriage and everything.. I wish i had 3 kids a beautiful wife and a nice house to raise my family in..
Patricia Morton
Patricia Morton:
This should have been titled "The Tragic Deaths of a Mom and Her Beautiful Daughters." His name shouldn't be mentioned anymore.
The family of this poor lady are way better people then myself. They showed him mercy and requested life in prison and not to be put to death.. I would think if anyone truly deserves to be put to death in the most painful way known to man would be Chris Watts! What a horrible excuse for a man and Father!
Bald Guy From Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
Bald Guy From Diary Of A Mad Black Woman:
Damn bro just go to get some damn milk and don’t come back. Wtf
Mr O
Mr O:
Chris is to lazy to even fake like he cares.
Lil bitch
Lil bitch:
not some of these comments actually defending Chris Watts like wtf he literally murdered his own family what sick bastard does that omg
Helle Nellemann Pedersen
Helle Nellemann Pedersen:
No tears. He didn't even try to fake that he was upset in court. Only when the verdict was read did he shake a little. Chris Watts only ever cared about Chris Watts.
He was mimicing all emotion. Unfortunately no one realized what he was before it was too late.
I don't believe a word out of his mouth though, we will never know exactly what happened in that house of horrors......
Julie Solano
Julie Solano:
This thing is just a Monster!!!! Who killed them out of selfishness. He should have just Divorced her..
This lady was not playing ANY games!! She KNEW something was wrong with her friend and she was not going to let up until they got in that house!
She’s the real MVP
when shanann’s father said, “i trusted you to take care of them, not kill them” i cried.
Jordyne Hargraves
Jordyne Hargraves:
The fact that he tried to turn it on Shannan for killing CeCe and Bella makes my blood BOIL
Gacha_ Freya
Gacha_ Freya:
The devil came home that day and his name was chris watts and he was so much worse than the world anticipated and he could have fooled anyone of us
Diana D
Diana D:
His face when he was giving the interview: “I am so happy that I got rid of the baggage!”
This man was horrible at human interaction, didn’t love anyone in his pathetic life.
He and his mistress were the same kind of twisted people, a match for each other. Trully narcisistic people, incapable of empathy.
Tara Mickey Mickeranno
Tara Mickey Mickeranno:
His parents still love him, I get that but don't say he loved his children because he clearly did not. You do not kill people you love, period.
This documentary is way "better" than the Netflix version. This has more detail, it's less polished... still horribly tragic. So sad
So Shanann's friend got worried bc she was to drive her to an appt that morning and she could not get a hold of her. I would have been concerned too of my friend given this circumstance...
Joe kingdom
Joe kingdom:
All he had to do was " get divorce "
Very sad situation
hxnxa rx
hxnxa rx:
it disgusts me how he has no remorse for what he did at all. he wasn’t sorry for literally murdering his wife and children. he was sorry for getting caught and that’s the most horrific thing ever.
Bendy Bennett
Bendy Bennett:
Everyone needs a nosey friend like Nicole. She busted this wide open. If it wasnt for her...he would've probably got away with it.
The Watts parents really waffled on with their court statement. They really make it all about them. It's like they're almost enjoying the spotlight. Like shut up already 😠
If Chris mother had been in the interrogation room instead of the dad, Chris wouldn't not had confessed to shit. "- I know u didn't do anything to them, she is probably just being spiteful and left with the kids, didn't she?... " while nodding so her son would say "yes" lol
The fact that she is speaking so highly of him is soul crushing. But I can tell she genuinely loved him
Nadine Asfour
Nadine Asfour:
I don’t understand why he couldn’t just divorce and leave like he didn’t have to murder his whole family
Candy gaming Cat324
Candy gaming Cat324:
“He’s the best thing that happened to me” - chilling. Also women, please don’t meet a man when you’re at your worst. Be single until your ready, the predators come looking for their prey during these times
Barry Lab
Barry Lab:
Can we all just acknowledge the fact that the family of Shanon spared the death penalty. That shows the type of people they are. That Chris is a cold blooded monster. What gets to me everytime are the home videos of Shannon and the kids. How can anyone do such a!?
When the polygraph examiner told him he was a horrible liar, he must have thought to himself, I'm f*cked.
Rizzi C.
Rizzi C.:
Her bestfriend isn’t nosy. There is something that bestfriends. First of all she knows shannan like the back of her hand so if something isn’t right, she’d know right away. Second, shannan is pregnant and always left alone with the kids whenever her husband goes to work so it’s normal that friends check on her every now and then cause nobody’s there to look after her. So you guys, please be rational. Nichole was just doing what a true friend does.
kelbo sskii
kelbo sskii:
Scooby Doo was Right
Humans are the real Monsters in this world.
The Codenamenoob
The Codenamenoob:
Legend neighbor " hes not acting right at all"
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson:
No one:
Chris Watt’s face in the thumbnail:
Keanan Santoso
Keanan Santoso:
i don’t cry easily but this hit me... fly high shannan and her kids.
Chris Rowland
Chris Rowland:
Can we just talk about how great the officers were? The police here would be like she’s not home. See you later. Lol
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget:
This is wayyy better than the Netflix version because the netflix one made him out to be such a good guy who was married to a crazy woman and he eventually snapped. This one actually shows he was actually a terrible man
Getting Stuck In
Getting Stuck In:
The neighbor cracked the case in the first hour!
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie:
When the lie detector lady was taking the real test, you can see the disgust. Even though it’s blurry you can see it. Pure hatred.
Stephanie Barros
Stephanie Barros:
The man I most hate = Chris Watts.
The women I hate = His mom and Nichol Kessinger
Sadrina Sampson
Sadrina Sampson:
Why is she rubbing this mans back !!!??? After confessing to murdering his wife ??
I’m not over the fact that all of this was documented it’s almost like she knew something was gonna happen I mean she recorded every moment of her life and didn’t have a YouTube channel it’s like she was screaming for help
Madelen Igelström
Madelen Igelström:
Hes not sorry for killing them. Hes sorry for getting caught.
Margie Corzantes
Margie Corzantes:
His parents really pissed me off. They only care that their son is going to prison for life.
This man is a monster. He murdered the people who would die for him. He murdered the girls who loved him. He blamed everyone but himself. I’m so glad his new girlfriend got rid of him.
: o
: o:
i want a friend like nicole and if i don’t get a friend like her i want to be like that friend to someone
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe:
When his friend said “he’s not acting right at all” I got goosebumps
Jay M
Jay M:
All he had to do was divorce her!!
Penelope Guzman
Penelope Guzman:
Chris Watt's parents' overall attitude is chilling. No one asked them to condone what he did, so repeatedly saying they didn't "condone it" was weak, as though he simply lied or cheated on his taxes. Why didn't they condemn him? They referred to the "tragedy", what "happened" to their grandkids, all in a detached, third person voice that implies something sad happened to them and NOT that their son murdered them by choice. His mother "forgiving" him is inappropriate, she wasn't killed, and she still has her son, and frankly her focus on him indicates she wasn't THAT injured by his actions beyond losing him to prison. His parents want him to find "peace", said they love him and forgive him and hope one day he can explain himself to them, they quoted the Bible to him. This is ALL NOT OK. There is a sensitivity chip missing in the Watts family, and a serious self-focus and lack of compassion for those who are actually suffering.
Gentlemen, if you really aren’t ready for a relationship and to be a full time father and husband, then don’t even think of marriage. Don’t even date. Don’t get a lady hooked up to only kill her and the children. Just don’t!
The fact that he actually tried to play it off, calling her friends asking if they had seen her, and inside his mind he knows what he did but continues to play as if he did nothing wrong and she just went missing with her girls, that’s sick.
klondyk herrera
klondyk herrera:
His kids are missing and he doesn't seem worried, that made me think he is the suspect.
Yeetur McBeetur
Yeetur McBeetur:
This makes me physically sick to my stomach. This man killed what most people would kill for.
james sipe
james sipe:
So sad they trusted him with their lives and he took them away. Rip
Caydence Cuyle
Caydence Cuyle:
The fact he acted like he cared and acted like he didn’t now what happened is disgusting. that doesn’t sit with me
rich stalks
rich stalks:
His mother turning saying she forgives him ...what the hell 😳😳
She spoke so good about her husband..damn she didn’t even know🥺
sumpunone l
sumpunone l:
Chris really didn't expect Detective Nicole to be on scene by lunchtime.
Katy Sullivan
Katy Sullivan:
When he says "all their blankies are gone" he knows he smothered them with them
Does anyone else find Chris’ dads reaction to his confession very odd? It’s like his whole family didn’t sincerely care about Shanan or her kids. His dad didn’t seemed shocked at all. I get he was trying to stay calm but you would think they were discussing a dead animal and not his own flesh and blood that he murdered in cold blood. I see so many red flags with both him and his family...So sickening.
Rene Pitre
Rene Pitre:
Her friend is an angel too.. she worried shannan didn't answering phone calls nor messages
daniel sarn
daniel sarn:
The polygraph lady wearing a prison bars top was pure savage, she not only got to Chris mentally but also physically as well.
This guy had everything and decided to have nothing...
Megan Lopez
Megan Lopez:
His parents never liked Shannan literally only because she "took him away" by getting married. 🙄 They babied him all his life that's why he's a psychopath that thinks he can get away with shit and not be held accountable just blame everyone else. His dad hardly reacted when Chris confessed to him and he also already knew about the affair he was having, and his mom is the biggest bitch of all, so of course the sister follows too since she also didn't like Shannan. None of them even went to their wedding, which is just to manipulate him to feel regret for being with her, and to give them something to hold heavy in their hearts throughout their marriage (that his parents didnt wanna see them marry). Even though Chris is their son it urks the shit out of me how they didn't have not one negative thing to say about him and what he did to their grand babies and their mother.
Have a Nice Day
Have a Nice Day:
I think he’s only “sorry” because he got caught
Dan vitty
Dan vitty:
Dude was practically smiling while talking about everything. What a sicko
Jordyne Hargraves
Jordyne Hargraves:
“I want them to come back home”
“You know they aren’t coming back home”
I felt like that’s the second he knew he was caught up and wasn’t gonna escape this
Material Girl
Material Girl:
I’ve seen numerous comments about the neighbor being nosy . Well , guess what !?? I’m glad he’s nosy !! Sometimes it’s a good thing . If it wasn’t for him watching Chris so much and knowing his behavior and that surveillance camera of his , who knows what would or could of happened !! Thank god for her friend Nikki also !! I’m sure everyone in the world wants and hopes for a friend like her , I know I sure do .
I think out of respect, I feel the parents of Chris should have just left all that doating on Chris about loving him unconditionally yada yada yada, out, and spoke ONLY about empathy for what Shanann's family has lost and both their loss as far as the horrific violent murder of the children. Chris is alive and well and in good health. There was no need to go ON AND ON AND ON about how much they love Chris and forgive him. They could have told him that on visiting day or whatever. Her family and the court didn't need to hear that. And I personally wouldn't have been able to sit there and take it if I were her family. Seems pretty self absorbed if you asked me. I personally feel that was really messed up.
a random stranger
a random stranger:
And he looks like he's smiling.. this man is horrible.
Steven Lorenzo
Steven Lorenzo:
Fact fellow gentlemen : if you’re married and your wife goes missing, YOU are the primary suspect. That is all.
Neil Taculod
Neil Taculod:
Shanann’s Bestfriend is one who trully care and loving her what a real friend
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell:
I've said it before and I'll say it again, he requested photos of them in his cell... I would give him the crime scene photos.
Mr Tailwind
Mr Tailwind:
Tbh he seemed like he didn’t want any of it!
Even the happy times he don’t seem that happy it’s put on..
She was over the moon and he was like meh..that’s why he had ZERO trouble with killing them all😕
Jayden Mizner
Jayden Mizner:
He makes me so sick the fact that he killed his wife and his own baby girls and unborn son what a MONSTER!!!!!!! I just can’t believe he did such a thing like this to his family.😞 May Rest In Peace Shannan,Bella,Cece, and his unborn son. What a cruel man.....😡😡😡😡😡😡
Eric Tenaya
Eric Tenaya:
"He is the best thing that ever, ever happened to me." Famous last words.
He killed what anyone else would have died for.
Cyntoia is free!
Cyntoia is free!:
When Shanan's friend said she noticed the shoe's she wore everyday where still in the doorway that just made me want to cry!! Just the fact that she noticed such a small detail. She really loved her friend and I don't even have blood relatives that care about me that much.
he's such a bad liar, he can't even pretend to be worried
The fact he was horrible at acting emotional was even worse and he was just quiet not really saying much things to “prove” it’s not him
RS - 07LB 758377 Darcel Avenue Sr PS
RS - 07LB 758377 Darcel Avenue Sr PS:
the fact his mom said “we forgive you son” makes me mad
melanie solis
melanie solis:
It’s so crazy how she loved him so much and talked so good about him and described him as a perfect husband and father . I know she was an amazing wife It’s so sad that shannan tried so much to keep their relationship going and for him to just wake up one day to just decide to kill her and the little girls . Who would of thought the monster was sleeping right next to her this whole time 😩❤️ I don’t know why but I feel so disgusted by this man he doesn’t have a heart !
Everyone needs a friend like Nicole and her son...she's the real hero here
Witchy Woman
Witchy Woman:
There is evil in his eyes. You have to be evil to kill your children.
he already looked suspicious at the beginning. he was so cool while the police were investigating. yes maybe he had misunderstandings with his wife but his children are missing! a normal reaction of a father would be to look devastated and worn out but he looked so relaxed! he’s such a bad actor.
Angel Bqby
Angel Bqby:
I’m in pure disgust—and, if you think the friend is “nosey”, you need to humble yourself. Her “nosey” trait has lead us to putting this man to suffer for what he’s done. Which at the bottom line, is what he deserves. Disgusting, foul, people like this do NOT deserve any chance at ANYTHING. How could you kill little children?? Your own spouse?? How is that even possible? I would throw up, I’d be so sick I’d probably just end it all there out of pure guilt. I don’t see any regret in his eyes, he was not sorry. He was only sorry when he knew he was caught. Pathetic, and this just shows how selfish he really is as a “human”. Should I even call this human? This is just devilish and disgusting. This is the lowest of the low and therefore he should never be addressed as more than scum and waste. I hope his little girls plead for him to quit replays in his tiny little brain, deteriorating it slowly until his last breath takes place. He deserves to feel sorry.
It makes me so extremely angry, just seeing him trying to sneak his way out of this. Disgusting.
Xiyuan Jia
Xiyuan Jia:
When they said they forgave him, that grossed me out.
I love the lie detector scene/detective lady. “You did so good, thank you for being a horrible liar....” that is the kind of shade I need to master.
Tania Connor
Tania Connor:
I believe that his gf had something to do with the murders as well. I can’t believe how he blamed his wife for killing them poor babies
Hector Obusan
Hector Obusan:
At 6:58 when Chris told the policeman, "All the girls' blankets are gone.", then added "The blankets they sleep with, they don't leave anywhere without them."
Wow, just wow. The fact that he used those blankets to murder his kids and he could mention them without any hint of feeling sad, made me conclude three things:
He had no remorse. He thought he could get away with his crime. And he's a total psychopath.
He really is the very definition of evil. What's more chilling is that there are thousands if not millions of people like him out there, living among us.
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez:
They need to really take the time to investigate his girlfriend! Why is he protecting her so much? She needs to go down with him.. Clearly she knew exactly what was going on. So sad.
ᜀᜌᜓᜋᜒ ᜄᜇ᜔ᜐᜒᜌ
ᜀᜌᜓᜋᜒ ᜄᜇ᜔ᜐᜒᜌ:
Daya Cater
Daya Cater:
“He’s not acting right at all” gave me chills
denise consengco
denise consengco:
I wonder what Chris' attorney feels that she needs to defend him.
Baylee Winkler
Baylee Winkler:
I really wish she would have taken the girls & disappeared on their own. Or that she was the one who had an affair & left 😭
stevie wolf9
stevie wolf9:
The person he calls at 10 mins asks how hes doing and he says, " not bad" even tho his wife and 2 babies r "missing" ugh, what a horrible person and such a bad liar
Nicolle Jaramillo
Nicolle Jaramillo:
Imagine having a friend like shannans 😭 those kind of people are hard to find !!! I have no friends . This is what friends are and the kind of friends we need .
batwings deluxe
batwings deluxe:
... think about if she just DECLINED that FB friend request
Tree Tree
Tree Tree:
“ he’s the best thing that ever happened to me...” 😢😢😢😢😢
All the while he suffocated his wife and then daughters in the back seat of his truck he said one of his little girls asked if he was Gona do to her what he did to her sister and he said he doesn’t remember what he responded with but he then proceeded to suffocate her and last thing she said was “No daddy!” That’s so damn sad I can’t even imagine what was going through those little girls minds as their dad or protector MURDERED THEM!
FxshYY WRLD999
FxshYY WRLD999:
Is no one gonna talk about how this was 1 year ago and we found out bout it like yesterday or sum
Audrina Pauyo
Audrina Pauyo:
I have a small feeling that his parents didnt really care. and that gets me angry