Chris Evans & Lily James Step Out In London

Are Chris Evans and Lily James heating things up? The "Captain America" star and the "Mamma Mia 2" leading lady were seen out and about in London over the weekend. According to photos obtained by the Daily Mail, the pair shared a taxi from a private club in the Mayfair neighborhood around 1 a.m. on Saturday. Though they arrived at Chris' hotel together they reportedly entered the building separately – and were both dressed to the nines!

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Chris Evans & Lily James Spotted Together On Night Out In London


100+ komento:

Grand Admiral Lillard99
Grand Admiral Lillard99:
So Captain America and Cinderella are dating? Wow talk about a Comic/Fairy tale ending
Thommy _007
Thommy _007:
R.I.P Chris Evans Fan-Girls
Shay Shay 101
Shay Shay 101:
I’ve been planning my wedding with Chris since I was 10 but if he’s happy with Lily I’m happy!
I don't wike it .
ginger cakes
ginger cakes:
I wonder how many young girls and guys are sobbing into their cereal. He's a hearbreaker!!
Natasha Coda
Natasha Coda:
Sad how I knew I never had a chance with him yet this still stings 😫
ygvc 2
ygvc 2:
I still want scarlet and him as a couple
Your Mom
Your Mom:
Due to personal reasons, I will be passing away.
Erin Kong
Erin Kong:
If they are dating, I’m so happy for them. They look so cute together. I love Lily and I love Chris and I think they’d be a great couple. But I still ship Evansson.
tropical candyland
tropical candyland:
Omg they would be gorgeous together.
Lmao it always gets me that in the HP saga, There's a Lily Evans who married a James and here, there's a Lily James who was together with an Evans.
Derrick P
Derrick P:
Omg I would love them as a couple!!!!!!!
Navisha Sookoo
Navisha Sookoo:
This is big for me, my two universes are colliding. Marvel and Mamma Mia. Something good coming out of 2020.
Nina Tries Things
Nina Tries Things:
They are cute together! And Lily seems very nice and grounded.
I thought he will be forever single
jarifa khan
jarifa khan:
They went for a date in the park and I saw those pictures yesterday,don't know why I felt heart broken 💔💔😅😅Chris Evans 💔💔
Suwapatchara Chuhiran
Suwapatchara Chuhiran:
What about me???? Chris
but isn't she back with her ex
i didn’t know who she was until they mentioned cinderella, but if they’re dating or just friends, i’m happy for them either way✨
DAngela Rocks
DAngela Rocks:
Chris..who this woman?💔
ginger cakes
ginger cakes:
No masks!!! Oh dear.
Alyssa Coleen Severo
Alyssa Coleen Severo:
I DON'T WIKE IT. lol just kidding, if he's happy we are happy.
I want Chris too but they’re both beautiful I hope this relationship last because I’m here for it. 🤩
Mark Dwight Tadina
Mark Dwight Tadina:
Well they have common factors : Hayley Atwell who starred as Peggy Carter (Steve's love interest) in Captain America and played Cinderella's mother in Cinderella (Which Lily played the Titular Character) and also both Cinderella and Marvel Films are both distributed by Disney.
Well, Disney...You got game.
Imogen Selleck
Imogen Selleck:
If you wanna date Chris you gotta love him
Look what happened to his ex’s
Makayla Smith
Makayla Smith:
They’re also in a new movie together...
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang:
He went to
A club ? You want coronavirus Evans?
Yanna Hilliard
Yanna Hilliard:
If it's TRUE Good for them
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson:
I d believe it he's way more secretive than that
Wonder Studios
Wonder Studios:
Damn I was shipping him hard with RDJ
That he started dating
It broke my heart but if he’s happy I’m happy
*They grow up so fast-* :’)
laxus 94
laxus 94:
and they been spotted again
I'm so happy. He deserves someone as awsome as her
Wow I thought he was gonna date a mixed/black girl next... I mean I love him so... YAY FOR CHRIS! 💛
They are dating or This is just, you Know, for a night ou two ?
Badfish Kent
Badfish Kent:
If I ever met Chris Evans I would melt and cry tears of SO MUCH joy... I LOVE YOU CAP!!!❤️
Carmen Sepulveda
Carmen Sepulveda:
Yayyy she perfect for him he like Disney and she is Cinderella perfect match I hope is true I so happy for him 😊🎉
Xiaomi Redmi8
Xiaomi Redmi8:
OMG... Their dating 💙💙💙 Perfect couple Lily James and Chris Evans... Captain America and Cinderella
I mean Downton Abbey was way more important then Mamma Mia 😎
Dhani boy
Dhani boy:
Chris Evans😤His!!! Betray??? Betrayal
Farah Diba Ys
Farah Diba Ys:
R.I.P my heart 🤧💔
Manoela Lima
Manoela Lima:
And just work, he and Lily are scheduled for the remake of the movie 'Little Shop of Horrors', nothing more confirmed.
now all we need is for henry cavill and Anya to finally admit they are dating.
No lie. I ship it ❤️
ShawN TyleR
ShawN TyleR:
They could be a gorgeous couple 😍.
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk:
Thank You Good God! They deserved each other! Should give them needed privacy shall we! ♥️🌷🕯
They weren't wearing masks either🤦🏽‍♀️ They need to be all the way cautious and safe❤
The fact they are wearing mask that's good for THIER health but if u notice they have covered THIER face because thier are alot of fans sometimes they want their time with. Thier family and friends but we don't leave them they are also humans they also needs thier time !!!!!! Look as they were having thier own time the media is now taking it so serious
Min Kim
Min Kim:
Chris evans is single and he will continue to date whoever but he will not last with one woman! He will be single the rest of his life!
Alvin Niel
Alvin Niel:
Damn... I like seeing her together with Matt Smith... But this is fine too.. I'm not mad about them being together tho..
kate de guzman
kate de guzman:
still scarlette for chris♥️
Namees Amin
Namees Amin:
i’m so happy for him UUUWUUUU YES CHRIS
The Flower of Spades
The Flower of Spades:
RIP Lily James fanboys
Carlos Carrion
Carlos Carrion:
Chris Evans Capitán América ❤✌💵✈😉
Joan Edwards
Joan Edwards:
I can’t breathe💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Cinderella and Captain America dating? These two are so perfect and beautiful! Who their baby is gonna be, the Last Airbender?
Casey Storan
Casey Storan:
They’re both so beautiful
Shelly Sierra
Shelly Sierra:
They look so happy together
Ahmed Alhabash
Ahmed Alhabash:
Cultur Chanel rip off rune
Move to more hold to amage
Load reachs celp yogayoy think
Access chris fan love shaded too
Seting fan Case of writen show
Althea Llanita
Althea Llanita:
Wut? He also kissed cinderella's mom!
Manoela Lima
Manoela Lima:
Y solo trabajo, él y Lily están programados para el remake de la película 'Little Shop of Horrors', nada más confirmado.
arina maulinda
arina maulinda:
Anyone realise that Cinderella's mother is Peggy Carter (Hailey Atwell) aka Captain America's love interest? LOL
chanel babe
chanel babe:
To be honest, I’m more jealous of Chris over here :/
Captain America and cindrella are dating now😂😂
Sexy sexy sexy sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rashanda Kat
Rashanda Kat:
Could they just be doing a film together. Smh
Hillary Styles
Hillary Styles:
Anyone noticed that Chris already romanced with Cinderella's mother who played by.......... 😊😊😊😊
Bev Watson
Bev Watson:
Chris said he was single
i can’t breathe rn 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
Lili Nectar
Lili Nectar:
Well if that's true, congratulations but don't be irresponsible!! Because as everybody mentions, COVID19 isn't gone yet!! (After all these crazinesses, I almost forgot that!!)
Regina Danielle
Regina Danielle:
I mean he does love disney
Joshua Grant
Joshua Grant:
I think they would be a good couple
bts jhopex
bts jhopex:
what about matt smith?
suara kurtulan
suara kurtulan:
Avishi Singh
Avishi Singh:
I hope Chris would be happy if he and Lilly are dating and Scarlett would be too with Colin
But..... My heart just can't accept Chris and Scarlett with anyone else but each other, I'm gonna ship Evansson forever and ever even tho it seems like they won't get together
Oof love them both🤩
prags v
prags v:
He loves WATCHING Disney films 😍And He Saw Cinderella 😍
And now they are dating
Scarlett Evans
Scarlett Evans:
Wow! Chris!
Avishi Singh
Avishi Singh:
My Evansson heart just broke into pieces all over again I- 😭
Any updates??? Are they datingg???? Pleasee tell meeee.
I don't wike it
Sandra Molina
Sandra Molina:
Ella es hermosa y el bellisimo
Sam Lal
Sam Lal:
Poor Matt Smith 🤕
Nina C.
Nina C.:
Does this mean Matt Smith is available and can he now date Claire Foy?! Asking for a friend...
Emily -
Emily -:
Alyssa Hart
Alyssa Hart:
Siham Fares
Siham Fares:
I really thought I was going to be very disappointed if I saw Lily dating anyone else but Richard Madden some day, and Chris Evans dating anyone but Scarlett Johansson (even though both Richard and Scarlett are dating different people). But THIS news, THIS HAD JUST MADE MY DAY SOOO MUCH BETTER!!!! Chris and Lily are one of my favorite actors! I'm so happy for them!
It’s awkward because agent carter was her mother in Cinderella
Veronica Williams
Veronica Williams:
They are working on little shop of horrors together, y’all did this just you did with him and Alice Eve, spreading false rumors, all because he has friends who are females don’t mean they are dating🤷🏽‍♀️.
Lolita Dina
Lolita Dina:
Siri play happier by ed sheeran
Sandra Molina
Sandra Molina:
Bello Capitan America
Emilie Grindle
Emilie Grindle:
They would be so cute!!!😍😍💕💕
Mitu Bouri
Mitu Bouri:
Dirg Ramsey
Dirg Ramsey:
Angele Babin
Angele Babin:
Ok ladies no worry Superman is still single.
Manoela Lima
Manoela Lima:
E só trabalho, ele e a Lily estão escalados para o remake do filme 'Little Shop of Horrors', mais nada confirmado.
Bamse Bamse
Bamse Bamse:
I ship it
Ava Langrin
Ava Langrin:
This means nothing. They shared a cab. So what. At most you caught a hook up. Come back Access when you have evidence of a real relationship. 🤨🤨🤨🤨
Nhat Ha Pham
Nhat Ha Pham:
Sadia Afrin
Sadia Afrin:
People are cancelling Chris Evans for dating...smh
Nina C.
Nina C.:
LMAO at all the fan girls who are in denial 😂🤣 Let Chris Evans date - the dude is 40 years old!! I know you guys really want him to become Capt America and stay a virgin forever but... But I get it - they say, the first stage of grief is denial.
Chalida Sakulchart
Chalida Sakulchart:
Why can't he find a beautiful one ? 😂