Choose your favorite Lee Dong-wook [ENG SUB]

Lee Dong-wook can be anything we want him to be: awkward grim reaper, passionate ER doctor, tsundere lawyer, and even a psychopathic dentist. He can give you life, but he can also take it away—it probably depends on his mood. So, which Lee Dong-wook is your favorite?

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Lou Videl
Lou Videl:
Nikki Thao
Nikki Thao:
Anyone else think that Touch Your Heart is a continuation of Grim Reaper and Sunny’s romance story? Goblin ends with Sunny as an actress and Grim Reaper as a person working in law.
GuiaXO XO:
I will never unhear Lee Dong wook calling a man “Jagiya”. Forever iconic character Seo Moon Jo.
Shirley Ann Arciaga
Shirley Ann Arciaga:
i honestly rooted for dong wook's character in strangers from hell even if he was a psychopath just cause he was hot af
Beatriks En
Beatriks En:
After watching stranger from hell, his smile sometimes looks creepy for me,
najya indra
najya indra:
Felix Wong
Felix Wong:
That’s not possible to make a choice coz he is the hottest in Strangers from hell, the most passionate in Life, the coolest in Touch your heart, cutest in Goblin. In fact he is naughty and handsome in his old dramas like The Partner, Hotel King etc.
Why don’t Netflix acquires these and make a Lee Dong Wook theme month before his new drama The Tale of the Nine Tails? You’ve got to notice his popularity is growing in Asia and beyond!
After watching Strangers From Hell,,, Lee Dongwook made murder look sexy and attractive- he's by far one of my most favorite actors and he fits every role he's played. So the question is kinda difficult lol
Arvina Hafidzah
Arvina Hafidzah:
I'm sorry but psychopath dong wook is still my favorite character...
In goblin and touch your heart, he looks sooo cutee and in strangers from hell, he looks so fuckin creepy.. His acting skill is amazing!
Shifana Musfar
Shifana Musfar:
Anybody here, after watching strangers from hell..
Amber Hodge
Amber Hodge:
Is ALL OF THEM an option?
Renata M.
Renata M.:
He was perfect on Strangers from hell. Really loved his acting
Hilda Nurina Sabikah
Hilda Nurina Sabikah:
Danielle N. McCullough Productions
Danielle N. McCullough Productions:
He has "The Tale of Gumiho" coming out in September. Please air this show on Netflix. That'd be great.
brittney felix
brittney felix:
his duality waowwww. strangers from hell is extremely underrated
Anonim Anonim
Anonim Anonim:
Lee dong wook’s acting is the best at drama Life and strangers in the hell, but anyone didn’t notice his hidden talents and always give him romance and cheesy acting, poor him.
Shaii Ra
Shaii Ra:
Dongwook as a psycho is disturbingly satisfying
Arya Nair
Arya Nair:
If there will be a Korean remake of joker the role should definitely be given to Lee dong wook
00:16 - 00:23
Trina Villanueva
Trina Villanueva:
I have not seen anything by Lee Dong Woon that I didn't love. Him playing the serial killer was so different he was so good in that. But I will continue to watch anything with him in it. He is a very natural actor and gorgeous to.
Lee Dong-wook is the type of actor who’s so talented that he manages to make each and every role his own, so it’s really hard to decide which role was my favorite one hmm....but if I had to decide it would have to be his oscar-worthy portrayal of Seo Moonjo on “Strangers From Hell” 😍🔥❤️ He’s so underrated. I wish he gets the acknowledgment he deserves someday!
Echelon Girl
Echelon Girl:
Really loved him in every drama, but Seo Moon Jo from Strangers from hell is absolutely iconic! 😍😱 I'm obsessed 🙈
Strangers From Hell ❤️ a must watch
I really can’t decide which one is my favorite “Lee Dongwook” as he slays in every role he’s ever been in 🙈 But when he’s stern and when he gives me the “Heebie Jeebies” he totally has me within his grasp lol. By the way, I hope Netflix will also have his upcoming drama “Tale Of Gumiho” available once it’s out 🙏🙏🙏
s t r a w b e r r y — d r a g o n
s t r a w b e r r y — d r a g o n:
After I finished Goblin and Touch Your Heart, this video popped up in my recommended and I saw that almost everyone was praising his role in Strangers From Hell in the comments, so I decided to check it out myself. I gotta say that this drama is so far the ABSOLUTE BEST drama he has ever starred in. I've never seen him play the villain before, and a VERY psycho one at that. He ATE that role up. He made me so uncomfortable and frightened throughout the entire drama, even when he wasn't on screen. That's just how amazing he was. If you'd like to support him and if you're into horror/psychological kdramas, give this one a go, I BEG YOU! I actually didn't want to watch it because of it's genre and how gore-ish it was, but I did it anyways and I don't regret a THING! I wish I could experience that drama for the first time again!! I'm so sad it didn't blow up in Korea at all, because knetz don't watch that genre, but it is MUCH appreciated & loved abroad! Give it a watch, you won't regret a thing.
Nazwa Nurputri
Nazwa Nurputri:
Scary Lee Dongwook in Strangers From Hell 😭
징 미R
징 미R:
The creep one was oddly my favorite
hala zahir
hala zahir:
It has to be strangers from hell. He was phenominal! With his chagi ya giving me the heebie jeebiez XD
Ari Santi
Ari Santi:
he is if acting is really totality, acting sad and having to cry yes indeed he actually cried, and I didn't watch the drama on Stranger from the hell because I was really afraid to see his acting that was very scary. but the other dramas I watched were all very extraordinary indeed this South Korean actor Lee Dong Wook
Jana ♡
Jana ♡:
he's not only an amazing actor but an amazing person too 🥰🥺 i can't choose he's way too good in any role he plays 🤭
I can not believe I'm saying this but MoonJo is definitely my most favorite ! I can't stop hearing him saying jagiya . He was looking so gentle and creepy at the same time and I fell hard omg 😭🔥 he is such a natural actor !!! 🖤 In love with him ♥️
P M:
Bruh i was so scared of him after watching strangers from hell. Even if he smiled innocently on variety shows I’d get scared
vivi rahmawati
vivi rahmawati:
Answer to the question: easy. When he’s with Yoo In Na
Ceren Eren
Ceren Eren:
He's so handsome, talented in acting, kind, gentleman also good with kids... Honestly I'm surprised that he is not married yet.
Mahla Mah
Mahla Mah:
He really is a wonderful and talented actor, I have always thought that his eyes are his power. He can easily show any kind of emotion just through his eyes, remember Gream reapers heartbreaking tears, remember Kwon jung rok’s seriousness, sadness, cuteness, happiness, and damn! remember stranger from hell! Guys!! this handsome man turned into the creepiest creature ever just by those terrifying stares! Though I haven’t watched that drama yet, I don’t want to destroy my conception of his handsome look😂 but yeah! He is amazing.😎
Wassana Singtuen
Wassana Singtuen:
All of Lee Dong Wook's characters are unique. They can make people realize how excellent his talents are. He did so well in every role.😊😊
Lmao the thumbnail is how I think I look like when smiling at my crush vs how I actually look 😂😂😂😂
kal md
kal md:
You forgot Lee Dong wook in My Girl.. that's him at his cutest and handsomest
M. U
M. U:
Lee Dong Wook is my first k-drama crush since I saw him as Seol Gong Chan in "My Girl" like 12 years ago ❤️ Of his recently roles I love Grim Reaper, he is too lovely, I'm so happy he fought for that role.
Nitisha K
Nitisha K:
He is so talented. He should choose Better projects wisely. All of these characters were amazing and how different they are from one another proves his versatility
Best one obviously remains his creepy character in strangers from hell. Chagiya ❤️
Love all his characters, but his act at strangers from hell was masterpiece. His smile was creepy and cute at the same time. He's the best korean actor for sure. Looking forward for his another pyscho character
When he is clueless so cute 👍
Hoi Hoi
Hoi Hoi:
The angry scene of Lee Dongwook in Life is like the beginning of the crazy doctor in Strangers From Hell.
Odessa Marie
Odessa Marie:
Atty. Jung rok of Touch your heart. 💛 The underrated kdrama he's in. It's actually so good.
My favorite role of his is from strangers from hell🤣 hes scary and cute at the same time
Meilisa Seon
Meilisa Seon:
I like all of Lee dong-wook's characters
his performance in ‘strangers from hell’ was epic 🤯✨ he still gives me the creeps
Amelia Caroline
Amelia Caroline:
idk why when he act dumb he literally look so dumb (in goblin) but cute at same time, and when act like a psycho (in strangers from hell) he literally look like a real pyscho. clearly you can give him any kind of characters cause he is a great actor :)
His acting is also great in Hotel King and My Girl.
He's a great actor
Revina Cheptala
Revina Cheptala:
שלפוברסקי אלקסנדרה
שלפוברסקי אלקסנדרה:
My favorite kdramas with him that's are my girl and hotel king
Ella M
Ella M:
A versatile actor #leedongwook ..i hope all of ths featured drama is available in netflix🙏🙏
Suba K
Suba K:
I was blown away by his acting in Strangers from hell.... made me wonder if he's the same guy from goblin and touch your of my favourite actors of all time !!!!
zee i
zee i:
put his upcoming drama “tale of the nine tailed” on netflix and then we’ll talk
Francez Fei Ongchangco
Francez Fei Ongchangco:
He's so cute when he's in love and clueless
I can't get enough of lee dong wook as seo moon jo. Stranger from hell is a masterpiece. His stare only is enough to kill people plus the smile. Man you're breathtaking.
Danielle N. McCullough Productions
Danielle N. McCullough Productions:
I really like the range of his acting that he displayed in "Goblin".
Pia Lo
Pia Lo:
Omg Lee Donk Woo’s acting in Strangers from hell frighten me that I drop my phone.
All of it! It's hard to find an actor so versatile across so many genres of storytelling that he strips away his own personality and builds a character that is unique to each script he's on. His rendition of all his characters amazes me every single time!
His handsomeness is of course the icing on the cake :)
God I love this men so much, he's so talented. He's just perfect in strangers from hell, I was hoping he would win at the end.
Dany Aprizal
Dany Aprizal:
I think 'Stranger from Hell' his top performance
Creative Soul
Creative Soul:
He is the best at what he does in any genre. By the way you didn't show the way he cries) it also touches heart) anyway thank you for this 💚😇
The Emperor is Naked
The Emperor is Naked:
I just realized ye jinwoo from "life" in 0:58 and in general is like the perfect mix of his characters in touch your heart and strangers from hell which makes him attractive as fuck
Paloma Hdez C
Paloma Hdez C:
Lee Dong Wook is such a good actor! He should be in Hollywood
kiko Miura
kiko Miura:
I liked him in stranger from hell. he was so good, creepy and good looking
Michel Stephany Garces
Michel Stephany Garces:
My favorite Lee Dongwook is his Strangers From Hell character, he literally gave me the creeps 💀😂 he plays a great serial killer
Dawns Subliminals
Dawns Subliminals:
Why is he hot when he’s creepy, I loved him in Strangers From Hell, or when he tries to act cold in general like in some parts of Goblin.
Absolutely Seo Moonjo. A masterpiece. Incredible performance with well scripts and beautiful camera techniques or whatever its called.
I first watched Strangers from hell then Goblin. I couldn't believe my fascinating intelligent creepy psychopath was once that adorable grim reaper.
Joleigh Mallard
Joleigh Mallard:
Tiara Harahap
Tiara Harahap:
He in The Stranger from Hell, soooo creepy and mysterius, and i love it, love him to be a psycho ❤️❤️❤️
sheryle bleed
sheryle bleed:
"jagiya" will be always my favorite😎😎😎😍😍😍😍
kayla hensley
kayla hensley:
Correct answer: all of them
Maysoun Dawoud
Maysoun Dawoud:
Why do i have to choose when I can love ALL WOOKIE'S characters ❤
kuro usagi
kuro usagi:
Strangers from hell obviously, i love his chemistry with im siwan 😍😍
dongwook flowerpath
dongwook flowerpath:
I love all of them, it's kinda hard to choose just one or two. He's an outstanding actor who perfectly executes his role in every project. I know I shouldnt be greedy but I wish he'd do atleast two or more dramas yearly... I cant get enough of his spectacular performances. Please include his upcoming drama ' The tale of male gumiho ' on netflix.
White Pearl
White Pearl:
Okay... so I think I just fell inlove "when he gives us the HEEBIE JEEBIES"
Okay its final I really have to watch this...
omg it is impossible to choose my favourite Wookie. But in strangers from hell... he's fuckin sexy. His acting skill is amazing.
AhGa Once
AhGa Once:
Goblin and Touch your heart💓💓 Stranger from hell, I'm scared of his smile ㅠㅠ
Ritika Ritu
Ritika Ritu:
Strangers from hell is literally perfect!! I was watching Once again (2020) and the kumo is the goshiwon owner, I kept suspecting that she mixed something in their food or drinks... I kept thinking something is definitely wrong with the kimbap LOL
Evany Melinda
Evany Melinda:
Strangers From hell ' Seo Moon Jo' 🔥🔥👏
Lee Dong, in Life, Goblin and Stranger from Hell!
Youknow No
Youknow No:
The killer one is deeeeefinitaly my favorite 😉 lmao jk
Fransiska Novita
Fransiska Novita:
Cant wait to his next dramaa, he is the best actor :) stranger from hell is my favorite one
Parvul Thiek
Parvul Thiek:
My favorite will always be his character in MY GIRL...First k drama i have ever watched but unfortunately not mentioned in this video..
Dan Quidip
Dan Quidip:
why didn't you include hotel king tho
Dark blossom
Dark blossom:
I mean I know he's an actor and it's his job but DAEBAK it's fascinating how he changes caracters so much and every caracter suits him idk i rly support him ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Lelita Primadani
Lelita Primadani:
I first watched him back in 2005 when he played the male lead in My Girl. The character was typical but he played him very well. He was already so handsome back then, I loved him with Lee Da-hae. Their chemistry made my heart flutter.
Awww when he says "babe" in SFH i fall in love with him again and again. he's so adorable
hoy ikaw
hoy ikaw:
Strangers From Hell drama is so freakin good 🔥
Sister N
Sister N:
I like his role in "Wild Romance" 😊❤
imcun chan
imcun chan:
i love all character for each drama. either gentle, hot, clueless, bold or creepy. but i just need him to act more in fantasy drama. i just need his handsomeness or prettiness to be well describe / shown to all. please ohhh please 😚
Dark blossom
Dark blossom:
Obee Zineb
Obee Zineb:
I love this man and i love his acting and his characters
Salem Lee
Salem Lee:
I guess I love the Goblin's Lee Dongwook and the Strangers from hell's Lee Dongwook the most, they both are so precious to my heart and mind and everything
i just finished watching strangers from hell and i'm very impressed with how lee dong wook portrayed the psychopath character, it rlly creeped me out but his acting skills were great, kinda weird to say but that was my favourite role of his by far & he's so handsome, it just blends perfectly
Allyana Manabat
Allyana Manabat:
I had trouble sleeping when I watched Strangers from Hell. He gave me creeps, he's really scary.