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12 komento:

Marcell Lopez
Marcell Lopez:
Probably not yet the time for him to capture the limelight..Too young and not yet compatible with PSH celebrity status wise.. PSH is wayway up there, and he is left left beyond. Anyway he is still young.. but if they love each other.. let them be..
Leticia Battad
Leticia Battad:
Why do connect Park Shin Hye's name in your vlog? She does nothing to do with your news. Stop using her!!
Sherri Crider
Sherri Crider:
He is such a sweetie so handsome 💕
Sherri Crider
Sherri Crider:
He is such a cutie. Adorable smile!!!
Bella Tanielu-dick
Bella Tanielu-dick:
Take good care of PSH and I understand you will commit all you have. So good luck to both.
Girls of Instagram
Girls of Instagram:
Good quality video! Keep on doing nice content and you can grow fast!
Lucile Bautista
Lucile Bautista:
is it real or publicity only... i want yongshin lots
Shoxista Jumaniyozova
Shoxista Jumaniyozova:
Shinhye Teajoon I.Love you ❤
Mendoza Sofhia
Mendoza Sofhia:
Totoo ba to
Marilza Costa
Marilza Costa:
Puxa q gato ela merece tdo de bom
Pia Rosario
Pia Rosario:
Masyadong bta to pra ky Park Shin Hye. Bka c Park Shin Hye ang mgdla ng relations nila masyadong totoy pa personality neto hindi bgay cila. Not match😡✌️
Nora Barcala
Nora Barcala: