China warns the UK over interference in Hong Kong - BBC News

A week since China imposed a controversial national security law, authorities have released the full details of the powers it gives Hong Kong's police.

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China seems to be the Karen of all countries.
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario:
2020: The year China has flat out lost their marbles
Arghya Banerjee
Arghya Banerjee:
Perhaps a new world order is emerging, I wonder if it is going to be China vs the rest of the world!
The Game Archiver
The Game Archiver:
China: Give us the data.

Google, Facebook Twitter & WhatsApp: No.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob:
I think it's time for the Chinese ambassador to be kicked out of the UK.
SousPoid 98
SousPoid 98:
UK can house 3 mil more “refugees”!? I thought they have enough of them hence they voted for brexit!?
astroboy s
astroboy s:
Welcome to the new HK Shenzhen district.
China can go back on its agreements but god forbid UK calls them out on it
Theo Reme
Theo Reme:
The entire world warn China about a global boycott
Probability is that they will arrest a couple of White Brits and charge them for spying, drug trafficking or solicitation 😂🤣
Look at the Canadians on death row
Public Public
Public Public:
The price for the deal for handing sovereignty of Hong Kong to China was no political interference.
China has broken the deal. Honour the deal or return the goods.
Not least because it really was stepping over the line and that fascism wont be tolerated.
huricane threeonesix
huricane threeonesix:
My heart goes out to HK
Unleashing economic punishment is the only way taking away business to other developing countries.
अखंड भारत
अखंड भारत:
📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿Not just Britain, the world is with HONG-KONG.
here again
here again:
Ebady Yehya
Ebady Yehya:
Everyone in that video just got a haircut recently.... barbers are on the move.
Christ 3.33
Christ 3.33:
Boycott and Divest from China 🇨🇳
Fay D
Fay D:
Wow Chyna is on the mat its been screeching like a lunatic at every country
"China warns..."
What a new...
What the hell is the China ambassador saying the law nobody understand, even himself does not know what he is talking about.
Mr Wolfe
Mr Wolfe:
Poor Hong Kong. China is just absorbing everyone around them. Korea would be gone now too if it was not for American influence.
Jia Trajan
Jia Trajan:
“You’ll Be Back” By King George III
basu vivek
basu vivek:
Freedom is never dear at any price .It is the breath of life . What would a man not pay for living ?

Mahatma Gandhi
Josef Kopacz
Josef Kopacz:
China warns, yeah the land and ocean grabbers warn.
su jdv
su jdv:
This is what you get when you love bully and habitual offender.
I can't imagine .yeah, 5G results virus, go to fire 🔥 your 4G station
Scotty G
Scotty G:
We are ready for you to come home Hong Kong Brother's and Sister's 💕🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
R M:
周庭San, you need come back to Japan🇯🇵 !!!
We are worried about your safety. A free loving nation such as Japan 🇯🇵 is waiting for your arrival...
Thomas Buckley
Thomas Buckley:
Would be nice if we treated the Palestinian state the same way we view Hong Kong
Andre CS
Andre CS:
OMG it's become world War 3.
margaret liu
margaret liu:
It's about the rise of China, isn't it?!🙄
Australia doesn't want China
Keke -x
Keke -x:
Taking away peoples rights
Shill Channel With Millions Of Other Identities
Shill Channel With Millions Of Other Identities:
Do the chinese ingest ' ADRENOCHROME' I wonder?
The world elites do.
munnie 1209
munnie 1209:
Bruh China is asking for war threats at this point 😂 it's getting a bit too big for its boots
Dazzo The Great
Dazzo The Great:
Thier be all crying and forgiving when xmas comes as they'll have no presents because everything is made in china 🤣
Steven Chen
Steven Chen:
M8 HK was never free under uk rule it just planted time bombs just like what they did in the Indian subcontinent
Steam MaussS
Steam MaussS:
This is some how reminding of stellaris
Nunur Biznus
Nunur Biznus:
Just want you to know, I'm a regular everyday American citizen and I could tell 20 years ago that the CCP couldn't be trusted. Kind of puts the quality of our world leaders into perspective.
Pete Sarsh
Pete Sarsh:
Look at the power given to the police and name me one country where the law explicitly provides such power to the police. Seriously - read carefully the every part of the details of the powers and think about this.
M B:
A gross interference to China hahah the whole world should have a gross interference to China
Wally Wally
Wally Wally:
XI JINPING plan is to freeze all accounts to pocket for THEMSELVES any bets.
dannie cull
dannie cull:
Becoming abit like north Korea 😤🤔
Young Munru
Young Munru:
Wait untill they start conquering for real 😂 what's next? I bet it's something like enpal or Bangladesh then slowly India
Allan Hutton
Allan Hutton:
Surprised BBC was allowed to report on China with any negative light.
Arief Rahadian
Arief Rahadian:
China now is like Microsoft during antitrust era.., I think it will make a good example in the future. I just can't stand the gas-lighting maneuver.., its so cringe..
ajay ramola
ajay ramola:
Bbc has always been left and china centric
That guy is so being told to read a script
Scoot Jockey
Scoot Jockey:
Why should the UK stand by Hong Kong they wanted freedom from the UK they got it now sort it out yourselves.
Michael Cattle
Michael Cattle:
Every "Right-Winger" warned of this.
Jac Crystal
Jac Crystal:
Get the BBC's own darth vadar to deliver one back, that'll spook them.
It's 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇳🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿🇯🇵🇰🇷 vs 🇨🇳
Lady Boy
Lady Boy:
What are you gonna do?
Release a bio weapon on us?
Anthony Johnstone
Anthony Johnstone:
The Chinese ambassador to Britain sounds like a Chinese Michael Caine 👍
George Paul
George Paul:
Welcome to UK
Jo Black
Jo Black:
The UK needs to ignore the CCP and press on
The silver playstation 2
The silver playstation 2:
The world is ending, it will never be the same again 😪
We pledge no more tears on this land
In wrath doubts dispelled we make our stand
Arise ye who would not be slaves again
For Hong Kong may freedom reign
Maharaj Durai
Maharaj Durai:
Time Colonial UK gives back Chogros as mandated by the UN ! Maybe even return treasures stolen thru the centuries, time to pay the money demanded by BLM for profiteering from slavery.
Michael Swartout
Michael Swartout:
What are they going to do. Give the corona virus to someone. By the time it's done in their country there won't be anyone left for a military.
Joe Eightys
Joe Eightys:
They warned us by unleashing covid19 the next will br second wave.
Lunneo qypts
Lunneo qypts:
Get rib of this western spy jusha wong
rhys brown
rhys brown:
Well from coronavirus to world war 3 interesting
Adam Peck
Adam Peck:
Australia is a dumbing ground for the confivcts
Gross Interference in China's internal affairs... CCP is a gross interference on human rights...
starshipsyy s
starshipsyy s:
Oh come man! Where is the British Fleet? Send your carriers to take those people back to Britain.
donato la peruta
donato la peruta:
UrAllOnSteroids Uri
UrAllOnSteroids Uri:
winging it
Tomas O'Brien
Tomas O'Brien:
I recon even those marbles would of been made in China
Alex Shapiro
Alex Shapiro:
Such doublespeak that they call it the "Security" law. It's the opposite! No one is secure under a dictatorship, which the CCP proved during the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, on Tiananmen Square, in Xinjiang, and throughout all their history.
fluffin meow
fluffin meow:
you think this happened to just Great Britain ,rest of the has the same pressure, have a look around at other countries
Discounted Spares
Discounted Spares:
Any tactics/games to hold China back....the west feels threatened!
Saurabh bora
Saurabh bora:
SB Lee
SB Lee:
Hong Kong hires London PR firm Consulum to improve UK image, am I reading Private Eye?
Hong Kong people are suffering right now and a lot of young people, whom graduate from this years to next 5......years , if they can not attend the interviews held over the border of China, they will not be considered employing by the HK companies . A lot of parents will come to the UK with their children to avoid CCP's type of schooling, also on going study for the teenagers. The HK Government are still working out the expanding its content. The next government which is made out of a pack of returning failure, how are they be able to advance if they were being kicked out by the CCP la decade ago? The USA will disclosed Gangs of 6 "honor" list and their dirty team to be sanctioned so will the U.K and many Commonwealth and European countries. How to beautify the security law without knowing what it is and tell the public before being imposed?
Jacob Rason
Jacob Rason:
R M:
Hong Kong 🇭🇰 is done, freedom of speech and democratic are dead in Hong Kong.
Free nations or United Nations 🇺🇳 (UN)can’t help them😭 we lost...
It is the people and freedom that makes HK... a HK.
Ms Hyatt
Ms Hyatt:
*China got talents to help me straight back,something hysan no process for retured of my selective.public finance don't do report to liminal expect 2021.close of this transaction as Hongkong people's lead on their protes.weak records to globals on their return from hysan bindary.I'am sorry we can't wait thailand reply back from internationals PROCESS ASEAN2008*
grandads jukebox
grandads jukebox:
ex MP Eric Joyce has pleaded guilty at Ipswich Crown Court to making an indecent photograph of a child
John Wolf
John Wolf:
China is about to get sent back to ancient times lmao
truth fears no investigation
truth fears no investigation:
It's WW2 all over again, Germany wanted old territories lost in WW1
China wants their old territories back, Hong Kong & Taiwan 😬
Cultural Revolution 2.0 in Hong Kong and towards the rest of the world.
University of Edinburgh
University of Edinburgh:
So I heard many people whose faces resemble Xi are "banned" due to their "offensive resemblance"...glad I don't resemble Xi a tiny bit, but I do like watching Winnie the Pooh.
Brian Cullen
Brian Cullen:
Hong Kong has warned China mainland for years but they haven't listened... Why should a foreign power like the UK listen to Beijing?
boris got a haircut !!! LMAO!!
s teza
s teza:
china embessay fellow thinks that great britan is bangaladesh ??🤣 uh cant face our fury
Get Ghost
Get Ghost:
An u all thought Saddam was a problem smh
khalid bhatt
khalid bhatt:
Sweet and Sour BEEF.
Scooby Skullx
Scooby Skullx:
These Christian kids can run to Saudi Arabia for safety , 😍🥰⭐️
Albert Pike
Albert Pike:
The same thing happened in the EU.
C H:
Chappers McGee
Chappers McGee:
China has lost its honour , this is a whole new level of corrupt
truth fears no investigation
truth fears no investigation:
It's basically WW2 all over again, Germany wanted old territories back lost in WW1, China wants it's old territories back, Hong Kong & Taiwan, good thing for ☢️ as a deterrent are counties would be invaded
Ayush Apoorva
Ayush Apoorva:
I think it's more or less a lost cause only people of Hong Kong can do something everything else will only hurt their efforts so far.
Bartolomeo M
Bartolomeo M:
Well spoken Joshua Wong, and the brave and beautiful lady associate.
You are in the MAJORITY. Communism is a detested regime , no matter what country.
If there were free elections in China the Communist Party would get a tiny percentage of the votes.
Jesus said, John ch14 v6 “I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one can come to the Father except through me. If you know me you know my Father too. From this moment you know him and have seen him.”
The Lord Jesus Christ who is God and Saviour is a mighty fortress from Satan .
At the name of Jesus, said sincerely, Satan trembles.
Saint Paul to the Romans: 8:v38. “For I am certain of this : neither death nor life, no angel, no prince, nothing that exists, nothing still to come, not any power, or height or depth, nor any created thing, can ever come between us and the love of God made visible in Christ Jesus our Lord.”.

So , all you freedom fighters, Rely on the person of Jesus who has the power to rescue us from this present age , and deliver us to our true home in Heaven.
Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God have mercy on me a sinner. Amen
Fanny Szeto
Fanny Szeto:
Hong Kong didn't have democracy while under UK. They've taken enough cash back to UK. They are just plain hyprocritical.
I think the Lady at the end of the video mixed government's fiber bradband promise with 5G, this is misleading, stopping or delaying 5G isn't stopping the fibre broadband.
Just saying.