Check out Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin in Enola Holmes First look

First look at Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin Millie Bobby Brown in 'Enola Holmes'
primeira imagem oficial de 'Enola Holmes',
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Alicia Ke_reviews
Alicia Ke_reviews:
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Mannn she’s so successful at such a young age
Iori San
Iori San:
She's the cutest chic
Sophie Schreiweis
Sophie Schreiweis:
hope there‘s an official trailer soon
I'm confused, didn't sherlock have a sister named Eurus? As far as I know, Eurus and mycroft are his only siblings.
Fern Michalenko
Fern Michalenko:
Love these young actors so proud of them it’s going to be a great movie thanks Alicia good job love the costumes love the vintage clothes.😘👍
Omg!!! Yay!!
Li Na
Li Na:
Just saying, she looks like Dominique Swain in Lolita
bklynboy49b Vega
bklynboy49b Vega:
Hopefully, it will be a great Sherlock Holmes adaptation.
Isabel Rowbotham
Isabel Rowbotham:
Hi Alicia ! Great video , your voice is so soothing so made it extra enjoyable ! X
Sonal Saha
Sonal Saha:
Did that voice-over lady thirst over HIM♥️ saying, 'gasps who guys Henry Cavill'? 😏 silly woman
Star dust
Star dust:
langlen mayengbam
langlen mayengbam:
Lanngamba na like nammo ye
shistata thapaliya
shistata thapaliya:
Ben C.E
Ben C.E:
Get lawsuited!
sampath wathmina
sampath wathmina:
Sherlock holmes cannot be duplicated, Sorry feminists women cant copy paste everything