Charlie Puth - Girlfriend (Lyrics)

Charlie Puth - Girlfriend (Lyrics)
Charlie Puth - Girlfriend

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Girlfriend Lyrics:
Yeah, tired of this conversation
We didn’t come all this way
To touch a little, kiss a little, all night long
You wanna hear me say it
I know I kept you waiting
Just a little, just a little, all night long

Can’t stop, til you’re lying right here next to me
I should stop, but I think I'll do it anyway

Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
I don’t wanna play no games, this is more than just a phase
Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
If you want it let me know
We can make this official

Don’t we look perfect baby
Let’s take this further baby
Just a little, just a little, all night long
If I was your boyfriend I, I’d be giving you all my time
Not just a little, just a little, all night long

Can’t stop, til you’re lying right here next to me
I should stop, but I think I'll do it anyway

Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
I don’t wanna play no games, this is more than just a phase
Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
If you want it let me know
We can make this official

Hold on you’re making me
Oh no baby no
Hold on you’re making me
Oh no baby my
Girlfriend (x2)

Can’t stop
Oh no, I should stop
But I had to do it anyway (x4)

Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
I don’t wanna play no games, this is more than just a phase
Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
If you want it let me know
We can make this official

Hold on you’re making me
Oh no baby no
Hold on you’re making me
Oh no baby my
Girlfriend (x2)

100+ komento:

Oofer Gang
Oofer Gang:
Justin Bieber: “If I was your boyfriend” Ariana Grande: “I ain’t your girlfriend” Selena Gomez: “I want a boyfriend” Charlie Puth: “would you ever wanna be my girlfriend?” 😂👑❤️💅🏼💍
who is here before it becomes a hit of the summer?
Sangeetha Arunkumar
Sangeetha Arunkumar:
Selena Gomez: I want a boyfriend
Charlie Puth: Would you ever wanna be my girlfriend?
Me: Sure guys
Charlie and Selena: We dont talk anyomore!
Me: Oh great!!!
Shivi sharma
Shivi sharma:
Selena gomez- I want a boyfriend
Charlie-Baby,would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
imagine being so bored that u scrolled down and saw my comment....
Simple Polish
Simple Polish:
Unpopular comment : Charlie wrote this song after selena dropped "boyfriend"..... Something is burning 😏😏😏

Vlog No Copyright - Royalty Free Music
Vlog No Copyright - Royalty Free Music:
This song is the reason why the world isn’t that bad
Selena Gomez : Boyfriend
Justin Bieber : Boyfriend
Ariana Grande : Boyfriend

Charlie puth : (hold my cup) Girlfriend 💙
Japline San Jose
Japline San Jose:
Selena g : 'i want a boyfriend..'

Charlie P. : Baby, would you ever want to be my girlfriend. ?
Voilet Prashad
Voilet Prashad:
Hit a like if u think he's a wonderful singer and he's handsome
Sarah-jane Pocklington
Sarah-jane Pocklington:
Is it me or is it weird selena did a song boyfriend and Charlie does a song girlfriend ? Is he trying to tell her something ?
RedD Phoenix
RedD Phoenix:
I'm single but I like this song :)
Suhaan Moonwalker
Suhaan Moonwalker:
Imagine being Charlie , reading the comments and finding out that most of them are about Selena. Give him a break guys !!
The Bookworm
The Bookworm:
It's literally ABNORMAL- the number of times I am listening to this song is ABNORMAL....But it's kinda normal for me coz I know I have a syndrome called I-Can't-Listen-To-Charlie's-Songs-Just-Once, yeah....I know am normal😂
Tom thecat
Tom thecat:
His song is unpredictable.Every song that he writes is not about his relationship but the feeling that he never have or ever have
Bella Claudia
Bella Claudia:
Who is here because hoshi?
Shameen Mazhar
Shameen Mazhar:
Selena gomez : I want a boyfriend

Charlie putt: baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend..

Mansi Mishra
Mansi Mishra:
Selena Gomez: Boyfriend
Charlie Puth: Girlfriend
Harry Styles: "Hold My Watermelon"
This is an amazing song
Charlie is an amazing singer
And get this man a girlfriend
Anybody else imagine their crush singing this to you

Just me okay
amiya sofie
amiya sofie:
Everyone: talking about Selena Gomez and Charlie puth
Me: am I the only one that is single?🥺
Me: Hmmm i wonder why it's called girlfriend
Me:Realizes he's single
Xxgacha Slothxx
Xxgacha Slothxx:
Hi everyone hope your having a good day
See y'all , when this hits over 10 million views
The cross
The cross:
Why I'm singing...
Baby, would u ever want to be my boyfriend 😂
Anyway,i'm a girl 😛
Lyle Kam
Lyle Kam:
Been really stoked for this song! Charlie hasn't been too active lately so when I heard he released a new song I knew that I had to get right on it. He said that nothing on the radio sounded like it and he was right!

I also did a cover of this, which might seem impossibly fast but I promise you'll love it if you took 30 seconds to check it out!!
Thanks! :)
Salazar Sonserina
Salazar Sonserina:
Selena runs to see this right away !! 🙃 kk
I think as soon as possible it's official video is come and crosses 100 million views at least. Charls last 4 videos down not crosses 100 million and I am very upset about this
Nikhil Pun
Nikhil Pun:
Okay this song is going to be stuck in my head for a while 🤦🏽‍♂️
LoveJ Mercado
LoveJ Mercado:
I came here bcs Hoshi recommended this song. Wow, it's really good
Buenaventura, Patrice Anne
Buenaventura, Patrice Anne:
Who's here after Hoshi recommended it on weverse?
Karan Jack
Karan Jack:
His voice is just incredible.... Everytime I hear his song it just hits hard to me....
Soham Sarkar
Soham Sarkar:
Charlie should release an album named 'YEAH
Liton Roy
Liton Roy:
..( this is my elder brother's account 😅😅 & me a girl )
Me : Charlieeee!!
Baby would u ever want to be my boyfriend?
But I know you'll refuse
Although u r amazing..🥰🥰
Baby never be tired making new songs
'Cause we all are ur fans
Who can't stay without ur songs
Baby pls grow ur hair as before
Pls don't refuse it , pls do a favour on me
If u don't do this anyway, it's okay..😂😂 first and last CRUSH ..WITH whom I can never meet..😫😫
Moment of silence for those who searched “I want a girlfriend”
Ñídhí Shuklã
Ñídhí Shuklã:
Selena Gomez : I want a boyfriend.
Charlie Puth : We can make it official
u jihoon
u jihoon:
Come here because hoshi recommendation
Susmita Das
Susmita Das:
I don't know how, but whenever I hear Charlie puth songs, my hands and legs start moving according to the music
Prerana Mondal
Prerana Mondal:
Selena : boyfriend
Charlie : girlfriend
Gallavich Forever
Gallavich Forever:
People who dislike this song literally have no heart.
A B:
Charlie Puth : "Baby would you ever want to be my girlfriend?"
Me : Hell yeah boy.
Sashit vijay
Sashit vijay:
This is so good to see all the people with good music taste in same comment box !!!
Fa6imaix Mohammed
Fa6imaix Mohammed:
guys trust me : i sent this to my crush and it worked
Orlando Gutiérrez
Orlando Gutiérrez:
Come on guys, they're just songs, I know a lot of us would like to see Charlie dating someone 'cause he's an amazing musician and maybe he's a good guy with women but, I don't think they are connected, in fact, I rather say that maybe they just decided to do it this way to give the media and fans something to talk about. My own opinion, just saying 😅. Cheers Charlie! Super song!!
First Movie
First Movie:
-Every Day Every Single Day-

"I had to do it anyway" was my fav part 2:12
Ramandeep kaur Uppal
Ramandeep kaur Uppal:
I would love to see Selena Gomez and you together 😍
P J:
Selena should stop thinking about Justin now.... He is a married man 😇😇

Charlie may save Justin from Selena 🤔... 😅

(Can't comment this anywhere else )
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez:
I have a girlfriend 😂
I can see myself making a cover and sound decent. But i wish it could be true
Ikram Haddad
Ikram Haddad:
The words are so cute and pure , and Charlie's voice is making it even better nah ?
Timothy Nguyen
Timothy Nguyen:
This reminds me when my brother had a girlfriend XD
beba adel
beba adel:
my favourite music❤❤👏
Bro, there is little bit mistake in lyrics
علي حبيبي
علي حبيبي:
Omg this is my favorite song
I am in love with his voice♪~(´ε` )
Charile puth fan club Bangldesh
Charile puth fan club Bangldesh:
Shaymae Mrzq
Shaymae Mrzq:
We love u Charlie 💓💓💓
Thasneem vazim
Thasneem vazim:
Not just a little,just a little,all night long....🎼🎼
Loved this🔥
Paramjeet Singh
Paramjeet Singh:
New fav song of Mine...
Delevion Woods
Delevion Woods:
The way. He says stop.
Jessica Steen
Jessica Steen:
Omg I'm obsessed with this song
Anushka varshney
Anushka varshney:
Who watched the full song ad 😁
Selena and puth ❤️
Sweta Rani
Sweta Rani:
This song made me crazy...oh gosh! It's love❤️
Gomez lover
Gomez lover:
Compliments 💞
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks:
Amazing search Dr Souc
Eca Rahmawati
Eca Rahmawati:
I ship Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth lol I love them both
Alice Baker
Alice Baker:
His Voice is sexy 💕
Celestial Queenie
Celestial Queenie:
Wow this was fast 😂😂
Alana Chansky
Alana Chansky:
My best friends ex just sent this to me, but he knows that I’m lesbian and idk what to do because my best friend and i both have a crush on each other and like... I’m in a pickle 😭😭😭 👁👄👁
solivagant meraki
solivagant meraki:
easy, I'm here because seventeen hoshi
ok bye
ok bye:
why does this remind me of wildflower of 5SOS
S A J A . JI
S A J A . JI:
Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ❤😲
moon junhui
moon junhui:
hoshi brought me here
Malak Ibrahim
Malak Ibrahim:
I'm single but I love this song 🙃💗
ZuBaŸeR Arshavin
ZuBaŸeR Arshavin:
I wish this song was released in March so I could relate more to it. Now it's just a neutral point of view
Lisahanne Kennedy
Lisahanne Kennedy:
Im going to reframe from commenting from here on in as my saftey is important and being threatened for simply saying it had nothing to do with me past is that. If im i am now a target for bs that i has nothing to do with me the only one i want hear from is my guy who personally did my playlist his works shift work away. I think people mistake me for what iv e written
Najam.u. Nisa
Najam.u. Nisa:
Magical voice💕💕💕
Tamjidur Rahman
Tamjidur Rahman:
Best one ❤❤❤❤
sarveena kaur Bhullar
sarveena kaur Bhullar:
Love ❤️ love ❤️ love
He went from “who threw this pickle at me” to his....wowwwww
Crush: hey
Me: 0:51
Mayank Pandey
Mayank Pandey:
🤔🤔🤔🤔At 1:20 it was ATTENTION
Fhrielle Sotelo
Fhrielle Sotelo:
This beat is so neat it brings me way back when music were so good
Love it
Kimiele Madridejos
Kimiele Madridejos:
Favorite song💖💖💖💖
i swear this guy never make bad songs. kinda addicted listening to his songs all over again & again.
vsco allyyy
vsco allyyy:
Anito sumi Sumii
Anito sumi Sumii:
I'm here before hit summers!!! who's with me😚
im here because of kwon soonyoung, gash.
Chia Sehgal
Chia Sehgal:
yayyy charlie!!!! i mean he's mesmerizing !! just i skip 8 beats at once
Aisyah Sazali
Aisyah Sazali:
I love this song so much❣️
Isaac Aviles
Isaac Aviles:
It has the same beginning riff like "On Boradway" george benson
Sidra Amra Ahsan
Sidra Amra Ahsan:
1:48 lol the same tune is in L.A. Girls
Tabassum Mushfika
Tabassum Mushfika:
holding on to my boyfriend. i'm going through tough times! tough time won't last forever....gon get out of it soon!
love you char💜
forever young
forever young:
Me single : I wanna bf

Walid Shihabi
Walid Shihabi:
Finally I thought he retired from singing
More Eggy
More Eggy:
Don’t we look perfect baby...💕
Ida hoff
Ida hoff:
This reminds me of that somg eye of eye or sm from goofw