Charlie Puth: Girlfriend

James Corden connects with the very busy Charlie Puth, who tells James the story of how he and Elton John came to collaborate, which included Elton visiting his home to make the song. And Charlie performs his new single, "Girlfriend," which he first made a few years ago.

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100+ komento:

Callum Brook
Callum Brook:
When Lockdown finished Carpool Karaoke With Charlie Puth Come on James...
shruti rao
shruti rao:
“his new single girlfriend is out” why is this statement so funny lmao
min shookie
min shookie:
Charlie Puth: Girlfriend
Selena: Boyfriend
Charlie & Selena : We don't talk anymore.
Dangerous king
Dangerous king:
Charlie has his own autotune in his voice.
Ali Zaveri
Ali Zaveri:
James: " his new single girlfriend is out now "
Me: " how can his girlfriend be single" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Nicole Khella
Nicole Khella:
The difference between his talking and singing voice is incredible
''-His new single girlfriend is out now'' Sounds like James was promoting Charlie's gf being single
Ganapathi Raja
Ganapathi Raja:
I’m so glad Ellen discovered this dude 10 years ago.
People: *ShAwN mEnDeS vs eD ShEeRan?*
Me: Charlie Puth 100%
Nichole V.
Nichole V.:
Who is this insane girl who is "out of his league"? He's out of league for us ALL! Lol
Half Gone
Half Gone:
This guy has everything. Cute, handsome, talented, honest.......
alejandra Quinones
alejandra Quinones:
Selena Gomez: I want a boyfriend
No one:
Charlie Puth: Would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
Suhaan Moonwalker
Suhaan Moonwalker:
Imagine being Charlie , reading the comments and finding out that most of them are about Selena. Give him a break guys !!
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash:
It's just that Charlie came into Selena's life at a wrong time.. She's wasn't over her ex and ended friendzoning Charlie!
Justin: Boyfriend
Ariana: Boyfriend
Selena: Boyfriend
Charlie: Girlfriend
So what are you trying to do here Charlie
delm._. 6728
delm._. 6728:
Ok hear me out, but what if there was a collab between charlie puth and Billie Eilish. 🤔
Marcela Gonzaga
Marcela Gonzaga:
Selena: "I want a boyfriend"
Charlie: hello, I'm over here
Imagine being so beautiful that Charlie Puth thinks you’re out of his league
Lily Mango
Lily Mango:
When life gives you boyfriends choose Charlies not Justins
Judith Salomé Palomo Hernández
Judith Salomé Palomo Hernández:
For me, he is one of the greatest music artist of our generation. He is a REAL musician, he is a great singer, producer, songwritter, pianist. Musician by vocation. We ❤ U Charlie.
Mahathi Karisha
Mahathi Karisha:
He is so underrated, i feel sad.
But he is a wonderful being
yohana lee
yohana lee:
His voice is so clear like i wanna cry and die in peace
Ludael Alejandro
Ludael Alejandro:
He is a Tenor Baritone. That's why his talked voice is so deep.
Emily Bales
Emily Bales:
Imagine Charlie writing this song for you and you not taking the hint. Tragic.
Car Ly
Car Ly:
I never realized how extremely well spoken Charlie is.
Constança Teixeira
Constança Teixeira:
Selena gomez : boyfriend
Charlie puth : girlfriend
Ashley Katumalla
Ashley Katumalla:
Most People: Paying attention to what Charlie is saying

Me: Admiring his house
Insane Editor
Insane Editor:
4:12 when charlie puth start singing
Sariah Romyn
Sariah Romyn:
It is impossible for Charlie Puth to sound bad
"His new single girlfriend is out right now, please welcome Charlie Puth...

So Charlie, who is your girlfriend and why is she newly single?"
wendy deter
wendy deter:
His video girlfriend is so funny.IT'S comical!!. His outfit, the shorts and socks and shoes. And hes looking at himself in ,i guess a mirror.IT reminds me of a 70s spoof.When hes cooking, made me think of Mrs Doutfire,hilarous Charlie, I loved it.
Him: Would you ever wanna be my girlfriend?
Me: No
Him: Um..Oka-
Me: I wanna be your wife!
How’s he switching up his notes and voice during singing live like that!? Sounds lipped, or he’s just a genius 😉
jony jony
jony jony:
I have to say,"It is better than the original one".
Ayushi Wadhera
Ayushi Wadhera:
The *only difference* between his live songs and recorded songs is that

Live song > recorded song
farhat queen
farhat queen:
Selena Gomez: boyfriend
Charlie puth: Girlfriend

Also them: we don't talk anymore
Sumeet Yadav
Sumeet Yadav:
Charlie: Girlfriend
Selena: Boyfriend
Charlie&Selena: We Don’t Talk Anymore
LiNa Zhong
LiNa Zhong:
BTW Dose anyone see his ears are getting red when he was talking about the song is write for someone ? It's soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee OMG HOW CAN HE BE THIS CUTE!! I need some fresh air
Ilene Goddard
Ilene Goddard:
Cause of his perfect pitch he literally has auto tune built into his voice. I freaking love him
Afnaan Tk
Afnaan Tk:
He looks like Hawkeye,
maria Zee
maria Zee:
His voice when he talks is way tooooo sexier .... 😭😭😭😭
this song is gonna be the song every girl wants their crush to sing to them
Scandace 23
Scandace 23:
When james said "His new single girlfriend is out"
It took my Brain 5 second to process lmao😅😂
Gplus Denial
Gplus Denial:
Why such voice skills sould be masked by Autotune. It ruines the melody...
Rainah Clarisse
Rainah Clarisse:
I’m a simple person. I see Charlie, I click.
David Filiba
David Filiba:
Charlie: Auto tune?

Charlie: Yes
This guy has the whole package.
His got such a deep voice
Amanda Makely
Amanda Makely:
He is so good at singing without out autotune even though he might have some in the microphone
Bernadeth Visperas
Bernadeth Visperas:
His voice is so pure and perfect 💚
lucy heartfilea
lucy heartfilea:
I remember he had many tweets of GIRLFRIEND and GF and I thought he wants one haha
Nuha Joti Nuha
Nuha Joti Nuha:
Dah...... Is there anyone who remembered his song" look at me now"?That was the best song I have ever heard that song is better than the song girlfriend.
Saddam Sulthonuddin
Saddam Sulthonuddin:
Produced by charlie puth
Written by Charlie puth
Directed by Charlie puth
Performed by Charlie puth?
Am I right?
Issa pretty cool
Sahil K
Sahil K:
Candy Pech
Candy Pech:
Holy damn!! Literally my brother asked me once like a year ago "would you rather see Elton John or Charlie Puth in concert? But you can't see the other" I couldn't answer that atrocity of a question. Now they're working together. I'm dead!!!!!!!!
Bibesh Rana Magar
Bibesh Rana Magar:
He's so handsome perfect Full of Talented But He has no Girlfriend
Norika San Juan
Norika San Juan:
“New single girlfriend”
Taken out of context, sounds funny
wearesupernovas •
wearesupernovas •:
I wanna hear what his voice sounds like without synth manipulation I’ve never heard it without auto tune or anything like that
Hey it's Me
Hey it's Me:
Selena: I want a boyfriend

Immediately Charlie: *Would you ever want to be my girlfriend*
Sai charan P
Sai charan P:
He is soooo lucky to have a voice like that...
I'm jealous of him 😅
The Commenter
The Commenter:
Don't tell I was the only person who thought he was British until I heard him talk
I'm really glad he found his sonic since Voicenotes as he uses a lotta retro/rhythmic elements but also at the same time makes catchy tunes which is an absolute musical gift! I wish I could work with him one day as a songwriter and a producer!
Mariana Bortolotto
Mariana Bortolotto:
"this song was almost too ahead of its time"
who do he think he is? john lennon?
Ronnie 1d
Ronnie 1d:
Selena : boyfriend
Charlie : girlfriend
Harry Singh
Harry Singh:
Charlie and Selena are the dream couple 👌🏻💯 like if you ship. Thanks for the like 😉
Mahbub Siyam
Mahbub Siyam:
“His new single girlfriend”
Me: *confused screaming*
iam Saad’
iam Saad’:
Charlie Puth is very talented MOST TALENTED
Tejaswini Sharma
Tejaswini Sharma:
Charlie Puth is an extremely talented underrated Singer!!😭😭❣️❣️
Love You Charlieeee😘😘😘
pewds legs
pewds legs:
"His new single girlfriend"

Charlie has turned into a vocal god over the years..!
Goddamn !💜💛💚
typically not
typically not:
How to unlove Charlie?! His voice voice always made me love him more. So how?! 😍
In a sea of „girl, you look so good, I wanna make love to you“ songs this is a „I wanna make love to you, but in a boyfriend kinda way“ song
4632 pushp madaan
4632 pushp madaan:
"his new single girlfriend is out now"
Ola Al-Sharif
Ola Al-Sharif:
In love with him and the way he's singing! 😍😭💖
he is so talented!!
tommo sun
tommo sun:
BTS: ✅
Jonas Brothers: ✅
One Direction: ❌

Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan:
This guy is a musical genius
Shang Jamil
Shang Jamil:
Love Charlie’s music he is always in a competition with himself to bring out the best in him 👑 and the result always perfect by all means❤️
Respect Charlie ✊
Sofiasco .-.
Sofiasco .-.:
I must say that I prefer him performing it live rather than listening to the download :)
Hanna Gaber
Hanna Gaber:
3:46-4:48 someone who's way out of your league 🤔🤔🤔 it's actually wrote for Selena i think🤭🤭
I love his face when he’s singing it!! The intention is everywhere in his face
Nicholas Yaekle
Nicholas Yaekle:
Once in a generation a singer comes around who sort of boils under the water and next thing you know, they're a legend. This guy is it, and when legends like Elton John are that excited to collaborate with them, you know they're something special. Truly the most talented and gifted musician in 20 years.
Fran McVerry
Fran McVerry:
Omg that was incredible, I love him
Sanskriti Gupta
Sanskriti Gupta:
The live version just sounds like the recorded one!
Oof why
Oof why:
His voice is perfect his singing is perfect he is perfect 🥺
The Tiger Power
The Tiger Power:
4:13 is when he starts playing his piano 🎹
aiden hill
aiden hill:
*This Guy Simply Just Can't Make Bad Music. Even If He Wants To!!!*
Emaan Ali
Emaan Ali:
Charlie should collab with zayn imagine their highnotes 🔥🔥
Sahithi T
Sahithi T:
5:05 charlie looking like hawkeye
Sel : i wanna boyfriend
Charlie : would you ever want to be my girlfriend?
Liking all the comments YAHOO

Edit : even my own comment lol
Bratty Rosi
Bratty Rosi:
Oh Charlie, who the hell wouldn’t be your girlfriend?!
Trent Hansen
Trent Hansen:
Wow his voice like CUTS through everything, it's amazing
Roy Azzurah
Roy Azzurah:
I witnessed my neighbour had intercourse with her uncle but than her boyfriend from Bangladesh keep on coming and claimed they had some kind of special relationship. So i dedicated this song for that poor Bangladeshi guy.
Divyanshi Jain
Divyanshi Jain:
The way he keeps bouncing while singing😅😅
Joseph Ryan Salvoro-Patterson
Joseph Ryan Salvoro-Patterson:
I’m so happy that Charlie Puth is going back to the way he used to sound back when he started out. “Nine Track Mind” had a couple good songs- but it just didn’t feel like him. Charlie Puth is headed in the right direction. Amazing talent.
Priyanka Harbola
Priyanka Harbola:
Charlie you are my forever love 💜I literally got goosebumps when you started singing, I cried😭💜 I am overwhelmed with your songs my god such a talented personality ♥️♥️♥️
Plus you are sooo cute,handsome, smart, hot, funny.. your voice is soo sexy! I can't explain how good you are and how much I m in love with you 😭♥️
You are everything that a girl wishes for her guy to be ♥️♥️♥️
I hope you get a girl you deserve. 💜💜
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez:
_His new single Girlfriend is out right now_
Lol 😂
Melissa 808
Melissa 808:
Omg Charlie PLEASE also release this version of Girlfriend ♥️
Nozhen Osman
Nozhen Osman:
Jams : how are you
Charlie : I’m fantastic
Me : yes yo are