Change Instagram ICON || Instagram Turns 10.!

In this video we will be taking a look at how to change the #Instagram Icon and get back the nostalgia.

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Hardik Pakhale
Hardik Pakhale:
Ya’ll make sure you have the latest version of Instagram before doing this. Make sure you update the app from the App/Play Store.
Aida Kovac
Aida Kovac:
it's not working for Android🤬
Allan Andrade
Allan Andrade:
Great video🔥🔥
Virginia Tasca
Virginia Tasca:
I’ve chosen the icon but it doesn’t change in the Home Screen. What can I do ?
Dev Barde
Dev Barde:
Thanks bro
Aki - Crystal
Aki - Crystal:
I don’t know why doesn’t change the icon wierd
Abhishek .s
Abhishek .s:
Abhi Shek
Abhi Shek:
Nice one bro❤️what's your personal mobile bro means your daily driver 😁
aadarsh nv
aadarsh nv:
In android i can find these icons but i couldn't select any of them...if i select one of them... it is showing "shortcut already exists"
nandha kumar
nandha kumar:
Bro, my nord has the colour issued again on black screens in version 10.5.8
Katy Angeles
Katy Angeles:
Mine doesnt works its still the same color as it used to, it only changed in the notification center
Eric KCCO:
So I have it working on android but do you have an idea why the current logo is on top of my new pick?
Jeevan Gowda
Jeevan Gowda:
Does it come in Nord?
Naveen Dewangan
Naveen Dewangan:
Does it work on android as well ?
Saim Productions
Saim Productions:
It's not working in realme c2,
I updated the app as well
Warped• Sense
Warped• Sense:
Doesnt Work for android
Harshit Kakkar
Harshit Kakkar:
Biased Instagram 😒 it's not working on androids
I doesn't work at all for me

Edit: it works now
Anshumaan Vikram Singh
Anshumaan Vikram Singh:
is this on android ?
Anthony Kewarkez
Anthony Kewarkez:
Doesnt work on my iphone 11
Felicity Mercado
Felicity Mercado:
helppp it’s working but i can’t seem to press it HAHAHA i tried to restart my ipad but still-
Hamza Elsawaf
Hamza Elsawaf:
Does it work on iPhone 8+ ???
Nevil Vaghela
Nevil Vaghela:
It's not for android i have tried it 😂
Skull Pro
Skull Pro:
I am not getting options to select
I am clicking again and again on icons but nothing is happening
Jaiden Beverly
Jaiden Beverly:
Is it for any phone
Abhi Shek
Abhi Shek:
Bro what's your daily driver mobile
Mine is fully updated and still won’t work. Any suggestions?
Vishwa Srikanth
Vishwa Srikanth:
Its not working bro
Chinmay Joshi
Chinmay Joshi:
IELTS onine class eh?
Aman Shukla
Aman Shukla:
But its not happening in android
Tilak Vyas
Tilak Vyas:
What about in Android ?
Akram Raja Khan
Akram Raja Khan:
not working 😉
Ana Ana
Ana Ana:
Is this for one day or forever?
Shaik Ayub
Shaik Ayub:
It doesn’t work on iPhone 8
IvanRusso 77
IvanRusso 77:
I have an iphone 7 and it does not work
Blake Smith
Blake Smith:
iPhone 11 can’t see it does not work
Sriansh Rawat
Sriansh Rawat:
I updated my 7plus to ios14 doesn’t work...
Jossmar _EXE
Jossmar _EXE:
It doesn’t work and I updated the spp
Does this feature stay or after today will it be gone?