CEO Michael Lofthouse Goes On Racist Tirade

Michael Lofthouse is a racist. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom




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100+ komento:

IPrince Majestic
IPrince Majestic:
His apology will be: "I am ashamed of my behavior. I haver never acted like this before. I believe in inclusion and have Asians in my family. I support BLM."
The irony of an English person in America telling other people to go back to wherever you came from.
The irony: British telling Americans to leave the US.
round of applause for the employee who demanded he leave 👏🏾 That's the kind of forceful anger that people should have every single time something racist happens around you.
Bri I
Bri I:
Yet another reason to make Trump a one-term President. Don't give satisfaction to his enablers.
Le Roy Waring
Le Roy Waring:
A British person telling an Asian family they don't belong in America? The hilarity in the hypocrisy is beyond words.
Arcus Puffious
Arcus Puffious:
The Waitress deserves a raise!! What’s her Facebook account so we can all say thank you🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🙏🏽🙏🏿🇺🇸
I want his company in the red and him homeless
kemp Davis
kemp Davis:
Why do some White people forget that they’re immigrants 😂
Let's make racism wrong again this November y'all
J.t.R. JP
J.t.R. JP:
shut him down and his company solid8. his apology is NOT ACCEPTED.
cream Moon
cream Moon:
The waitress said NOT TODAY SATAN!! 🤣
Edward McShane
Edward McShane:
Michael Lofthouse’s apology for his racist remarks was not successful nor in any way believable. People reveal their character when they are angry and/or drunk. Lofthouse is undoubtedly regretful he let slip his racism because he got caught. I, for one, would never do business with a company headed by racists like Lofthouse.
So much irony. He's a brit that immigrated to a country that fought a war to separate from his country. On top of that he has a niece that's half asian.

Maybe he should go back to the UK
dtrain 30551
dtrain 30551:
How long before the apology. With I'm not a racist i have minorities in my family
J K:
What an embarrassment! Feel so sorry for his family, his children, his wife...
TriL TV:
White Rage is at a all time high right now
*If the board of Solid8 doesn't fire him, then boycott Solid8 in every way possible.*
kristina kim
kristina kim:
That waitress is a queen
Duarte Papa Vicente
Duarte Papa Vicente:
I can see why he is sitting alone 👀
ManChestHair PukeNited
ManChestHair PukeNited:
Hmm this guy in the tech field did not understand what would happen once this video reached social media. Odd. That startup most likely won’t start at all now.
David Thomas
David Thomas:
I can't imagine why he is there eating by himself...
Ray Sun
Ray Sun:
So much respect to this waitress.
Trojan Fan
Trojan Fan:
I guess he will be filing for unemployment soon.
Ben BamBoo
Ben BamBoo:
Love that employee who stood up for them. She genuinely sounded pissed off and outraged by his stupidity.
Prediction: Lofthouse will be hired as Trump's tech advisor.
ozzie johnny
ozzie johnny:
A lot of tech VCs are closest racists in San Francisco.
Steve Richards
Steve Richards:
They only apologize when they hit the media spotlight
Kurmi Nachle
Kurmi Nachle:
What Trump has achieved is by Make America Nightmare Again.
MG Butler
MG Butler:
As a combat vet, I view dudes like him as enemies of the state. Every other person that took the military oath should feel the same. If any of my brothers or sisters see this type of garbage in public, they have a duty to step up. Remember your oath people, and help the Chad's, Karen's, and other racist cult members understand that colonial times are f*****g dead and gone.
CEO of a company that doesn't make any money; sitting alone at a restaurant like a loser.
KandyG TV
KandyG TV:
Holidays are going to be really awkward now
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon:
In July 2016, Lofthouse was found guilty of vandalism and sentenced to 2 days in prison, 3 years probation...Lofthouse also had a restraining order placed upon him. Lofthouse had also been facing charges of domestic battery and the destruction of telephone lines.” wonder the angry little boy is eating all by himself wha wha.
omar chandler
omar chandler:
Our country is such a racist country and trump has pulled back the curtain and told racists that they’re in the right and to run amok.

Kudos to the owner of the restaurant for actually taking a stand against racism. Because it’s not enough to just say “Oh, I’m not racist!” To actually be anti racist you have to ACT in the face of racism!
Noiseless Sounds
Noiseless Sounds:
He's just projecting and lashing out because his buisness is failing.
I hope he doesn’t have any Asian customers!!! And I hope I run into him soon!!!
Michael Berry
Michael Berry:
Let's find out what companies or individuals are doing business with this PO💩!
Polo CZ
Polo CZ:
This dude is a one person freelancer/contractor company, deliberately choosing another legit company's name solid8 to obfuscate.
If that is not shady, i don't know what it.
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
This dude is gonna be the ceo of the dumpster he will be living in after this circulates. SF is where he lives. Its very diverse and we love our Asian sisters and brothers.
People need to start sending the waitress a nice tip.
Eoin O'Riordan
Eoin O'Riordan:
And he has Asian relations. That's going to cause a split in the family I'm sure.
That's Nonsense
That's Nonsense:
Is it a coincidence that all these racist support Trump haha like it’s so blatant.
Just Tami
Just Tami:
Maybe his business has failed and instead of looking within, he blames innocent people. Classic case of jealousy and envy. He needs to be watched closely and remove all his guns. And hide your wives and children; he’s prone to becoming a serial killer.
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi:
That woman that works at the restaurant is the voice we all need in our lives right now
How is he in tech, but don't like asians?
Glynn Jacobs
Glynn Jacobs:
Hit him in his wallet! Just like Papa John's former head. The large corporations don't really care about racism but they do care about that bottom line!
Fxther Shxy
Fxther Shxy:
he’s not even from America himself LMAOO
Patrick Boswell
Patrick Boswell:
If it was my family, he would be on his way to the ER. This disabled veteran has zero tolerance to racism and violence. I will always try and be non violent, but I have had to defend myself, my dignity, even my property. So don't expect me to ask "what's wrong bro" after flipping me off in front of my family, because at that point, when you disrespect me and my family in such a fashion, I'm liable to break that finger and if you continue with your hate, you'll need some medical attention. So heads up racist, we're out here, looking for people like you, to make an example of.
kristina kim
kristina kim:
wow half asian sister in law and neice?!!! WOW
Must be one of our Brexit supporters. Sorry about that USA.
Mark Song
Mark Song:
Thank you to the waitress. You are my new hero!
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez:
Similar to whites who have black family members my marriage but are quick 2 toss the n-word
Jennifer M
Jennifer M:
What a miserable guy. Sitting all alone at a restaurant picking on a family celebrating together. pathetic little man...
Karen Berndt
Karen Berndt:
And his brother is married to an Asian descent woman and has a child. They may be surprised or not
Drunk mans words, sober mans thoughts.
Paula Bahena
Paula Bahena:
The fact that Donald Trump is our president (i.e. THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD) gives racists a platform and amplifies voices of hate.”
LaToya Alta wynn Abstract
LaToya Alta wynn Abstract:
He lives here in San Francisco, don’t worry we know where his office is!!😊😊😊

He will get destroyed!👍🏽
Fitawrari Fitness
Fitawrari Fitness:
Let me guess, he "had a little too much to drink"?
Destroy him - destroy his life and humble him.
AarBear Grizzly
AarBear Grizzly:
Why is everyone acting....SURPRISED?This happens every day in America....duh!!!
David Lee
David Lee:
Rats Are Coming Out Of Their Holes.
Asian sister in-law, boy, that's going to be a nice Christmas dinner. :D
Riza Franco
Riza Franco:
I wonder what does his sister-in-law and brother felt about this.
jose Dolly
jose Dolly:
send him BACK to UK....we don't need him here...
Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis:
Now that's a kick ass employee!!! And employer for standing up for their customers and employees!!! So sorry to this family!!
David Ramirez
David Ramirez:
Maybe he felt lonely eating by himself and the Chan family was very happy he had to ruin it to bring them to his bad state of mind
Never trust a man that *prefers* to be called "Lofty" 🤔
I cant lie. I am loving it. We need to know who are the allies and the enemies are, so yes keep it coming.
watchdog manila
watchdog manila:
Thank you is not enough for this
waitress. Show me the money.
Lea Jones
Lea Jones:
Sounds like he's not the favorite child.
kristina kim
kristina kim:
oh know this will ruined your career and reputation. So stupid. Did you not know the entire internet will go after you?
John Rulloda
John Rulloda:
Suprisingly, he's not even American, this fool is from UK lol. Maybe he should follow his own advice.
David James
David James:
He's an immigrant, with an Asian Sister-In-Law, and a Half Asian Niece. Wow!
Phatt Al
Phatt Al:
Another bites the dust! YAYE!!
Nobuhle Khumalo
Nobuhle Khumalo:
This is who they are...KKK as in AmeriKKKa
WhyU SoJelly
WhyU SoJelly:
You grow up believing the "good guy" always wins and the "bad guy" always loses, but the people in power have a long history of being the "bad guy"! Cheaters never win? Trump is [email protected] President!!! Yet the "good guy" people work 2-3 jobs, hard work, just to survive.
Lofthouse is done. Go back to the U.K.
Yas! That lovely woman went in on him! 👏🏾 amazing
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos:
Trump: I'm sure there's good people on both sides.
It's terrible her family were treated this way, kudos to the restaurant staff for stepping in. Perhaps her family could sue that racist's for damages!
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb:
he’s mad because he’s by himself on 4th of July
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara:
If it bothers you seeing a family of a different race having a good time, you need to take long good look at yourself. Guy looks like a desperate loner who thought a hot girl was going to come at his table and flirt.
B.J. Hardy
B.J. Hardy:
A- holes are everywhere. I will never understand hate. Sad indeed. I hope his company takes a huge hit...hate should not be rewarded.
Things are gonna get awkward with the in-laws and the niece at the dinner table now...
Kudos to the waitress for standing up for what's right. Thank you for refusing to stay silent in the face of bigotry. You actually made me cry... for the times when I felt so unsupported and alone, but also for giving me hope for a better tomorrow.
Beatrice Mitchell
Beatrice Mitchell:
These are not old White men, these are young White Men carrying on the Tradition of Racism in American.
Dj M
Dj M:
I call for a full boycott of Micheal Lofthouse Business(s)! I am Proud of this Waitress!
Thank you to the waitress, you were amazing.
That One Girl
That One Girl:
Hopefully he suffers financial loss from this.
Hopefully his sister and her kid also distance themselves from him, since they now know what he thinks about them!
K D:
I thank God that these people are so arrogant that they don't care if they're recorded. We're learning so much about those that walk among us.
Mark Dubya
Mark Dubya:
No surprise he is from the UK. Brexit has exposed there are loads of vile racists here too.
Michael Lofthouse has an Asian sister-in-law and an half Asian niece. What a guy!!!!! I'm sure they are so very proud of him.
The same way the senate enables Trump , trump enables racism in America
the Branch7757
the Branch7757:
That is some serious solidarity right there. No hesitation. No dithering. She should run for congress.
John Burt
John Burt:
Spikes in racist incidents after donald was declared President and after 9/12 -- the two worst disasters caused by far-right bigots in this century.
Amber Malone
Amber Malone:
This guy's apology was laughable. It's telling how he admits that he 'lost control.' He's usually able to hide being a racist in public. He doesn't deny being a racist but says he was 'taught' to not be racist-but essentially he needs to look into it a bit more to try to understand why. LoL 🤣 In other words, 'Please don't stop giving me money.'
Please keep him we don’t want him back in the uk
cheyenne harper
cheyenne harper:
How about boycott solid8 products and services from now on.
Plenty of real cool white people but this dude is not one of them. Learn from this guys mistake and don't be like him!