Celtics OFFSEASON Plan with TRADES & FREE AGENCY! Jayson Tatum Max Contract! Gordon Hayward TRADE?

The Boston Celtics just lost the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals in Game 6! A lot of people projected the Celtics to make the NBA Finals but they just fell short. In this video, you will learn what the Celtics have to do this offseason to make them better!

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Legendary Tony
Legendary Tony:
Celtics needs:

1.Size (big man that has an outside shot)
2.Spot up shooters
3.Better bench
4.Another point guard that takes pressure off kemba
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
Tatum definitely getting that max contract and I think he deserves it. Him and Brown are the core obviously. Would look to get Myles Turner in the off-season
Gunny John
Gunny John:
I would sign Isaiah Thomas for the veterans minimum and try to move Hayward for Rudy or miles Turner? Develop Robert Williams???
Alec Russell
Alec Russell:
he definitely didn’t just say Tyson Chandler😭he’s 36 or 37 and retired
Pedro Nieves
Pedro Nieves:
Tatum is 22 and Brown is 23*** That’s scary!
Mark Ahlstrand
Mark Ahlstrand:
Would love to see Tristan Thompson come in on the mid level exemption
Zachary Kearns
Zachary Kearns:
I think the Celtics should try to get Myles turner and Dennis Schroeder by trades

Celtics get: Myles turner
Pacers get: Gordon Hayward, enes kanter or Gordon Hayward and the 26th pick

Celtics get: Dennis Schroeder
OKC get: Romeo Langford the 14th pick and the 43rd pick

Remember I don’t know how trades work and I tried to make these trades good for both teams

The Dennis Schroeder trade is good for the Celtics because he can come off the bench and have good scoring and take off some pressure off of kemba

It’s good for OKC because they look like their kinda rebuilding and they get a god young star and some picks

Myles turner is good for the Celtics because a good rim protector shoot the 3 ball good and just a true starting 5

It’s good for the pacers because you get Gordon Hayward you don’t know how good he’s going to be but it’s a high risk high reward and you get enes kanter a good backup big
Michael Kusi
Michael Kusi:
Love the Pokémon music in the background watch your video every day huge laker fan 🟣🟡🟣🟡
MNT 03
MNT 03:
This guy knows absolutely nothing about basketball and the Celtics, you show this to any true basketball/Celtics fan they will laugh no in your face
Charles Fitzpatrick
Charles Fitzpatrick:
Daniel Theis is a much more valuable player than you indicated. He plays quality minutes during which time he shoots for a high percentage, rebounds, blocks and steals with the best of them.

While Gordon Hayward is an excellent, well- rounded player, Kevin Love would be a noteworthy addition.
Gunny John
Gunny John:
Your the first to mention Kevin Love? We were talking about him a couple of years ago but that died? Does sound good though......also first I'm hearing about ambid though dont think they can pull that off though? As for rudy???? I think thats the best one of the three? Thanks your very good at what you do?
THK Teo:
Trade Hayward is possible! We need to trade for a big mans like Andre Drummond, John Collins or Christain Woods
Kwame Black
Kwame Black:
I really appreciate the Pokémon battle music in the background 😂
I should have stopped watching when he said Ainge was the GM.....but I kept going.

had to stop completely when I saw the list of big men he had.

T. Chandler- did not play a minute this season and if not a wheel chair, will be soon.
T. Thompson- Celtics ONLY have the MLE (around $5M or so) for any Free agents, Thompson will get twice that.
Ibaka- See above
Gasol- will play in Spain next season and is retired from the NBA
Biyombo and Mahinmi- why?
Noah- under contract
Plumlee and Favors- Possible IF they are willing to play for that MLE
Baynes- Money might be right, but maybe he doesn't trust AInge after being traded last season.

I can't watch anymore after that, sorry
Brandon Black
Brandon Black:
Joel embibd or gortat but id like see us deal kemba and as many picks as they want
David Lam
David Lam:
That Pokémon background noice is so funny 😂
rumar spencer
rumar spencer:
The Embiid part is wishful thinking on your part, most definitely ain't gone happen.
Damn Hayward from an All star to a role player. Cant be worst
Hi Kevin
Hi Kevin:
I like how you put the thumbnail as Celtics Rebuild. Bruh we’ve already rebuilt.
First!!! Joe harris is the goat
Andrew Golin
Andrew Golin:
Hayward would be stupid to decline his option
Mamerto Manangaon
Mamerto Manangaon:
Paano matsalins c tacko kong palaging bench.7'6 mahihirapan ang kalaban dyan pag dating sa ilalim.
Bro I love GH but he probably has to go
Jobe Sherman
Jobe Sherman:
They should target Steven Adams for a big and go to the finals next year simple but most definitely Gordon Hayward needs to hit the road
Raprap Angeles
Raprap Angeles:
The Embiid trade got me excited but I just don't see it happening. It sounds like it should work for both teams. Simmons will be free to dominate the ball as Hayward is a versatile player who can play with or without the ball and can stretch the floor. This also puts Horford in the 5 spot position and Hayward has a lot of familiarity with him. On the other hand, the Celtics' front court is bolstered which has been an issue for a while now. An Embiid-Tatum duo with Kemba and Jaylen being a third and fourth options is such a scary offensive threat. I think the balance is perfect in terms of spacing and talls, even the offense-defense balance is perfect, especially because you can always throw in Marcus Smart in crucial defensive stops. I would think that both GMs will be reluctant to make a trade that will improve the other team being that they play not only in the same conference but also in the same division. Interesting trade scenario though.
Leon Jackson
Leon Jackson:
Danny Angie , I am great coach of talent Danny I love you . You need to keep what you have and bring I Larry Brown to bring you your deserving Championship. It's know way that you should not have won this year. The coach did some dick head moves on substitution rotation. This is not the first time either . You have to put teams away when you have them on the ropes killer instinct
Sounds kind of like concerning clown music in the background. Super distracting.
Makar Zorklin
Makar Zorklin:
That Embiid trade completely confused me. Why would Philly trade Embiid for so little and an expiring Hayward contract. You have to look at both sides of the deal. Embiid is a top 10 player signed 3 more years, you need to give up way more for him.

Brown, Theis, and 2 firsts (or 1 first and a rookie deal prospect) for Embiid is more realistic.

Celtics: Embiid, Tatum, Hayward, Smart, Walker.
Sixers: Horford/Theis, Harris, Brown, Richardson, Simmons.

Both sides get balanced lineups with that trade and fill a long term need for their team.
The Prodigy HQ
The Prodigy HQ:
Awesome use of the Lance Pokemon music, was bobbing my head the whole time while listening to the anaylsis
Axel Roque
Axel Roque:
How about in Gsw
David Lam
David Lam:
Keep up the work
Mamerto Manangaon
Mamerto Manangaon:
Idesa natalo man sila e a ipenalaro nalang si tacko paul i di nanalo pasa sila.kong pinag bigyan nila si tacko.deba
Harry F
Harry F:
Bamba, Teague, Baynes, Moore, Bey/Nesmith
These uh trade ideas are really something else.. kinda.. not realistic 😂
The Pokémon battle music got me vibin
Marvin M
Marvin M:
I hope Tatum signs a team-friendly extension like Brown's contract to give the team a shot in the Giannis sweepstakes in 2021. No way Embiid goes to the Celtics. Didn't he just welcome Doc in Phily?
amid grid
amid grid:
Wanamaker, Fall and Waters are all restricted free agents
Beal time
That Sixers and Jazz Trade makes no sense 😂 Love for Hayward makes the most sense and not a bad idea. They just need money to sign Brown next year and having money in Love, Tatum and Walker they won’t be able to. I can see them keeping him Hayward u less they can find a big who’s expiring. Cody Zeller Possiblly, Lamarcus Aldridge. There is Gobert but getting him ensures u lose Brown.
Misael Soto
Misael Soto:
Hayward to the warriors
Really we just need a bench
TSL Green
TSL Green:
Imagine if they don't sign Tatum i highly doubt it
TSL Green
TSL Green:
The heat will give bam adebayo the max
Ricardo Barrios
Ricardo Barrios:
Payroll would make all this ideas imposibles. Exept extend Tatum.
TSL Green
TSL Green:
They should let Hayward walk
I dont want brad back
Xaiver Stokes
Xaiver Stokes:
Cmon Celtics
Kristoffer Recio
Kristoffer Recio:
Marc Gasol? Sorry but I've got some bad news. 🤣
Bantonio Clown
Bantonio Clown:
Good video
This guy said embiid lool they would have no money to give tatum a supermax next year because embiid would still be on contract
amid grid
amid grid:
Celtics trade: Hayward and a future unprotected 1st
Pacers trade: Myles Turner, Doug McDermott and Jeremy Lamb ( value decreased due to ACL tear)
Celtics trade: no. 14, no. 27, no. 30, and a future second round pick
(Assuming Tyrese Halliburton is still available)
Detroit Pistons trade: no. 7
João Victor Meurer
João Victor Meurer:
The sixers would never accept that
Logan P
Logan P:
listen celtics should trade kemba and kanter and a first round pick to the timberwolfs to get kat and malik then trade hayward malik thies and a first round pick to golden state to get leMelo and wiggins
cliff woodbury
cliff woodbury:
If you trade Heyward like some are saying, i think you should also trade Walker - and vice versa. Because then ur back to Brown and Tatum that are still under 25 years old. Celtics number 1 prioity has to be to get a player that can stop Adabyu (Miami) if they do that they win the East. My suggestion is to get Chris Pual and Steven Adams from the OKC Thunger. It would be a trade that works for bothn teams because we know that OKC is not a destination most players want to go. They have a million first round picks, and prolly wouldn't say no to 1 or 2 more. I would say that is a lopsided trade heavily favoring the Thunder (mostly because chris pual is getting up there in age) but i belive that come playoff times Chris Pual is money, and Steven Adams is a top 5 bigman who is just entering his prime and could be getiing better still. He can stop Adabayu and also shore up the paint, and defend all the bigmen in the league. I belive a trade like that could become a 3 way trade with Celtics picking up another player. Brogdan Bogdanovic would be a great pick up and play the 4 or 5 spot making teh team versitle and able to present totaly diffrent styles of play. I would also say - no team should pass Cousins - if he is willin to take the minimum to show what he has he is the best free agent on the board if he is close to what he was before injury!!!
Jaylon has shown he’s worth more. Going an entire half without scoring????? Naaaahhhh son. Nah.
Luke Whitebrook
Luke Whitebrook:
Brad Wannamaker was not a key piece. we need more bench production from PG - the major downfall and probably 3rd priority behind tatums extension and better center. Kevin Love is overatted and not as good as other centers they could get. Ruddy cant shoot threes wich is horrible for the celtics offence and is wayyy to expensive (elegible for supermax next year). Embiid would improve the celtics massivly but im not so sure the sixers would take that bait. I would prefer to see the c's move for Turner, a 3 and d center that fits horfords old role of pick and pop plus rim protection perfectly. It might cost alot but the three of brown, tatum and turner are all of similar age, so would start for the c's for the next 5/6 years. The celtics should throw their draft picks in a different trade if possible and trade up for the 7th pick from detroit. This could be a masterstroke if ainge grabs Haliburton if hes still on the board.
Chandler, Noah and Gasol are all washed up. If you know Brad's defensive schemes, they'd fit badly due to how they move these days.
Martin Medina
Martin Medina:
I think Kanter is going to opt in to his deal, and hope he gets a buy out!
Actually, Danny Ainge is The President of Basketball Operations.
Ronan O Sullivan
Ronan O Sullivan:
Hayward+langford+picks for myles turner+lamb
Then bring back IT
Ryan Jordan
Ryan Jordan:
I really want Kevin Love on the team now
Ray Pabon
Ray Pabon:
You did really well my friend, but one thing is we need to get rid of Marcus smart, even the commentators on the radio for Boston are saying the same thing and so are the commentators for ESPN.

His role is to be a defensive player in the heart of our team and the motivator. But he’s out there thinking he is Steph Curry or Clay Thompson.

Yes he has made some threes here and there that actually bailed us out but he is not a three point shooter, or considered to be one, he just had a few hot streaks. Another season of him chuckin up random 3s and we won’t see another conference finals again.

Get rid of Hayward is well, and if Brad Stevens isn’t going to grow some balls and motivate this team in another way, then he hast to go too.

Every championship the Celtics won was with pride and heart and whoever does not have that has to go PERIOD!
michael spagnolo
michael spagnolo:
All these Bigs you named are TRASH!!!!!!
Then you say LOVE is the answer BROTHER please don't give Ainge any more bad ideas!!!!!
This is the starting lineup that is gonna roll thru the east then dominate ANY western team in the finals if we have to get rid of a few of our stars to do so...so be it...
4)Jerami Grant
This is the championship team right here!!!!!!!!!!!
Celtics should resign Isaiah Thomas
kelden robertson
kelden robertson:
What do y'all think about Hayward and a pick for Eric Gordon and Robert Covington. Covington Would make them the best defensive team in the league and would be a great replacement for Hayward long term plus Eric Gordon can come off the bench for offence and shooting. And the rockets get off of Eric long term money plus a pick and if Gordon Hayward is healthy he can help them win this year and if he keeps getting hurt they could let him go at the end of the season and rebuild with Eric contract gone.
I don’t like ANY OF THOSE TRADE SUGGESTIONS. Putting Embiid on The Celtics only makes SHOT DISTRIBUTION WORSE. There is not enough shots to go around as it is now. 2nd, Utah is not going to trade Rudy Gobert for Gordon Hayward; it only puts them in the same situation of having an Expiring Contract of a Player that could walk at the end of the season. If I am going to trade Hayward, I am either going to get back a Young Rim-Runner/Shot-Blocker like Myles Turner, or ( drumroll please ), bring back a player that can mesh well and play off of Tatum, Brown and Walker; that Player is AL HORFORD. I would bring Horford back( fleece Philly for compensation ), and re-sign Aaron Baynes( bring The Band Back ). I would then, allow Enes Kanter to walk. Finally, I would let Brad Wanamaker go, and re-sign ( another drumroll please ) RAJON RONDO, to serve as THE ESTABLISHED, RESPECTED VETERAN LEADER THAT THE CELTICS HAVE BEEN LONGING FOR. But, I would make Rondo a “ PLAYER/ASSISTANT COACH “. I believe Rondo could get players like Brown, Tatum, and most importantly, MARCUS SMART, to be more focused on Team and less on SHOTS. So, now The Boston Celtics Starting 5 consists of:

1) Kemba Walker
2) Jaylen Brown
3) Jayson Tatum
4) Daniel Theis
5) Al Horford

Now, your 2nd Unit consists of:

6) Rajon Rondo
7) Marcus Smart( Primary Scorer )
8) Aaron Baynes
9) Grant Williams
10) Robert Williams

That Boston Celtics Team will be BALANCED, ATHLETIC, SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED. I could see that team going to The NBA Finals( and winning it )☘️!
Almonts music
Almonts music:
Joel Embiid to the Celtics...that would be crazy...|

I would love to see Demarcus Cousins on the Celtics...|