Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen Degeneres On Her Own Show

Celebrities Who Insulted Ellen DeGeneres ON Ellen

Ellen Degeneres is one of the most popular figures on television right now. She’s very well known for being funny, quick witted, and extremely likeable. With her generous personality, the Ellen DeGeneres show has quickly gained a truly following of loyal fans who will follow her every step of the way. From all this popularity and kind heartedness though, Ellen deserves all the good that she’s getting. Contrast to that, despite celebrities appearing on her own show, there have been times where celebrities insulted Ellen ON Ellen. I mean can you believe that? In today’s video, we bring you celebrities who insulted Ellen Degenere on her OWN show!

You don’t want to miss celebrity #1 in our countdown though because it will blow your mind
how she or he insulted Ellen. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe, and turn on the notification bell. We’ll see you in the next video!


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Thea Galicia
Thea Galicia:
Lmao😂 I Love How Millie Bobby Brown Is In The Thumbnail But Isn't In The Video😂
Kateřina Felicja Kočanová
Kateřina Felicja Kočanová:
Americans really must have a different meaning of the word insult 😂
Manuel Teles
Manuel Teles:
Random: Makes a joke about straight people
Ellen: hahaha, that's so funny

Random: Makes a joke about gay people
Ellen: That's disrespectful and rude
I was waiting for the bit where she got blatantly insulted but it didn't really happen that is 11 mins of my life I'll never get back
Quayu Zenivira
Quayu Zenivira:
The only insult in this video is the moronic title.
M Ami
M Ami:
For everyone who is waiting for Millie Bobbie brown, she isn't in the video.. hope this saved your time!!
Angela Blair
Angela Blair:
Wow Poor Ellen...really...I am sure she went back home to her wife ,mansion, dogs, and money without a care in the world to any of these people.
Larry Molina
Larry Molina:
Can't you let them speak for themselves. It kind of ruined it.
Hoodie Gamer
Hoodie Gamer:
Who else here after Ellen’s expose on how she treats people? 😳
tropical dilution
tropical dilution:
This should be titled " relentlessly sticking up for ellen especially when shes wrong"
Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez:
Caitlyn Jenner says she doesn’t like gay people but she her self sounds like a guy
Sei Liaaa
Sei Liaaa:
Bro i seriously got scared when i saw Millie on the thumbnail, like i literally love her 😗
Ellen is the only one that can do the insulting.
Frankie M
Frankie M:
When are you gonna do the million times Ellen was rude to her guests?🤣
Mary Altobelli
Mary Altobelli:
Why is Millie Bobby Brown in the Thumnail, Ellen saying "Get Out" as if Millie has said something terrible, when she isn't even in the video?
Horse Things
Horse Things:
When jen lawrence came i was like what she me idle thisnis riged 😂
You talk throughout the whole damn video. Please, I cant listen to you for more than 3 minutes. Let me hear Ellen's reactions.
Julia Hyman
Julia Hyman:
Instead of talking about the scenario just show the clip!!!!
Francis Rose
Francis Rose:
This guy has a weird obsession on Millie Bobby Brown it's kinda creepy considering the fact Millie is a minor...
Antonio Santacruz
Antonio Santacruz:
Lauren Roush
Lauren Roush:
Okay so we aren’t going to talk about the fact that Ellen held a grudge over Caitlyn’s PAST views on gay marriage?? Like, she said she gives full support now, so why does Ellen ignore that and keep pounding her for something that doesn’t affect anyone now?? 😂 grow up already!!
Nichole Eras
Nichole Eras:
(why does people abuse kindness?!)
Faith Mil
Faith Mil:
Ok i'm confused if Caitlyn Jenner were to get married, would she marry a guy or a girl???
Millie isn’t even in the video. Makes sense. She would never do that.
Wow poor Ellen! I can’t believe that people would insult her she’s even famous!
Aside from the fact that you pronounced her name wrong, Ellen’s rice ball DID look like dog food. Pretty lame to call this out. I watched this show and you sound like an immature whiny baby.
Ellie Marshmallow
Ellie Marshmallow:
I’m laughing at how he talks about Ellen. 😂 Also why would you put milly bobby brown in the thumbnail but not them isn’t mentioned
Ellie Candell
Ellie Candell:
Would you believe I never actually saw the giveaway code the whole video. It was way to sus. Maybe put it in more next time
Rui Lower Moon 5
Rui Lower Moon 5:
I thought it said, "Celebrities who Insulted Ellen"?

The first one wasn't even a Celeb.
Bruh ellen did the merch stuff for the content ellen is a jerk when not on camera
Pritom Playz
Pritom Playz:
Hidden Code is

Big Boy
Big Boy:
Nerd, you literally don’t need to inform us on what is going on the entire video. Just show us the clips! Jesus!
Shy Obligar
Shy Obligar:
Kinda like to win for my mom
Alyssa Kirchoff
Alyssa Kirchoff:
The only reason I clicked was bc of Millie and she’s not even in the video👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨
Jackie Kreuzer
Jackie Kreuzer:
I think the rudest one with the woman in the audience.. That was completely uncalled for.. Now karma has hit Ellen.. Her show has been cancelled and her staff is telling the truth on her on how rude and difficult she is to work for..
Ganages Moorthy
Ganages Moorthy:
Kurtis Apfel
Kurtis Apfel:
This guy is just being over dramatic!
Ellen & Justin are best friends & make jabs at each other.
Ellen doesn't take offense... She makes jokes & let's thong roll off.
Sarahi Holliness
Sarahi Holliness:
Wow poor Ellen she's been giving out amazing gifts to everyone who needed it.
hay ley
hay ley:
"I don't get gay marriage...I am from another generation" - Caitlyn Jenner

Well, I *REALLY* don't get you...
maegan kas
maegan kas:
Scarlett Viera
Scarlett Viera:
Wow poor Ellen hopefully this is still going on !
Ashley Agabao
Ashley Agabao:
Thank you for all the comments that saved my view and 11 minutes of my time 😌
Psychic and Medium, Jane Voneman-DuPerow
Psychic and Medium, Jane Voneman-DuPerow:
Ellen is very generous always giving ❤️💕🦋🦋
I would have liked this much more if there wasn't so much talking over
Autumn Rippy
Autumn Rippy:
Diana de Figueiredo
Diana de Figueiredo:
XxSajizz xX
XxSajizz xX:
*You come here and disrespect me on the day my show airs? I trusted you audience member —— I welcomed you into my studio —— I let you get one piece of merch from my store. And how did you repay my generosity? With stealing more than one item... You disrespected me. You disrespected my studio in which I let you see my show. I told you that I would give you only one piece of merchandise, and yet here you are, guilty as charged, snooping around with your little friend* — Ellen *The Godmother* DeGeneres.
Gene Dexter
Gene Dexter:
This vid was b.s. - Every example represents fun on her show.
I do be hungry doe
I do be hungry doe:
Me confused on why everyone is saying “ WOW POOR ELLEN “ before finishing the video 👁👄👁
Tara Halliwell
Tara Halliwell:
Ellen isn’t having it lol.
Hodan Hassan
Hodan Hassan:
Stephany Novais
Stephany Novais:
Most of these were jokes tho...
KayJay TV
KayJay TV:
This is just the video 📹 I need 😂😂
Bordeaux Bordeaux
Bordeaux Bordeaux:
I would love to see her face when she is sentenced!!
Tricky Techno
Tricky Techno:
The Murphy Family
The Murphy Family:
"Wow poor ellen"
queenof Twilight
queenof Twilight:
"Wow poor ellen"
C.J loves food UwU
C.J loves food UwU:
Me: ._.
Everyone in the comments: “WOW POOR ELLEN”
Gail Hili
Gail Hili:
"Wow poor ellen"
"Wow poor Ellen"
Ralynn Mattes
Ralynn Mattes:
"Wow poor Ellen"🙁
Sara Robinson
Sara Robinson:
Ellen isn't a nice person. She is so very passive aggressive.
Zia Lauer
Zia Lauer:
am I the only one who came here because I saw Millie Bobby Brown?
Druglord Fathi
Druglord Fathi:
Millie Bobby brown looked like penny wise tbh
Beth Dyche
Beth Dyche:
Some of this is just humour most of it is just overreacting and taking things to seriously
Cody Griffith
Cody Griffith:
My favorite part was when Millie Bobby Brown was in the video.
Payton Robinson
Payton Robinson:
“ wow poor ellen”
Maddie M
Maddie M:
wish they would just play the clips instead of explaining them
Madhankumar M
Madhankumar M:
Finally you got lot of views by putting Millie in Thumbnail,.
Nicole S
Nicole S:
I love seeing people give Ellen back the snide remarks back to her.
Something I love about Ellen is she always tries to be happy and I know she’s gay but doesn’t push it on people. Like no offense but being gay is against my religion but I don’t hate people for that it’s your life and stuff but just know that I disagree and it’s ok to disagree.
Kathyrine Bantug
Kathyrine Bantug:
Respect one on other Ellen was nice and genuine ....I love her ...
xbgamingxx 22’s Mod
xbgamingxx 22’s Mod:
I’ve sent more comments saying “why is everybody saying wow poor Ellen” than actually seeing the comments
Cndndndjdnsnnsnsn Zmzbzbzbz
Cndndndjdnsnnsnsn Zmzbzbzbz:
“Wow poor ellen”
phoenix bird
phoenix bird:
🏳️‍🌈 For her 💗and I'm gay 2
sara ilinca
sara ilinca:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
And i m 100% sure that you did too
Dinsdale Viki
Dinsdale Viki:
Wow poor Ellen??🤷🏼‍♀️
Ato Wetsah
Ato Wetsah:
Ellen looks for revenge.. she doesn’t take criticism.
Jennifer Lawrence: Calls her female cat a male name because it's masculine and tries to explain herself about her viewpoints
Caitlin Jenner: Makes a point about how she's grown as a person and was raised with different beliefs
Justin Timberlake: Feels completely disrespected by Ellen for not even bothering to remember the lyrics to his song
Her own staff: Agrees with the guest and puts her on the spot
Ellen: It's an honest mistake

The hypocrisy is real
Dory if you make fun of eleven you will get squashed 😂
Phoebe Beach
Phoebe Beach:
I think you’re reading way more into these things. Giada segment was in fun, Jenner has the same opinion as Obama had before he was president. Not sure by Jenner expressing her personal beliefs when asked, it was “being rude” to Ellen. We have freedom of thought and opinion so far in the US. Viva la difference
haya ahmed
haya ahmed:
ellen was so offended that some say she looks like justin beiber lol isn’t that offensive to him
Lennon lover
Lennon lover:
Wow poor Ellen
I really want to win any giveaway, I subscriber liked 10 of your vids and put notifations on
Scarlett Singh
Scarlett Singh:
Here's the full list:

#7 An audience member
#6 Giada De Laurentiis
#5 Sean Hayes
#4 Wendy Williams
#3 Justin Timberlake
#2 Jennifer Lawrence
#1 Caitlyn Jenner

You're welcome.
Mimmi Majar
Mimmi Majar:
Yeah and why did you show a pic on Millie on the pic
The girl with bucket hat
The girl with bucket hat:
Wow poor Allen iPad mini (watched till the end)
To save ur time Millie Bobby Brown isn’t in this video
Adesh Roberson
Adesh Roberson:
Ellens canceled though. We don't need that toxic presence in 2020. Bye
Christopher Derksen
Christopher Derksen:
This didn’t age well
Moniquita Zelaya
Moniquita Zelaya:
I love Ellen! She's only human! I guess haters gonna hate... 🤷
M Dawson
M Dawson:
Remember Wheaties the breakfast of champions NOW with and without nuts (Bruce and Kaitlyn)
The only reason I was going to watch this is because I thought Millie was in it.
love this showw
Alex Wayne
Alex Wayne:
Sir you are trying really hard to defend and justify Ellen’s own behavior. Especially now with everything coming to light. She is not a saint. When a talk show host starts being rude and disrespectful to a guest, the guest does not always have to sit there and take the abuse. The same thing goes for when you have company over at your own house. Respect goes both ways.
Jonathon Mondragon
Jonathon Mondragon:
wow poor ellen (just doing it for the giveaway)
jada did nothing wrong people just cant take a joke hahaah ok bye
Darkness Sweet
Darkness Sweet:
Caitlyn herself turned from a man to a woman just to be able to date MEN, it’s hilarious that she doesn’t agree to gay marriages.🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂
This video is definitely funded by Ellen's PR team