Buy a 2020 MacBook Pro Now OR Wait for Apple Silicon?

Here's my review of the 2020 16" MacBook Pro with the new Radeon Pro 5600M Graphics card. Should you buy any Mac now or should you just wait for the recently announced Apple Silicon Macs?

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Karl Conrad
Karl Conrad:
To sum up my thesis, if you bought a Mac in the last 2 years, you should wait for the new Apple Silicon. If you have an older device, it's worth upgrading NOW! You can't put a price on time spent waiting and Apple will still support Intel based Macs for the next several years until the transition is complete.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend and Happy 4th to all the peeps in the US 🇺🇸
Silicon and silicone are not only different materials, they’re also pronounced differently.
Simply Charming
Simply Charming:
I like how he said brownie points and then showed a cookie.
ana r
ana r:
Me watching this with a dollar in my bank account like..........
Yann Larriau
Yann Larriau:
Silicone != Silicon. Silicone is what breast implants are made of
Serge Matthew Navarro
Serge Matthew Navarro:
Damn that smile must be tiring
President Asyraaf Abd Aziz
President Asyraaf Abd Aziz:
People in 2005: Should I buy PowerPC-based Mac or wait for Intel-based Mac

People in 2020: Should I buy Intel-based Mac or wait for Apple silicon?
Girlgo Budget
Girlgo Budget:
I replaced my 10 year old MacBook 2 weeks ago. There was no way I could wait until silicon.
Karl: "Think about what you can do in that amount of time. You could start a YouTube Channel and have 100,000 subscribers."

Me: *Laughs in Failure*

I'm honestly waiting for the blue yeti in the last giveaway. I feel like with that I can get my Youtube career going. And if I don't get it, oh well, I'll try anyway.
richdiagram4306 plays
richdiagram4306 plays:
Me when I see Karls episode intensifying tapping sounds
You've honestly helped me so much based on choosing my tech, when to buy it and so much more! Really appreciate it.
Gary Jahman
Gary Jahman:
Karl: "Think about what you can do in that amount of time. You could start a YouTube Channel and have 100,000 subscribers."

Me: "Challenge accepted"
6ixty6ix Gunner
6ixty6ix Gunner:
Who else loves Karl? He make AMAZING content, A LOT. Keep it up!
Eishah Qureshi
Eishah Qureshi:
I don't have a mac right now. Guess I ll keep waiting 😂😂
Faries Salama
Faries Salama:
Possibly could be called “S13” for Silicon🤷🏾‍♂️ I’ve never owned a Mac before because I find better value in pc but I own the iPhone, watch and ipad and really enjoy the seamlessness and thought I would go for it this year when the new one drops
I'm a patient man silicon all the way : )
Once I heard “silicone”... I’m out! BYE
Fikry Firmansyah
Fikry Firmansyah:
Have always been in love with this product since it was first released.
Nice one, Karl!
DJ Ness
DJ Ness:
Too late just bought one ☠️😂
crazy om
crazy om:
Hey karl,

Been watching ur videos from the beginning,u have really inspired me by have a desk setups but never got my own setup ,I am a student & I’ll be going to collage next year that’s the reason It will be great if I win the MacBook giveaway or any of ur old/spare Laptop and I also do some illustration and video editing so the new graphics card (radeon pro 5600M)will be a huge help.
Thank you for everything ❤️
Still watching eventhough I cant afford a laptop🙄 HAHAHA #solidfan from PH
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel:
Don't buy. Wait till after the two years Apple states arm will take.

When they left powerpc all the devs stoped supporting apps the same year.
Peter Bufeh
Peter Bufeh:
Karl’s d best ❤️. Thanks 4 keeping us in d loop!
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu:
Thank you for replying to my DM on insta and making a video discussing my dilemma! Really appreciate it, will get the MacBook Pro 16 inch!
Veeraraghavan Srinivasan
Veeraraghavan Srinivasan:
The reason why Karl is loved is that he does not ask his viewers to like or subscribe his channel
Sumit Ram
Sumit Ram:
That MacBook looks absolutely stunning!! 🧡🧡
I love watching specs on laptop, even though I can't afford one
Ishmam Khan
Ishmam Khan:
say it with me everyone: si-li-con
Brandon Read
Brandon Read:
this looks beautiful! great video, I better Start saving haha.
Ace H
Ace H:
I’m loving the streams
Rock Respawn
Rock Respawn:
I like to see stuff I can't afford :')
C Mitchell
C Mitchell:
The new MacBook Pro looks amazing! Your reviews on them have helped me a lot. Looking at getting one for college, thanks!
Cole VanOphem
Cole VanOphem:
0:27 “Apple sili-CONE”
Mateen Saliminejad
Mateen Saliminejad:
Me: waiting for the silicon chips with my 2014 MacBook Air
Thank you for the awesome advice! Subscribed :)
Enoabasi Omonigho Idara-Umoren
Enoabasi Omonigho Idara-Umoren:
I loved the intro. So joyous!
I think I will wait, I'm still working on Early 2013 Macbook Pro.
Kaiden Gill
Kaiden Gill:
Best tech reviewer out there!
That mac looks amazing!!
Mayank Aher
Mayank Aher:
Thank you Karl for making the video....I have joined the channel recently but really like the videos as they are very informative...
Hope to win the Mac book pro 16 inc. from your last give away.....I really need it for the online classes and a lot more things.....
Roshan kerketta
Roshan kerketta:
As ever great CONTENT 💙
Michael Do
Michael Do:
I went through the same thought process when I bought mine.
I bought mine with $300 off, so I got a base model for the i9 price.
It’s going to be at least 4 years from now before they get it right.
Twizz Bharat
Twizz Bharat:
Have a good day ;)
Thank you for this! I’m tryna get a 16-inch
Ahmad’s Tach
Ahmad’s Tach:
I’m gonna day Apple’s gonna name their new chips “Z” chips and they will call their chips in the new MacBooks Z13 chips
Joe Timothy
Joe Timothy:
Love your videos man, when are you going to announce the winner for the giveaway
Dang! I really need to update my 2011 MBP but there's no way I'm going to fork out Apple prices on tech which will be obsolete so soon. Happened to me with my first ever computer, 2004 Powerbook before the Intel switch by Apple. Might get a much much much cheaper PC laptop while I wait it out (even though I hate Windows lol). Apple need to massively reduce the prices of current models to entice people not to wait.
Cohen Doyle
Cohen Doyle:
The mac book would be awesome to win <3
divyanshi bajaj
divyanshi bajaj:
Thank you for providing such valuable content and helping us regarding taking decision making too. This laptop's specs is definitely the best available currently in the market
I will hold more time with my late 2012 iMac to see what will come for desktop iMacs with ARM
Allen Tsai
Allen Tsai:
That shirt slaps! Do you have a link?
Axel - Roblox
Axel - Roblox:
I like how he flex his muscles
Mark van de Weerd
Mark van de Weerd:
Awesome Omega GMT!
Nic Daren Makinano
Nic Daren Makinano:
this is great insight!
Darshan Lal Raichand
Darshan Lal Raichand:
Maybe they are gonna name processor which starts with “M” as the letter was never used before. Something like M1 Amalgamation Processor. 👨‍💻
Gonna wait for at least the 2nd gen MBP with Apple SOCs in them... maybe 3rd gen. I need Sketch to work on my laptop
Shaurabh Gautam
Shaurabh Gautam:
Really waiting for this video!
Aniya H
Aniya H:
Karl: brownie points
Also Karl: shows cookie insted of brownie
Also u are on ur rocker and how many apple products do u have in all???
marquell jones
marquell jones:
Bro it’s me I was in ur twitch chat yesterday u sweat😅😸
Milan V
Milan V:
“Apple Silicone” lmao
Jonah Wagoner
Jonah Wagoner:
I literally couldn't make it through this video because he kept pronouncing "silicon" as "silicone"
Well, I’m broke.

shahzad shahid
shahzad shahid:
Thank you for advice was useful
richdiagram4306 plays
richdiagram4306 plays:
Hey wow I am loving the macs
Gigi Hutbery
Gigi Hutbery:
love you're cute smile
Carlos del Río
Carlos del Río:
I have an early 2014 MacBook Air and it has started to feel outdated for my work. I was worried about buying another MacBook right now with all the Apple Silicon news going on, but this video has convinced me to do it 😄
he's saying apple "silly-cone" !!!!!
Convincing... HAHA even though i can't afford it.😅
Nicolas Fuchs
Nicolas Fuchs:
Hey! When are you releasing the giveaway winner for the video "My TECH EVERYDAY CARRY - 2020"
Riyaj Uddin
Riyaj Uddin:
James Knechtel
James Knechtel:
love it! sidenote: it's pronounced silicON - silicone is the rubbery stuff lmao
Nicholas Moore
Nicholas Moore:
I want to get the MacBook air for my sophomore year in high school and 2nd year in college
I reckon it will be called the E, C or D series of chips, hoping future me get brownie points
Everything Richard
Everything Richard:
This has helped me in choosing which Apple products to get in a few years
B.S. Chetan Reddy CR7
B.S. Chetan Reddy CR7:
he said waste instead of wait
Rudina Hatipi
Rudina Hatipi:
Cheers for this; just bought the 16 inch; after having my old mbp for ten (!) years; got that wierd feeling I had so bad timing; but this makes me feel good again; and I really need it for work now so didn’t wanna wait...THANK YOU! :)
Calum Macquarrie
Calum Macquarrie:
Would you recommend the 13 inch for music production?
richdiagram4306 plays
richdiagram4306 plays:
You remember me from the last video right
Manak Mishra
Manak Mishra:
GREAT im getting the new magic keyboard mac 13". I've been using the early 2015 macbook pro for too long now
prithivi raj
prithivi raj:
Craig from Apple had told in a recent online interview that 12z mac is never gonna come into a consumer product.
And in future macs they will have much more powerful chip. (Maybe 5nm A14x chip) ...probably!!!
Hazel America
Hazel America:
Ugh it looks so beautiful. I don’t own any MacBooks so I’d definitely buy it.
Marlie Ulcena
Marlie Ulcena:
Thank you very helpful
Nathalie Nicolas
Nathalie Nicolas:
Thanks for this Karll
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams:
Wallpaper name in intro plis🙏
Mr. Tech Talk
Mr. Tech Talk:
The thing about Apple Silicon Is that we need to see how they work in the real world. It sounds very good but we not need to get too excited because it's going to be a Hard adaptation that's why they Did not just Send Intel the curve They don't want to take chances for the first generation of Silicon be bad and not have a Intel version For the not so risk taking consumers
Ali bahaa
Ali bahaa:
thanks to your amazing videos know I got the MacBook Pro 2020
Sumon T
Sumon T:
He cuts his hair. Good👍
Allison Hitchcock
Allison Hitchcock:
Well yeah, that's what we expected
Saroj Dhungana
Saroj Dhungana:
Karl Conrad great vid! I just recently discovered your channel and subbed. I plan on getting a 13” and am trying to wait for a new one to drop to pull the trigger. I can’t decide between the silver or space grey color for the 13”. I see you usually have space grey and mentioned that toward the end. What’s your take on the better color for a 13” and why? Silver or space grey?
Maanav Khurana
Maanav Khurana:
Nice video!! Where did you get that wallpaper though that's on the thumbnail?
Darsh Patel
Darsh Patel:
what's the wallpaper from the thumbnail?
Wendy's World
Wendy's World:
Awhh thanks for sharing 🥰🥰
Silver 💻 gang here 💓
Kaustubh Naik
Kaustubh Naik:
Chuk all, tell me where the f*ck u got that macbook in white 😍
Dosumu Tooni
Dosumu Tooni:
Hey you,yes you seeing this, you're awesome so hit like
Cubing Gymnast
Cubing Gymnast:
When I have enough money for a MacBook is when they will release the new arm based MacBooks so it’s great for me
Merriss Ccin
Merriss Ccin:
Super _tech001 on 1G helped me got my MacBook pro with Some other Apple products . I wasn't expecting it to work but it did So amazing.
Ivan Walker
Ivan Walker:
I’m waiting for the ARM iMac and keep my intel MacBook Pro. I like using boot camp to access windows when I’m away from home. I have a windows PC at home so I don’t need boot camp at home.
JT Torrey
JT Torrey:
Love your videos brother!!!